JDX on Jack Blood today

I am tentatively scheduled for an interview with Jack Blood today. Be sure to tune in. You can listen live here.. http://jackblood.netfirms.com/home/listen.html

Topics to be covered -

- Review of past shows
- pilotsfor911truth.org members list now up

Whats new since last show -

- Flight path video (AA77 FDR)
- NTSB phone call video (AA77 FDR)
- ATC research and analysis
- Military response analysis
- Questions posted for US Govt on site

Upcoming analysis
- Full length documentary based on AA77 FDR
- All current videos/analysis now available on DVD
- UA93 FDR study
- AA11/UA175 studies
- More in depth ATC study

Wrap up
- Phone calls/Q&A
- Need for uniting movement
- Common goal

be sure to visit http://pilotsfor911truth.org for the latest updates.


Great rundown plan to cover with Jack,

Thanks, JDX... I look forward to listening in.


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

I wish more Truth leaders....

would post pre-appearance outlines like this...very helpful and will probably lead to better phone calls into the show....

Pssssssst -- he's not a leader

He has only been registered here a little over 2 weeks.


How does length of time registered at 9/11 blogger correlate with being a leader in the 9/11 truth movement?

How many of these people have 9/11 blogger accounts and when did they start them?

Webster Tarpley
David Ray Griffin
Mike Ruppert
Paul Thompson

Answer me those question and perhaps I'll consider taking your statement seriously.

Point taken - Sorry

You are right that the amount of time registered here should have nothing to do with being a leader.

I don't think he can be considered a leader by any means.


NJcpaTOM is just angry with me cause i banned him from my site for stirring up trouble.. typical disgruntaled poster who has nothing better to do with his time but stir up shit.. .sound familiar? lol



Do you have any solid information that Flight 77

was scheduled ?

Flight Data Recorders and Transponders are manually controlled and therefore, in my opinion, should not be considered as evidence.

If they were reliable then there would not be any chance for the abnormalities, thousands of witnesses would have seen the huge 757 disappear into that small hole in the Pentagon.
There is also the lack of debris and damage to the Pentagon's lawn.

Look here for yourself. Even the French aren't fooled.



The archive to the show will be posted here:


Here's the direct link to JB's "Deadline Live" archives:

Should be up by tonight or sometime tomorrow.

Well Done Pilotsfor911truth.org

Great listening JDX

Good ole Troy from West Virginia gets around..... lol

Did I hear right that you will be on Jack's show for the next two days also ??



Thanks for tuning in all..

I think Jack was saying he has great guests coming up the next few days. Unless he wants to have me back on.. im for it. There is only so much to cover in an hour..



JDX exposed...

Just so you know what kind of person JDX is, start reading here. Then notice the date our conversation took place and then see here.

lol... Killtown is still

lol... Killtown is still upset i wouldnt tell him who i was... what a joke. Hey Killtown.. who are you? Does Dylan even know who you are yet? Why are you trying to bash others who are calling for unity within the movement? Why do you constantly try to divide the movement? Who are you Killtown?


I'm just wondering why you blasted/insulted me...

for simply asking you if you were he at the JREF forum. Then I find it really interesting that you admitted you were he on the JREF forum right after our heated exchange. The JREFers weren't fooled. They knew it was you posting as Weedwacker. So why did you viciously attack and insult me for just asking you something the JREFers already assumed and you admitted right after?

KT.. you cause nothing but

KT.. you cause nothing but divide in this movement. You are doing it now on this very thread. If you would like answers to your questions.. .feel free to email me at pilots@pilotsfor911truth.org with your phone number (or i can give you mine..) and we'll chat. You dont need to side track or distract this thread asking questions of why i dont address concerns of yours directly.. a person who no one knows their name...

Please try not to distract this thread with your divisive rhetoric. If you would like to 'expose' me.. start a new blog and we'll all discuss it. Im an open book now to anyone who asks. I have no problem letting people know all about me. How about you?


Pot, meet kettle

Funny that you call me a "divider".  Let's look who's dividing when I asked you a simply question if you pretending to be someone else at the JREF forum:

JDX:   Killtown.. .you're an idiot.. go back to learnnig how to click links or something... 

JDX: Shilltown is now believing JREFers...

Are those your buddies over there Shilltown?
Do you have any sock puppets here Shilltown?

JDX: Everyone thinks your a shill.. i never thought so.. but after speaking with Phil on the phone a few times.. oh my god..

Who knows.. maybe weedwhacker will pay a visit.

JDX:   Shilltown sides with Russ.. a person who mocks the NPT.. and now he believes JREFers...

You get nothing and like it.


1) So why did you call me an "idiot" for asking if you posted at JREF as "weedwacker"?

2) Why do you call me names like "shilltown"?

3) What did you mean when you said weedwacker (you) might "pay me a visit"?

4) Why were you trying to mock me with saying I "now believe JREFers" that you were weedwacker when you were?

5) Why after this heated exchange you gave me did you admit you were posting as weedwacker over at JREF, but never apologized to me for you name calling and insulting me for asking you if you were posting as weedwacker?


Its very simple KT.

As i said KT.. i will address all your questions if you email me with your phone number.. or i can give you mine.. please stop trying to distract and divide this thread. You can record the call if you like. Matter of fact.. i may record it myself.

So.. its your choice KT. Do you want to distract a thread that has important information based on the Flight Data Recorder..? Or.. .do you want to continue to muck it up with your rhetoric...


KT has a short memory..

KT has a short memory..


about 7 posts down.. THE DECIDER addresses KT about 'weedwacker'. KT even acknowledged it. KT is here.. on this thread... in this blog.. to cause nothing but divide over an issue that was already addressed.


Show "JDX is sidestepping. Won't answer why he attacked me." by Killtown

KT he did the same to me

They have a lot of people supporting worthless remarks but I did learn some things from them until I added 2 + 2 and got 4.and got Banned for it

Do not use my name in vain

Somewhere in this blog is a comment attributed to me by JDX about Killtown, Lets set the record straight, I did not and never will apologise to JDX, the man or woman is a complete charlaton who has already dealt the movement a crippling blow with his division of the core truthers who regularly posted on the old LC forum, we were like a family and as in all families there were differences of opinion, these differences were exploited by JDX and he moved swiftly to dissect the movement and move many good people over to a forum under his complete control a sort of false flag operation with the likes of Killtown as his "Osama".
The result 2 forums with very few people on them thus an easy ride for the shills and trolls.

I see things this way Killtown is a researcher first and foremost and has asked nothing from the people who read his many posts and is welcoming to debate and other peoples opinions, JDX on the other hand has put himself forward as the messiah and has a website on which you can purchase dvds, tee shirts and no doubt caps and stuff.
Ask yourself this question...who is in it for truth and who is in it for personal gain???
your choice..
I hereby completely deny any of the comments attributed to me by JDX and offer my full support to Killtown in his continued and professional research, I may not agree 100% with all his theories but I admire his patriotism and un-relenting quest for truth asking only in return that you read his stuff and make up your own mind rather than telling people to "tow the line" or they will be banned....oh and by the way on your way out buy a pillocks for truth tee shirt.


jackchit is a a member a pilotsfor911truth forums. I have his PM (many of his PM's. If anyone would like to see it to show how he is flat out lying.. please let me know. Jachit famous phrase of all time, "JDX, i wouldnt believe you are a pilot if you flew over my house..."

