Kevin Barrett interview Tonight on WKRS Chicago

Barrett will be interviewed on WKRS, a big Chicago-area AM station, from 6 to
8 p.m. CT tonight, Thursday 11/30/06. You can listen live at:

Interviewer will be WKRS host, Fred Flanagan.
WKRS 1220 AM the Voice of Lake County

Callers will be a mix of supporters and detractors, as Flanagan doesn't screen callers. Listen for the call-in number.

Show "Kevin Barrett" by Amanda Reconwith

no hes not thank god.

no hes not. thank god.

Show "don't worry, Kevin Barrett is smart --- he'll wake up." by CB_Brooklyn

please shoot yourself.

please shoot yourself.

you obviously don't care about the truth,

so just leave.

im not the one promoting

im not the one promoting no-plane bullshit that only serves as a talking point for official story believers. you piss all over the truth and so do all of your fellow no-plane cult members.

Show "I'm not the one promoting thermate nonsense (anymore)." by CB_Brooklyn

awwww, did my foul language

awwww, did my foul language hurt your feelings? grow up. is it that those of us that dont buy into tv-fakery are not smart enough? or is it that those of you that do are simply being played like fools? or do you have motives for buying into it? i go with option 2 personally. i dont think you guys are agents, that would be giving you way too much credit.

Show "you use foul language, I use science." by CB_Brooklyn
Show "Do not worry" by Anonymous (not verified)

science? you are such a

science? you are such a joke. how do i argue with space beams and CGI? you dont understand the science of it, dont lie, you just trust that Judy Wood and Morgan Reynolds do. really, its sad. you are not intelligent for falling for that crap, only gullible. thats not "name calling"(cry about it why dont you,jesus man your sensitive,get over it.) thats just a fact.

I'm still undecided on the no-planes issue, Chris

Your behavior and arguments (or lack thereof) lead me to believe the no-767 people are on to something, and that if anyone is a shill, it is you.


Feel the desperation!


Show "ok douche. " by Chris


Man, I'm in such a crappy mood today and that made me laugh so hard -- thanks.

im right there with ya. i

im right there with ya. i dont usually tell people to shoot themselves.

Show "anyone who would make a statement like yours" by CB_Brooklyn

thats funny, because people

thats funny, because people like you play right into people like O'Reillys hands. Judy Wood and obviously still current member of the Bush administration Morgan Reynolds are playing you no-planers like a fiddle.

You are using O'Reilly tactics.

You are using O'Reilly tactics.


The ones being "played like a fiddle" are those not able understand the directed energy weapons, despite all the evidence for it. You and others need to get a grip on the truth. Judy's work takes into account all the info. Steven's work does not.

Judy's work takes into

Judy's work takes into account all the info and much much more. thats the problem. she makes shit up and spins shit and the no-plane cult eats it up. im done with you, leave me alone jackass(uh oh, did that offend you?)

She is a hideous

She is a hideous self-promoter

CCC-Media: Watch, Read, Think - Decide!

yeah? What does she "make up"???

She doesn't makeup anything.

I'm glad you have come to your senses and will not respond further. Leave the scientific discussions to those who understand it. As some say, "put up or shut up". If you can't "put up" with scientific reasoning, then the best thing for you to do is "shut up". If you can only "put up" with childish namecalling, then go to your local school yard and hang with the other kids.

You people will not prevent the Truth from coming out.

CGI and beam weapons are

CGI and beam weapons are junk science that is useful on dupes like yourself. i guess i better not say a cuss word again or CB will get offended huh CB? grow the fuck up little boy. you parrot what Judy tells you to. thats not science.

It's a joke dude

These clowns are on rotation.

It gets too hot for one or two of 'em - they pull 'em and send in replacements... where ya been CB and Amanda?

they were probably busy

they were probably busy getting there new playbook to go along with Operation Space Beams!

more childish crap?

Your comments are very similar to those of Sean Hannity.


You people will not prevent the truth from coming out. There's only one truth, and it's based on physical science. Take you childish comments to the schoolyard.


If you're really interested in the Truth, then stop using Hannity/O'Reilly tactics.

Or their accounts were

Or their accounts were handed over to new operatives... 

CB says-"you sound like

CB says-"you sound like Hannity, stop cussing at me, WAAAAAHHHH!!!". are you done yet CB?

