Why The World Trade Towers­ "Must come down!"

Why The World Trade Towers­ 
"Must come down!"

A material, 'legal deposition'
by Tom-Scott Gordon

July, 5, 2006
The structural integrity of the massive World Trade Center Towers was contingent upon the combined -value of *both* the internal, perimeter STEEL columns and the adjoining ALUMINIUM fascia-panels.
Over the years, the process known as 'galvanic corrosion' had structurally degraded these buildings beyond repair. Supporting statements to this effect had been compiled by the engineers and delivered to the building owners during the time-frame that I have described. Subsequently, both Mayor Giuiliani's Office, and the New York Port Authority, had allegedly received an order for the buildings to be completely dismantled, by 2007."
Through the continual effects of wind-sheer and [flex-fatigue] this process had eroded the bolt-holds at roughly floors #7 through #25, that fulcrum-point where the lateral pressures were inherently sustained. Photographs, taken after the disaster, reveal that it was only those lowest exterior column sectional groupings which do not appear to have shown severe de-coupling of the joinery, therein. This is evidenced by the bright 'shiny,' cage-like forms that served to contain the bulk of the physical contents among a burning rubble.

Physical evidence verifies that an incendiary 'explosive' material, such as 'thermate,' had come into contact with numerous Steel structural members throughout the entire structures. This has now been verified by independent research scientists from actual samples that had been collected from the site. Witnessed by their locations within the burning pyre, these supporting columns had fallen from the upper-most portions of the two building core-sections.
*My views concerning the chronic construction "flaws" in the World Trade Towers, follows at the end of this document, in section IV. I do not wish to assign 'blame,' nor do I feel the need for me to address these physical matters with any degree of scientific analysis. Sadly enough, the end result of simple human error has now brought the entire world to a state of heightened alarm, to say the very least. I strongly encourage you to cross-reference these issues, as recorded in countless independent and government source documents pertaining to the critical stress-dynamics, and galvanic properties inherent in aluminium alloys.
I also witnessed numerous, "highly suspicious" activities that took place at WTC, building #7, shortly after the structure was erected, and thus concurrent to the events that I have described. Mr. Silverstein was involved from the onset! *Virtually no information concerning the floor-plans, or the construction-phase* has been collected for anyone to do any real investigation into Building #7.
I realize this is a leading statement, but I will challenge any NYC architect to accept the chance to disprove it. After -all, I am the ONLY current spokesperson for the original architects, once officially recognized as the World's foremost design firm. :)  -Put that feather in your cap, Mr. Robert A. M. Stern!
II.) T. S. Gordon's Insider Knowledge
*CRITICAL DATE CORRECTIONS: In June, of 1986, I moved to NYC, and spent around two months at my friend's loft on Hudson St. Then I moved to Woodstock/Saugerties to save on rental expenses. I spent nearly a year commuting to the city from there, staying on Hudson St. whenever my friend was away on business, in Isla Mojares, Mexico. It was October, 1987 before I actually rented my own apartment on Thompson St., thus my confusion about the actual 'year' by which I had "moved there," and thus been measuring these events. After 9/11/2001, all I could remember was paying my first month's rent with the deposit money I had received to photograph the "Exchange Building" on Sunday, the weekend following the '87 Crash, when you could literally hear a pin-drop from Bowery to Lower Broadway.
I had moved to Manhattan, seeking architectural photography assignments from various architects. Following a brief introduction to Mr. Barry Roth Jr., AIA, the President of Emery-Roth & Associates, and his partner, (cousin) Mr. Robert Sobel, AIA, I was instructed to photograph "the World Trade Center" in the early Spring of 1987.
Supervising the WTC project at that time were Mr. Barry Yanku, AIA, and Richard Stob, AIA, who had instructed, and/or accompanied me throughout my employment with the firm. I became aware of these individuals through personal friends of Mr. Yanku, including; Gregory Vargo, of Perkins & Will, NYC., who had befriended my former client, Simon Zalkind, of Denver. Each of whom may serve as my material witnesses.
Widely known in the trade journals, "Ezra Stoller" and "Norman McGrath" had thoroughly photographed the World Trade Center for a period of many years prior. They created some of the finest known images of the towers, the most memorable ones had circulated the world, as book covers and on posters, often featuring the Statue of Liberty in the foreground. 'Why' these famous photographers were released from their contracts, and I was subsequently hired, is beyond my comprehension. Neither party has released a single WTC photograph since! So I ask, on what basis would two independent parties willingly 'throw-away' something of say, easily $100,000. in current resale value?

