A Response to the 'If 9/11 Conspiracies had any Merit the Mainstream Media Would Expose It' Excuse

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The other night I had an extensive conversation with one of my best friends. This man is highly intelligent and moral. He is a writer, a journalist and a concerned American citizen. During the course of our conversation he told me his criticisms of my latest op ed piece, Pulling the 9/11 Lynch Pin. His main complaint seemed to be my insistence that 9/11 is not at all what the government says it was and, quite frankly, if the 'conspiracy theory' had any merit whatsoever, the mainstream media would be exposing it. Bloggers, such as yours truly, can say whatever they want, but journalists will research a subject and expose the truth.

Fair enough. Even though the media is owned by huge corporations, there are honest, crackerjack journalists out there who will dig and fight in order to expose, the real story.

However, I would counter, editors kneel at the alter of a corporate boss. The US is tied for 53rd in the world for press freedom with Botswana, Croatia and Tonga. http://www.rsf.org/article.php3?id_article=19388

Rather than listing the hundreds of lies, omissions, distortions, 'coincidences' and physical impossibilities that make up the official narrative of the events of 9/11, facts that my good friend refuses to even look at, because he saw the planes hit the towers with his own eyes and knows what happened, I'd like to take a look at the mainstream media instead. Since a lie encompasses omissions and distortions, as well as the simple act of not telling the truth, I'm wondering what else the mainstream media is lying about to the American people.

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everything you see on TV news is there to mold your opinion

Evrey time I hear newscasters tell a story and describe people with adjectives such as "liberal, extreme, conservative, etc." they are adding their opinion (or the opinion of their bosses) to what should be only news.

"Extremist Radical Muslims, liberal Democrats, Conservative Republicans, moderate republicans." All labels designed to sway viewers' opinions.

The mainstream media has no interest in rocking the boat and exposing 9/11. As such they are, in my humble opinion, complcit. Terror sells adverstising, big time.

Shame on CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC. And, the people who run Fox should be in jail.

Unfortunately, investigative journalism in the mainstream media is practically dead. When organizations like the NY Times and Rollingstone magazine marginalize the 9/11 truth movement, you know our democracy is in trouble.

Check Out

Check out theyrule.net A great site were you can build and view the interlocking relationships of big corporation with other corporation. You can see just how incestuous our Big Corp America is. Check out some of the already built networks illustrating that the same individuals sitting on the Board of the NYTs also sit on the Boards of other Big Corporations, like companies which are earning mega-dollars off the war for their shareholders and especially their Board members.

MSM has revealed more than most know

“The whole mystique of intelligence is that you acquire this… very valuable information covertly… if truth be told, about 80%—eight, zero—of any of the information that one needs is available in open source materials.”

Ray McGovern, 27-year CIA analyst

“As I began researching, I noticed this curious phenomenon… there’s a lot of explosive information that has come out in the mainstream press—but it comes out buried. As a casual observer of the news, I’d never noticed any of this stuff… you might find one bit of important information, in say, a newspaper story, and another bit of information on a news show… and if you start to put all those rather obscure stories together, you end up with an almost completely different narrative… for just about any area relating to 9/11, the story is quite different if you dig deeper into the news.”

Paul Thompson, 9/11 investigator, and author of Complete 9/11 Timeline

My response to this issue is simple. The Media has revealed more than most people realize about 9/11. They just haven't put all of the facts into a single presentation—this is where the censorship occurs.

Anyone who doubts this fact only has to look at Paul Thompson's timeline see that this is the case.


Noam Chomsky 101

9/11 Truth should interest anti-globalization progressives

I find it equally incredible that would-be "progressives" show such reluctance even to demand an investigation of 9/11, even as they admit the commission and its report were frauds, and the Bush administration has demonstrated itself to be murderous liars on several fronts and open sponsors of torture. 9/11 presents a curious blindspot for media types and progressives. I understand why corporate media won't touch it (no rationalizations necessary there), but the cowardice of progressive media figures remains perplexing.

For example, and this is something I hope to address on my blog, the anti-globalization activists were severely undermined by 9/11. The momentum created by "the Battle of Seattle," for example, was derailed, conveniently if you are a globalist elite, barely a year and change after the protests. The WTO protests in Seattle seemed to be the start of something, however small, and then -- whoosh -- with a stroke on 9/11, it was all but muted, in particular the mainstream media coverage.

911 & World Power Structure in a Nutshell - and How to Crack It!

