A Reason for a Cause

I was born in 69, the tail end of the "love" era. I can still remember the multi-colored yellow and orange flowers that made up the design on the living room sofa as I was growing up. Captain Kangaroo, Speed Racer, and Land of the lost topped my television favorites.

My father died when I was 7 and I grew up kind of rebellious. I had my first apartment at 15 and worked part time for the apartments I lived in to pay the rent. I was never really into fads or trends. I was the only guy in my entire school with long hair, which I dealt with a tremendous level of mental and physical abuse by the other kids. I put up with it for years just doing my thing, taking it as it came, and moving on.

One day, when I was about 15 a girl passed me a note in class. It was from one of the best looking girls in my school, very popular and sought after by many of the jock type guys. The note from her said that she liked me and wanted me to call her.

I called her and even went over to her house a couple of times when her parents were not home. I was pretty happy that for the first time in my life I was actually dating a girl from my school. I went to an upper class school and all the girls I had ever met were from another neighboring school with not so upper class people.

Monday came after a weekend that I saw her and I had gym class. When the teacher told us to line up, she came and stood next to me. That's when everything in my life changed for the first time. A girl from my school was wanting to be seen flirting in public with me, the long haired guy.

Well, about 2 minutes into my glory a kid named Scott came over and pushed me out of the way and got between her and I. Scott was one of those "tough guy" bully kids, who dominates people with pushing them around. He was also one of the very popular kids in school as his mommy had daddy had some money, you know how that goes.

Well, just about the moment he pushed me, I flinged my hand in his face and managed to sting him right in the eyeball. I was not about to let this goon show me up in front of her, no way, no how. He grabbed his eye and went to the nurse.

Well, gym class was over and I went into the locker room to get changed. While I was changing my shirt Scott came walking up to me with a crowd of kids behind him, his eye bloodshot and still a little teary.

He Said "I'm gonna kick your ass"

I said "Go for it"

He made a lunge at me and I stepped aside, slipped behind him, and somehow sat down on the bench with him laying face up across my lap. I had his hair in my left hand, and was literally pummeling his face with my right hand. I must have hit that kid like 25 times hard right in the nose. There was blood everywhere and all the kids watching were like "Wow" I will never forget when the teacher came in and said "What's going on in here", I let him go and he went running away fast. There were drops of blood leading all the way down to the nurse’s office.

He got suspended for starting the fight, and I did not get in trouble at all. The next day in school as I walked down the halls, it seemed like everyone wanted to be my friend. In one day I must have been told "Hey Lucus" like 5 times, compared to never once being greeted before.

That was the day I learned to stand up to tyranny.

All my life I never had a cause, a meaning, a purpose. I basically went about life, working, partying, fishing, and pool sharking drinks at the bar. I had nothing inside that drove any feelings in me, I was numb to the world around me and just existed.

I became a web designer in 1995 when only a small fraction of people were even on the internet. I designed many web sites for businesses over the course of 11 years and still went about life numb.

Two days before 911 happened I could not get out of bed. I had this terrible feeling that something was wrong. It came over me like nothing I had ever felt, so intense I did not know what to make of it. I thought that maybe my Mother might be in some kind of medical trouble, but after calling her I found out she was ok. Those two days I basically laid there in bed with an overwhelming feeling of gloom lurking over me. I still can’t describe it to this day.

On the morning of 911 I awoke about 11am feeling fine without the gloom and fear and went down to the store for some chocolate milk and breakfast sandwich. The teller told me “You better fill up with gasoline, the price will be $5/gallon by tomorrow morning” I said “Why?” Then she told me about the attacks. I was stunned and raced home right away to turn on the news.

From the moment I saw them I had my suspicions. I have never been into conspiracy stuff and don’t believe in Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster, but I just had a weird feeling. I put it on the back burner and went about my life again.

Then I came across a movie on Google video name “911 Mysteries” which blew me out of the water. I watched movie after movie and I will never ever forget when my life changed dramatically for the second time. About half way through watching “911 In Plane Site” is when it hit me like a billion tons of bricks. Everything opened up like some mental floodgates and I could see the bigger picture, basically a horror movie.

Well needless to say, since that moment, for the first time in my life, I HAVE A CAUSE, A MEANING, And A PURPOSE. I knew what had happened on 911 and also knew that I had to help spread the word.

I emailed and called all my friends, got them to watch movies, made copies of movies and gave them out to strangers. I go to forums and blogs and do whatever I can to help spread the truth.

There is nothing that can stop me, because I can’t even stop myself. It is like some switch went off in my head making this the sole and only purpose in my life. I would wake up thinking of 911, think about 911 all day, go to sleep thinking about 911, and dream about 911. There is nothing I can do to stop this, it as automatic to me now as breathing.

I know that 911 is the key to exposing these criminals who have made all of our lives harder and full of terror. This is why I ask you to join me in my quest to bring forth the truth.

I ask you all to join me starting on 01/01/07. I will be issuing a statement on this blog with instructions on a masterful plan to spread the word. A plan that will help tip the tables even farther to our side.

Look for my statement on 01/01/07

“You can zap the “Official 911 Story” as many times as you want with a defibrillator, then the realization sets in that it’s dead and never coming back.”

Exposing & promoting 9/11 truth is a most noble cause in one's

life! I shall try very hard to do the same!

Thanks for a very inspirational post!