Ali Mohamed

gaelicstarover notes this:

"…from Democracy Now:

“Ali Mohamed was a member of Osama bin Laden's inner circle who operated freely within the United States for years before 9/11. Despite being a top al Qaeda operative, he managed to become a naturalized US citizen, join the US Army, get posted to the military base where Green Berets and Delta Force train and infiltrate both the CIA and FBI. And while he was an FBI informant he smuggled bin Laden in and out of Afghanistan and helped plan the attacks on US embassies in Africa. He ended up playing a pivotal role in 9/11…”

This is absolutely outrageous!

Hey, Congress, are you listening?!?!?"

(links in original).

No surprise.

As we know, Indira Singh had a fit after 9/11 when she found out that PTech not only funded terror, but was directly responsible for the attacks and had its hand in corporate America and U.S. government software. Our government is doing business with the terrorists, probably for mulitnational corporate interests.

Ever heard of Melvin Lattimore?

The fourth reich hinges on the actions of provacteurs and patsies.

Globalization... isn't it great?

Dude..... that's the short story.

He's still on the lose... but now he's under our protection in the Witness Protection Program!!

For all we really know it was Ali Muhammed who actually pulled off the African Embassy bombings and simply told the FBI people who were not those controlling him that it was Osama.

This game has been played over and over.... and unless we do something to stop this then it's going to continue till it's the end of us all.

They want this country to crumble..... so they can come in a scoop up the pieces for pennies.

they want the dollar to crash... the want to regain leverage over the workers... they want to destroy all unions.... at all costs.

Is it easier to bring every country up to our level or take us down to theirs?

Globalization... isn't it great?

The Shit Just Keeps Piling Up

And yet another amzing coincidence surrounding the events of 911. Aside from the staged hijacking training execises occuring on 911, aside from the coincidental FEMA emergency response team already at Ground Zero on 911, aside from the coincidental Pentagon Fire department emergency exercises ocurring at the Pentagon on 911, aside from the coincidental Air Force Fighter exercises being deployed to the north west and leaving their east coast post vacated on the morning of 911, aside from the coincidental insider trading actions occuring on wall street the days before 911, aside from the coincidental removal of all eveidence of controlled demolition from ground zero, aside from the coincidental destruction of FAA tape recording of flight control communications with the supposed hijacked planes being destroyed, aside from the freaky collapse of one steel highrise supposedly caused by fire for the first time ever in the history of steel structure we have three collapses all on the same day coincidentaly. All of this has passed the point of ridiculious. These are blatant insults in our face. We all need to begin responding appropriately to these insults and hold utter disdain against anyone in our government pedaling such bullshit.


There was a MSM documentary on him some months ago. The problem is however, that these patsies/agents aren't understood for what they really were. They're painted as the "enemy operating in the U.S." and someone 'let it happen'. But this was NOT SO! They were allowed to operate in the Military/CIA/FBI because they were part of the military/CIA/FBI from DAY ONE !!! = MIHOP

Show "TMIHOP This is a theory I" by Anonymous (not verified)

Are you against

Are you against investigating the mass murder of 3000 US citizens? If so, why?

i'll answer for him. he has

i'll answer for him. he has blind childlike faith in his leaders(and media) and deems the 9/11 Commission Report as largely a success. so he probably thinks the investigation is done. the guy doesnt provide his name for a reason. would you use a name if you were that simplistic? it must be a bit embarrassing. poor guy has this irrational pent up fear of muslims. that combo of fear/racism is very powerful. people like Anonymous are easily manipulated. hes a gullible dude.

Bert are such a disinfo agent

If you really believe what you just said..then you are a dumbass

TMIHOP. BWAHAHAHA..Who looked the other way when TMIHOP? The NSA? The CIA? The FBI? or any other agency of the U.S. government involved with intelligence?
The TMIHOP theory of yours answers that question with a resounding YES!!

One of..

the most overlooked story is that Atta trained to be a pilot at Maxwell airforce base in Pensicola Florida. Although they still deny it, several members of the military are on the record as remembering him being introduced around at an officer's club. So we have a visual ID on Atta - and the name also matched.

