Banned From MSNBC Forums for Talking About 911

One November 26th, 2006 I, and several other 911 Truthers were permanently banned from MSNBC forums for posting information relating to the 911 cover-up. They also removed many of our posts that “Did Not” contain profanity and basically offered information on 911. We had posted several threads about “High Ranking Officials” who have come forward about 911. The “Government Shills” were trying their hardest with no success to discredit us by calling us names and the usual “Tinfoil Hat” stuff.

The tide had turned, most people were asking for more information about 911, and we were providing that. They abruptly ended that by simply clicking a button thus banning our IP addresses forever. This is CENSORSHIP at it’s worst. If they can’t beat us in a verbal debate, the idea is just to cut us off from being part of that debate.

When I looked back in the history of the forum I noticed in the older posts it seemed as though the 911 Thruthers were in the minority. When going forward in time, I found that the tide was turning and more and more people were supporting our ideas.

When they banned us there were many people supporting the 911 Truth Movement, and only about 3 supporting the “Official Story”. I have not been to the site since being banned so I can’t see what the “Fruits of our Labor” produced.

They have tried to cover up this mass censorship by adding this to the main page…
“Repairs to the message boards are expected to be complete by this afternoon.
Thank you for your patience. • DISCUSS”

But, when I try to access my personal stats, this is the message I get…
“User is banned permanently”

I ask every 911 truther who reads this blog to PLEASE go to the MSNBC forums and and talk about 911. DO NOT LET THIS GO UNANSWERED, DO NOT LET THIS SLIP BY WITHOUT NOTICE, DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN IN AMERICA!

The link to the main MSNBC forum is here

Go there, offer ideas about 911. Spark interest and help others to rethink the “official” story. Post statements made by high ranking officials about 911.

We had made great success on the MSNBC forums, actually turning the idea from “we are the conspiracy nuts” to “they are the sheepish fools”. Do not let this forum go back to the propaganda machine and brainwash more innocent people who just seek truth.

If they ban you, do the same thing I did to bring more people there. Go to different web sites and post the story of you being banned. Let the world know that they are trying to shut you up. Speak up, because you can’t be heard unless you speak up.

Pass this word on to everyone who knows the truth and tell them to pass it on and so on and so on. DO NOT LET THIS GO UNANSWERED!


Use a Proxy IP service

there are several downloadable handy-dandy services you can use that will make your IP address anonymous and constantly changing.

it takes a few seconds to set up and will run quietly in the background.

please do so. we need more people like you to translate words in to action and keep the pressure on the media.

This dude's right... Here's

This dude's right...

Here's a starting point, but their are many...

Bless you for trying to get the truth out! MSNBC shall be held

accountable as accessories after-the-fact in aiding the perpetraitors to get away with mass murder & high treason!

I was banned from there

Long time ago for exactly the same thing

I have been banned from at

I have been banned from at least 15 forums.... I know I had an impact while I was there.... but after I was banned I seldom tried to go back.

I went to one forum which was comprised of Hippie Phish Fans... had thousands of members.... and no one there even cared....

Hippies have really gone down hill since the 60's and 70's...... back then they smoked pot to expand their reality..... now they do as many drugs as possible to escape it.

I was banned

When I opened my personal settings it's clearly states...USER HAS BEEN BANNED PERMANENTLY

well I am just posting what

well I am just posting what message it give me when I try to access that specific link...  I have not been ip banned so the administrators have locked down that specific forum.

Trying to put two and two

Trying to put two and two together, I made a post about this at my blog. You can digg it here.

Also banned

Hey Lucus...I was banned as well for posting 9/11 material. It got pretty ugly towards the end. I think the posts would have continued if one person hadn't gone off the deep end and issued threats.

You can log on to yahoo and create a new mail account. I just did that and was successful in creating a new account with MSNBC.

Onward soldier!

Sometimes you have to put your foot down

Everything was fine until he started trying to get us banned. That is not acceptable, and in all reality this is a good thing they banned us because it will draw attention. THATS JUST WHAT WE WANT IS ATTENTION...I will simply find another way back in under another screen name. If I could do it all again, I would do it the same, because we will prevail.