Before I began any coverage of the site I was required to thoroughly analyze the Original WTC plans and over 5,000 original copy written photographs. (Many were signed gifts.) I had asked every available associate in the office a lot of questions which provided me with the information I have covered here. However, during that first week, the "librarian" at Emery's offices, (who served as the firm's main corporate secretary and receptionist,) had refused to answer even the simplest of my questions about the buildings. This presented my first challenge, and triggered my concern over some of the materials, (and particularly the physical ones) that I discovered.
I was particularly interested in why they had commissioned *three* entirely different sets of plans for the towers? Their answers were logical, since AutoCad didn't exist when they began. The plan-set posted widely on the internet-"was created ONLY for interior refurbishment."
Not long after the buildings were built, the WTC owners created a separate contract to retain the architects and their "official photographers," as well as several principal engineers from the original consulting firm; "to establish the safety of the twin towers." Each of their staff members worked on this project on a "full-time contract basis," most of them for a period spanning from around 1976-78, or about 10 years, prior to my arrival.
By 1987, according to Mr. Yanku; "there are about 15 participants from ER&A, who have been continually retained for the structural research project, from the onset." This is a huge admission, because their names, and the positions they held therefore must be listed on numerous documents of record.
My assignment was: "To photograph Both of the Towers in their contextual situation. Not just the buildings, but especially how they 'fit' with the neighborhood, including 1-point perspectives of every adjacent structure." Roth had, "been in contact with the property management personnel that this would directly concern." This reinforces my point about potentially available written records! I was only asked to provide my drivers license to access these buildings, with hardly a minor glitch. This was an inherently ludicrous, yet highly challenging request, making it right down my alley! The project was titled "the Bridgeways Project."
Their stated objective was; "to encircle the entire twin-structure with scaffolding, to insure the safety of pedestrian traffic during the complete de-commissioning of the towers."
Following a month and a half of coverage I had exhausted my interest in the street vantage-points, so I decided to go up in the towers early one morning, just to see which adjacent rooftops offered the most suitable additional vantage-points. My memory of these dates is the fact it was far too chilly for me to access any of the higher rooftops. This was either May 9th, or June 9, 1987.* [Technically, I was actually residing at Tony Parker's in Woodstock-Saugerties at that time.]
My apartment on Thompson St. was searched about a fortnight after I moved there. My girlfriend had a shop a few doors down. She became alert to the fact that we were being followed for a period of two years thereafter. Occasionally, she would ask: "Who's that guy?" - "Who are those two guys following us?" They were the same two photographers, "assigned to supervise the clean-up operation for FEMA",-Jim Chestnutt and Kurt Sonnenfeld. (photos provided.) As my proteges in Denver will attest, they were completely incongruous in promoting themselves as a professional "photo-assistants" to various friends of mine at the time.
This pair did not go unnoticed by David Zinser's landlord and neighbor, Frank Ponte. Both he and 'Doc' provided their assurances for my safety, and I soon believed it was entertaining 'to be tailed' in this way. (Doc's got a PhD in spy novels.) About two years later, I made a scheduled visit to see my friend Haidar's Studio, on Sunset Boulevard, in LA. Later that week, we received a visit from these two, again offering their "professional assistant services." -This time, I directly confronted the pair, and I said, "You two guys look familiar." With this, Kurt said, "I'll wait in the car," and he left without looking back.
Jim, (the serious one) remained calm, so I asked him outright: "Are you an FBI agent? Why have you followed me to LA? - This startled him noticeably and his response confirmed that he had received rigorous, professional training. He said nothing more than,- "I believe this interview is over." (Real photographers would have laughed at these assertions!) As soon as he departed, I asked Haidar to let me use his car to follow them! Instead, he physically restrained me, and said; "How about let's you live another day. I know who they are, I can find them." But, he refused to elaborate in any way. "Forget it," he would say, "Let it go, they aren't here to Kill you!"
III.) "FBI" 'take-over' at the WTC!
Aware of the neighboring Manhattan building 'security' protocols, I was well prepared as I entered the building, during the morning rush, at about 9:10am. However, I was singled-out from the ordinary building patrons, and immediately escorted to a secondary check-point by the lobby guards, which entirely caught me by surprise.
I explained my interests politely, assuming that I would be allowed free access to the general 'public' areas, such as "Windows on the World," where, "I was just looking forward to seeing the view." -Evidently, someone had provided them with my photograph because I looked indistinguishable amongst the usual patrons at that time of day. However, I was immediately told that I was on a list of persons who were explicitly to be escorted upstairs, "to insure that I would arrive at the engineering office in time for Our meeting." - What meeting, I thought?
The suite was listed on the Guard's ledger as: "Skilling & Jackson, P.C.," -a name I had seen somewhere in print, but I had no prior relations with. I thought, being fully aware that Emery Roth had NOT maintained an office in the building for many years, so clearly this was NOT a situation vaguely pertaining to me! Two regular WTC official guards came from the nearby service area (rear) to escort me upstairs. As we arrived at the 'skylobby,' two, different guards accompanied me from there.
When we arrived at the door to this suite, (Tower 1, around the 84th to 86th floor, North) there was yet another guard standing outside, and I became highly skeptical by this point because of the temporary qualities of the sign on their 'main' office door. They had a brand new, fake wood engraved plastic sign, it read: "Skilling Associates, P.C." (I thought, this name doesn't match, and this office has been here for what, over 10 years?)
"Everyone sit down and be quiet." "Who's this?" 
-The Chief orator said loudly, starring at me, as the guards led me toward the door of an isolated, (est. 14'x 24') glazed conference room, immediately to the left of this rear entry.
I said: "I am the official photographer from Emery Roth," and offered to shake his hand. Un-flinching, somber and businesslike, he said without drawing a breath,- Then, you are to be included, who sent you here?