But - of course - the FBI claims this was all a coincidence and it was a different Muhammad Atta.

But - the clincher is that the alleged hijacker Atta's driver's license showed his home address as the one area of Pensicola Florida where Maxwell Airforce base pilots were all living.

So we have a visual ID - a name match - and a drivers license ALL indicating that Atta trained to be a pilot at Maxwell.

(I think i have these facts straight - but its been awhile since i reviewed it.)

Now - is this LIHOP? No. This is clearly MIHOP. This illustrates that Atta was in fact a US asset and either wittingly or unwittingly was a patsy on 9/11.

And when you review the UTTERLY RIDICULOUS official story of Atta attempting to buy a crop duster from the department of agriculture (i still laugh over this one) it is clear that they were moving this guy's persona around the map to create a mythology about him.

MIHOP again.

And then of course there is the fake professor in San Diego who was a known FBI asset who met the alleged hijackers in the San Diego cell at an airport - and struck up an immediate friendship with them (although the government STILL claims they were complete strangers!) - and housed them - and helped them get their own apartment - and PAID THEIR FIRST MONTH'S RENT!!


Have you ever met anyone in an airport so generous?

MIHOP again.

By the way - the FAKE university that this "professor" supposedly taught at is a known military intelligence front. It does not exist. IT is a post office box with ties to William Lyons - a GOP bigwig and military intelligence officer. IT was originally named William Lyons University.

Oops. MIHOP again.

Quick - someone roll out Judy Woods' Star Wars theory - the heats on.

Let's drop the HOPs

Why do people insist on perpetuating these ridiculous acronyms generated by Nico Haupt?

"MIHOP" is a redundant phrase

"LIHOP" is an oxymoron

House of Pancakes, anyone?

Both of these terms sound utterly ridiculous -

This isn't particularly directed at you, John - nice post, btw.

You left one out

NICO - Newly Identified Cointelpro Operative

no doubt

People should seriously consider asking Tarpley and/or John Leonard to remove NH's quote from the back cover of Synthetic Terror.


I agree!


you should write up a little blog on this (with links proving your claims) and we'll probably front-page it.

Story not overlooked origianlly - but it was soon abandoned

Lieutenant Colonel Butler, who wrote in a letter to the editor of the Monterey County Herald charging that “Bush knew about the impending attacks,” was vice chancellor for student affairs at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California—a US military facility that one or more of the hijackers reportedly attended during the 1990s.
Shortly after September 11, several US news outlets reported that Saeed Alghamdi—named as taking part in the hijacking of United Airlines Flight 93, which crashed in western Pennsylvania—had taken courses at the Defense Language Institute, the US military’s primary foreign language facility, where Butler was a leading officer overseeing students (essentially, dean of students).

Alghamdi, a 41-year-old Saudi national, was one of several alleged hijackers, including accused ringleader Mohamed Atta, who reportedly trained at US military facilities, according to a series of articles published between September 15 and 17 in the Washington Post, Newsweek magazine, the New York Times and several other newspapers.

On September 15, Newsweek reported: “U.S. military sources have given the FBI information that suggests five of the alleged hijackers of the planes used in Tuesday’s terror attacks received training at secure U.S. military installations in the 1990s.”

The magazine said that Saeed Alghamdi was among three who had taken flight training at the Navy Air Station in Pensacola, Florida—known as the “cradle of US Navy aviation”—which also administers training of foreign aviation students for the Navy. The magazine, citing “a high-ranking Pentagon official” as its source, reported that two others—both former Saudi air force pilots who had come to the US—also attended such facilities. One received tactical training at the Air War College in Montgomery, Alabama and the other language training at the Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas.

Over the next few days, more detailed information appeared in several other newspapers. A September 16 article in the New York Times reported: “Three of the men identified as the hijackers in the attacks on Tuesday have the same names as alumni of American military schools, the authorities said today. The men were identified as Mohamed Atta, Abdulaziz al-Omari and Saeed al-Ghamdi.