When I was a fighter, before I got good, I was bad. I was tough and could punch, jab, dart, and dance, very capable with a south-paw-knockout-hook , but I would lose. Then I found a trainer who convinced me that it wasn't my lack of talent, it was my lack of stategy. Soon I learned to win, I learned to examine my oponent and see his strengths and weakness. More than that I evolved to practice Game Theory in my fights. In brief, instead of always going for the knockout, I practiced a broad spectrum attack - attack all vunerable points and avoid head to head with my opponent's dominant ability. I think what is holding up our winning the fight against the enemies of America who carried out the 911 mass murders (very likely a group made up of rouge elements from our national intelligence networks and some key political and finacial players) is that we need to get a clear look at who we are fighting. Certainly we have the talent, the will, and the man power. I believe putting our sites on the Bilderbergs as the head will move us closer to victory. I think we can get a clear estimate of the enemy from the following analysis which is based on the attendees of the last 6 anual Bilderberg meetings (http://www.mega.nu)

Members of the establishment, and their collaborators, occupy leadership positions and positions of strategic significance in the following six power structure categories:
1. Academia, institutions of ideology (including foundations and major traditional religions), the news and entertainment media (including ``watchdog'' organizations), and the advertising industry

2. Banking, finance, and insurance

3. The intelligence community and militaries

4. Manufacturing, construction, resource extraction and processing, waste processing, agriculture, transportation, utilities, computer software, and supporting services and industries

5. Elected office, government bureaucracy, judiciaries, the law enforcement community, prison staffs, law firms, accounting firms, professional organizations, and medical and psychiatric facilities and institutes

6. Shipping and retail distribution, organized labor, organized crime, citizen militias, and cults

Maybe with this clear view we'll be able to start figuring out our broad-spectrum attack.

They fight via proxy...

Our enemies do not attack directly, they fight through other organizations.  There is little risk if the proxy loses, and not much the enemy can gain (that would be us).

So who is the #1 enemy we face, MSM.  While disinfo may seem like our main enemy it is just a diversion, something to occupy our resources.  They keep us from focusing our attention where is can do us the most good.

Now the MSM have a lock on traditional media, but the environment is changing.  Newspaper subscriptions have been falling for decades and is now dropping like a stone, they are laying off people and downsizing quarter after quarter.

Our main enemy is not weaking, but the terrain is changing, and it is changing in our favor.  The only segment of traditional print media that is holding ground or increasing readership is smaller community or ethnic based print media.  I know this from my own experience while researching the market of small regional magazines.  Advertisers pay very close attention to the audits for subscriptions, complete transparency.

This "a" weakness that can be exploited.

But I agree, strategy is needed.

When there is no wind in your sails, take the the oars. 

sitting on the windpipe ... cough cough

half dozen media conglomerates are sitting on the windpipe of the first amendment


Background info .. Must Read:



I would like to see almost every TV, radio and newspapers all independently owned. I would like to see laws to that effect. Then they would have to compete with the truth to get clients. The current system should never have been allowed in the first place. The whole media is owned by a few people who don't share the intersests of your typical citizen. It only serves the interest of our hidden rulers.
We should push our legislaters to reform this trully horrible system we now have.

You can thank Reagan and his

You can thank Reagan and his de-regulation of the Cable Industry and the Standards of Accuracy in the News, and most importantly you can thank Bill Clinton for signing the 1996 Telecommunications Act which pretty much opened the gates for the monopolization of Media by 6 majors. This country not too long ago had thousands of independent media outlets.

yep. that is the single most

yep. that is the single most damaging thing that Clinton did during his presidency.

It really does prove how

It really does prove how conditioned people have become to think something cannot be true unless the mainsream media tells them ? do these people need Rush Limbaugh to wipe there arse for them aswell?

yes the Mainstream media like fox, that informative truth telling station would have told us by now hmm yeh ok!!!

Do people not have minds of there own which don't rely on Bill O'Reilly to tell them whats right and wrong, true or false ?

They HAVE reported the facts that prove...

The way to respond to this is that they ARE reporting the information that proves 9/11 was not what we have been told, and even points strongly to the "inside job" thesis (such as all of the reported connections between CIA and Al Qaida as late as August 2001).

What the Media is not doing is drawing the logical conclusions that we are left to by the information that they HAVE reported in the backs of papers, or tucked away under headlines that have nothing to do with the explosive facts in the story.

The problem is not that they aren't giving us the information, the problem is that they are not giving us the big picture and drawing conclusions for us...

are we really so servile and unthinking that we need them to?

