REMINDER: C-SPAN 2 - "9/11 & American Empire" 10pm EST

A reminder that C-SPAN 2 will be broadcasting "9/11 and American Empire" at 10pm EST (9pm Central).

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"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

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Masquerade Party

Arrest "9/11 Truth Seekers"?

Arrest "9/11 Truth Seekers" for trying to COVER UP the crime???!!! And we also have evidence that Larry Silverstein personally planted explosives. This video is full of shit.

I mean really

Just how many people here are stupid enough to believe such manure?
Why do you disinfo agents (Concrete Man) keep posting such crap here, just making fools of yourselves.

I think Hufschmid is a flawed messenger...

But lots of what he talks about is quite legit. That said, I am open to the possibility that his presentations are purposely on the offensive side, in order to frame the issues he talks about in a certain light. As with all information, watch it and judge it with a critical eye. I would encourage people to watch Masquerade Party just as I would encourage them to at least once take a look at no-planes and space beams stuff. Criticizing or avoiding something and not really knowing why is a recipe for ignorance.

If people like Hufschmid don't talk about the people who are jailed not for holocaust DENIAL but for questioning aspects of it, we may one day be surprised to find 9/11 Denial also listed as a crime. Why not? If it can happen in Europe over the holocaust, why not in America over 9/11? I have little doubt that if we're not vigilant, and if we automatically poo-poo everything people like Hufschmid talk about--whether or not they are legit or disinfo, we are digging our own graves.

Free your minds--never fear information--promote it, defend it, challenge it, buit NEVER EVER fear it.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


I couldn't agree more.

I couldn't agree more Real Truther. You have heard the one about "contempt prior to investigation". We must always keep an open mind. Last week a truther friend turned me on to David Icke. I downloaded a couple of his videos and gave them a watch. He is the guy that is into shape-shifters and a reptilian race of beings who control things here on Earth. Although I don't buy into the shape-shifting thing, he did have some good things to say. He gave one of the best presentations on 9/11 truth I have ever heard. The day we think we have all the answers is the day we loose this fight...................................."Every Dog Has His Day."

Also can watch here
there is another one there too...has a 9/11 requiem too, and a comment by David Ray Griffin, prior to the main presentation.

also up on google

I saw it yesterday it was great

I saw it yesterday it was great.

I as well, saw it yesterday..

..I also now have it on my dvr. Yes it was great! Made me, want to stand and give them an ovation.


FAA whistleblower is at it

FAA whistleblower is at it again

Correct me if I'm wrong but this is the same guy who in national geographics' inside 9/11 said "the system was designed to fail..."

CSPAN2 Censored??

Soooooooo I turned on CSPAN2 this evening around 10:15 EST... and to my dismay they were showing not 9/11 & American Empire.. but some OTHER CHANNEL's broadcasting... WTF?!!? This is in the Northeast.. did anyone else encounter this? I turned to the preview channel and it clearly stated that I should have been watching Griffin and Co... I turned back to CSPAN2 around 11:15 and caught part of the Q&A... but I had recommended the program to a number of co-workers, family members and other non-initiates.. Hopefully CSPAN will show it again.


This is exactly what happened to me - at 10 pm, the Time-Warner cable in New York was playing the MSN network (sports) on the channel designated for C-SPAN2.

Where are you located, cecius?

MSN was also on MSN, so it wasn't a simple switch. By 11 the channel had switched back to C-SPAN2, and it was possible to view the rest of the Book TV show on 9/11, so maybe it was not the result of an intentional black out.

But I can also believe that the first 3 showings stirred up some shit in the corporate media front offices...


It played on the east coast at 10:00 p.m., but the 3:30 slot was cancelled for some reason.

I caught part of it

I'm here in Northwest Illinois and they had the High School football championship games broadcasted on C-Span at that time. Even though those games were broadcast on a different channel also. So I didn't get to see much of it either. What a crock, I called up the cable company and ripped their ass and asked why the hell they broadcast the games on 2 channels when the one channel (not the C-Span) always broadcasts these games and that it is carried in all those areas the cable company has access to.
All I got was a sorry, and that I could make My complaint in a feedback survey. I said that doesn't do much good now unless it is rebroadcast this week.