It seems Jachit may be a bit... well... loopy. I have no idea why he would flat out lie like that when i have the PM. Anyone can read it, unedited. Wow jack.. you've really lost it now..

First he went around spreading that i was DJLegacy and that killtown has told him that. Jack.. i see the above poster is 'unverified..' so i will forward the above link with the PM you deny to you at pilots and include all the admins as well. If the above poster is you, and you deny the PM, i will know your true agenda.. and so will everyone else.


Screenshot of PM from Jackchit

not that many of you care.. because we all know what jackchit is like.. but here is a screenshot of the PM i received. We'll see if he responds at pilots forums... Will the real jackchit please stand up! lol


Perhaps Jackchit will come over to pilots forums and address it..


Not very easy for you to

Not very easy for you to manipulate john.. Look I couldn't give a shit what you say I pm'd you or what you suggest I said about Killtown.
I can understand why you use me in your propoganda war as I was the biggest advocate of Killtowns right to put forward his theories without being banned from what was previously 911 truth central (the old loose change forum). Until people see through you the movement is as good as dead, in fact it is as good as dead now thanks to the fracturing of the movement in no small part thanks to you john.
So I congratulate you john on a job well done....as someone once said "mission acomplished" you may be able to mislead others but my friend but you will never be able to count me amongst the ranks of sheep following your chemtrail.
If you can however find any remarks by myself pertaining to Killtown that are not from a forum which you are admin and in control of then please lets see them... till then shut the f#ck up and go back to selling tee shirts.

What is dissapointing about this movement is not that opportunists like you have been able to exploit the movement, but that many good, intelligent people have been taken in by you.


dont have time to read the above

but someone registered with another name other than jackchit at pilots forum. The email doesnt match jack's verified email nor his IP. Let people decide for themself. Jack.. if thats really you above... why not post under your real name which is verified at pilots... once the real jackchit posts under his real name, verified via email at pilots forum denying he sent that PM.. we'll take it from there..


If you are the real jackchit.. you have some serious problems bud... lol


One thing is clear

on the screenshot of the message is says "please do not post this anywhere"
Mr X cannot be trusted to be discreet
the author message clearly want him message to be private
yet posted here it is
shame on Mr X

One thing is clear

on the screenshot of the message is says "please do not post this anywhere"
Mr X cannot be trusted to be discreet
the author message clearly want him message to be private
yet posted here it is
shame on Mr X

The PM says: "please don't post this anywhere"

So why did you JDX?

And wasn't the reason you claimed you banned DJLegacy (who seemingly disappeared, never to be heard from again) was that he "forged" some of your PMs?

Focus on the botched crash scene at Shanksville.

looks like the real jackchit is back..

and he doesnt know what is going on... KillTown.. was that you posing as Jackchit above? lol

I apologized to jack for posting his private PM.. .but... it was necesary to show how no one.. not even jack.. once a close ally of KT.. trusts him anymore... now its out in the open...

done with you.. im sure the real jack will stop by and post.. not some poser.


Funny, the JackChit I skype with tells me different story

Is he lying?

Again, didn't you say DJLegacy forged your PMs once?


Focus on the botched crash scene at Shanksville.


He forged a PM that was forwarded to chuck sheen. You can edit a forwarded PM. You cannot edit a PM as it stands alone in your inbox. That is why i took a screenshot of it. I think your admin status was revoked rather quickly at LC... so i dont expect you to know the difference...

Jackchit seems to be posting away on our forums.. under his real member ID, IP and verified email.. .yet has no idea who that was who made a new member ID posing as jack... lol

KT... are you ever going to try and call for unity in the movement .. as others do... instead of trying to divide it?

Really now.. i dont have time to play with Kids.. please just ignore me.. and i'll ignore you (as i've always done...)... Stick to your work (Val's picture i guess..lol).. i'll stick to mine in growing an organization of professionals. As people get to know me.. the more they trust me.. as people get to know you.. the more they distrust you.. you may want to find out why...



What does all that have to do with the price of tea in China?

What do all those questions have to do with the Flight Data Recorder? It's not like JDX pulled it out of his ass. It was released by the NTSB and the animation clearly shows the plane too high up and too far north to have struck the lightpoles. So why all the hating on JDX and why are you the only person on this thread busting his balls? He's just the messenger! Lighten up, man! If you have concerns about the legitimacy of the FDR, take it up with Jim Ritters. I'm sure he'd be glad to not answers any of your questions. So what if JDX didn't admit to you personally about being "weedwacker"? What's the significance and how does that help the 9/11 Truth Movement any? If you want to hate on JDX, there is a nice thread going over at the JREF forums. Why are you trying to divide people on this concrete government-released evidence with this knitpicking, nickel-dime stuff? Isn't there enough infighting now with Stephen Jones and Jim Fetzer arguing over at scholarsfor911truth.org? Do you want to split this movement or help consolidate it?

Email: Gideon524@yahoo.com
Website: myspace.com/911thebiglie
Gideon's Show & Tell 9/11 Archive: http://z9.invisionfree.com/Pilots_For_Truth/index.php?showtopic=225

It's about the issue of trust

You really want to trust someone who acts like they did to me when just asking him a simple question? That is someone you want representing us? Many truthers are suspicious about this FDR evidence and think it's a red hearing. If the NTSB faked other evidence about 9/11, why is JDX putting so much faith that this FDR is legit? I trust nothing that comes from the NTSB and nothing that comes from JDX. Just be careful he doesn't lead you over a cliff.


I'm wondering if you "get" the fundamental point and significance of the FDR material AS RELEASED by the NTSB? Real, manipulated, or completely faked... by whomever... At this point, the NTSB, once the most respected name in air-disaster investigations yet horned out by the FBI, has failed in offering material to jive with the Official-ish Popular Narrative of Old Red Baron Honni stunting his way through lamp poles and barnstorming the Pentagon.

If JDX "made it up" or dittled the data... I'd think he'd be clinked by now, and/or the NTSB would be working just a bit harder to clear their name. Don't ya think?


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

Show "he is "clinked" by those in the know" by NJcpaTOM

Still talking about JDX, I see.

Did ya miss all that stuff about the NTSB, FDRs and the FBI?

"John Doe" is NOT the focal point here. Please stop pretending it is.

btw: Who really give a poop about his web being "to[o] tangled" in your opinion? Why not ask for a guided tour? Lots of people think a steel plant is a tangled web, until someone takes them by the hand and points out its clearly successful production methods.


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

The FDR is from a govt

The FDR is from a govt agency.. The govt has to answer for the conflicts. It the FDR is fake.. it is as alarming as it being accurate since it is from a govt agency through the FOIA. I dont expect you to understand.

Next, if i dont tell YOU something about me personally.. .but tell others.... ? You may want to ask yourself why... KT.. .thanks for wrecking this blog.. .it seems to be the only thing you are good at... divide.. distract.. cause chaos..

Its funny... those who know me personally.. have spoken with me on the phone.. hung out with me in person. .seem to trust me.. but KT.. who refuses to give his name... his phone humber.. or call my number doesnt trust me... lol.. yeah.. that makes sense. KT.. just email your number and we'll chat.. what are you afraid of? That you may actually start to trust me? I have nothing to hide.. Just email me your number KT.. does Dylan know who you are yet?


You've said FDR "proves" 757 didn't hit light poles

If the gov't faked it, the FDR proves nothing except the gov't faked it, it does not prove anything didn't hit the poles. Are you even asking if it might be fake?