Yeh alot of stuff has come

Yeh alot of stuff has come out in the media but it comes out heavily buried like the ISI connection with Mahmoud Ahmed wiring 100k to atta etc.

Tell him to read Barrie Zwicker's "Towers of Deception"

This is such an important theme. Smart people, thinking people, people with university degrees who care deeply about the United States Constitution..... nevertheless RELY upon the MSM to determine which issues warrent investigation. "surely they would be reporting it if there was anything to it..." Intellectually lazy of course.

This is more alarming than the presense of an unaccountable shadow government. For whatever reason, the journalists abdicate their responsibility to ask questions, investigate and challange authority. If they would simply do thier jobs, the constituional crisis would be over by now.

Still, the people think they are getting investigative journalism. Hardly. None can risk thier pay check or dare to be labled an apologist for the "islamofascists." As long as this game continues, the neocons have won by framing the conversation.

"Towers of Deception" by Barrie Zwicker examines the phenomenon in great detail. Jounalists at every level and in every format should be challanged and ridiculed for their lack of curiosity. Freedom of the press was included in the 1st Amendment for good reason.

I'm sure talking heads like O'Reilly, Hannity, Glenn Beck, etc.

were either Gov't/CIA agents to begin with, or they were recruited by Gov't/CIA during their careers. Their job is clearly to promote the NeoCon agenda.

The MSM is filled with

The MSM is filled with Intelligence operatives. Anderson Cooper is open with his past experience with the CIA. I would guess that nearly everyone of the big name newsfolk come from Intelligence Agencies.

Church Committee Hearings

exposed this in the 70s and as for O'Reily et al., useful fools like these are hardly rare finds - the operatives set in the editing rooms - next to nothing gets out that they don't want out there - witness the recent stream of limited hangout over "denial," "fiasco," Kissinger's "un-winnable war" comment - it all reveals a struggle within the oligarchy over the timing, strategy, perhaps even the concept of the War of Civilizations. They're trying to set the stage for an orderly reining in of the Strange Loves before they blow the whole shooting match, and it's just getting started. Time to pressure them even harder. Hit those progressive left-gatekeeper blogs - hit them daily.





Where is Dan Rather when you need him

I miss the man who's only voice I get to hear lately is in the videos when he remarks that the twin towers appeared to be brought down by controlled demolition.

The world needs more honest people who will speak up when it counts.

"but journalists will

"but journalists will research a subject and expose the truth."

This is right out. What planet is he on where "journalists" haven't been turned into over-paid stenographers? Mars?

And could we trade our journalists for theirs?

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Excellent article

Media complicity is the hidden truth.

The mainstream news media

The mainstream news media has been covering up the truth about the Kennedy assassination for 43 years now. Why would anyone think they have anymore credibility than they have had all those years?

The oligarchs couldn't get away with any of these astounding

crimes if we had an honest, independent media reporting the true facts. They are totally dependent on a controlled msm. We must take back the media.

400,000 Nagasakis from Iraq DU munitions since 1991

In addition, Dr. Katsuma Yagasaki, a Japanese physicist at the University of the Ryukyus in Okinawa, estimated that the atomic equivalent of at least 400,000 Nagasaki bombs has been released into the global atmosphere since 1991 from the use of DU munitions. He said it is mixed in the atmosphere in one year.


Has there been any mention of "Depleted" Uranium. in the news.
The media has completely hidden this.

This is beyond criminal.

There are not words that could give enough blame for this complete lack of media attention.
Could we say the media is complicit in war crimes by not reporting this. YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could we say that the media needs to be broken up into a thousand pieces. YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Europe is getting screwed. YOu would of thought the media somewhere in Europe would of blown the whistle.
I do not know one person that knows anything about this.
I have made some of them aware ot this.
I only found out thru looking on the internet myself.

Isn't that worthy of news. 400,000 Nagasakis atomic equivalents have been released into the GLOBAL ATMOSPHERE.

Here we have a perfect example of somthing being BLATANTLY true and its not even reported in the mass media.

Is there merit to exposing the Depleted Uranium debacle. YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¨¨
And it is NOT being reported in the mass media.

It makes me furious to hear someone say we would have heard about 911 truth from the media, therefore 911 truth has no merit.
Really the world is full of street-stupid MORONS.
What a mega-idiot !!!

Give anyone who says the MSM would report 9/11 Truth....

....if there were anything to it, a copy of the most recent of the annual Project Censored books.

Then ask that person if they still believe we have an open, honest, independant media....