Call On CNN To Release Footage

I have today watched the Last Chance 911 Timeline film, which traces the events from the first plane to the collapse of the last tower.

At approximately 10:19 CNN's footage speakes of a vantage that they have that others do not. Though they do not show it, they claim to be looking at footage from a helicopter.

What is interesting, and I should say of huge importance to the 911 Truth Movement, is their claim that - this ten minutes or so before the North Tower goes the same way as the South Tower already has - they can see what "we" cannot. From the helicopter, they can see that ALL THE TOP FLOORS OF THE NORTH TOWER have collapsed. They conclude it probably might not last much longer.

I would ask you all to get a hold of the Last Chance 911 Timeline, and listen for this claim. Then I would call upon CNN, and ask everyone to make the same request of CNN, to release the helicopter video in question.

You would think, for those who follow the official story, that they would have released this straight away, since if it shows what is claimed, it would clearly show much greater structural damage to the tower than we have hitherto reckoned with.

So in the name of truth, where is that video?

William Rodriguez says that

William Rodriguez says that when the plane hit the south tower, floors 65 to 44 collapsed in the north tower.

at 33:30

People escaped from the 91st

People escaped from the 91st floor - there were no major collapses associated with the impact.

The roof of the North Tower collapsed a half second before the rest of the building, as seen by the TV tower falling. Plenty of helicopter footage is available in the ten minutes prior to the collapse, with no failures visible. This should really be taken off the front page...

You did not read what I wrote

No, it should not.

I am not trying to hijack things. Go and watch the video timeline, which has genuine TV coverage that was live as it happened.

The CNN anchor claimed - while these events were HAPPENING - to have a vantage point that we did not. According to this, what CNN were looking at, was that the entire upper floors (ten minutes before the collapse of the tower itself) had already collapsed.

Now this video to my knowledge has never been released. Why not? On the one hand, if it genuinely does show the collapse described, that would tend to strengthen the official story and weaken the explosives hypothesis... but on the other hand, perhaps it shows something more, which might be why we have never seen it.

Now go and do your homework, go watch the Last Chance Timeline to which I referred, and you will get it confirmed that this video footage EXISTS.

Can you link it? Thanks.

Can you link it? Thanks.

106th floor to 90-something floor

For what it's worth, the 9/11 Commission Report says this about the South Tower:

"At 9:37, a civilian on the 106th floor of the South Tower reported to a 911 operator that a lower floor—the ’90-something floor’—was collapsing" (304).

Now, I don't understand how this is possible. How does someone on the 106th floor see the "90-something floor"?

Anyway, it's not the North Tower, but it's an example of a claim that several floors had collapsed prior to global collapse. Doesn't seem possible to me.

very important !

each "technical detail" is most important, most important are such visual testimonies. Look at how Jim Hoffmann is struggeling about wtc7- collapse. There are finally not a lot of videos that show that Contr.D.!
It's not the place perhaps to post it here - but i allways thinks that on that day 9-11 things went perhaps not perfectly the way it was planned.
See what a pain it is now to find any explanation for the collapse of 7 ! - Silverstein has to claim that FDNY pulled it - what a nonsense, what a danger for him to claim such a story !
Would it not be possible, that a third plane should hit No. 7 - to get a reason for its collapse ? Was "Shanksville" an accident, not previewed that way?

Peter Wyssling