We had problems too

We're on the West Coast and so it started at 8pm and were prepared to watch the whole two hours show, BUT at exactly 9pm, all of a sudden some low-grade, low quality informercial about some local plumbing company came on and stayed on.

We were furious and we each called up the cable company with complaints, and they said they were receiving quite a few.

My friend said he had never before encountered seeing an infomercial on C-SPAN before and he always watches it for shows like Book TV , etc.

I definitely think there is a distinct chance that some people at the station must have deliberately tried to sabotage the viewing of the 911 Truth panel show.

Framing the debate

I would like to say that I watched the CSPAN coverage and thought it provided a thorough overview of the unanwered questions, but I couldn't help to wonder what it must look like to the virgin eye.

I have posted before just a day ago and wish to re-address a point I made elsewhere -

We must reframe the debate and the language we use with respect to the 9/11 Truth movement.

We need to start using the term "scientific theory" as opposed to the "conspiracy theory." Some of us may not see the difference between the two, but the mass media has labeled us as conspiracy nuts and so on. The word has an awful connotation. It's not much different than the way "liberal" has been demonized. If you think about it, so many "liberals" no longer self-apply that term. They use "progressive" instead.

By using the word "scientific" what you must do is to back up all that you say with facts. I have witnessed 9/11 Truth seekers confuse fact and opinion all too often. Many "virgin" ears out there will easily detect the muddled debate and dismiss you as a result.

Conjecture needs to be distinguished for our sake, and should be avoided. Generalizations must be avoided. To say, "all people in the current administration are crooks," leaves little to be desired for additional info. Rather, be specific about what particular individuals are guilty of by referencing explicit documentation.

By presenting the facts and evidence we have collected to accompany the unaswered questions, you can show the novice 9/11 truth seeker how deductive reasoning will clearly show there is more to what we have been told.

Also, don't tolerate anyone who questions your patriotism or accuses you if hating America, but don't let anger get the best of you. No one likes to be accused of this. I, for one, feel 9/11 Truth is not anti-American at all. In fact, it is about defending America from ignorance, deceit, and enemies within our country.

We need to stress that 9/11 Truth upholds all values and beliefs found and protected within the Constitution.

I sometimes use this rebuttal if I get too much hostility or opposition - "to deny us these truths makes the accuser no different than those who deny the Holocaust." It may strike a nerve with some. It may label ourselves as the victims here, so use it with caution.

I like Einstein's quote which is, "Condemnation without investigation is the greatest form of ignorance." Who would disagree with Einstein?

Some of the people I have spoken with and convinced even to the slightest degree that there is more to 9/11 will often use the default response, "Well, say this is true....What difference is it going to make to make if it becomes public? Who else is really going to care about it or believe it? Will it change anything ever really change?" This is the issue of efficacy - the idea that one person counts. Ask if they vote. If they say yes, commend them for that. This is proof that they made a difference, however small. Ask if they ever donated to charity, even a little bit, and take it from there. Every bit and every voice makes a difference.

Keep in mind that people are not going to graduate from knowledge and acceptance of 9/11 Truth to action and activism so easily. They need an incentive. They need reputable or "safe" public figures to tag along with or agree with. MLK had the same obstacles. Eventually, people started to speak on his behalf. But before he was enamored by the American public, look at the Civil Rights movement prior to his assassination and you can see that there were consequences to those who stood by the activists. People lost their jobs, were arrested, were hosed down, interrogated, and even killed before the cause reached critical mass.

Sorry to ramble, but I feel that we need to remind ourselves that we have come a long way in a matter of 5 years to bring light to these truths. Patience will get us there, not hostility. Hope is on our side. But we need to put hope into action and actualize the goal. The herd will eventually shift once the wind blows stronger.


Science and facts --------not "conspiracy"

Patriotism and love of country ------- not "down with the government."

truth, justice for all --------not left vs. right

BigMedia subjugation

TV had no sooner been invented when we discovered that there was a true 'conspiracy' to insure that the new medium would not compete with the Movie Biz. Hollywood appeared to be atonomous from Wall St., and especially Vegas. No decent new shows appeared on Friday, or Saturday evenings because this was perceived as the critical purvey of movies.

All was fine, as long as there were Three Networks, Two political parties, and a plethoria of independent papers to represent every imaginable view.