I said; "Barry Yanku- I just got a message from his secretary." (Which was not true, but she had called me about something the day prior, but I was not able to learn why she had called .)
He nodded and addressed the full group, (then reading from a 4x5 file-card,) "As you know some of your associates have worked as absentee members, and each of them have already confirmed their knowledge of, and prior 'agreements of compliance' with the orders I have described to some of you earlier today.
He said to everyone: "Listen carefully, nobody gets out of this!"
"Each of you were called here to sign an affidavit of non-disclosure. None of the information from our project can find it's way into the public-eye. Absolutely nothing that we have learned from this project can be revealed to the public because it is potentially damaging to our client. Some of you have enjoyed 10 years of service on this project for our client. Each of the team leaders have recently received raises and additional benefits. { someone } -has already received a new assignment and he will be getting a healthy raise at his new location, which, as I've explained to each of you, must remain undisclosed."
"I know this transition will take you by surprise, but there was no other way to handle it. You are All terminated from this project effective immediately! This means you need to clear your desks and surrender all of your files by the end of the day. I will assist you in getting these papers into the archive cabinets so we can give them to the owners for safekeeping."
"After you have signed these forms, we will have a short recess. You may go to the Cafe, or to 'Windows' for lunch, but do not leave the buildings! "
"I want you all to know that I am sad to have to break this news. Your fine work here will not go unnoticed. Each of you has provided an invaluable service and we are all grateful. Do not think that this action shows any reflection on the exceptional quality of your individual work!"
This guy's speech sounded like a military operation. Everyone in attendance could tell he had no connection to the Port Authority, or the WTC Security Staff, yet no one in the group recognized that I didn't technically work for their firm, and I had no business being there!
"The 'Critical' issue with these Structures:"
Next, we were escorted to "lunch," at around 10:15am., where I was able to visit with 4, or 5 of the lesser engineers, without oversight from the supervising officers. I played it really cool despite my total ignorance. Each of these men were genuinely furious about what had transpired. I said things like,- "Shame we have to disband-band. I was looking forward to being here for at least a few months."-"What do you suppose we've done wrong?" ...Each man (who's identity was not known to me) in turn revealed:
"The fact is, we all know that the buildings can't stand safely for over 40 to 60 years. It's not the sub-soil, that's granite. They must have received the completed demolition report, which we all knew to expect. It was supposed to be finished months ago. Clearly it looks bad. Well, I'm damn sure we all know the real implication- that the owners can't ever get their money back! That's what we all learned today. -Thanks, _(no knowledge of person he named)_, -screw you!"
I asked: -"Why? What do you mean;- how Much too much?"
"It's $2.6 Billion just to erect the two scaffolds to surround both buildings, and that's only the beginning. They literally have to re-build them, then un-build them, twice! -Now it's obvious, bottom-line is that the developer will have to sell soon, or take a serious bath; ...Total?- You tell me, $4.5 Billion, or so!" (I forgot his figures.)
-"Why now?" I asked. "They still seem really stable, -architecturally."
"They are much too big. It's come down to a piece-by-piece problem. They simply can't be imploded, we know of no other way. Why do you think they hired me for 10 years to find other solutions? I'm not a structural specialist, just an architect, and a pretty damn good one at that! "
- "I thought Barry said you guys were about to find a solution."
(I could sense this was the wrong thing for a non-participant to say.) A definite look of concern spread over their faces, until I said-"What's a few more flying buttresses going to cost?" It was a lame assertion, but they certainly bought it, as a joke, and everyone relaxed, as I said something like; "So, what about me, should I be composing a resume for my next 'real-job' interview?"
