JDX on Jack Blood (for those who missed the show)

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quote from original blog.

"Topics to be covered -

- Review of past shows
- pilotsfor911truth.org members list now up

Whats new since last show -

- Flight path video (AA77 FDR)
- NTSB phone call video (AA77 FDR)
- ATC research and analysis
- Military response analysis
- Questions posted for US Govt on site

Upcoming analysis
- Full length documentary based on AA77 FDR
- All current videos/analysis now available on DVD
- UA93 FDR study
- AA11/UA175 studies
- More in depth ATC study

Wrap up
- Phone calls/Q&A
- Need for uniting movement
- Common goal

be sure to visit http://pilotsfor911truth.org for the latest updates.


No Flight 77 = no FDR

No flight 77 also means there was:

No plane to intercept.
No plane to track on radar.
No FDR to recover.
No FDR data to analyze.

There is no need to demonstrate the inconsistencies between this fabricated "data" and the fabricated flight path. The FDR "data" is but a lie about another lie.

Why would anyone still believe the flight ever existed?

No BTS records. No large hole. No plane. No wings. No engines.