9/11 Conspiracy or Incredible Luck?

It is interesting to read some of the fantastic speculation about 9/11.

One of the more interesting readings found on a web site about Hezbollah was discussing the aggressive exploitation of the media and particularly the Internet by this terrorist group. Truth is not the point, creating a story that portrays their enemies as duplicitous is one of their stated ambitions
As a result, they have persistently pushed the notion that 9/11 was a Jewish led conspiracy and invented some "facts" such as the notion that somehow over 4000 jews avoided going to work on 9/11 because they knew about it in advance. This myth has been debunked numerous timnes and yet Hezzbollah continues to propagate this as one of their "truths" in order to fuel hatred for the Jews.

I must admit, when I watched the world trade center towers collapse in real time on 9/11, I stared in disbelief. I have worked on Wall Street and I have been in the towers many, many times and I could not fathom how they could COMPLETELY pancake so quickly from an airplane collision. After discussiong thi construction of the towers with some experts in commercial building construction and civil engineering, they told me that the particular method used to construct the twoers made the collapse happen -- essentially, the buildings are hollow shells with relatively thin vertical support beamss.

Osama Bin Laden admitted that he only thought the buildings would lose a dozen floors or so and that the collapse of both twowers exceed any of his expectations. Since OBL has a background in commercial building, you would think that his engineering damage estimate would be better than it really was. I am guessing no one ever did an an engineering simulation that mimicked the 9/11 collision.

IMHO, OBL and the terrorists did a credible job of planning and execution and, despite many stupid mistakes, carried off a very complex attack. The end result I suspect was well in excess of anything that they expected -- I think this was an incredible piece of luck.

On the flip-side, I do not think that OBL anticipated the American response. The American people came together very quickly and supported the most aggressive military action ever seen against Al Queda or a terrorist organization. I think that OBL expected a much smaller response -- send over a few cruise missiles, maybe some bombs and special force tactical actions, and then we all go home.

Bottom line -- Al Queda got very lucky in their 9/11 strike and other organizations like Hezzbollah are taking advantage of the situation to promte their own ends. We all need to be aware of this ploy and avoid inadvertantly contributing to their causes through unfounded speculation.

Regardless of how the

Regardless of how the buildings collapsed don't you think it's improbable that the terrorists would managed to coordinate their efforts with at least five different war game excercises that just happened to divert most of the US air defenses and left the east coast vulnerable?

Doesn't it trouble you that 911 commissioners have complained about being lied to by NORAD officials but allowed these lies to make it into the "final report". Do you think the commissioners are in league with Al Qaeda?


The only thin thing here is the offical line of BS.
I wish people would look at all the information before
doing this kind of stuff.
Hey! Google world trade center construction photo's........Yup! Paper thin beams.

How did OBL implode WTC-7 & stand-down NORAD?



You sound like a Hill staffer, or some other equally dull and shallow thinker.... your interpretation and analysis is quite child-like.

You've just made a posting here ... completely void of any (even if only subtle) nod to the screeching obviousness of domestic complicity and/or involvement in the attack itself.... and then you go on as if this government has only bounced along, is if 'playing no part' in a clear cover-up of SOMETHING, obstructing the historical concepts of investigation and the pursuit of justice... and the most important 'curiosity' of all, which most DC shits seem incapable of acknowledging (let alone addressing).... is the complete victory march Osama (actually Bush-n-The-Gang, because Osama could NEVER succeed in this without George and his friends)... did by a complete incineration of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Can you take just one moment and offer a few words on this? If you think it's 'unimportant' by some comparison to ANYTHING ELSE in this asinine "War On Terror".... than your position on either side of the line will be clear as day for all.

Thanks, Hero...


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.


I would have been LUCKY if I didn't waste that minute of my life reading that dismissive load of bull.

Yea... they didn't expect us Americans to respond the way we did.... I mean we just kept on SHOPPING and doing whatever we did before 9/11..... just like we were told.