Then someone asked, "Why are you allowed to free-lance?" He asserted: "None of us were allowed to be holding other jobs, as long as we've held these titles, because of the contract-stipulation that had occurred about 4 years ago." - "Tom, Were you aware of this?"
Of course, I had to answer, "No." Which immediately indicated the end of their interest in confiding in me. Instead, they all griped about the pathetic lunch. "This is horrible, I can't eat here!" No one was very relaxed at any point. The more I had learned, the more scared I was, still I played the Jr. draftsperson, listening for more fascinating inside news. -Fat chance.
-Finally, truly pushing my luck, I prodded again, directly addressing the most reserved engineer in the group. "-So tell me about the electrolytic issue?"
Everyone went quiet at first. But, they all realized that we had been sharing some deeply guarded insights. One man began a patent, evasive narrative, clearly not about to go anywhere. But, this main guy had sensed that I actually did know as much as each of them about the compositional, and mechanical arrangement of these disparate metals. By then, I had effectively blown my cover, yet their identities were unknown to me, and we ALL knew that we had found ourselves in a similar jamb here.
He said: "If you are referring to the coring project, I don't think any of us here had any direct involvement. That was terminated a long time ago." I asked; Is it not feasible to simply put a sleeve in with the bad bolts, to separate the metals?
With this, they all joined in, and I got all I needed to know.- There were a total of about 15 floors which had received new bolts, each bolt-hold requiring a noisy core-drilling which had caused the project to cease. The procedure caused a 'ringing' that transferred the noise, vertically throughout dozens of floors. This infuriated the tenants, beyond belief, and thus it became an unacceptable and impractical approach.
Suddenly, well short of our hour, two men came in (-swat-team style) to escort us back upstairs. Behind them they had back-ups. They were all being "sent to their desks," (which by now didn't exist,) yet the contents of which were completely boxed and/or removed. The Principal Officer awaited us (actually just me) at the entry door:
"Again, son, tell me who you are?" -he asked, like he had all day to become real friendly. "You guys walk ahead," he said, using assertive body-language to physically indicate that he would be in a position to restrain me right there at the door, or at any time he should choose.
I answered: "I'm T.S. Gordon their new, official photographer. I've only been here two months. Evidently, they were tired of paying Mr. Stoller."
"Who's Stoller?, I only know of a Mr. McGrath? -Are you saying you are Not with Mr. McGrath's photography firm?"
I said; "You don't know Ezra, the world's greatest at shooting tall buildings? Haven't you seen all the great shots up at Emery Roth? -McGrath has shot what, 4 or 5 decent photos in 4 years!,"
(-I was 'acting' as though I were always a sarcastic SOB by nature, until I began to feel that he might arrest me. By the way, Norman's shot's were awesome, but I felt I had to assert a strong, and belligerent opinion here, specifically, just to anchor any notion that he may have had concerning my 'right' to be in attendance here, which I did not, but I didn't care. For me, this WAS serious 'espionage'. )
"Son, I asked you a question, ARE YOU, or ARE YOU NOT working with MR McGRATH?"
(gulp!) "No Sir! I don't work for Norman McGrath, nor have I ever met the man." -I said, quite truthfully.
"You go by, Tom, Thomas, or T.S.?" -He asked, looking again at my Colorado drivers license.
"T.S., or Tom, - I was only contracted to cover site-analysis, not technically just the buildings. I didn't even need to come in here again to complete my assignment!" - I said; "Look, I can find my way to the elevator if you really don't want me here." He immediately grabbed my arm, (like a trained MP,) and proceeded to direct me back out into the corridor behind the others.
"No, funny business, man! I'm going to assume you are who you say you are. You were called in because Everyone had to sign off on their contracts as described in their part in this entire assignment. You say you work for Barry__ -who?"
I responded, "Yanku," and added, "He's the one that cuts my checks, and I give him ALL the film." (I knew Barry was a former, 'on-site' project manager, and that he would probably be "at lunch" if they tried to call. Of course, I lied about giving-up the film. [see: ASMP contract guidelines. ]