Show "you are brainwashed." by CB_Brooklyn
Show "Heh! You are a REALLY good Gov. disinfo agent" by Anonymous (not verified)

He's only here...

Cause the truth is working. Pay him no mind. We're going to win. In fact, in a lot of ways, we already have.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

i know, i usually dont

i know, i usually dont engage them anymore but i fell off the wagon........

Heh! You are a REALLY good Fool

Were you born that way, Anonymous?

Or are you just one of the many fools who can't understand?


Fortunately for the Truth, there's a lot of smart people out there. 

Actually I think he said you

Actually I think he said you suck as COINTELPRO... 

you are excellent at COINTELPRO by

distracting people from looking at evidence.

Sir/Madam, your presence is

Sir/Madam, your presence is evidence of a cover-up...  ;D

Sir/Madam, your presence is evidence

of brainwashed people


Their boss is one of the biggest idiots in the entire world.


whos brainwashed? me? or the

whos brainwashed? me? or the guy who first fell for holograms, then thought it was thermite, then thought it was CGI,(how about mini-nukes,is that in your equation too?) now thinks it was "space beam weapons"? hmmm...........

Show "Bush admin shills" by SelfEvident

evidence is a fun word, isnt it

"Dr Judy Wood's research however, is based on ALL the evidence, not just the evidence that would support a conclusion such as "thermate". ."

Aha, i see. So, it is based on all the evidence, including the grandPiano terminal velocity findings of genious Judy, the burned cars, and the bathtube (of which our super-expert Fetzer *has never heard of* until genious Judy showed him the 'evidence' that he of course swallowed and regurgitated in an instant without checking himself). Yea great man. Those things all clearly show it can only be space beams. I mean, of course.
Btw, nice weather today.

em7, your post makes no sense.

First of all, Judy's findings on the Grand Piano terminal velocity were accurate. But is doesn't matter though as it was just an example to help explain.

The grand piano is not "evidence" for space beams. Space Beams, although wild sounding, does account for ALL the evidence. Of course, this does not mean it's proven as fact. But it does account for ALL the evidence, certainly more than thermate :-)

As Sherlock Holmes declared,

"When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."



Yep, the weather is nice and warm. Overly warm for a December. I wonder what it's going to be like next summer? Remember what Fetzer said last night about the global elite's plan to exterminate 90% of the human population?

Please ignore the shills and other disinfo agents

Take the high road, y'all.

We have the truth on our side, remember?

We also have better things to do with our time, agreed?

I know we all get frustrated by these unpatriotic, unthinking (*^^$%%#&*^s, but just ignore them and keep moving forward, we are winning.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.

No, I'm not going to ignore them

I respect your opinion but I have a different one.

Mindless run-of-the-mill trolls are one thing - they should be ignored, voted down, whatever. Disinfo agents are another story. Disinfo agents don't go away when you ignore them. Taking the high road involves confronting them and washing them out. These creeps are not going to be allowed to go about their business of poisoning the movement unmolested. If you can't bear to watch, turn away.

Don't worry about how I use my time, I'm a multi-tasker.

point taken, YT, I should've said trolls

You're correct, of course, about disinfo agents. Debunk them in a civil manner, then, as I occasionally do.

Keep up the great work.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.

Cool, thanks

Glad we're on the same page then - cheers!


9/11: Press For Truth... w00t!

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Kevin is Awesome!


Show "kevin barrett is a shill" by RANDKILLER2006 (not verified)

Kevin is a muslim

Jihad is a beautiful concept and one that is sacred to muslims.

Please don't trash it just because it won't play well on Nazi MSM.

I do hope Kevin comes to his senses about being one half of the "Dynamic Duo" though... and soon.


Show "you know this site is a" by RANDKILLER2006 (not verified)

"he dont give a fuck about

"he dont give a fuck about god"

funny...  on so many levels... 

What do you mean by shill site?

You think the whole thing's a front? I certainly don't. Are you sure you're not saying that just because you were banned? This site is definitely infested by a small, sleazy gang of disinfo agents who pretend to be legion but I think the team running the site has done an admirable job of dealing with that the best they can.

I didn't read Barrett's piece about the movie so I don't have a comment on that.

Show "i'll write this" by RANDKILLER2006 (not verified)
Show "this site is a smear" by RANDKILLER2006 (not verified)
Show "dude---- i've posted the" by RANDKILLER2006 (not verified)

Because you're an ass!