Btw, I know you are obsessed with my anonymity, but are you ever going to answer my questions I asked you first about why you viciously attacked me for asking if you were Weedwacker at the JREF forum?

Lastly, why do you care what Dylan knows or not, are you back being friends with him?

Show me where i said the FDR

Show me where i said the FDR 'proves" it didnt hit the poles...

If you read the analysis.. it says.. "based on the Flight Data Recorder provided by the NTSB, it shows the aircraft too high to hit the poles". There is a difference.. i dont expect you to understand.


Ah, continuing with the insults, aye?

So tell me since you "don't expect me to understand," what makes this FDR evidence so golden that you are charging money for it? What if the NTSB comes out and says they simply made a mistake in adjusting the magnetic heading?

I'll report it.. but then

I'll report it.. but then they need to explain for Altitude.. system indications.. vertical speed.. evidence which confirms the flight path.. etc etc...

Also.. do you think the NTSB makes mistakes on projects they produce on a daily basis? Do you know anything about mag variation? How much total time flying aircraft do you have? Is it anything close to the total time of our members who support this research?

You going to try and bash them too? lol... give it up KT. Your rhetoric is getting stale.

Psst.. KT.. i dont charge money for FDR research.. the research and analysis is freely available.. those that SUPPORT the research.. show their support.. and helps to FURTHER the research. Do you know the difference KT? Do you blast Dylan for charging for Loose Change? I dont...

ok.. i know you want to distract me from my work.. but i really dont have the time to be playing with you like this.. how about going on to bash one of your many others you like to bash... it really makes you look credible..



Is Killtown the Webfairy?

Well, here we are, Killtown using his 'diplomatic powers' of shit stirring. Funny he wants to know who you are and his identity is a mystery to everyone but him, or her! Lets see, Killtown and the Webfairy use the same server, as they have since the beginning. They have nearly identical websites. And they both believe in flying pigs, holograms and CGI.

The Webfairy moves from flying pigs hitting the WTC to Holograms, a reasonable decision. And then when she has torn the 911 'community' a new bunghole and caused all sorts of division and hatred, she decides it wasn't a flying pig, NOR was it a hologram. Now it was CGI, and anyone who doesn;t believe this crap, is of course the enemy.

And the weird thing is that each time the webfairy moved from one stupid theory to another, Killtown did so also, weirdly at the same time, and on the same server space as webfairy. Which leads to the question, is the Webhag the same person as Killtown, using her nephew for rare public appearances like a single radio show? Because it sure would make a lot of sense.

And another weird thing is this; Why won't Killtown put any of this CGI crap on his/her own website? If it's worthy enough to cause fights with and stir all sorts of shit over, one might think that the CGI nonsense would be at the top of the page!

But we will never know who the ANONYMOUS person, Killtown, is, because they are ANONYMOUS and refuse to tell anyone what his/her real name is.

I couldn't care less who Johndoex is because as far as I know, he has never once caused all sorts of division and hatred, as have the webfairy and killtown.

Anyways, I have made my contribution here and will leave this mess for you JohnDoeX. Why ever miss an opportunity to poke killtown/webfairy in the eye with a truth stick? They so enjoy doing it to others!

Cheers Everyone!

But one more question before I leave this mess. Why is Killtown even over here stirring the shit? Why not simply do it on the Loose Change forums, where he is welcome as Dylans favorite little attack Yorkie? Enquiring minds wanna know!

By the way Killtown/Webfairy, your off the mark with CGI. It WAS a Hologram. But not the planes! The World Trade Center, people and all, were nothing more than a carefully crafted hoax, and a 30 year old hologram, invented by a flying pig!

The lies of Commander Pod

Oh, this is getting too rich. For all of you who want to know what type of person Phil Jayhan (aka "Commander Pod") is, start by reading here then here. Now to the lastest fun stuff:

1. "Funny he wants to know who you are and his identity is a mystery to everyone but him"

Where have I asked any personal info about JDX? I think the only personal info I've asked of him was what were his pilot skills as he claimed to be.

2. "Killtown and the Webfairy use the same server, as they have since the beginning"

Um, wrong:

February '03 - Killtown was knocked offline at the following address: koolpages.com/killtown/

June '03 - Killtown was knocked offline again at it's last Koolpages.com address (koolpages.com/killtown911/).

September '03 - Killtown was knocked offline at killtown.b0x.com. The Web Fairy has generously donated web space to host this website. Many thanks to The Web Fairy!


3. "They have nearly identical websites"

Huh??? Our websites look nothing alike.

4. "And they both believe in flying pigs, holograms and CGI."

I'm not sure I even know what a "flying pig" is meant to be. I don't believe holograms were used at the WTC, but you can keep perpetuated that lie if you wish. I do believe CGI was extensively used, yes.

5. "And the weird thing is that each time the webfairy moved from one stupid theory to another, Killtown did so also, weirdly at the same time, and on the same server space as webfairy."

Um, ok what ever you say there buddy. Speaking of "stupid theories", you still believe a 757 drone with "special skin" to pierce steel fired a missile a fraction of a second before hitting the South Tower?

6. "is the Webhag the same person as Killtown, using her nephew for rare public appearances like a single radio show?"

I'm not related to her, never met her in person, and only talked to her a couple of times on the phone. As for single radio show, try seven here plus three more I did previously.

7. "Why won't Killtown put any of this CGI crap on his/her own website?"

Um, I do: http://killtown.911review.org/2nd-hit.html

8. "one might think that the CGI nonsense would be at the top of the page!"

Like your drone 767 wrapped in steel piercing special skin firing a missile out of a pod?

9. "because they are ANONYMOUS and refuse to tell anyone what his/her real name is."

And? Have I asked for any truthers real name or any personal info?

10. "he has never once caused all sorts of division and hatred"

Ha! That's a laugh. Try here for starters.

11. "Why not simply do it on the Loose Change forums, where he is welcome as Dylans favorite little attack Yorkie?"

Why don't you go ask Dylan how he feels about me these days.

12. "By the way Killtown/Webfairy, your off the mark with CGI."

Is that because it destroys your beloved money-making pod industry?

Phil Jayhan?

You banned me from letsroll you bastage.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

How can you have a FDR from a non-existent

Flight.. Maybe used the prior days FDR ? How many Flights 77 went took-off and landed safely before 9/11?

Forget the FDRs & Transponders they have been manually manipulated by someone.

Comments like "turned off by the hijackers" are silly. once any abnormality exists the rest is unreliable,.

He is just wasting everyone's time like he was told to do.

John, question on magnetic compass bearing.

John, I noticed this over at DU;


"It appears that whoever prepared the NTSB animation tried to adjust the magnetic heading to be a true heading in order to orient the map on which the flight path is superimposed. However, it appears that they simply made a mistake by adjusting the wrong way, 10.5o east instead of west, making the 70o magnetic heading to be 80.5o instead of the correct 59.5o. The following shows the correct heading passing directly over the Washington Blvd. bridge where the light poles were hit, compared to the incorrect heading as seen in the NTSB animation..."

If Erin is reading this I'd like his input as well.

Presumably, even if Seger is correct, it still doesn't explain the altitude difference of hundreds of feet.

Was this video tossed out there with a bunch of "honest" mistakes built-in to test the data dispersion structure of the 9/11 Truth movement?

The thing is, if the Pentagon has clear video of a commercial Boeing slamming into the Pentagon... why wasn't the video released before the mid-terms?

Post-production issues? Voice talent asking for too much in the rider? Copyright infringements?