Today, there is the Internet, the zombie-class, and the ruling-class.

Howard Zinn on "Occupied America"

Where was this discussion at election time? And, why does C-span play "9/11 Conspiracy" -coverage, just about the time HBO hits peak-viewership?

Fetzer uses Star Wars Beam on Steven Jones

\"For this reason and other actions and communications between us, I have temporarily removed Steve Jones as Co-Chair of Scholars for 9/11 Truth. I took this action because I had concluded that Steve’s conduct was undermining the objectives of the society,...\"

\"We need to remember that the 9/11 truth movement itself has had to cope with mountains of ridicule.\"

Well, Duh.

Don't do it, Steve!

"I would hope and expect that Steve will join me in Washington, D.C., on 10 January 2007 to speak at The National Press Club. The controversy surrounding our recent disputes will almost certainly increase media attention for this event."

Sounds great, huh?

Did not know this

Alex has proven heroic, no wonder you've been so quiet this past year + you sly fox! Rock on ST911.

Forget the space-beam weapons. We can easily replicate the same effects from the ground. Since Silverstein now owns the Sears Tower, I say we try them out on another, similar sized property right away, deal?

-Just kidding, Atty.


Spread the word.

Show "..SAME GOES FOR M. REYNOLDS, S. JONES, AND J. WOOD" by Anonymous (not verified)

Bracketing Steven Jones in with Reynolds and Wood

Bracketing Steven Jones in with Reynolds and Wood in order to discredit him (as you do) does indeed seem to be the plan.

Transparent... isn't

Transparent... isn't it...

 Just goes to show HOW RIGHT Prof. Jones is on the issue of thermate in the buildings.

If building 7 is the smoking gun, then the molten metal pouring out of the south tower is the gun being fired!

or the tower's blood

molten steel as the red hot blood of the towers seems like a powerful meme. certainly not the kind of blood you want to have on your hands, but that also says a lot.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force



"Ninety-five percent of the work of intelligence agencies around the world is disinformation and deception," Andreas von Bulow

We need to guard against disinformation. I think Fetzer is taking the wrong approach. All ideas are not equal. Yes, we must consider all of the possibilities, but we can't present them as equal unless they have equal evidence.

shill or no...

He does seem to be embracing theories that are highly speculative and as such harm the credibility of the movement. I definitely think that there is a serious question now as to whether Jim Fetzer being a vocal, visible voice for the truth movement is in the net analysis a positive or negative at this point.

I encourage everyone to go to and read the series of letters in the "Founder's Corner" between Dr. Jones and Fetzer. I find myself siding with Dr. Jones and his approach, and no I don't think that a laser beam from space was used on 9/11 and honestly even if there was strong evidence for it it sounds so outlandish to most people that talk of it will probably do more harm than good.

Show "I told you that a long time ago" by Anonymous (not verified)

Who The F*ck Are YOU?

I knew 9/11 was an inside job long before I ever heard the name James Fetzer. If he is a Shill, that still does not change the facts.

Again I ask, who the f*ck are you?

Too bad none of you can come up with any evidence

You must be new at this, bunky.

I\'ll remind you that your \"movement\" has not yet been able to bring any evidence to the table that \"9/11 was an inside job.\"

DESPITE being asked to do so repeatedly.

You\'re very good at falsifying evidence, making it up, and denying all the inconvenient and overwhelming evidence against you, which makes your 9/11 Denial Movement no better and no less immoral than Holocaust Denial.

Nonetheless, I warned you that Fetzer was the best disinfo agent the governement ever had and you bubbas ignored me. So now you have to live with the consequences: Jim Fetzer is the best known leader of your dishonestly-named \"9/11 Truth Movement.\"

It\'s the nature of the beast.

... yawn ...

I'm waiting for you to come up with some new material. This tactic is sooo boring.

war is peace, life is death

quote: "You\'re very good at falsifying evidence, making it up, and denying all the inconvenient and overwhelming evidence against you"

Wow, for a second there I thought you were describing defenders of the official story... wait a second--you are!

