Zelikow resigns (three years too late)

Senior Rice aide, Philip Zelikow resigns
By Sue Pleming Mon Nov 27, 2:55 PM ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Philip Zelikow, one of U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's closest advisers on Iraq and the Middle East, will quit his post to return to university teaching, a State Department official said on Monday.

In his resignation letter to Rice which was made available to Reuters, Zelikow said "family and professional concerns" led to his decision to return to the University of Virginia next year."

Washington Post

In a long article on the resignation in today's Post, this was the only mention of the 9/11 Commission:

"While Zelikow's name was sometimes floated for open jobs, such as deputy secretary of state, Rice aides said he was not seriously considered for anything but his current post, which did not require Senate confirmation. Zelikow had rubbed some lawmakers the wrong way when he served as executive director of the commission that investigated the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001."

It also suggested that Condi will miss the advice of her best bud. It is so disingenuous to suggest in any high level resignation that the advisory relationships end when the position does, i.e. "He left Condi no forwarding address or phone number, and they will never consult again."

Wow, like the Commission that "investigated" the worst civilian

attack in the world is not important??? (They don't even want to bring any attention to it any more.)

So he wasn't making any

So he wasn't making any friends during his stint investigating 9/11?.... that wording is very subtle "double speak".....

I'd like to know who he intimidated during the investigation..... but many appologists would read into that saying that he ruffled feathers buy really going after the truth..

but either way you read into this.... it spells GUILT

I agree.

The reference is very subtle -- and provocative. Does anyone have news articles referencing complaints from lawmakers about Zelikow's role in the Commission? I only remember general complaints making it into the news, not ones naming him specifically.

I don't recall specific

I don't recall specific complaints about Zelikow, except perhaps Max Cleland and the Jersey Girls.

Naturally, Zelikow's conflict of interest was widely noted.

Absolutely, it's a clear

Absolutely, it's a clear message when they have to use symantics to try to evade. They are still using the same old tactics but the value is diminishing with every "salvo"!!


Censorship and distortion in the MSM

See how the NYT distorts reality by not mentioning his role in the making of the 9/11 Report- Compare with the Wikipedia bio.
http://www.nytimes.com/2006/11/28/world/middleeast/28zelikow.html?_r=1&n... Topics/People/R/Rice, Condoleezza&oref=slogin

"He left Condi no forwarding

"He left Condi no forwarding address or phone number, and they will never consult again."

Bull. This is partly where the "shadow government" comes from; they disappear from public view and begin to do their real work behind the scenes.

Zelikow had rubbed some lawmakers the wrong way

I wonder what the right way to rub a lawmaker is... let's ask Mark Foley R-FL !


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force


Put your hands in the air!!!!!!

911 Truth organizations are more enamored with creating teams to fight each other than brining an action against the perpetrators of the crimes they claim to have found. More interested in proving a case that will never be started than start that case...
... The government has served notice that it is spending billions to infiltrate the various blogs, create their own indoctrinated web sites, blogs, and forums. They have seen the enemy on the Internet and they are using their efforts at controlling it. For anyone to think that they are not here in force is naïve at best. In that light I am sure you will agree that they would use all their best resources and inflict their best prattle...
...Putting the horse before the carriage.

911 truth, what the hell is that? It certainly cannot be the answer to whom, what, and why. Proving a case before it starts has never been done before much less for a mass murder of 3000 people. Somehow the movement has been led by the nose to think that investigation is what is needed. Well, sort of true, but not. If you believe in government what is needed is an indictment for some of the crimes so that an investigation with subpoena power for evidence may be had..."

And you are more enamoured

And you are more enamoured with hearing your own thoughts, u spam monkey. Stop repeating the same msg everywhere or you will labelled as one such infilrator...

Lively debate is not in-fighting, however there is no doubt that elements are trying to achieve rifts within it, and I don't see how u repeating the same process is in any way helping.

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Zelikow will just go back to

Zelikow will just go back to his old job, PR man for the CIA... writing articles for the Nation, with his buddy Max Holland, defending the lone gunman theory etc.

That is the real travesty

That is the real travesty with these people, even when they are apparently punished they receive no suffering!


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What's say we do a mass e-mail truth campaign to the U. of Virginia and shame them into not hiring him. Whaddya think?


That's a double edged sword. It provides ammo for their rediculous claims that the net is a hive of cyber terrorists wreaking havoc. They are looking for excuses to railroad the IP2. I would say flood em with snail mail! That HAS to be opened ;) Stamp em all with Private & Confidential if u can...

CCC-Media: Read, Watch, Think, Decide!

U of Virginia Campaign


I agree with your letter idea, and the stamp!. But e-mails are good too and many more can participate more easily. Principled and polite e-mails (alot of them!) with facts linked-to, pasted and referenced re: Zelikow. I think there's no way to avoid ad hominem attacks if they want to slander us...that's the nature of this 9/11 struggle, no? Our intention is to discomfort with the truth; to break the conspiracy of silence re: Zelikow's key role in the 9/11 coverup. Regarding IP2, I'm not sure what your referring to, but if you mean the next iteration of the 'net, I think the shadow gov't has probably already decided they're going to try and shut it down or limit it. I don't think we need to walk on eggshells regarding how we think we're going to be perceived. We're activists and we're trying to shake em up; that's our job as I see it. But politely, with integrity.

We could send mail to faculty, grad students, departments....

Yeah, but they are so easily

Yeah, but they are so easily managed, letters require an administrative personal involvement, and if they are sent repeatedly for a few weeks it will block up the admin quite nicely and there is no chance for the backlash onto the net-community and all the slurs they perpetrate about the hateful activities of us "net terrorists".

An e-mail flood taking down a server could easily be spun to the ignorant, a mass of letters... well that's a different issue ;) And every1 can afford a couple of stamps for the greater good. And anyway it's easy just to junk e-mail as people will send again if it was something important. A letter they cannot make that assumption, after all there maybe a cheque in it! :)

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