“The Defense Department said Mr. Atta had gone to the International Officers School at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama; Mr. al-Omari to the Aerospace Medical School at Brooks Air Force Base in Texas; and Mr. al-Ghamdi to the Defense Language Institute at the Presidio in Monterey, Calif.”

The Knight Ridder news service also reported that Saeed Alghamdi had been to the Defense Language Institute in Monterey and the Associated Press cited Air Force sources indicating that more than one of the hijackers may have received language training at the installation.

The media dropped the story after the Air Force officials issued a cursory statement aimed at preventing any further inquiry into links between the US military and the terrorists. While acknowledging that some of the suspected terrorists “had similar names to foreign alumni of U.S. military courses,” the statement said discrepancies in biographical information, such as birth dates and name spellings, “indicate we are probably not talking about the same people.” Without providing any substantiation, the statement suggested the hijackers may have stolen the identities of foreign military personnel who received training at the bases.

The many original sources....

Newsweek, New York Times, Knight Ridder, Associated Press

Early coverage that has since been covered-up.

Senator Nelson wondered about this early on....where's he now?

Following this less than convincing explanation, the Air Force refused to release the ages, countries of origin or any other information about the individuals whose names matched those of the alleged hijackers—making it virtually impossible to verify the claim that these were not the same individuals.

Attorney General John Ashcroft and the FBI also refused to make public any information. Asked by Florida Senator Bill Nelson whether any of the hijackers were trained at the Pensacola base, the Justice Department refused to give a definitive answer, and the FBI said it could not respond until it could “sort through something complicated and difficult,” according to the senator’s representative.

Who knew? Ziad was in our country?

According to the official Bush administration account of the terrorist attacks, only 2 of the 19 alleged suicide hijackers were known to US authorities before September 11. These two, Kahlil Almihdhar and Nawaf Alhamzi, had been placed on an FBI “watch list” at the request of the CIA, after Almihdhar was linked to a bin Laden operative in Malaysia.

There is the strange case of Ziad Samir Jarrah, one of the suspected hijackers on board the United Airlines jet that crashed in Pennsylvania. Officials in the United Arab Emirates acknowledge that Jarrah arrived in the UAE on January 30, 2001, after two months in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and was questioned for several hours at Dubai International Airport, at the request of the US government. He was then permitted to leave, traveling on to Hamburg via Amsterdam. Later he flew to the United States.

Despite official US interest sufficient to have him detained in the UAE, he was allowed to enter the country and then enrolled in a flight school. Jarrah was stopped for speeding on Interstate 95 in Maryland on September 9, two days before the hijacking, ticketed and released. The Maryland State Police apparently ran his name through their computers and found nothing. In response to post-September 11 inquiries, FBI and CIA officials claimed that neither agency had been aware of Jarrah or placed him on any watch list, although some US government agency had sought his detention eight months before in Dubai. (Sources: Chicago Tribune, December 14, 2001; Baltimore Sun, December 14, 2001)

Atta slips in and out of US unnoticed?

Atta came to the attention of US authorities on several occasions in the course of 2001. In January he was allowed to reenter the United States after a trip to Germany, despite the fact that he was in violation of his visa status. He landed in Miami January 10 on a flight from Madrid, on a tourist visa, although he told immigration inspectors that he was taking flying lessons in the US, for which an M-1 student visa is required. Jeanne Butterfield, executive director of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, told the Washington Post, “Nine times out of 10, they would have told him to go back and file [for that status] overseas. You’re not supposed to come in as a visitor for pleasure and go to work or school.” The recipient of this indulgent treatment, it must be emphasized, had previously been under FBI surveillance for stockpiling bomb-making materials! (Source: Washington Post, October 28, 2001)

According to a report on Canadian television, Atta had been implicated in a terrorist bombing in Israel and the information passed on to the United States before he was first issued a tourist visa. (Source: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, September 14, 2001, reported by Diana Swain from Vero Beach, Florida)