I thought the same at first...

When we first received the animation, i had thought perhaps the NTSB messed up on the graphical presentation as well (we went over this briefly on today's Jack Blood broadcast). However, if you look at the initial phases of flight (particularly the take off), it is lined up perfectly with the taxiways and runway as the aircraft taxi's out for take off. See trailer for upcoming documentary.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_brTPDJTs8

Also, we have further evidence which confirms the flight path.. including witnesses, which will be put together in a report. Those who believe in the official story as gospel will try to make up any excuse as to not disrupt that belief. They will accept the fact that the aircraft is lined up during initial phases of flight.. but make excuses for the end of flight. Typical. The facts are presented. The facts conflict with the official fairy tale. Considering this evidence, we would like for the US Govt to explain the flight path as well as all the other conflicts.. such as altitude, vertical speed... etc. All questions to the US Govt can be found on our pentagon page, mid-page. Hope this helps...


PS - Tell our friends at DU that the flight path in terms of true course (not heading) is 061.5 degrees according to the Flight Data Recorder. Not 059.5. Also, please remind them that the professionals at the NTSB dont make mistakes in terms of magnetic variation. It is well known among the aviation community.. east is least.. west is best... Aviation 101. The person who prepared the information is Jim Ritter at the NTSB. Be sure to post the NTSB phone number at DU, 202-314-6000... perhaps they can get accurate answers for the flight path and other conflicts. Tell them to report their finding's.. record the call.


Built-In Eggs To Suck

"mistakes built-in to test the data dispersion structure of the 9/11 Truth movement?"

I think that was an awesome comment, and worthy of a blog unto itself. One person's "paranoia", is another's "simple prudence". Indicated vs. actual vs. adjusted/compensated compass... the animated roll coordination with very subtle, or highly attenuated, yaw input was another curiosity. The throttle control, the near standard rate turns around a point... "the casualness" (among others Rob pointed out). The blatant edit well short of impact. The glaring vertical and horizontal disparity in FDR track vs. lamp poles, putting greens, and second story windows......

The NTSB release is simply crazy, if it was ever dreamed of as supporting the Official Narrative. Distraction, muddy water, tacit CYA on the part of the other-wise clean-ish NTSB.... detail tracking beacon ????

I know that Rob wisely resists speculating in the public eye, however I need not be so reserved. My first guess was for "tacit CYA"... followed closely by something similar to yours.... a load of subtle and not so subtle tidbits to gauge (more so than to track) the critical thinking capabilities of the truth movement.

Tracking the information is easy as pie, and can be completely hidden from view (endless possibilities). But gauging analysis, determination, conviction, effectiveness, and conclusions... now that would be something Our adversary would like to know.

Too bad for them, they're darn near bankrupt in these fields themselves... and the truth movement is learning very quick, not to tip its hand.

Dear Government: Suck eggs.


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

Well Said...

"But gauging analysis, determination, conviction, effectiveness, and conclusions... now that would be something Our adversary would like to know.

Too bad for them, they're darn near bankrupt in these fields themselves... and the truth movement is learning very quick, not to tip its hand."

Well said Erin. By the way.. .how did you guys make out with the DC trip? Call me when you get a chance.. we'll catch up.



Thanks, Rob....

Right back at ya. I'm not sure where I left the number... regardless, I'll email back with the quotes you've invited... or, wait a sec.... if you like the one above, just take it.

I'm still kinda partial to "Dear Gov; Suck eggs", yet I'll see if I can work up something a bit more specific and useful.

As for DC, we've been getting together at least once a week... and the dc 911truth.org Symposium was very satisfying to see it realized. The panel was great with D. Abramson impressing many, and Tarpley closing the event by doing his saturday evening show live with the panel as we skyped it out to his radio broadcaster.

In newer news.... it looks like we'll also be able to post a show date for Kill The Messenger any day now. It will most likely consist of a VIP screening in DC, with filmed Q+A immediately to follow and uploaded free within hours. Unless something special happens, we'll probably just go straight to DVD sales (driven by the google/youtube Q+A from the screening). Like I said, it's coming together fast, and I hope to have dates and venues to release very soon.

Take care, Rob (and everyone else here)...

Talk to you soon.


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

Is there any video of the DC event?

Sorry if it's obvious and I missed it.

No, not just yet....

There's at least 16 hours of video, sound and text to be edited together.... all by volunteers and limited funds. Keep checking with dc911truth.org for the latest on when that will get out. There will most likely be a new update by Thursday.


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

Cool thanks

Looking forward to it.


With so many more

With so many more knowledgable people examining the facts and coming over to the reality not the spin they cannot keep trying these mico-management techniques for long. Each time they try they leave another smoking gun behind!


I sent emails to everyone about bringing 9/11

out as a mid-term election issue.

I live in NJ and the Commissioner's son (republican) was running as an 'Independent Reformer" commercials.

I was hoping that after Rumsfeld resigned someone might have the guts to ask him if he believed a passenger crashed into the Pentagon.

killtown....anti-alex jones, anti-JDX , causing devide 24/7

killtown you are a lier, a known hologram promoter, used ERIC H and WING T.V to expose alex jones, as well as loose change...

you destroyed the old forum, attacked alex jones, dylan and JDX...

you obsess over vals pic for months and months.....just to say its fake.....

i dont trust you and neither should anyone else..

LoL, this is rich! Another pot, meet kettle.

What have I lied about?

I'm not a "hologram promoter".

where did I use Eric H to expose any "truther"?

Exposed LC???

How did I "destroy" the old forum?

AJ needs exposing. Merc is a jerk and started attacking me first.

Like your first mate JDX obsesses over his money-making FDR evidence? And I've never said it was indeed fake, just one possibility.

Funny, I don't trust you either.

Yes Killtown... research

Yes Killtown... research takes capital. Those who support our research at pilotsfor911truth.org buy a DVD or make donations. We are up against a multi-billion dollar propoganda machine owned by corporations. We need support. So KT.. how do you fund your research? Who supports you?

The FDR research for AA77 is almost complete..and only questions are left.. next we move onto UA93, AA11/175.. etc. .as noted above in the first post. The many pilots/aviation professionals in our organization are not exclusive to AA77 or its Flight Data Recorder. But we would be doing a disservice to the public if we did not analyze it... perhaps you disagree.

Anyone who does support our research.. does so of their own choosing. All analysis can be seen for free as well. Im not surprised KT would try to attack our support structure.


Funny, none of my research takes capital

Why does yours? Why don't you list where your money is going and how much you are making?

I don't mind when people charge for "research" as long as they are very open up how much they take in and where it all goes.

Do you let the public know on your site how much you take in vs. how much you spend?

You dont pay for internet?

You dont pay for internet? You dont pay for phone calls? (oh. .thats right. .you dont call anyone cause no one knows who you are...). My cell phone bill alone was over 450 last month.. all of the calls were to ALPA, NTSB, congress people... fellow aviation professionals.. people within the movement... you know. .research.. trying to get answers... Research takes capital. Im not surprised you dont understand. You make it sound like pilotsfor911truth.org is holding a gun to people's heads asking for cash... Im sorry people dont support your research like they do ours.. but its no reason to attack the support structure of an organization looking for the truth... Grow up KT.

When are you going to stop causing chaos in this thread and just call me? You too much of a coward? Record the call so you can show everyone publicly afterwards.. Come on you coward.. face me.