"You are not to tell anyone about your employment here, ever!" -he said, "You do exactly what I tell you. You are not allowed to leave these premises. Now, I'm going to have to separate you from the others, while I check your employment status with this Mr. Yanku."

What I had witnessed by this point was beyond belief! The entire 1/2 office-floor suite had been almost completely emptied by now. In place of the prior cubicle walls they had demarked the entire space with a grid of masking tape. Uniformly boxed and boldly labeled, were only those items, (as he announced to be); "of personal value to their rightful owner."
"Tom, wait here by the window. -IN FACT, all of you with outside affiliations are to wait in a small group here where I can keep an eye on all of you." They (and I) were evidently 'vendors.' A couple of guys took their seats by the North window, but I was really nervous, and I stood against the glass with my back to the FBI. I gazed down on the un-finished looking iron-work of building #7, which I knew had just been 'topped-out' the day before. I began to compose a photographic mental record of the scene below, by extending my thumbs, and shifting my imaginary perspective, as only a large-format shooter might do.
"What are you studying?" someone quietly asked. "I still can't believe that building is that tall and skinny." (And I really couldn't. I had toured #7, with Photographer Bill Charles, about 10 days earlier, before it went 'high-security,' and I was quite curious about this birds-eye angle.)
He stood up, evidently angry, now, and said quite unpleasantly; "Yeah, good old #7, the building that never should have been built!" I was very surprised as he casually, gently bent an ear in my direction. I think he said, (discretely,) "Does Barry even know you're here?" I whispered,- "No" and re-scanned the view, offering him the opportunity to talk... "Are you going to the ceremony, tomorrow at 11:00am?" ...(Hugh?) "I'm considering, why, ...should I?"
The Chief officer, noticing our interaction through the glass, immediately summoned us to stop talking! My instinct was that this man I was talking with was a senior employee, probably the project architect, who had indicated, in this way, a desperate desire to let me know exactly what this was all about!
"Sir, I told you to take a seat." he said, to this guy. With this, the entire East side of the office floor, being some 20 people, went dead silent, thus confirming this man's importance to the team. He separated the four or five of them by one chair each. He made me go to the North East corner, where I had a spectacular view of the Brooklyn Bridge, {which, by-the-way, is the only damn reason I had come here in the first place!}
After about 5 minutes he physically ushered me into the office where there were at least 9, 'FBI-looking' guys, mostly wearing black suits, gathered around the service-grade conference table, clearly not purchased for that tiny room. (Architects, let alone engineers, would never have been dressed so formally, nor been known to organize any office in this way, and I've never met any group that acted so up-tight, much worse so than the Staff at NORAD.)
"Mr Gordon, I'm sorry; Mr. Thomas-Scott Gordon," (he said correcting himself for his witnesses.) "I have called your supervisor at Emery-Roth. He tells me that they Do acknowledge that you have been contracted to photograph the WTC properties." (Note, he did not say "Mr Yanku's" name, and they had not taken the time to discuss any details, so I was "off the hook" in a minor way. Remember, I was NEVER supposed to even be here!)
"I'll repeat for your benefit what has been said to each of the other employees. Your work here is to be terminated immediately! Each member of the staff will be treated as an individual case. You will sign this waiver, which says that you have agreed to comply to an oath of confidentiality concerning your project which we discussed in the hallway." -I asked: "May I read it, before I sign it?" "You may read it, but I can't let you have a copy." I stood at the doorway and read it. After 15 years, I've forgotten the lesser things that were being said between them. A couple of other guys asked me questions too. One man, seated, had asserted a 'superior order' -sounding line. Then, I think the prior leading official said: "Stand-down, Sir, I will handle him." The General (I'll assume that's what he was) chuckled in response to his subordinate, Sergeant's retort. Finally, the General was the one that actually dismissed me, and he even said "good luck with your future photography," which made me think he was playing the Executive architect, and I returned the gesture with a warm,- "Thank You, sir!"
Finally, the Sergeant guy said; "You will be escorted from the premises to assure us that you do not talk to any of the other participants on the way out. And, Mr. Thomas-Scott Gordon; you are not to contact the staff here, -not ever again!" He led me to the door where an armed plain-clothes guard was waiting outside, plus a standard WTC guard. (I think their team members were also mixed-up by now.) At the sky-deck, there were more guards (I hadn't previously seen them) monitoring the freight elevator traffic. The same pair escorted me down to the concierge check-point, where I was identified to the building guards before being taken by the plain-clothes guy, all the way past #6, to the street. -But, why?
Within a few days I called Ezra Stoller, in White Plains. Speaking freely about WTC. He innocently revealed that he - "Wasn't allowed to shoot any more pictures of it." That was a very funny thing to hear him say, because no one ever "doesn't allow" a celebrity photographer to get a better shot! I knew he would hear about this fiasco, but I didn't explain what I had just experienced, only that it was very exciting for me to get to follow in his shoes. I thanked him for the friendly phone visit, and promised to "send him one of my prints, should I ever get any really great shots of the WTC."

