Final Report From First 9/11 Event in Suriname

First 9/11 Event in Suriname: Final Report - Karel Donk

Yesterday was the fourth and last day of the 4-day 9/11 event I organized together with a friend who has lots of experience with organizing many different kinds of events. I am overall satisfied with how things went, although I had hoped it would have been much better. The event lasted from November 24th till November 27th, each day from 6pm to 10pm.

One of the things that I am not very satisfied with is the fact that the press did not show up, with the exception of two reporters from two of the leading local newspapers called “De Ware Tijd” and “Dagblad Suriname.” We had invited at least 10 different media companies. The reason why we invited them was not to receive publicity, but we wanted them to attend at least the first two days so they could see how the mainstream media in the USA has failed to do their jobs for many years now. [..]

After looking at the movies on the first day of the event, which discussed the mainstream media in the USA, one of the journalists who attended the event said “I had absolutely no idea things were THIS bad with the media in the USA, no idea.” And this coming from a journalist. And many other people made similar remarks as well.

We had a total of between 40 and 50 people attending the event in the 4 days which is the number of people I hoped to reach with this first event. However some of them did not attend all 4 days. We had the most people on the last day. Overall we got a lot of positive feedback from everyone who attended. People were really glad to receive all the information they got from the movies and from the discussions. [..]
We asked all attendees on the last day to fill out a survey for us as well. The results are as follows:
Did the event give you new insights regarding the events on 9/11?
No: 0%, Barely: 28.57%, It was a real eye-opener: 71.43%
Would you recommend this information to others?
No: 0%, Maybe: 9.52%, I’ll begin with it ASAP: 90.48%

Would you participate in follow-up events?
No: 0%, Not sure: 9.52%, Absolutely: 90.48%

A final question asked what information had the most impact on the attendees. We got various answers here, but mostly people seemed to be impacted by the information in “Terror Storm” which made them realize that there is a long history of false flag operations. Many didn’t know about this. They also liked the footage in “9/11 Eyewitness” and “9/11 Mysteries Demolitions.” People seemed to especially appreciate the scientific research that was discussed in these movies and the information about the media.

And with that I conclude this report of the 4-day 9/11 event and look forward to the next one.

Sounds like Karel had quite a success hosting his first 9/11 event. What is so great about this event is how social it appears to have been. You can find out a bit about Suriname via wikipedia here.

Thanks Karel for giving us a heads up!

More proof: Bush is a phony Christian

Bush is a phony Christian

By John Conner
President Bush ‘worships Satan’ and is a phony Christian and is an ‘antichrist’ many Americans say.

It is difficult, to say the least, to comprehend the ramifications of such statements. What could be worse than being labeled someone who worships Satan? For those who don’t understand Satanism and the New World Order, such allegations are utterly ludicrous. For those who fully understand what is happening in our world, and the extent of the Luciferian takeover, many may not be surprised, and many already know this. George W. Bush is a Satanist and an antichrist.

How can the president of the United States, a supposed born-again Christian, be a Devil worshiper? Satanism isn’t what most people think it is. Satanism is the belief that one is their own god, that Lucifer, or Satan was telling the truth in the Garden of Eden when he said God was lying to Adam and Eve, and it involves little more than thinking one can be equal to God, and that God is not needed, and is even considered the oppressor and the evil force in the Universe.

Haven’t you at some point in time, questioned why God has allowed evil, disease, child abuse, and more in His world? Haven’t you at some point been angry at God because of your troubles? Don’t worry, He understands and will forgive you if you ask. Instead of having faith and trusting the True God and Jesus Christ no matter what, Satanists have concluded that God is the evil one and Lucifer is the savior by teaching Man that he can ‘outsmart’ God, by believing what Satan said.

The Bible says to judge a man by his fruits. And George W. Bush’s fruits are about as rotten and putrid as they come. Skeptics, ask yourselves these questions. Would a Christian president be part of a secret society whose symbol is a skull and cross bones where members are ‘born again’ in a satanic ritual, and once inducted, lifetime members?

Would a Christian president be a member of the Bohemian Club and attend the Cremation of Care ritual, which is a mock human sacrifice taken directly from the Old Testament? Wouldn’t a Christian president cut ties with such organizations once accepting the Holy Spirit?

Would a Christian president lie to the American people so he and his Illuminati Mafia could carry out the agenda of the military-industrial complex by starting a war with Iraq? How could a president so deeply involved in the Illuminati actually not agree with the agendas he is pushing?

Many Christians live in ignorance, thinking it will protect them from the evil in this world. While believing and proclaiming that Jesus will return soon, they seem blind to the fact that the Antichrist isn’t just going to pop up out of nowhere and then magically take control of the government and the people. Many Christians fail to see that for generations, the infrastructure and foundation was being built to stage the grand finale.