Why post your pointless points? You sound like an ass Sir! The greatest sin is to speak of that which one has no knowledge, maybe 'cause it makes one sound like a dumb donkey and you surely have no idea of what Kevin is talking about. Why don't you go kill some rands, Randskiller!? Ha! Ha! You're killing me now!




Who's really playing in to who's hands here?

Well , it must be your cover , Agent Shill, because you sound like an extremely retarded 15 year old, but maybe that's just me.I mean, not the retarded one, that's clearly you. But, as I understand, you do not wish to see muslims participating in 9/11 truth because the public will perceive the movement as being terror-related. Then my question is: do you think that is the truth? Who's really playing in to who's hands here?


Don't feed the trolls!


Don't tell me what to do - AND TAKE IT EASY WIFF DA CAPZ!

But just FYI, Anonymous, I'm not 'feeding a troll'. This individual - whoever the fuck s/he is - raised points that I felt like addressing and I'm satisfied with the results.

But thanks for caring.

Lawyers in Love

Latest on the "le Floum affaire", ... a COINTELPRO romance

". He is much more committed to seeing the big picture and doing what is best for all of us....."
- Fred Burks
(describing prominent attorney and "intellectual property" specialist Alexander Floum)

The following correspondence (from others than me) is presented as a subject of general interest:

We care very much.
We suspicion the same ones who are behind 911 have come back as false
flag Truth Heroes to lure us into their new world order.
They Orwellized the word "Truth" and are expecting the schnookies won't notice.
"Truth" turned into whatever your gut says, whatever your ouigi board says, whatever your friendly Truth Hero says, and when people look inside themselves for truth, they only find digestion because the tools for logical thought are missing or untrained or poisoned by flouride and iodized salt.

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: A vote of confidence for Alex Floum
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 21:04:49 -0500
From: Attorney@...

Do any of you care if what you say about Alex Floum is true?

----- Original Message -----
From: "Nico Haupt"
Subject: Re: A vote of confidence for Alex Floum
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 17:33:12 -0800 (PST)

Is that sneaking UFOlogist and former Bush Interpreter Fred Burks
from the back....?

Are you his only "friend" left?

Floum's integrity is less worth than a penny.

He's lapdogging the biggest traitor of the U.S. since George

And here are some significant facts about Floum's so called "integrity":

-Floum is lapodding Steven E Jones who betrayed the United States by
sabotaging a Free Energy Project

-Floum is using Censorship and a mega crew of brainwashed netizens
at as his digital bodyguards for him, to cover-up
this and other information

-Floum spied on us at "9/11 Science + Justice Alliance" and is fully
aware who plagiarized from us

-Floum is covering up and censoring Key Elements of 9/11 which had
been 9/11 TV Fakery and ExoW (exotic weaponry)

-Floum supports Jones and his partners of the Orwellian STARWARS
Axis of Evil (Bowman and Hoffman) plus multiple Cultist David Ray
Griffin (9/11 Truthling Movement, Chinese pantheism cult) who are
covering up the same information

-Floum and his cultist elite at the TOP are becoming NOW complicit
by covering up ExoW which was developed for WW4/5 between U.S.,
Russia and China

-Floum (with ICANN connections) is threatening and harrassing 9/11
Researchers with lawsuits on defamation

Burks is just the latest bodyguard, lackey, minion, sycophant or
lapdog of this orwellian cult, who is gatekeeping on everything else
since he first showed up too....

*/Fred Burks /* wrote:

Dear friends,

I have not followed the whole debate going on closely, but I
would like to say that Alex Floum has been a personal friend of
mine for close to ten years. He is an amazing man with a very
high level of integrity. He is much more committed to seeing the
big picture and doing what is best for all of us than most
people I've seen in the movement. I am very sad that a number of
individuals appear to be more focusing their energies on
accusing others within the 9/11 movement than focusing on
creating powerful global transformation through furthering the
work of the movement. If you'd like to see what I've been up to,
take a look at I
invite us all to keep in mind our high goals of building a
better world together. Have a great day!

With very best wishes,

Deeply committed to what's best for all of us and to personal &
global transformation through love & empowerment.

Explore these empowering websites managed by Fred and the PEERS
team: - Every person in the world has a heart - Reliable, verifiable information on
major cover-ups - Building a Global Community
for All - Strengthening the Web of Love that
interconnects us all
Educational websites promoting transformation through
information and inspiration

To subscribe to the email list of inspiration and education
managed by Fred (one email every two weeks):
To subscribe to the list on deep cover-ups
managed by Fred (one email every few days):

----- Original Message -----
*From:* Attorney@...