Show "Church Publisher Now Critical of 9-11 Conspiracy Book It Printed" by Anonymous (not verified)

false flag in 1999

Alexander Litvinenko in his 2003 book, "The FSB Blows Up Russia," accused Russia's secret service agency of staging bombings in 1999 that killed more than 300 people in Russia and sparked the second war in Chechnya. The multiple apartment bombings which ripped across the country, killing hundreds, were suspicious. Like in 9/11 - the 'terrorists' were condemned and the tragedies quickly used as an excuse to go to war (with Chechnya) which continues to this day.

and of course Litvinenko was

and of course Litvinenko was killed. it takes true bravery to speak the truth about false flag terrorism.

This must be tough news to take

For it to get hidden.

Not at all

This is just the usual company caving in to Far Reich wing attacks.
Nothing new, main thing is that they keep printing it and selling it.
The BS statement is just to placate the Reich Wing lunatics.

Show "You got it bassackwards" by Anonymous (not verified)


Go phuck yourself jackass.

I'm denying nothing whatsoever except Reich wing propaganda.

I follow the facts where ever they lead and everything I see clearly leads to this administration being guilty of planning and executing this attack on 9/11.
The 3 buildings were without any question taken down by Controlled Demolition as this is the ONLY hypothesis that fits all of the known evidence.

Show "You know no such think, nitwit" by Anonymous (not verified)

dude, check your meds...

dude, check your meds...

No meds needed to tell the truth

But you could use some to help stop your immoral lying about 9/11.


Whats gunna happen when our "We's" outnumber your "We's".... then what are we "We's" and your "We's" gunna do?

Looks like your "We's" better figure that one out pretty damn fast.... cause we are not slowing down for this Fetzer speedbump.

The May 16th, 2002, entry in

The May 16th, 2002, entry in's Complete 9/11 Timeline quotes Vice President Dick Cheney as having said, "[M]y Democratic friends in Congress ... need to be very cautious not to seek political advantage by making incendiary suggestions, as were made by some today, that the White House had advance information that would have prevented the tragic attacks of 9/11." However, the source listed, a May 17th, 2002, article in the Washington Post titled, "Bush Aides Seek To Control Furor," contains no such quote. I'm doing research for a paper and would like to use the quote, but need the source. Any help would be appreciated.


"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Special Report - No. 38 - 9/11 Truth Movement alive and well

9/11 Conspiracy Theories on Arab and Iranian TV Channels 2004-2005

There we go!

1 Point for support of Islamofacism.


And they wonder how the Germans being advanced and intelligent allowed Hitler to accomplish all of his crimes against humanity..... Why?

Because the Germans thought that they were the best.... their country and their ways of doing things were far superior and that just the ways things needed to be done....

See the similarities?

It's a disease called "Nationalism"...

Did we just become the America that we are today? NO.... as a country we evolved to become the America that we are today.... it is virtually impossible to thrust your way of life upon another culture.... like forcing a three year old to eat their peas..... If you asked any expert if it were possible to try and change the ways of a Middle Eastern country.... they would have told you that Iraq would have been the most difficult.... So, Defenders of your Government... look behind the curtain... see the purpose of this war for what it is.... I'll give you a hint... it has very little to do with liberation of a people.... and alot to do with creating a new capitalist economic base in Iraq.

They even told you what it was that they needed to vault them into Iraq.... They knew what they needed.... and then they made it happen.... and they almost got away with it....


and now you.... the Appologists.... the Racists.... the Fearful... the Institutionalized...the "We Need That OILers"..... continue to walk in lockstep with this administration

You fail to even see that there are questions.....questions that need to be answered..... What are you so scared of? ...Let us have our day... because we would only need one day for YOU to see that WE are going to need another...and another.... to ask the questions that need to be answered.

But their story.... which changes every month.... their story which has holes you could fly a 767 through.... their story which structurally fails.... their story which is still smoldering with fresh propoganda..... their story which has led to the destruction of Americas Foundations..... This is the story that you DEFEND with vigor.

I will tell you sir..... that we may be lost... but it's because of people like you.

Rumsfeld knew 9/11 attack was going to happen

Former Head of Islamic Center in Washington, D.C. on Iranian TV: ‘The 9/11 Events Were Planned by the American Administration’

\"Muhammad Al-\'Asi, former head of the Islamic Center, Washington, D.C.: \"The events of 9/11 were planned by the American administration, to be used as a pretext and justification to fight terrorism.\"


\"Donald Rumsfeld said, several days prior to 9/11, that a tremendous, unique disaster was going to occur. He said he was wishing for such a thing to happen, so that there would be a national leap and so that he would be able to carry out his policy.\"

Is "911 and the American Empire" going to be shown again on TV?