George W. Bush surely must know what he and his crime family are involved in. George W. Bush surely must know he is a puppet for the Illuminati and the New World Order. George W. Bush surely must agree with this Luciferian agenda. George W. Bush surely must be a Satanist.

John Conner is the author of The Resistance Manifesto (

Okaaaaay, um, not one to

Okaaaaay, um, not one to knock anyone's religous beliefs but you don't need satan to explain Bush's problems. Before your comment fades away, just like to point out the Conspiracy(this is the BIG one, New World Order and all, hence the capitol "C") is very boring, banal and does not required supernatural agents:

The rich and powerful want to screw everyone else over to stay rich and powerful.

See? Mortal causes--complex, yes, a bastard of a job to fix, yes, but satan? Not so much.

Some people would say to ignore you, but there's one very damaging aspect to your take I can't ignore: if the causes of our problems are supernatuiral, then the solutions have to be supernatural and are beyond our power. Then it's back to waiting for salvation and that's irresponsible bollocks.

So if you're sincere, try to keep everything in persepctive and if not and you're a "holy" troll, bugger off.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

HA, read my mind I see...


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Bush's narcessism and

Bush's narcessism and megalomania are enuff to to explain his complete disregard to humanity.

The Bohemian grove, Skull and Bones and other elements are just the cherry on the cake!


Narcissism and megalomania

Narcissism and megalomania are, in fact, the very values that occult organizations like S&B and others promote. Their idea is that there is nothing higher than the ego...hence the emphasis on "personal development" and "personal success" (i.e. ruthless selfishness). Very morally empty.

Hey, so many red-state rednecks think Bush & Cheney

are God-fearing, bible-quoting Christians, while they really are far closer to Satan than to Christ.

Let the John Conner make his case!

Do you really think it's okay for our top leaders to dick-around

in Bohemian Grove every summer worshipping stone owls & shit? I don't.


I consider worshipping some mythical sun god be it (Jesus, Yahweh, Allah) etc exactly the same as worshipping the equally mythical, non existent Satan.

It is all the very same bullshit and is basically the mindset of savages.

People that believe this crap need to be outed for exactly what they are.....INSANE...

As for the 9/11 meeting in Suriname. Great job! and keep up the good work


There is a big difference in the moral sentiment of different beliefs. For example Satanism is not a comparable moral doctrine to Bhuddism. They may both be faiths, but what they require of their followers are MASSIVELY different, and the concern is NOT about the fact these nutters are into a faith, but WHICH faith, surely??????????

Or is that just too blindingly obvious?

CCC-Media: Read, Watch, Think, Decide!


Buddhism is not a "religion" it is a way of life, there is no fictional deity they worship.

So yes there is a big difference.

The various sun worshipping religions (Christianity, Judaism. Islam) however are all about the same.

They all worship a non existent deity and all clearly have their origins in anceint paganism of Kemet, Babylon, & Sumeria.

All of these "including" so called Satanism are all virtually identical as far as any "moral sentiment"

I agree buddhism is more

I agree buddhism is more akin to a blending of spirituality/philosphy rather than religion.  Religion is about worshipping something external to ones self, and In my opinion can lead to some irrational behavior in the followers.


anyone else find Conner a little, um, over the top?

I'm not saying there's nothing to the whole secret society thing--on the contrary. but the reality is that none of these people really worship Satan per se. they worship their own power and vanity. membership in secret societies is as old as time, and they're really just uppity cults. plus nothing exists in a vacuum and if you want to know about freemasonry you should also look up rosicrucians and understand where both movements evolved out of. It's not exactly satanism. more like misguided corrupt "judeo-christianity"... but hey, don't let it cramp your style--keep giving out DVDs and crashing college classes--every bit helps!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Not to get cosmic here, but

Not to get cosmic here, but that was some simultaneous mind-melding.

Pentagram and Masonic Symbols Dominate Wash DC Layout

Just a coincidence?

Satellite Photos & Maps of Washington DC:

I agree, while any points

I agree, while any points can be linked via a picture, the reality is that they do belong to secret societies and have ritual events. They are facts, getting tied up in join the dots only detracts from the more incideous aspects.

I agree there are questionable layouts and they should be exposed, but they are a relatively minor part of the issue... for me anyway.

CCC-Media: Read, Watch, Think, Decide!


Traveling down the rabbit hole since 9/11. Has made me want to gain a sense of what to take serious or not.

It was not long before I came along the MKULTRA material. This project takes on many occult elements and very sick experiments. Carried out by top scientist of the day.

Still digging I find The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave By Fritz Springmeier

This stuff blows my mind beyond the point of acceptance.
However, finding the Franklin Cover-up. Congressman John W. Decamp essentially exposes that children are being torutured, sexually abused, sacraficed, in satanic rituals.

I have been trying to determine if this stuff is to be taken seriously. I am afraid it should be taken very seriously.
These rituals are how patsies are created. Mind controlled slave to do their agents bidding on command. By creating MPDs and controlling them. Sirhan Sirhan anyone.
James Earl Ray, Chapman, Hinkley, your lone gunman.

