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Show "Skeptical Sunday: 9/11 Conspiracy" by Anonymous (not verified)

Was the Gulf of Tonkin

Was the Gulf of Tonkin incident a conspiracy?
How about the CIA's terror-spree in 1950's Iran?
How about the attack on the USS Liberty?
Is the Northwoods Document a conspiracy theory?
How about the blowing up of the USS Maine?

Show "How come you have no evidence?" by Anonymous (not verified)

Irrefutable PROOF:

Perhaps you haven't studied any of the dozens of other controlled demolitions which have been done since about 1971, by CDI, of Texas.

In those days each building came with a full descriptive narrative to help reassure the local residents that their properties would not be damaged. Little, or nothing was said about the aesbestos, Lead and other environmental dangers, as I witnessed first-hand here in Little Rock.

I stood atop my grandfather's building and watched them destroy a 12 story brick structure in less time than I can wind a Nikon.

As the dust cloud engulfed our group, everyone raced for the exit. The soot is very very dense, as my single photo showed. This is called a -pyroclastic- medium, precisely as shown to engulf lower Manhattan. No other colud-form infolds with this same vigor, as the process literally forces matter into matter. (1)

Not every charge exploded at the alloted time, so we could all observe as some of the interior sets turned red, while some of the exterior ones did too. This produced irregular squibbs, ejecting directly through the layered decking in some spots, and ejecting bricks from others. (2)

Above the structure there was an elevator mechanism, requiring additional charges. This was imploded as an isolated unit, after the legs were pulled-out, but before the 4th, 5th, floors, etc. It landed at the edge of the pile, much as we see with the 35ft section that was embedded in the face of the Wintergarden, some 150 ft. away from the North Tower. (3)

Ostensibly, the Tower One hit caused the top sections of the Tower to topple independently, creating a discernable break in the structural core sectional. This form, having tilted by about 7.5 degrees, can therefore ONLY procede to fall independently of the remaining -rigid- structural form beneath. HOWEVER, it mysteriously turns to DUST, defying all laws of physics. (4)

Prominently featured in the North Elevation photo of the giant fireball, you can see the --prime projectile-- that was responsible for the hit on Tower #2. Trailing behind this 'engine-like form,' is a fully developed -circular- (and therefore active) 'jet-trail,' not a 'contrail,' as may be formed at zero degrees F. (5)

Moving to the field in Pennsylvania, we see not a plane crash, but a hollow carcass, indicating the same, -magensium-rich burn- that was responsible for the outline shape on the exterior faces of the towers. This 'plane' was therefore either pre-loaded with an explosive inner -surface treatment-, OR it was fired upon with a US Military ordinance of the same character. (6)

No commercial manned vehicle, (other than a fighter plane) could have performed the manauvers required to hit the Pentagon, without leaving portions of the plane outside the super reinforced concrete building, specified to resist MUCH more damage than the 727 design spec as indicated on the Aluminum-Steel Towers. It is therefore NOT flight 77. (7)

Somehow, there was an 'invisible' projectile that penetrated 6 interior layers of the building as well. IF this 'plane' is of the same composition as that used on Tower 2, we can safely assume that the relentlessly cool-white 'FLASH' that the Government says is the plane, was in fact a bunker-buster bomb. (8)

*Additional circumstantial evidence pervades all of these freak anolmolies I mention, and hundreds of subsequent events, from the Anthrax, through the slip-of-the tounge by Rumsfield: "We know it was a missile that hit the building." (9-100+)

Now, please be an adult and join the conversation, or leave this site for serious participants alone.

Answer the questions. Are

Answer the questions.
Are those conspiracies?
They're all (just some of the) acts committed in the last 100 years or so by OUR GOVERNMENT.
I haven't even named the hundreds of other events that other leaders have participated in since the beginning of time!
So before we get into my 9/11 proof that I'm going to show you, answer the question if those other events were staged?
Do you even know about the other events?
Do you know anything about human history?

LOL, you think that becoz

LOL, you think that becoz the only information you accept as "proof" is that which has been spewed by Fox or another propoganda talking head.

There is enuff information & evidence (=proof) from CIA, FBI, Police, Firemen, scientists, eye witnesses and *retracted* live media coverage to fill those buildings.

Just keep your head in the sand and get f**ked in the ass, just don't expect any sympathy when it happens and you are being herded like every1 else.

CCC-Media: Read, Watch, Think - Decide!


Yes, I know I hear it all the time. Conspiracy theorists are always thrown in the same bag with big foot watchers, and no-astronauts-on-the-mooners. I'd like to propose a new one since all is fair here...

All Christians must be polygamist snake-handlers that speak in tongues while waiting for the Hale-Bopp Comet to bring them to heaven.

There, now all Christians are dumped in the same bag!

Last week's premier Jihad

Last week's premier Jihad show has no working archive mp3 files at the RBN archive page.

There appear to be files there but they're empty, just a few Kbs each. It's a shame, I was really wanting to hear it. The MPU and RAM files are the same, blank.

Same thing with Tarpley's 2 hours last weekend, no working archives.

My other fave, Jason Bermas/Louder Than Words, has the archive there properly, but his skype connection has got to go. He drops off so often it's borderline un-listenable, really silly. Good show though when he's connected.

Same here

Tarpley's show was deliberately whacked, both live, and in the archives.

The MP3 links work just fine

I just downloaded the MP3 files and was able to listen to the show. Here are the direct links:

I was...

On this show briefly last night.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Just listened to the podcast...

....good phone call, Jon....

Really enjoy Professor Barret's radio stylings....he's learning his way with the medium, but his sincere voice is refreshing...a very good addition to RBN....