America Rebuilds 2 - The Return Of Lucky Larry

A Motive For Pulling Building 7?

Perhaps no tenants want to rent in Larry's new building because

they know the shyster had much to do with the 9/11 inside job. What if he & the fire dept decide to "pull" this one?

Why are you using that word?

"Shyster" is a very loaded term and just muddies up the debate. Criticize him for being a Zionist, a supporter of Israel, a capitalist, a fraud, or whatever -- but using a term that is widely considered to be derisive when it is not necessary is counterproductive.

Someone is persistently getting the word "shyster" into any thread that mentions Silverstein and I find that suspicious.

that building is cursed

As will be anything that is built on that site in the name of anything but truth. The truth will out because no one in their right mind will want to work in a Silverstein owned building, both because of their tendency to collapse and because they will always be haunted by ghosts demanding justice. Can't wait to start hearing about the different manifestations taking place in that creepy-ass perpetually vacant building.

By the way, can anyone think of a better name for the other planned monstrosity, the so-called Freedom Tower? Like the Feardom Tower? The Terror Tower? The Rat Bastard Murderer Tower? Any thoughts? If it ever gets built we cannot allow the intended name to stick. The Haunted Tower of Unholy Lies and Death? Help me out here folks!

Needless to say we should call for a boycott of everything built on that site by anyone who does not acknowledge the truth.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


I vote to name it "The Rat Bastard Murderer Tower"

And I would NOT work in any towers that are built on the grounds where 3,000 innocents were murdered by their own gov't!!!

I always wondered why

I always wondered why building 7 was offered up for the operation. Like sure, the twin towers had the aspestos removal issues and lawsuits... building 7 had all the alphabet agencies and all the wall street fraud investigation paperwork to destroy.... but there had to have been a reason to want to get rid of building 7 before it was offered up for this operation.... but thanks to America Rebuilds 2, Larry has returned in his starring roll of informant to let us all know that building 7 had to come down because it was blocking a transportation route and slowing up productivity.

new tower name

How about the "Hopefully Stronger Tower"? Over the door will be a plaque reading "THIS ONE IS REALLY BUILT TO LAST."* And of course the sign on the door won't just read "pull" but rather "pull it".

* or, if you are majorly jonesing for trouble, "THIS ONE I-S-R-A-E-L-I BUILT TO LAST" -- kidding, of course... sheesh

Want to figure out 9/11? Ponder the 9/11 "Mineta Stone"