IV.) Post-mortem; -Follow the Money-:
Minoru Yamasaki was working for the Saudi's when he took on this project. After its completion, in 1973, "he returned to Saudi Arabia to consult on other projects," there, he was accredited to "the Saudi Financial Center," evidently just before he died of cancer in 1986. Minoru befriended Richard Roth Sr., while working for 'Brown & Root,' Chicago. Roth was noted for his contribution on the "Columbia Exposition," and the two shared many stylistic attitudes. Richard Roth Jr. was in charge of his dad's firm when he retired. Their clients included: Carnegie Mellon, Stephen Roth, and Jeffrey Levine, Simkin Master's Interests, Alliance Savings & Loan, Avatar Holdings, URA, and DMT, when their focus moved off-shore, to lesser publicized (US) projects in India, and China.
Before the building was sold to Silverstein, (Westfield America,) Stephen Roth, (who I think runs the "ADL" with Vernado Realty,) worked to take the bid as high as possible, offering $750.M more than the next lower bidder. Did he even have the money? Two months before the official auction, he withdrew the ridiculous bid. Could this have been a mistake, or just a 'foil' to make Silverstein's bid look legitimate? Interestingly enough, ADL's global presence was established through a massive re-capitalization in 1991. Researchers have noted that this occurred simultaneous to an unexpected rise in 'neo-Nazism' propagated in Germany, and attributed to "CIA instigators," under George Bush Sr's control.
Another key Houston player, through this period was Charles Hurwitz, owner of MAXXAM who allegedly used junk bonds to buy Kaiser Aluminum International, an office that received the first-hit. Kaiser's liabilities for their 'asbestos' cases were dropped after the WTC was deemed to have been destroyed by terrorists. Hurwitz was responsible for the demise of United Savings Association of Texas, (vis-a-vie, Michael Milken,) clearly establishing him with the Bush family during this same year. Researchers should look closely at the Bush connections to Alliance Savings and Loan. Lastly, I believe that both George Nethercutt (Senate Appropriations) and Andrew Lundquist, (Cheney Energy Director) had my same level of knowledge before the attacks. Doubtless, we can see ongoing connections through the Seattle-to-Alaska military pipeline.
Between 1989 through 1993, the downtown Manhattan real estate market was in decline, offering suspicion that the WTC owners may have accommodated the first bombing, courtesy of either the CIA, or the FBI. Both, The World Financial Complex, and Battery Park Improvements Project had attracted the WTC's biggest tenants, diminishing its lease viability. By 1996, the internet had "decentralized," (or at least threatened,) the financial industry, further eroding the profitability of this property. Each event significantly factors into this timeline, but I remain focused on the underlying motives:
The building was bid at $750.M, and cost$1.2B to build. It was worth about $4. to $5.B at its peak., but, would have cost nearly $15.B to un-build it in 2010 dollars, or as it neared its 1/2 'safe' life. Obviously, it was Imploded, because there was never going to be a 'break-even' point for either, the current, or future owners!
Recently I heard from Tommy Malley, who claims his family are involved in New York City construction. Mr. Malley's testimony sounded very professional as he revealed knowledge of pre-bid information pertaining to the "Decomissioning of theTowers." (A phrase only he and myself have ever used.) Mr. Malley encouraged me to revise my figures, which brings forth a startling, and potentially critical new discovery, which I will quote:
"The owners were fully aware of the problem and had been given the ultimatum that they could not 'implode' the buildings. They received the report stating that: Decommissioning was required by the EPA by no later than 2007, at a projected cost of $20.B"
*After these events, I discussed this with my father at length. His specialty at ALCOA was material-bonding, and galvanic corrosion. Dad's conclusive opinion remains to be, and I quote: "That damn architect is an idiot who didn't deserve his degree!"  This was not really Minoru's fault, because aluminum had not yet been tested as a combination-layered structural material in this type of application.
ALUMINUM + STEEL = Electro-mechanical failure!
The exterior Aluminum panels were designed to meet an unusual set of technical specifications. Those criteria were published in various trade-periodicals at that time. This information has not been released by NIST, or otherwise been widely discussed of late. We know that this material was custom manufactured to exacting specifications.
Typical examples from that era had similar alloy compositions, though none were exactly the same as we use today. By varying the percentages of Silica and Alumina, and lesser quantities of Nickel, Tin and Zinc, this material appeared to meet their needs. (I felt it with my hand, and I have handled dozens of unique samples at dad's request.) Uniquely, I thought it had a very coarse-substrate,(6-8g) as though it were cast, but otherwise it appears to have been an extruded profile with a smooth outer finish, having a good-quality brushed sheen. It literally appeared to be brand-new, and far more durable that any of your contemporary aluminum-laminates, such as "Aluccabond I, and II."
This was formally stated as the key to creating an "elastic membrane," that much I remembered as my project began. Materials experts will attest that the entire composition qualities are important to the integrity of this compound.The 'clear,' electro-metallic plating, (then unproven,) may have contained Sulfur, and was pronounced to have; "effectively prevented oxidization and withstanding the elements, performing better than anyone had expected, over time." -(Architectural Record.)
Special 'elasticity' requirements were weighed against the shear-resistance as required to support the vertical, and lateral loads. Experts did not know what alloy mix would ultimately provide the best solution at the time the project was put out to bids. They had certainly evaluated the known "inter-granular corrosion," statistical guidelines, yet this material had never been subjected to this extreme application for civilian use. I had followed some of this in the trade-journals at the time. Choosing the right mixture was sort of a work in progress right up to the final days before the delivery due date. Certainly today's composites exhibit increased qualities in every regard. However, I will cite this photo example from NIST, because it may well be idemnical to the cause, and it certainly serves as an effective visual aid.
[I have illustrated the bolt-hold to indicate the relative severity of the damages involved.]
Internet publishing date: July 7, 2006. By, Thomas-Scott Gordon, Architectural Photographer, Designer, and Audio/Video Systems Engineer. *Minor grammar corrections have been made on 9/29/06. A PDF of the actual documents filed with the US Military is available upon request.*
(A page of photos, as attached to this submission.)
*Addenda on Aluminum,- WTC's weakest link.