Show "Me a coward? you keep sidestepping my questions" by Killtown

read the end of the blog

read the end of the blog KT...

Skype? Are you serious? That really shows your professionalism there KT. And perhaps your age..

Do you call the NTSB and Congressen on Skype? ALPA too? Do you call any type of govt organization to try and get answers or your Skype? Grow up KT.


Yes, I use Skype

and I can call anybody even on regular phones. What's so "childish" about that??? Why blast me for knowing how to use modern technology?

Think for yourself

I'd put a little more faith in someone who has compiled one of the best collections of MSM articles related to 9/11 rather than swallow more crap from an anonymous troll, one of the many on 911blogger who has no work whatsoever to stand on. Think for yourself.

Killtown's 250+ 9/11 'Smoking Guns'

I don't have to know Killtown's real name to examine his work and make my own conclusions, but I'd have to be an idiot to listen to the BS coming from threads here.

Keep up the great work, Killtown!

Thanks bro!


Good agents need a good rep to be effective

You're only as good as your last game....

KT is in the non-league and I do not trust him one bit.

JDX stcks to the facts and clearly presents them and that's what is needed.

Keep up the good work JDX and all at pilotsfor911truth.org

You know you are doing something right when

you get attacked by someone who has to stoop so low by using a name to try to ridicule the person they are trying to attack. I hope a legit truther would not stoop that low.

Doing something right for who?

The only time I've seen you posting on here in the past few months is when you pop in to try to smear Steven Jones or puff up some no-planes crap. What's up with that?

Show "You support truthers who use childish names" by Killtown

I AM a skeptic

I'm skeptical of you and your behavior on this site, for starters.


Show "Care to answer my questions sidestepper?" by Killtown

Care to go fuck yourself?

You didn't answer my question either.

is that how you know?

I make up names to ridicule all kinds of people, including child molesters. Does that mean child molesters are doing something right?

Mr. Killtown, sir, isn't the problem people have with you that you claim to believe in hologram planes and/or tv fakery? If you could clarify the issues on which you disagree it would be more effective in proving your point than simply pointing out that because people call you names you must be right.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force


What's the word for this?

When two shills stage a spat so that the one who according to plan makes the other look really bad can, in theory, gain credibility?


A-shill: A giant ball of snot brought down the towers, yall, it's obvious.

B-shill: aHA--it's you AGAIN! Don't you have anything better to do shill? You have been trolling our space beam site from day 1!! Giant ball of snot... what an idiot!! Right people? You know? Like, what an idiot huh? Sheesh.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force


Sounds like....


When Trolls and Shills gang bang on top of a pipe organ.


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

sounds right! how about...

Mastrollbation? A debate on Autoshill?


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force



gets my vote.




maybe that's better saved for that other shill/troll operation -- where one anonymous shill appears out of nowhere to support another anonymous shill. Or maybe it could be an umbrella term.

Umbrella Term : Hot! Shill

Umbrella Term : Hot! Shill on Shill Action = Fellashillio


hahaha too funny... 

i like that one

so is it fellashillio, or fellashillo? i think the latter sounds more like fellatio.

Anonymous Shill 1: ...and furthermore, you guys (and gals) just dismiss our space monster theory without even reading the research of Prof. Fatso.

Anonymous Shill 2: EXACTLY! You've nailed it, #1. Prof. Fatso's paper is airtight. Unfortunately, these Twoofers are so obsessed with building 7 they can't see reality.

Anonymous Shill 1: Thanks #2. You give great fellashillo.

Anonymous Shill 2: >spit< no problem bro, what say we switch off next time?

Anonymous Shill 1: sure thing, Jim.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force


Now that you mention it

it definitely needs to be "fellashillo" because having the same number of syllables really does make it sound more similar.

And who would give a thoughtful, wholesome post like the one above a negative point? Really.

feckin' prudes

thanks for equalizing, cass!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force


They claim all sorts of things about me

why do you guys automatically believe it without asking for proof?

As for holograms, EARLY ON when researching no-planes/TV fakery (areas low on my list to research at the time), I held hologram technology as ONE possible technique they COULD HAVE used to pull it off, but not a leading method, just ONE POSSIBLE method. However very soon after I saw more 2nd hit videos that show differing plane trajectories, it was apparant that hologram technology couldn't have been used to pull it off or the trajectories wouldn't contradict each other. So to sum it up, holograms at the WTC was NEVER a leading theory of mine, so I was NEVER a "promoter" of it for the WTC crashes.

So called "truthers" just say I'm a "hologram promoter" to try to discredit me and only ignorant truthers fall for it. Notice they never say "Killtown's a CGI promoter" (which I am), they only say I'm a "hologram promoter" (i.e. they are lying to you).

I don't care what anyone says about you

My opinion of you is based on your own behavior that I have witnessed myself.

Show "Thanks for admitting you're biased." by Killtown

Oh, I'm definitely biased

When I see a shady character like yourself get in over his head in the noplanes sewer and then retreat to the shadows - reappearing periodically only to smear Professor Jones or lamely attempt to prop up some of the very worst disinfo dreck ever foisted on the movement... hell yeah, I'm biased. Glad you picked up on that.

Retreat? More like turned off.

Having to deal with all the ignorant/closeminded/immature/hateful "truthers" on hear attacking my posts is a turn off and I was just reminded about this by posting today.

Yeah it must be a real drag

to be held accountable for your actions every time your clown ass thinks the coast is clear. Why don't you go start another holocaust revision thread on the loose change forum? Maybe Fezter can host you on his radio show and you all can talk about how it's such an important adjunct to 9/11 research.

And the personal attacks on me continue

The way you talk and try to smear me speaks volumes of your credibility.

Btw, are you against people against questioning the holocaust? Is it "forbidden"? It's only ok to question 9/11 and nothing else?

Lastly, do you think factions of Israel were involved in 9/11?

Cry me a river

I don't remember you being too concerned about personal attacks when you popped in here at the height of Steven Jones' troubles with BYU to inform us that he was staging the whole thing. By the way, do you still stand by that story?

No, I don't have a problem with people questioning the holocaust or anything else. I do find it interesting that you thought the Loose Change forum was the best place to do it.

Yes, Israel was obviously involved in 9/11 to some degree. Newsflash!

Any more questions?

Yes, I question Steven Jones "untimely departure"

He worked for Los Alamos and other gov't agencies before. Mormons are not know for sticking their necks out against the gov't as he has done. His "untimely departure" from BYU was right after Morgan Reynolds wrote those papers trying to expose him.

You guys don't trust Reynolds/Woods/Fetzer, so why can't I not trust Dr. Jones?

Questioning is one thing

Joining in on an orchestrated smear campaign against Steven Jones as you did is quite another. You say you don't trust Jones because he worked at Los Alamos but you jump at the chance to carry water for a no-planer fresh from the Bush Administration - hilarious. You took whatever credibility you had built up for yourself and flushed it down the toilet. Keep company with creeps and you become known as one yourself.

Show "Orchestrated a smear campaign? What???" by Killtown

If you're going to resort to misquoting

be advised that it's much less effective when the source is in such close proximity.


You said:

"Joining in on an orchestrated smear campaign against Steven Jones as you did"

Where did I smear Jones? 

As I've already indicated

your attacks on Jones began at exactly the same time your cohorts started in on him. Jones was put on leave from BYU, he was smeared in some shitrag as being anti-semitic and then every no-plane clown in town piled on - accusing him of everything from staging his troubles at BYU to somehow being involved with the 9/11 attack itself. If your memory's really that fucked you can look it up - right here on this site.