We let our government handle this....

tell me why our people were playing paddy cake with OBL on 9/11.... and why the Carlyle Group were wining and dining all the other bin Ladens that morning in New York.

We were lucky that these sophisticated Terrorists didn't destroy every city in America.... with that flawed logic.

I would agree here

"essentially, the buildings are hollow shells with relatively thin vertical support beams" if you would add to that description 47 very robust core columns. So it would read: The buildings were hollow shells except in the center, where a group of 47 massive core columns inexplicably failed on 9/11/2001.

Have you EVER looked at pictures of the WTC under construction? On the off chance that you are visually impaired I apologize. Maybe you could get someone to describe them to you.

Icaf's post is a "hollow shell" of what really happened re: 9/11


Gosh, Hezbollah is like, so EVIL!

DId they totally blow out of proportion the fact that employees at the Israeli instant messaging company Odigo received email warnings two hours before the attacks? I mean, that's kind of a stretch, sure. And the presence of Mossad agents celebrating in view of the burning towers, well they probably also exploited that meaningless fact to malign "the Jews". And so what that Larry Silverstein, who owned the flimsy building 7 and leased the towers 6 weeks before they were destroyed is good friends with Benjamin Netanyahu. BIG DEAL--that proves nothing except that Larry is not only lucky in business but apparently lucky in love as well. How dare Hezbollah insinuate that any of this points to Israel, when it is SO OBVIOUS that evil muslim terrists were behind the whole thing. I mean, like, it wasn't like ISRAELI passports were found to have survived the exploding planes to land safely on the streets of New York, the field in Pennsylvania, and inside the Pentagon. It was EVIL MUSLIM TERRISTS' passports.

We all know, moreover, what noble and victimized people the Israelis are, what with Palestinians insisting on not leaving their ancestral homes for their benefit. I mean what gives?? How selfish can these Palestinians BE? It's not like God chose THEM for anything special--haven't they read the Talmud? So really--do THESE seem like the kind of people who would carry out the attacks of 9/11 and then blame it on innocent evil muslim terrists? When will people realize that THERE ARE NO JEWISH EXTREMISTS??


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force



Badass post man... both six-shooters of truth a blasting!


The only luck associated with 9/11 is that these criminals are "LUCKY" to have gotten away with this for as long as they have.... and they'd be "LUCKY" to pass away before the American people get to the truth.

They'll be lucky if they repeal the "Torture Legislation" prior to us legally convicting them..... because if there's anyone I'd like to hear spill the beans.... it would be these a**holes.

LUCK... COINCIDENCE.... HAPPENSTANCE.... WHODATHUNK.... whatever you label this.... it's all the same.

the truth is..... THEMS LUCK HAS DONE RUN OUT!!!!

i think if more ppl

i think if more ppl understood that there was a massive core which provided the primary load bearing support of the building (and not the external columns) more people would realize how ridiculous ~13 seconds collapses are.. then again, maybe just showing the footage of the 'collapses' again is all it really takes.. 'remember, this is just from fire and impact damage'..

a few core pics:

Idiotic post that begins

Idiotic post that begins with the obligatory 'sceptics about the govt'.s theory are anti-semitics'... then moves on to one lie after another. When or when will the government shills and mockingbirds develop a little subtlety? Apparently only after they grow a few more neurons...

"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free" (Goethe)..... a paraphrase from V: Cast aside the illusions. Only when you are finally hopeless can you truly be free.

Oh boy, another one trying

Oh boy, another one trying to dismiss all the structure supports in the centre of the building, which even if the exterior skin skin collapsed would be left standing!

Omg, I am still so amazed that anyone can believe that 3 buildings (don't forget WTC 7) can all collapse in perfect fasion. You say these experts said that it made sense? How then were they so cleanly brought down when the fires were spread in different places?

By your reakoning there are alot of demolition companies all making a head of money charging for controlled demolitions when all they have to do is throw some cerosine about the place (not even that in WTC 7 case) and just wait a few hours and they will get a perfectly segmented collapse ready to dispose of!


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