Is this good for 9/11 Truth, or not?

I'm a non-expert here, and excuse me if I completely misunderstood your article, but it sounds like it could support the government theory or 9/11 Truth. If "'galvanic corrosion' had structurally degraded these buildings beyond repair," that's a reason to demolish them, but also a reason they may have been easier to collapse by accident.

You even say, "Sadly enough, the end result of simple human error has now brought the entire world to a state of heightened alarm, to say the very least." I'm guessing you mean, Because of galvanic erosion, the towers collapsed. Right?

It explains one person's motive much better

The galvanic corrosion (through dissimilar metal contact producing electro-etching and strength erosion effects) had been well know cause of long term concern, and the buildings were falling under ever more scrutiny as the years passed. Not because they deteriorating at some critical rate... but more from the fact that the longevity of the buildings (100+ year design) was being noticeably shortened as the real life application proved more aggravated than the drafting table predictions.

The buildings were not going to remain occupy-able (rentable) within prescribed and/or reasonable safety margins at the newly realized rate of deterioration. Understand, that "safety margins" are still many times greater than "critical margins" where a building would be evacuated and closed many many years BEFORE reaching a critical point. A critical point such as falling dangerously below the strength and durability needed to survive a fall hurricane or hard winter storm.

The weather survivability considerations of the structures, by FAR exceeded the kinetic impact and subsequent fire damage by jet-liner considerations of the designs. Thus the hushed attention being payed to the salt-air aggravated galvanic corrosion, and the landlord's concerns about commercial viability of un-rentable Real Estate.

Larry Pullerstine would have reviewed extensive disclosures about the constantly monitored state of the structure's engineering check lists. That fucker knew exactly what he was getting into, and his most likely insurance scam to rebuild fresh new buildings standing on 99 year leased land, is as obvious as one person's qui bono can get.

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"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

larry Pullerstien....I love

larry Pullerstien....I love it:)

Gagged again

I think you are missing what was allegidly happening in this writing.... (which is almost unbelievable as written like a novella)

that there was a staff who's job was to determine a plan of action in regards to these findings about the WTC complex.... their determination was obviously not a good one.... and these professionals were gagged due to those findings.

These building needed to come down and the cost of this project would far exceed the benefits of the dismantleing of the WTC Towers.