Show me

I just asked questions about him and wondered if his "untimely departure" was staged to make him look like a legit truthers. Is that wrong? You guys can question some truthers at the top, but I can't?

You can do whatever the fuck you want

If you want to align yourself with a gang of disinfo charlatans and carry their water and parrot their talking points - knock yourself out! Just don't expect people to forget about it.

Nice side-step buddy

When the going gets tough, SIDESTEP!!!


Do you believe aircraft hit the towers or not? Do you believe all the witnesses who said they saw planes hit the towers are mistaken or are liars? Do you believe all the video, audio and photographic evidence was faked?

To the ultimate no-plane @ WTC hater and closeminded

"truther" I've met who viciously attacks people who believes different than he does,

1) Undecided. I don't believe 7X7's did.

2) Mostly mistaken, but some might have lied just like the witnesses at the Pentagon and Shankville, right?

3) I believe a lot are fake. I can't prove all are fake.

No more NPT questions here, please post them on an appropriate thread if you wish. I'm concerned about JDX's immature and untrustworthy behavior and that's why I called him out on it (notice he never answered my simple questions).

Who's attacking who?

I asked you three simple questions. I didn't attack you. You instead chose to attack me.

Regarding your answers to my questions; Killtown, it's been proven that aircraft of some kind hit the towers -period. It's a fact.

There were thousands of people on the street looking in the direction of the burning north tower when the plane hit.

The perps behind 9/11 could not have used cgi or faked planes hitting the south tower, because any one of the thousands of people on the street below could have videotaped the faked event. It would have been too risky not to use real planes and/or cgi. And not one person has come forward with videotape evidence (who wasn't on the north side of tower 2) showing the building exploding by itself and not from an airplane impact.

And as far as telling people not to bring up NPT on this thread, you're the person who derailed it in the first place by attacking JDX.

I understand that you prolly did it because you're not getting enough attention lately, since most people think you're a shill for pushing flimsy cgi/no plane theories etc., but that's your fault -- not mine or JDX, or anyone else's.

Show "Stallion4, are you saying you never attacked my before" by Killtown

Like I said, you attacked me

Read your first post directed at me. You called me like three names in one sentence. I didn't call you anything on this thread. I and many others have defended you in a lot of places around the web. But those days are over now, for me anyway, because I've since realized that you don't deserve defending, because you did this to yourself. You have no one else to blame for the treatment you're receiving here and other places.

Show "Nice side-step Stallion" by Killtown


We both have. But I didn't start the attack here. YOU did. I asked three simple questions and you freaked out on me.

Show "Freaked out? I told the truth." by Killtown

1. You HATE no-planers. Do

1. You HATE no-planers. Do you not?

No. I don't like them, though. I think they're pests who are helping the 9/11 criminals remain on our streets.

2. You are closedminded to some differing theories. Are you not?

No. What I have a problem with is debunked (and divisive) theories being promoted on a daily basis, by the same people, in the name of 9/11 truth. Their flimsy theories are getting spread around everywhere and are helping to destroy the credibility of the entire 9/11 truth movement -- which in turn helps the 9/11 criminals remain on our streets.

3. You've viciously attacked me before just for my NPT stance. Have you not?

Was that before or after you called everyone who didn't believe in what YOU believe in "less intelligent"? I'm fairly certain it was after.

I actually tried being civil to you on this thread, but you chose to attack me and now you're trying to justify it for some past bullshit?

Just ignore me from now on and I'll promise to do the same.

Show ""less intelligent"" by Killtown

Yeah I'll get right on that.

I'll go searching through the hundred blogs about no planes or other similar crap and I'll be back in a year or so.

The thread I'm referring to was on this website last summer. DZ even decided to edit out your "less intelligent" comment because it was flame bait.

And the B4N thread you posted above is a result of years of debating people who will not accept that their "theories" have been debunked and for attacking the ones who've debunked them and/or exposed them for helping the 9/11 criminals remain on our streets.

Anyway, like I said before, just ignore me, Killtown, and I promise to do the same.

Btw, here's the link to the thread KT posted starting from page 1:

...not page 9 that KT posted, well *after* the NPers had been thoroughly debunked. They've been infiltrating that website since September as well as several others including 911blogger.

Who drew first blood?

Submitted by stallion4 on Sun, 09/03/2006


I'm extremely disappointed in you, CB. Why you've chosen to go down this path I'll never know. Maybe you were a shill all along. Killtown too.


Focus on the botched crash scene at Shanksville.

OK fine, but didn't ALL hologram promoters switch to CGI?

And isn't that because you all realized not even "dumb comspiracy theorists" bought into holograms? So now you have CGI and space beams (not you personally, but the group of people whose behavior yours resembles.) Despite the fact that virtually no one believes a word of it, and the fact that none of it makes any sense, and the fact that all of it is based on grainy lo-res videos or worse yet selected frames from such videos, you think you can hop into a discussion and be taken seriously. Sorry, it just doesn't work that way. Something shills don't seem to understand is that just because something sounds really believable to them does not mean it sounds like anything but baloney to other people. Maybe you or your associates are that gullible and so find your work on this very impressive, but don't expect to find a welcoming audience among people who have been studying these issues for years with a critical mind. Whining that poeple make fun of you when you present yourself as a clown is not a very convincing act. It's exactly what you should expect. Instead you want people to say "Oooohhh, I hadn't THOUGHT of THAT!" Again, sorry. Maybe you should be prowling grade school playgrounds if that's the best lie you can come up with. I will never stop being amazed at how stupid some people think everyone else is. Where do they get this trumped up idea of their own abilities? Do they all practice their stuff on certified idiots? I don't know whether to be relieved at the level of our opposition or suspicious that there MUST be more to these schemes than meets the eye!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force


Show "Where is your evidence, Real Truther?" by JohnGault

look through my many past responses

i'm not going to repeat things ad nauseum for the benefit of shills.

"It is impossible to wake up a man pretending to sleep with his head up his ass."

-ancient Chinese saying

p.s. you are a jackass


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force


Show "Real Truther has NO evidence?" by JohnGault

Welcoming audience

among people who have been studying these issues for years with a critical mind.

You mean like Killtown, Haupt, Holmgren and Webfairy?

Some theory is liked because it "sounds good"? Maybe you're the one who thinks something needs to "sound right" before it can be true.

Maybe you can't figure out why some theories are favored, because you don't understand them.

Try to explain the theory, as you understand it, to one of the proponants and see if you can. Listen to the feedback and see if you actually understand what you are dissing.

People constantly misrepresent the positions of CGI Fakery and High Energy Beam weaponry POV. My suspicion is that, like someone said recently in a thread here, "I feel dirty even wasting my time talking about it.", so people who diss it don't even know what they are dissing. They just don't like the way it "sounds." And are afraid of being laughed at because of that.

That must be why all the critics only attack the messengers rather than the theories?

Just as you are mystified by proponants and how they can be so stupid, in your opinion. Well, I am mystified why you can't see the obvious. From evidence, not by how something "sounds".

Take note

This blog started out as an invitation to listen to an interview on Jack Blood Radio with Rob from pilotsfor911truth.org (me). It was based on the Flight Data Recorder from the NTSB through the Freedom Of Information Act. This blog now has turned into a CGI fakery and Beam Weapon debate mixed with a bit of chaos and attacks. Congrats KT.. .mission accomplished i guess.. huh?

