Meanwhile In Iraq -- is 9/11 truth going to go anywhere?

Will 9/11 truth come out after the imperial war in Iraq has ended? Or will we attack Iran?

What surprises will a lame-duck House have in store until 3rd January 2007?

Seymour M. Hersh writes in the New Yorker Is a damaged Administration less likely to attack Iran, or more?

For an up-to-date picture what is going on in Iraq see


The Pentagon is considering $127 billion to $160 billion in requests from the armed services for the 2007 fiscal year, which began last month, several lawmakers and congressional staff members said. That's on top of $70 billion already approved for 2007.

Since 2001, Congress has approved $502 billion for the war on terror, roughly two-thirds for Iraq.

Being that our all volunteer/mercinary military is in a shambles

we are going to need to institute a draft very soon.

I'm hearing that the draft will include all men & women 18-41

years of age. No deferments for college students. Iran, North Korea, here we come!

Anti Americanism should be

Anti Americanism should be forbidden.

Any empire should suppress any serious criticism of itself by accusing the critics of being "against the american people".

Our boys are fighting a good war, killing hundred thousand iraqi civilians is just... under the circumstances where a few 20year olds can kill people inside the pentagon and disintegrate the biggest towers as if by magic.

The war in Iraq: NEWS FROM IRAQ:

and Iran...