*Sent:* Wednesday, December 13, 2006 2:38 PM
*Subject:* Re: Urgent for Morgan - 6 Old poster modified to
add 911truth

The email below was forwarded to me from Rick Siegel.

The truth is that Alex Floum is not and has never been Dylan
Avery's lawyer.

The truth is that Alex Floum is not and has never been
Steven Jones' lawyer.

The truth is that, if the relationship between Rick Siegel
and Dylan Avery was soured, Dylan Avery and Rick Siegel are
the only two people that would know why that happened. Has
anyone asked Dylan Avery why the relationship soured?

The truth is that what a lawyer does as his day job may be
very different from the countless hours he spends without
making a penny trying to promote 9/11 activism. Are Morgan
Reynolds or Michel Chossudovsky acting as economists when
they promote 9/11 truth? Are they? Of COURSE not! They are
acting as activists who happen to be economists. Would it
be different if they sent emails from an email address of
economist@... ? Would you
then think that their non-work activism was acting as
economists and that any communication they made was in their
capacity as economists? Of COURSE not!

Nico Haupt, in the past, did some brilliant 9/11 research.
Morgan Reynolds, in the past, gave passionate and brilliant
speeches about the use of false flag terror of the U.S. and
other Western countries.

My god, what happened?

Out of the Blue Lawyer Alex sends me an email with
communications from Professor Jones. A true representative.
My reply was that he should ask me himself if he so desires
as he had been already provided with free DVD which he
refused comment on. Note LAWYER Floum comments on the DOD
confiscated computers but is unwilling to use any of his
legal expertise or office to help. His other emails are
worse on this point - one thing is on his mind -
intellectual property and the free acquisition of it to make
the most profit targeting 911 so he has another agenda while
earning his blood money on 911..
Additionally you should be aware that the whole prior thread
where he ruined relations between Avery and 911 Eyewitness
is a lesson in his sleaze and contains about 10 emails that
show what a snake lawyer he really is. I am happy to provide
them as none were marked confidential. If after reading
this, listening to the show at you are still not
convinced that Alex Floum is a shill, liar, and an agent to
bring 911truth to ruins I will do another show and post all
his emails.

ps, I seriously doubt Jones asked him for anything because
that would mean some truth passed from Floum in that message
and that would be anti-Floum. He was trying to obtain the
original material for his own devious uses without payment -
lawyers don't make money you know?

what religion are you?

Stop the tom foolery

Jihad means "Stuggle"

Well, Jihad means "struggle" and that's what we muslims mean by the term. Al CIA-da, as they should be called, violates the rules of jihad, they should be defeated and they only serve the New World Order and after watching ALEX jONES videos I think there is a very good reason why and why they are really something else than what most people think.
Look, unfortunately alot of muslims have little knowledge of Islam,because their currupt leaders are installed and controlled by western powers, are ignorant and willing to be brain washed into this Bin Ladin bull , and yes, it's true, some are trying hard to hijack it, saying stuff like "You're either with us or against us" like if we don't like Bush we're with Bin Ladin...BUSHIT!! And nobody killed more muslims than Saddam , but he was also installed by the CIA which might tell you that the western powers are and have never been interested in democracy in the middle east.
Mohammed,peace be upon him, said" if you are ever ruled by a tyran, it is sometimes better to endure his rule, since making war against him could create much bigger bloodshed and bloodshed should be avoided" And look were we are in Iraq now!? Is this a better situation for the Iraqi People?

Look, the problem is very transparent for a Danish,muslim like me, yes, real blue eyed viking blood guy,(first Europeans in America by the way :) :