Atta made other trips to Europe, returning to Germany in May and visiting Spain in July, each time returning to the United States and being admitted by US customs and immigration. Another British press report notes that Atta “was under surveillance between January and May last year after he was reportedly observed buying large quantities of chemicals in Frankfurt, apparently for the production of explosives and for biological warfare. The US agents reported to have trailed Atta are said to have failed to inform the German authorities about their investigation. The disclosure that Atta was being trailed by police long before 11 September raises the question why the attacks could not have been prevented with the man’s arrest.” (Source: The Observer, September 30, 2001)

old news, but new to many

Webster Tarpley details Ali Mohamed's story in "911 Synthetic Terror - Made in USA," drawing from many sources — essentially and open secret. recently posted exchanges on "Triple Cross: How bin Laden's Master Spy Penetrated the CIA, the Green Berets, and the FBI--and Why Patrick Fitzgerald Failed to Stop Him" by Peter Lance.

In that thread it was suggested this could be an opening to a real MSM breakthrough story on al Queda — CIA/MI-6 black-ops/psy-ops, agent provocateur and death squad nexus to the Islamo-Fascist-War-of-Terror, to render chaos and total failure of all Middle Eastern states — pretext for the full-on War of Civilizations for which 911 was the lynch pin.


you know they could easily throw this story out there but nobody will watch it and those who do will not understand it....

they better bait the viewers to stay tuned for breaking news about Britney Spears crotch

starting to have less faith in the general public than I do for our media..... sad to say.

Take a look at Peter Lance's web site

TRIPLE CROSS breaking news
Thursday, Nov. 30th, 2006


With this sort of media blitz, the only conclusion is "limited hangout." The "incompetence" story -- that's the one being pushed; that's the one the not-so-strage-love faction of the oligarchs' operatives are promoting to rein in the off-the-track mad men before they start WWIII. Ali will never testify. He's probably already dead and his corps is being saved along with bin Laden's for the Oct. '08 Surprise.

re: Ali Mohammed

Hey All,

See Peter Dale Scott's footnoted text of his speech re: Ali Mohammed. Very Good. He was clearly well known to our intelligence agencies for quite awhile. Here's the link:

Yes they are irrelevant in the grand scheme...

Yes, LIHOP is irrelevant, it is really a question of direct, micro-managed MIHOP or less direct, "stir the pot and then clear the decks" MIHOP, and honestly both probably happened it's just a matter of what agency or individual you are talking about and how much they know about their role.


This aint the works of no G dub affiliates, except for his father and some company. And whos to say even those "directly" involved have any clue?
This story reeks of dead-ends.
It could break as "oops we(us government) USED to be dumb and accidently sort of LIHOP because Ali snuck behind us."

I heard an interesting story about how George W. Bush was visited by a gang of arab journalists on teh morning of 9/11. The secret service let them get VERY close before shooing them away . I believe this was a warning to the dubster. "talk or even question and you are history"
He aint no dummy.(not saying hes smart)
Journalists questions are screened, so are his delayed "dumb" reactions

i heard the same story, i

i heard the same story, i believe Tarpley included it in his book. it was a "camera crew" asking for an interview, which is EXACTLY how Mahmood Ahmed, the head of the northern alliance was killed. the CIA clearly killed him as he was murdered on Sept.9,2001. they COULD NOT allow him to become the leader of Afghanistan(he would have, he had popular support). instead they installed Hamid"Unocal"Karzai. as usual an oil man gets the job. it seems that Bush got multiple warnings that day to "play along" and it leads me to believe he indeed did not know as much as some say he does. really though, its not even that important if that puppet knew. hes a criminal with or without 9/11 blood directly on his hands.

Tarpley's conclusion was that Bush43 did NOT know and

this was a coup by the shadow government. Bush43 caved into the threats (as he was picked to do) and was left unprotected for quite a while until he made the call to Putin and got on board the PNAC train.

It is my impression that Tarpley is hoping for more information to confirm this theory.

I'm still agnostic about Bush's exact foreknowlege and it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things.

We know the government myth is BOGUS.

Back to my signs....

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.