KT used to do good work in the past... what happened to him?


Show "Who brought up CGI & Weapon beams first in your post?" by Killtown

Well.. if you would listen

Well.. if you would listen and call me.. i would tell you the answer to all your questions.. as i have asked you to do in the past on this blog.. but you seem to want to ruin this blog further.. and you seem to be too much of a coward to face me on the phone. .so i'll respond here...

KT.. i have zero respect for you. You cause nothing but divide in this movement. You have attacked me plenty in the past and i ignored it as an adult. You have tried to distract me from FDR research when we first received the FDR data. You have tried to bash me everywhere and spreading lies saying im DJLegecy (i guess we dont have the same IP.. now do we.. jachit also PMed me apologizing and saying how he now believes you're an 'agent'.. i just think you're a stupid kid crying for attention). The day i "attacked" you it all came to a head. I had enough of you and your attacks. I was not in the mood for your BS and i let you have it. So.. there is your reson for why i attacked you. Quite honestly.. i have never thought about you since then... ignored you prior.. and dont really care to be associated with you in any way now. You are basically a loser in my eyes. You dont let anyone in the movement (including Dylan) know who you are. You bash everyone including well respected researchers. You contribute nothing but chaos as you are doing here. So.. this is why people attack you. Im surprised you dont get attacked more.. but from what i understand.. you are just a kid who doesnt know better and most people just try to ignore you. You have done good work in the past.. your recent rhetoric has discredited all of that work. Its a shame really.. So.. why do people attack you KT? Perhaps you should look in the mirror... Now please stop causing chaos on my blogs or threads.. it shows your true agenda.



The lies of JDX

1. "You cause nothing but divide in this movement."

Favorite line by the real provocateurs.

2. "You have attacked me plenty in the past "

Yeah, only after repeated attacks and lies towards me by you and others.

3. "You have tried to distract me from FDR research when we first received the FDR data."

Total frickin lie. Prove your claim or be known as a liar.

4. "You have tried to bash me everywhere"

Just like you repeatedly bashed me everywhere withOUT me provoking you? I'm merely exposing your character.

5. "spreading lies saying im DJLegecy"


6. " jachit also PMed me apologizing and saying how he now believes you're an 'agent'."

Funny, I talk to Jack all the time. I'll ask him that next time.

7. "The day i "attacked" you it all came to a head. I had enough of you and your attacks. "

I didn't attack you, I merely asked if you posted as Weedwacker.

8. "You dont let anyone in the movement (including Dylan) know who you are. "

Why you so obsessed with Dylan? Envious of him? Would you like me to tell him about that him buying his next bag of pot comment that you quickly edited?

9. "You bash everyone including well respected researchers."

Show me ONE person I've "bashed" who didn't bash me first.

10. "You contribute nothing but chaos as you are doing here."

More rhetoric from the original attacker.

11. "So.. why do people attack you KT? Perhaps you should look in the mirror... "

They attack me cause they are closeminded and afraid of me, NOT because I attacked them AFTER they attacked me. That's why they continue attacking me perhaps.

12. "Now please stop causing chaos on my blogs or threads.. it shows your true agenda."

My agenda is to expose you for who you are and help prevent people from being led of a cliff by you.

Remember part of these PMs you sent me at the old LC?...

"If it were up to me.. i think you should be banned for good...Im not giving you shit... and you'll like it."

" f*ck you dude... either present your case now.. or shut the f*ck up! You're a freakin little whining bitch..."


KT.. just keep thinking im a

KT.. just keep thinking im a liar.. im ok with that considering the source. People who know me and that i respect know otherwise.. im tired of your distractions and going round and round with you..

I'll make it real simple.. anyone who would like to know anything about me.. my credentials.. etc.. please dont hesitate to contact me as im an open book. Ask Killtown if he'll do the same.

One look in this blog and the points next to each post will explain the over-all concesus of who creates and who tries to destroy. Its clear where people stand. We'll just leave it at that.

How about we do this KT.. why dont you contact every pilot in our membership.. You know. .all those airline pilots/mil drivers.. and try to "save them" from me leading them off a cliff. How do you think they'll respond? Need phone numbers? Email addresses? Let me know...Here the list in case you never looked at it...


Keep an eye on it as we get emails regularly from pilots and aviation professionals wishing to join. Remember. pilotsfor911truth.org is only a few months old. Now please.. stop causing chaos.. it really chips away at your credibility. How about trying to unite the movement?

Ask jackchit about this PM.. although he asked me not to post it... i feel i need to at this point.. Again.. i dont think KT is an agent.. just a stupid kid crying for attention.

"please read, Nov 9 2006, 10:30 PM



Group: Members
Posts: 7
Joined: 13-October 06

please don't post this anywhere, killtown is an agent...I have proof.
we need to bury the hatchet.
I will begin by apologising for my behaviour towards you over at LC.


Someone who cannot be trusted with a bottle of beer should not be trusted with his finger on the button..
[ Add to Buddies ] "

I have sent Jack a PM to this blog to let him know i had to post his PM.



JDX, back this claim of yours about me

or be known as a liar:

"You have tried to distract me from FDR research when we first received the FDR data."


PS - I've never asked for any of yours or anybody else's personal info, so why are you so obsessed with my personal info? 

Take note..

Everyone makes a "claim" about KT (according to KT). KT asks everyone to prove it. KT wants everyone to be distracted searching tons of posts about things it appears he didnt say to ALOT of people. Almost every person here is posting against KT.. KT has to ask them to "prove it".. KT.. we are all lying KT .we are all out to "get you". We are the boogy man.. BOO!.


Now... you distracted my work on the FDR research calling for my de-admin and attacking me when i didnt run to your beckon call when you and DJLegacy were going at it (KT. .is there anyone you dont argue with? lol). Then when i didnt bow to your jail idea.. you attacked me again. Then you got banned (not be me).. then banned again (again.. not by me).. but im sure you'll want me to prove all your bans.. right? KT.. why do you think all this shit keeps happening to you? I know.. i know.. you are smart. .we are all dumb and liars... sigh.. whatever...

Again.. KT.. please stop wrecking my blogs with your distractions. If you want to know about me.. Ask Russ Pickering. We had a long talk yesterday after he investigated me.. found out i am exactly who i say i am... tracked me down at my new home phone number.. Russ and i have also called a truce and have an understanding. You however i can careless about. You have wrecked your reputation in the Truth movement.. not us.. YOU!

I think im beginning to realize why KT wants to remain anonmyous (even to trusted and respected truthers within the movement). He probably realizes how he alienates everyone eventually and doesnt want his real name associated with it. He can attack others with a pseudo name of KillTown (appropriate).. then when KT rep is ruined.. he can make another name and just come back and try again. Thats known as cowardice.. Yes KT. .you are a coward... plain and simple.

Have fun in your life... freakin sad...


More lies by JDX

JDX, why do you lie and say I attacked you first and mislead people to believe I purposely tried to distract you with you FDR research?

YOU weighed in on the complaints I was having at the old LC forum when I was still being attacked/harrassed by members and the admin did squat about it. The admin basically told me to "shut up" and ignore the attacks against me. YOU then started to chime in about it and started ATTACKING ME first and I fought back. I didn't even know what research you were working on at the time, because you never even invited me to your protected forum and when I PM'd you to get access because someone said I might be interested in what you guys were doing in your protected forum, you never PM'd me back.