Buy demolishing these buildings in this way.... We, the American taxpayer footed the bill.... we paid for the deaths of those lost that day.... we paid for removal of the debris.... we will probably end up paying to rebuild..... you think that Silverstein would kill 3,000 people to save $10 billion in demolition and removal.... not to mention his $7 billion dollar insurance bonus.... lets see.. lose 10 billion or gain 7 billion.

This building was a white elephant of monsterous proportions architecturally speaking.... there were many flaws in its architectural appeal.... there were other indicators besides the structure that lent to it's need to be taken down.... amny of those features were due to it's incredibly strong structure.

They determind that it needed to come down..... they were forced to lock down everything they knew about this project..... they brought the building down.

and I'm guessing that every person on this consulting team has a team of FBI escorts and all of their communication monitored... and they are fully aware of this.

If the EPA ordered them

If the EPA ordered them taken down, wouldnt the Port Authority have been responsible for the costs? Since the order came before Silverstien signed the lease?
Could some of the higher ups in the PA been in collusion with Silverstien?
In the Naudet film, isnt it a PA worker that immediately
directs the firemen to the upper floors, completely ignoring the obvios damage in the lobby?
Arent those PA helicopters hovering over the buildings just prior to the collapse?
please note, this is not an accusation, merely an observation.

and who do you think gets

and who do you think gets jobs at the Port Authority?

guessing their not accountants and crossing guards.

The galvanic corrosion was

The galvanic corrosion was not an issue of causing a collapse, it was in regards to the long term health of the building, think of it as re-pointing the cement siding of a building to stop the rain from sepping through and causing damage. The galvanic corrosion was just one more trouble for the WTC towers along with an overdue Asbestos removal job and the EPA report which deemed them in need of costly repairs and renovations, some 20 billion worthe; and all this on a building which was losing money. This report ultimately lead to the Port Authority and the city of NY having to make a decision by 2007 as to whether they would repair or demolish the buildings. Neither was a cheap option. But all those troubles were relieved on 911.

No, because of galvanic corrosion...

David Rockefeller had to come up with an ideal way for the Port Authority investors to get their money back. Think about it not as a structural problem, but as a business arrangement. All corridors of local/state governance had to be sewn up tight first. Building 7 probably was 'loaded,' as it was being built because it was very obvious something critical was going on there, with a man in black accompanying each steelworker as they did their welding work. I sort of exaggerate here, but it was like seeing the service you expect at a fine French restaurant, -at Dennys!

Bill Charles (around 36th st.-east ) is a living testimony to that as well. I was assisting him on a photo-shoot when we got this last glimpse of the real situation there on the decking. (The picture I've shown looking down W. Bdy., was shot After all of the above occurred, on my own nickel. By then, it had just the exterior elevator attached to show it was under construction.)

more disinfo about the WTC's construction...

Way to go disinfo agent...
The only possibly serious issue with the Trade Towers was the asbestos, which itself is a smokescreen because asbestos can be left alone without any consequences and you can rest assured at least half of the buildings in Manhattan built prior to 1978 are chock full of asbestos and people working inside even today...You don't see a problem with those privately owned buildings do you?
As for your theory on the aluminum clad panels being part of the structure's integrity...I got a laugh out of that one!
RUST???!!! RUST???!!! ....
well then, let's just demolish all the other post 1960's buildings in Manhattan because they're ready to keel over now from that deadly RUST....dude, gimme a break.

Nobody mentioned 'Rust' - - so why did you?

Luckily, all of this was confirmed by my father who worked at ALCOA, so I'll pardon your lack of familiarity with the concept of electrolytic materials reactions.

Thoroughly understood by all US military metalurgists and materials engineers, the topic is literally chock-a-block at the ASM site, where they constantly discuss the phenomena in rather closed-loop situations, as this must be seen to be.

We're not talking about the Empire State Building, but something much more similar to a great big aircraft carrier. Do remember that the property was uniquely positioned in direct contatc with salt-laden air!

Also, note that, I have generalized and made the point that I am not a materials 'specialist.' But I will add, neither are you much of a 9/11 researcher. In fact, no New Yorkers have stepped up to the plate, even given the OBVIOUS implications about my foreknowledge on Building #7. You've interviewed exactly --ZERO-- steelworkers, suppliers, foremen, Mafia Bosses, etc. You have no set of original plans. At least none that I've seen that have been posted on the web.

Show me the detail of the exterior adjoinments! You have not seen the plan, and here again, I wasn't sure what I was reading at the time, some 19 years ago. I do recall spending over 1 hr. comparing these two different sets, closely!!

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