Most of you Americans have little knowledge of other peoples,cultures,religions and traditions and most of you don't care thinking since you are Americans you can do everything and invade any country that is going to "greet you with flowers". The truth is America is a great country, with really great people, but you're losing it now,because most of you have become so extremely arrogant.Yes,you are the extremes! You did not become great by arrogance. Arrogance leads to decay and noone is taller than he is able to lie down!
You don't understand the Arab honour system. It's a huge embarressment to the Iraqis that their country is occupied and no, they are not going to let the Iraniens invade them either. If they so hated Saddam,and I tell you most of them did, ask yourself, why did they not put this fight up against him?To avoid the bloodshed we see now. God, sometimes so many Americans are just so childish,so naive.Do you even know civilization started in Iraq? Do you even care?Do you even know why you should care? Do even think for yourselves? Do you even know that your personal interests are not the same as the big corporations?Why does the middle class in America accept working for no money so that many have to go to a stupid war to earn a little money? Do you know unskilled workers in Western Europe earn at least $12 an hour AFTER TAXES?And no,costs are not that higher than in the US.No way we are dying over some American imperialism and that's why the few European forces in Iraq are soon to pull out. Are you stupid, is that what it is?Most of you sound silly at best. Don't you see the Europe Union taking over now? Don't you know they are laughing at you ,that you are willing to die so they and China can get cheap oil and the big bankers can get a profit that you will get no share of? Why are you so dumbed down?Can't you read the game?Your leaders are not patriots, they care nothing about you,they are selling you out.And you should put up your own jihad against them,a struggle, that shouldn't be violent,but dissenting(since they would love to see you violent). And no that doesn't make you Al Qaida!!
Don't be a shill for a shilling! Calling Kevin Barret Al Qaida? You must be so uninformed, it's a joke right? Tell when to laugh!?

Well I think that was a good

Well I think that was a good interview, he gave the facts and countered every accussation. Overall I think he stated the case clearly and concisely.

CCC-Media: Watch, Read, Think - Decide!

Missed the show

Does anyone have a mp3 of it?

Is COINTELPRO taking shifts

Is COINTELPRO taking shifts with these blogging sites yet? I wonder if there's an agent on duty here 24/7. Desperation? I'd consider that a gross understatement.


They are desperate as all hell.

Too bad they suck the straight cock at cloaking it! I mean it's getting seriously pathetic.

Its also a global affair...

Its also a global affair... take note of their posting times to figure out who works in which part of the globe (if they have a set pattern of times).

Show "Kevin Barrett would be completely ashamed of y'all!" by Tom-Scott Gordon

i don't see any posts in

i don't see any posts in here by any moderators. if you disagree with the voting then vote yourself.

i totally agree though with the attitude that some people are developing here.

that's probably frustration

I guess that kind of attitude it related to frustration. I guess we should accept that this process is likely to be a long one, absent some catalyzing event like.... only joking! :)

How do you know, are you his spokeman

Kevin Barrett would be completely ashamed of y'all!

Stop putting words in other peoples mouth.

Most of what has been said is on the mark.

My hope is that KB keeps well away from Uncle Fester and his "nice" friends.

Kevin Barrett does a great job himself and needs no help from stooges.

My only tip to him is stay clear of Jim beam me up Scotty and everything he and his friends are currently doing to undermine 9/11 TRUTH.

Good Luck !!!

Is someone going to record

Is someone going to record this? I won't be able to catch it.

The Jim and Kevin Show

In case you hadn't noticed Jim Fetzer and Kevin Barret share a radio show on GCN. "The Dynamic Duo" (I'll let you guess who's Robin.)
They are both very dedicated to our cause. They are both very compelling speakers. When people suggest that we shouldn't look in a certain direction
for a theory that might explain aspects of a crime, that will be the first thing I look at. I don't care if it makes the "movement" look bad. Nobody has yet
proven exactly what happened, and I don't know what hit the towers or if they were hit or what caused their sudden, high acceleration, complete destruction. I do know that this was not due to fire weaked steel plowing straight through the cold massive structure, rather than becoming unbalanced
and sloughing off and falling to the street. If Jim finds Judy Wood's research compelling, it is because it is compelling. I find it facinating. They did
spend 800 billion on the Star Wars program you know.

I am contacting the International Criminal Court to see if they would investigate this crime that killed not only Americans, but citizens of other countries as well. Bless Barret, Fetzer, Wood, and the Jones', Dylan, Corey, Jason, and my favorite truther, Ace Baker, and all the rest to many to metion, and, of course
the 911blogger and YBBS teams! I will miss WING TV and wish them well! Excuse me now, for I need to go make a new Tin Foil Hat. If you haven't noticed, they are spraying shit out of planes over population centers!

Live Long and Prosper

Oh yeah, I noticed

and when I say I hope Barrett comes to his senses soon I mean PDFQ.

Did anyone record it? I'd

Did anyone record it? I'd really like to hear it.