I'll give you credit where credit is due though JDX, you are a masterful politician and spin artist. Too bad most truthers can't see right through you like a lot of us truthers do.

Remember when I was unbanned the last time at old LC and you started PMing me trying to get on my good side right before you were going to try to destroy the forum and take everybody over to your new LC look-alike forum? You'll remember I didn't fall for you schmoozing attempt to try to win me over. I especially like when you tried to schmooze the JREFers over saying most of them "weren't bad people".

And for the last time, I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR PERSONAL INFO!!! I don't know why you are so obsessed with finding out mine.

Anyways, have fun selling your PFT hats and t-shirts.

Give it a rest, KT

I didn't bother to read through all the comments here, so pardon me for butting in with my 2 cents. You know, I didn't have a long history with the LC forum in the original incarnation (2 months maybe or a bit less) but there is a least one reason why I have posted about 20 times as often to the P4T forum as to LC2. That reason is JohnDoeX and the fact that he wants us to move on and stop the forum wars. Yeah, he directed me over here. So what? I didn't know him any better than I did you before LC 1 imploded. Let's just say that despite the fact that I link to some of your evidence, I wouldn't at this point go somewhere at YOUR direction to stick up for you. This sh*t gets old quickly. Can we move on?

I just thought of

I just thought of something... Since Killtown likes to cause chaos so much in our FDR research... does this mean KT now believes AA77 hit the pentagon but no planes hit the WTC? Or is it KT would much rather use pictures of airplane parts and a small impact hole at the pentagon to prove no plane hit rather than a report from the Flight Data Recorder? A device so precise that lives depend on it?

For me.. i have no idea what hit the pentagon. I know the govt has released a report which conflicts with the official fairy tale. I want to know why. Some people would rather look at energy beams and phatom Boeings.. and thats fine. For me and our organization.. We want answers from our govt based on their reports which conflict with their story. Some people want to attack us for that... wonder why?


The FDR of a non-existent flight?

JDX- It would appear that Flight 77 did not exist.

No BTS record. No large hole. No plane. No engines. No wings.

In light of these facts, why should anyone care what the government says was "on the FDR"?

Do you believe Flight 77 existed on 9/11? If so, what evidence do you believe supports that contention?

Personal attacks (on both sides) add nothing of substance to the debate nor do they alter the facts of the matter.

If there was no Flight 77 on 9/11 then any "data" alleged to have been gathered from the FDR is but more lies from the government. The "suspicious" data  from an alleged FDR is but another red herring designed to reinforce the belief that Flight 77 existed when the best available evidence clearly suggest that it did not.


JDX wants to "move on" because he's being exposed

for the type of person he is.

If you were a scam artist (not necessarily saying he is), you'd want to "move on" for being exposed too.

He visciously attacked me for simply asking him if he posted as someone else on JREF forum as was rumored, then afterward attacking me, he announced he was this other poster over at JREF. Isn't that shady?

You'd have to witnesses his behaviour over at the old LC forum to understand what type of person he really is.

Yes... move on... why?

Because I suspect you haven't the foggiest idea what a truly vicious attack is.... otherwise, you wouldn't be here crying like a bitch through this whole f'n blog.

I'll probably never come to your aid in the future, Killtown... let alone jump on a grenade to save your crying bitch ass.

STFU already.... or call the man on the phone and have it out with him in person as he's offered you ten f'n times.... already.


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

Show "Erin" by Killtown

"Attack Attack Attack!"

Cry me a river, ya bitch.


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

KT's compilation method

Hey, that looks good. Can you write it up for me?


Hello to all. Nice forum Killtown.
I have to stick my 2 cents worth in here. We are all working our butts off in our own way to further the truth movement. JDX busts his butt researching with other professionals in trying to uncover new evidence. Whether it be 9/11, or anything else our maniacal government is up to. I'm a member of his forum, and mod the " Latest News " section of his site.
Now you can dismiss me because of the connection, but you'd be wrong. If I feel someone is wrong, I'll tell them, doesn't matter to me who it is.
The old argument, Killtown, is a holdover from the old Loose Change forum, and does no one any good. It certainly isn't going to further our cause if we allow 'newbies' to come in and see us fighting amongst ourselves.
I would know. I made the same mistake a few weeks back, getting inro an open forum slug fest with someone, and came to my senses the next day, went back, and deleted the threads.
Let this go Killtown. I've read a lot of your stuff, and I respect your views, but I can't agree with you on this one. Public attacks just lead in a circle, distracting us from the message we're trying to get out.
If you can, just set this to the side. I know that inside, you're a decent person, and so is JDX. Can you not just agree to disagree on the subject at hand, and let by gones be by gones? And possibly let that lead to an exchange of ideas?
None of us has a patent on the truth, you know that as well as anyone. I don't, JDX doesn't, no one here does either. But if we're all out here searching, and someone finds something important, but can't compare it to someone else's information because of factional differences, what kind of chance to put another piece of the puzzle together may be lost?
And to get mt own shameless plug in, please feel free to post your link at my web site: http://www.vigilantwatchnewsandblog.com On the main page there's a button called 'Your Links Page' You can post it there.
Anyway, I hope you can sort this out on the down low, and again, cool looking blog, man................Batmanchester

well said : )

Props to JDX for a great job! Good show!

@Killtown, as always respect to you - perhaps you and JDX can settle this offline as he suggests. It's really disheartening to see disputes like this brought onto blogs and sites dedicated to unifying the 9/11 Truth Movement.

Let's pull together folks.

You named it, Kill Your TV

Yes, make this fuzz up in PMs or on the phone.

Really, KillTown:

Our world turns into a system of slavery and global fashism and instead of trying
to make people aware of it, you KT & Russ use the attention for a personal power-trip?!

From your posts at the old LCb et. al., it appeares that you dont't get the importance of
this truth movement straight. It is not about you personal KT, but it looks like 911 happened
before or just when you hit puberty. Same to Dylan. Sorry KT and Dylan, but you prooved that
by the fact that 'there was such a terrible loss of respect at the LCb, so you thought the smartest
thing was to 'pull it'. Then you made this decision to pull and we all whatched the Forum collaps.'

I hope you all get back on track soon and will stop causing fuzz in the movement. I trust JDX more
than you all 3 together. Maybe I am wrong, but I don't care if THE DECIDER or JDX is 'weedwacker'
or your mystery about your real name, KT. Nor do I care about Dylans Ego or Russ submissions to him.

I care about this planet and my children. And JDX is one who looks like someone who does, too.

Once you got hair around your balls you will understand.

already mature: Carl

Looks can be decieving

"And JDX is one who looks like someone who does, too."

Read what you just wrote. If JDX was a scam artist, do you really think he would look like a scam artist in public, or look like someone who can be trusted?


Killtown up to his old tricks


I guess you just can't help yourself. You can't stop the whining, nattering, bitching and attacking you were banned a number of times for at the old LCF. You, me and Quest had a skype conference call where you said you'd stop all that and begged to be let back into the forum. You kept your word for about two weeks, until the LCF was destroyed and the staff left. All of a sudden you started showing your ass again. All the muzzles came off and you went bezerk. Now here you are doing your same old crap. My assessment is that you're either a paid agent or mentally ill. Not trying to insult you, but you seem incapable of self-restraint.

Go ahead and prove me wrong by just STFU. Not likely. Hell, I've got a bet on how long you take to keep spewing your vitriol.

Ah the attacks and insults continue

so what's new?

Everyone is out to get you KT...