William Rodriguez in London - 11/25 - 11/29


Date: Monday November 27th 2006
Time: 7pm
Place: Indian YMCA, 41 Fitzroy Square, London W1
Tube: Warren Street
Entry: Free


9/11 survivor and leading truth campaigner, William Rodriguez, to visit
London and tour the UK

William Rodriguez, 20 years’ a maintenance worker in the World Trade
Centre, North Tower and last person out on the morning of September 11th,
will tell his unique story and answer questions at a series of meetings
from Saturday 25 November to Wednesday 29 November.

William personally saved many people on that terrible day and was
recognised by George Bush as a US National Hero. William deplores the
senseless ‘War on Terror’ triggered by 9/11 and regards it as crucial
that the world knows the truth, to prevent further terrorism, war and loss
of life.

“I am a first-hand witness to the terrible events of September 11th 2001
in New York and I hold the KEY to understanding what happened on that day
and how it happened.

I’ve made it MY MISSION to tell the whole world the truth – if we
don’t know the true facts about the first 9/11 how can we prevent
further 9/11s from happening? And more wars?”

William’s testimony raises serious doubts over the official explanations
of the 3 World Trade Centre building collapses and supports the hypothesis
that the collapses were induced by explosives rather than fire.

(Thanks, Tim for sending this in.)

Rodriguez will need a 'tourguide'.

Navigation in London is a disappointing prospect for the uninformed. It's far too confusing for important folks to be wandering around like so many self absorbed and aloof American tourists. Someone needs to organize his entourage, so that even the Queen's minions become impressed, as this procession brings traffic to a standstill, from Downtown to the West-end.

(Ditto on Oxford. One can waste a whole day there, wondering what's the point.)

William Rodriguez is an amazing guy!

It's like he's on a grand mission that he has every intention of seeing through!

Show "I have mathematical proof" by Ezra Taft Benson Fan (not verified)

Trying to use a Poll for proof..what a laugh.

Sorry my friend. I can't accept the evidence that you presented as "proof" as factual evidence.
You have proved only that you can be easily swayed by public opinion without much effort.
Name calling has no effect other than showing your lack of vocabulary.


I wouldn't doubt it one bit if 15-20% of the American public would be perfectly fine with it.
That is about the percentage of Fundamentalist Christians in this country and they are clearly 100% insane, cant wait for the "End Times" and believe Bush when he says that "god told him to bomb Iraq".

To these delusional psychotics Bush is virtually a deity, this is why this Treasonous War Criminals approval ratings wont ever go below 30% no matter what he does.

Did my complacent, fellow Americans have a nice Thanksgiving?

These people sure didn't have a good day: http://www.antiwar.com/updates/?articleid=10053

Iraqi deaths hit a new high in October and 100,000 people are fleeing abroad every month to escape worsening violence that is segregating the country on sectarian lines, a U.N. report said

I don't know if "Complacent" is the right word

for you to use in the post I am replying to or if this blog is the right place to present your data.

Here we are attempting to get to the truth of 9/11.
I believe that we have to get the movement more into the open so that justice will be achieved for all of the victims of the present Administration (9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, and the others).
I don't think that there will be peace any place in the world until formal charges are made for 9/11.
Please post your blog where people are complacent.


An off-topic but timely note to say that one of the things that I am thankful for on this day of giving thanks is for all of the people (and anyone) who remain open-minded, curious, willing to address difficult topics and issues, willing to follow the trail, willing to be a "witness" and to offer their "testimony", and finally willing to speak the truth to those and about those who do not wish the truth to emerge and be known.

Whoever you are, wherever you are... thanks.

Further on

up the road.


We'll need to know how it's going for you, William.

'Truth London': Get on top of these events, we ALL need your help guys!!