Bohemia Grove is a hub of this type of activity. Read the Franklin Coverup !!! Do your research!

I am currently reading Blasphemous Rumors about ritual satanic abuse on children.

“it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press cooperate.” George Seldes - "legendary investigative reporter"

Show "Alex Floum Takes Over Scholars for 911Truth" by Anonymous (not verified)
Show "Alex Floum is GeorgeWashington?" by Anonymous (not verified)

Jones vs Fetzer, et. all

I don't get it. Why are the scientists fighting with each other. It makes no sense. We simply engage in creating and debunking a hypothesis of our own making, test the idea and that which fits, sticks.

Why are they (?) saying this was not a "peer-reviewed" argument? We ARE their 'peers,' no?

I say Thermite is close enough to the observed melting point to do the trick, and I continue to drive home another hypothesis that NEITHER will acknowledge: What about Sodium-Oxygen flash-burn? What about Thermobaric 'vicarators" (I can't say that word,) in the hallways and the basement because you have to get these charges in there somehow! Nobody is willing to pull out their pencils and work out the simplest of those 'means.' Lastly, you MUST would work-out the actual economy of means. Because we know that 'cost' was not a real concern, they could have done everything jack-ass-backwards.

Again, Building #7 was positively "OVERTAKEN" just as civilians were swept from the site, yet nobody in New York can bother to get a historical overview from an actual steelworker?


It is true. I wonder why that fact is being hidden here.

What should be done with GeorgeWashington?

It looks like he\'s been a disinfo agent all along.


HAHAHAHAHA/HAHAHAHA/HAHAHAHA//////. coming from/// you, thats rich///////. is your computer broken/// or are you just retarded//?///

Poor Chris, fancy dancing again

It is a real pity that you now have to face that GeorgeWashington has been outed, is it not?

Nice try, 'Ernie'.

Nice try, 'Ernie'.

great work, Suriname!!

as far as the media, you should check out the documentary Orwell Rolls in his Grave - Best I've seen on the subject. Thanks for working to get the Truth going down south!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Check out this video. It makes a fool of you.

Wherein your hero, Steven Jones, admits he cannot get peer reviewed.

Reality is pretty nasty for you 9/11 Deniers:

re: Surinam 9/11 Event

Congratulations on your event!

I would consider having two mainstream media reporters at your event a spectacular success, at least from my perspective, having organized or helped organize two major 9/11 events in America. We had NO mainstream media reporters at either event.

Congratulations again.

Congrats Karel 

Congrats Karel 

Please continue your fine efforts in spreading 9/11 truth

throughout Suriname & the rest of South America! I, as a U.S. citizen, appreciate this very much!

\"9/11 Truth\" is a lie

Poor kid, you have not learned yet how the 9/11 Truth Movement desperately needs to lie to you.

Tell us why we are lying

Tell us what we gain for all of our lies?
Then, tell us what our lies are and point them out with evidence backing you up.
And then tell us how the Bush administration hasn't lied.
And then tell us how they aren't benefiting from their lies.

Show "Oh, they lie to your face, ...The Backstabbers" by Anonymous (not verified)

A Bohemian Ball

Right. I actually sent an e'mail to the County Sheriff last year asking him to investigate the Bohemian Grove ordeal, just in case some little boys were caught shopping in the Michael Jackson aisle, with their pants down!

To no avail. But, it's true. Had any Sheriff, anywhere in America caught the Bush/Clinton bunch engaged in such Royal debachary, it would have brought down the whole house of cards.


NOTICE: Whoever is handing out the 'demerits' at this site really does have a serious problem with homosexuality! Sorry to crash your illusions pal, but it ain't fun to learn that we have a Whitehouse full of drunken politicians trying to make a brothel out of Cheney' secret chambers! And it's pervasive, ie: Media thinks it's funny, which is why I stand firmly with Alex Jones on this point. They are ALL pond scum.

Alex Jones made a good start in exposing what takes place at

Bohemian Grove in his video. We need to find out even more about what our leaders do at that sick place!

Wow, great work Karel! A

Wow, great work Karel! A 9/11 truth event, with what appears to be alcoholic beverages? That's paradise baby! No wonder so many people responded positively on the exit survey...

"True enlightenment is attained when one can, at will, see through the illusion of reality." - Me, intoxicated

Dear Barry;

Hi Dude;

Naturally, I was sad to learn that you were stuck in Canada, vis-a-vie "no-fly list." ...But, I truly feel it's time to get out of the USA anyway.
The game is almost over and they will crash the system as soon as they have the jackbooted cops and Orwellian laws in order.
Send lawyers, (Israeli) Guns, (Russian) and Money, (Silver rods, wire, Palladium.) !!!

We'll see you at the checkpoint as pictured.