SHAME on you Scholars for 911 Truth!

It is with a very heavy heart that I write this. The proliferation of websites and blogs covering the 9/11 issue is a great testament: whatever else may not be known, it is certain that the official explanation has been found wanting, and the world wants a new independent enquiry into what did happen that day. I am therefore very saddened that people who should know better, start fighting themselves instead of our common enemy. To read the dialogue between the founder of 911 Scholars for Truth and Steven Jones is utterly depressing. Furthermore it is unworthy, and I have to say that poor old Stephen Jones, who has done so much for 911 Truth (at much personal cost to himself too) does not deserve the sort of acrimony meted out to him here. Yet I don't want to get into the argument. Why are we fighting ourselves? Furthermore, regardless of whether you believe that an alien from Planet Zog zapped the Twin Towers with a super secret beam of energy, or whether you believe that some sort of explosives brought them down - by the government or WHOMEVER - is not our common cause that we reject the official explanation of 911, and demand a new independent enquiry into the issue? At that every hypothesis, however outrageous, can be examined on its own merits. I am sure that those whom we should be fighting, whosoever were the perpetrators of the atrocities that day, are rejoicing over our disunity. Shame on you!Yell

Tossing out 911eyewitness

When the Baby Face Jones tossed out the only man with verifiable chain of custody video, the only 911 eyewitness with a complete video of all 3 tower with explosions he attacked any real trutj [Jones declared that showing him avoiding questions in a conference on a personal web site was adaquate reason to ban him from the Scholars Forum for breaking the forum rules. No one can find a rule where posting on a personal site is an infraction there, but Jones made it all ok with a smiley face '). as he took revenge on Seigal for other things. I read the message here.

When Scholars can be focused on truth rather than on divisions they might have some change.

the 'recent media' section

the 'recent media' section on this site lists some of the most recent movies released in order, it has nothing to do with us not liking a film.

I also am very skeptical about

the video 911eyewitness for the following reasons.
My DVD indicates that the copyright date as 2006.
Why did Rick Siegel wait about 5 years to bring it out ?

Although Rick appears in the video as he tells his story he also has 1 small camera on a tripod yet in his narrative Mr. Sequel states that he went down there on his zappy scooter "with all my stuff; set up my cameras on tripods.."

The DVD also includes close ups from other angles and helicopters as well. Did he have access to someplace else with cameras set up ? Did he have someone taking pictures from the helicopters ?

The video even claims that the NYC Police rescue helicopters took videos but they haven't been released yet. Those videos were taken by people and equipment that the taxpayers paid for and belong to the taxpayers.
When was the last time the Police Department was asked for them ? Isn't it about time that someone should ask again ?

Noting that FEMA was deployed to the area on the day before and their headquarters for the "TRIPOD Terror Drill" was on Pier 92.

I think that it is very possible that FEMA or some other government agency hired someone to film the entire attacks from various angles and helicopters. It is very possible that with all the advanced planning that went into this operation that there were cameras filming these attacks even before the first plane hit. Maybe even a close-up.

The evil doers knew the whens, wheres, whys and hows of the staged terrorist attacks. The egotists that are getting away with mass murder must have more video. Where is it ?

Right now I have it paused where it compares the cloud from the second tower to the cloud of a hydrogen bomb.

Not that I don't think the video is bad but like everything else the government releases it just creates more questions. Notice this video does not include any pictures of the planes crashing into the buildings.

I have a hunch that Rick Siegel knows more than he is telling. For all I know Rick Siegel was hired by FEMA to record the disaster. Sort of like Nixon bugged the White House and releasing the Watergate Tapes became an issue.

Fetzer has either been "got at" or outed himself bigtime

Reading Fetzer's latest piece of garbage has confirmed he has lost all logical thought.

Link :

Consider the below quote...

After considerable reflection, I believe that turning Scholars into a non-profit corporation and relinquishing control of the society to a board of directors who would determine the management of the web site, the moderation of our forum, and the editing of our journal, provides the best solution and greatest promise for out future. The board of directors, in my view, should include a wide range of perspectives about possible causes of destruction at the WTC, encompassing perspectives as diverse as those of David Ray Griffin, Morgan Reynolds, Rick Siegel, and Judy Wood.

How he can list three "no-planers" versus the very sane DRG as "Diverse" is very puzzling.

He sadly has now gone to the dark-side and probably lost for good (if he wasn't a plant from the start).

I no longer have anytime for Fetzer.

Prof Jones and the remaining members of the Scholars for 9/11 Truth should boot him out asap.

Good Luck !!!

It now may be clear that

It now may be clear that Fetz is an agent of influence or completely senile. I'd sooner side with the latter.

I would put my money on agent

Based on his support of attacks on Prof. Jones (2 times), mismanagment of the website (look at the site and see if you can pick out the important research/work that is drowned out by the 8 million links), dogmatic support of Woods (I remember him stating that no one in ST911 forums could critique anything of her work, we were not worthy), questionable acquaintances (Jack White - The JFK banner carrier who went down in flames testifying before congress).  

The plan must be to dilute the ST911 so much that when the independent investigation comes, he (or one of his people) will be in a position of authority to destroy the credibility of the investigation.

The guy is bad news. 

Jim Fetzer's disinfo side show continues at GCN

28 November 2006
Recent research on 9/11 will be subject of discussion by
Jim Fetzer on "The Dynamic Duo"
3-5 PM/CT, Genesis Communications Network,,

29 November 2006
Interview: Judy Wood will be the guest of Jim Fetzer
discussing her research on 9/11 on "The Dynamic Duo"
3-5 PM/CT, Genesis Communications Network,,

30 November 2006
Interview: Morgan Reynolds will be the guest of Jim
Fetzer discussing his research on 9/11 on "The Dynamic Duo"
3-5 PM/CT, Genesis Communications Network,,

If you're disgusted by the suspicious behavior of self-appointed 9/11 truth "leader" Jim Fetzer, contact GCN and tell them how you feel:

Ted Anderson
1- 877-996-4327 / Ext.101
Live call-in number: 1-800-259-9231

Also be sure to contact Alex Jones to share your concern with him about the direction Jim Fetzer is attempting to take the entire 9/11 truth movement: