New Congress intends on Enacting 9/11 Commission Recommendations

According to the Yahoo News
The new Democrat Congress has set as one of their goals
"_Enacting the Sept. 11 Commission's security recommendations".

We all are aware that the Commission was faulty. I think that if the new Congress Enacts any legislation that resulted from the faulty investigation is a mistake. Politically for them, financially for us and we may lose more of our Constitutional Rights in the process.

The correct way would be for Congress to form their own independent investigation and arrive at their own recommendations (if any are necessary).

I think that by them releasing this information we are obligated to respond that we do not want any legislation that came out of the faulty Commission until they have an independent Congressional Committee with "Subpoena Power" and a multi million dollar budget to arrive at their own conclusions and recommendations, if any are really necessary.

Perhaps the funding can come from the insurance companies that failed to investigate the claims filed or did the insurance companies have a magic ball that showed that the investigation of the Commission would agree with cause on the claims that were filed and argued in Court before the end of 2001. How many billions of dollars did that cost us in higher insurance rates for the new Terrorism Risk product that the Bush Administration gave them to sell which covered the losses.

I think at the minimum what we have to do is go on record with our Congress representatives that we do not want any legislation related to any of the recommendations that resulted from the Commision that was formed and subject to the influence of the evil doers in the Bush Administrations.

Some suggestions are as follows:
1) Call your Congressperson (both the Republican and Democrats) and express your interest in a new investigation.
2) Contact all your friends and relatives and ask them to call their Congressperson also and if they don't want to call ask them for their permission for you to call their Congressperson on their behalf and call their congressperson and use their names. One call per person.
3) Place additional calls for each of your non voting age children. It affects their future and they do have rights despite their young age.
4) Go to the Boston Tea Party in December 2006.

Don't let your Congressperson do something that they will regret when the truth comes out and it will.