Also is it on YouTube or Google video or on any other website?

Show "Did you ever notice?" by Anonymous (not verified)

Hey Anon...did you know why they sell these things?

"Shameless pigs making money off the deaths on innocent Americans and the lies of the 9/11 Truth [sic] Movement."

Those ads you mentioned are there for a purpose,on the one hand you can say what you say about it without knowing where the money goes, but on the other hand, find out where the money goes and see if you carry the same opinion.
They use this money to get the truth out there..some of it looks nutty to those who are on the fence, and some of it is satire, so to speak, for those who know that the side you defend are cold gutless pigs who destroy lives in whatever place or country for profit and more power.
What has the government done? Deceived the public with the fake letter claiming Saddam Hussein went searching for uranium,and therefore making the case to attack Iraq,via WMD.
Turns out this was a lie,didn't it? The claim of Al-Queda having ties to Hussein...turns out this was also a lie, didn't it? So that makes the pre-emptive strike on Iraq illegal, doesn't it? What about the Patriot Act? What about not going through FISA to get warrants to spy on the public? When warrants are granted 99% of the time,why this time did they avoid FISA? Especially since 9/11, just think anon..there is a 99% chance to get a warrant...and then the chances increase since there was a "terrorist" attack on U.S. soil
So they start spying without a warrant...Kinda makes that illegal, doesn't it?
WHAT ABOUT HAVING AN INVESTIGATION INTO THE ATTACKS ON 9/11? How long did that take before it materialized? Well it happened AFTER the debris was removed and carted off to China.
And the mastermind behind these "attacks" was..Osama Bin Laden..right? Well, thats odd, the FBI has claimed they found no evidence linking him with the deed.
So if you take the governments position on what happened on 9/11, then which governments position are you taking?
9/11 truth movements position is that the government has their hands in this one and are trying to get an investigation to get out the truth. What the hell is wrong with that?

What\\\'s wrong with that?

What\'s wrong with anything based on lies, deliberate distortion of facts and ignoring real evidence? That\'s what\'s wrong with your \"movement.\" That\'s what\'s wrong with your shameless profiting off of the lies of the \"9/11 Truth Movement.\"

Hello there, Anonomous Jack-Fuck-Filling-Station:

You are a most pathetic coward. A court jester, smoking the cocks of your favorite tyrants and baby killers. Check Out time has come and passed for you.... you're now just squatting in the Hotel Empire.

The heat is about to be turned off, the water is running cold, no more room service... and trash like you is starting to stink up the rooms and hallways.

Leap out the damn window, shit-for-brains.


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

Show "Hi there, 9/11 Denier" by Anonymous (not verified)

"Living immorally with no concept of ethics"....

Really, you're talking about the U.S. Government, Corporate Fascism, and your own sycophantic pole-smoking self.

I'm actually divided between categorizing you as a weirdly sick and twisted 'provocateur' FOR the cause of truth and justice (inside job by U.S. traitors who deserve to hang).... or, a dumb as dirt 'true believer' in the popular narrative where hordes of swarthy "freedom haters" are actually believed to represent "a clear and present danger to America".

As much as I would love to compliment your galvanizing and brilliant reversal of psychology upon the disorganized and fumbling herd of cats that is the 911 truth movement.... I must admit that I still lean more toward the conclusion finding you a sycophantic pole-smoking dumb ass.

Best of luck in the neck stretcher (or come find me in meat-space and we can flush this out right quick)....

Peace (that is, if you think you can handle it).


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

Do Me A favor Anon shill

Perhaps you can prove to Us how well the governments case is.....take any part of the 9/11 Commision final report and prove how well your case is so that We can be "enlightened".
I can trash your case with the same report, but go ahead and try to prove yours..go on...see if you can do it.

Profiteering? Are you


Are you acutaully trying to argue this?

You should choke on this point long before you think to spew it....

**Yes... We gave CT Clothing a "no bid" contract to make t-shirts... I'm pretty sure he is skimming a quarter off the top.... but we are not going to oversee or investigate.**

Nice WTC 7 video of