COINTELPRO - Has 9/11 Truth been inflitrated?

COINTELPRO is an acronym for a series of FBI counterintelligence programs designed to neutralize political dissidents. Although covert operations have been employed throughout FBI history, the formal COINTELPRO’s of 1956-1971 were broadly targeted against radical political organizations.

This is a topic that is seldom addressed in the 9/11 Truth Movement. Barry Zwicker had a long talk about this subject during a truth conference where he described how the British had infiltrated the IRA. These agents had committed horrible crimes in order to rise through the ranks. When the IRA finally collapsed, it was shocking how many British operatives had infiltrated the highest levels of the organization.

Almost every radical political group like the Black Panthers and the Anti-Vietnam War Movements, where infiltrated at the very highest levels. I think it came as a huge shock when they discovered the degree of infiltration after their movement collapsed. It seems as if the COINTELPRO people were able to convincingly pass themselves off as part of the movement and no one within the movement suspected a thing.

Has the 9/11 Truth Movement been infiltrated? But more importantly, are the people who are supposedly leading this movement, the people who have books published, who appear on TV, who appear to be spreading truth, are they really undercover agents? I think if we went through the list of the most influential people in the 9/11 truth movement, no one would think that these people, who have taught us so much about the issue, could ever be secretly working against us. The fact is, if some of these people are agents, it is virtually impossible to tell. The IRA, the Black Panthers, etc. could have never comprehended the degree of infiltration… is the 9/11 Truth Movement any different?

I think, if anything, there is far more of an incentive to infiltrate this movement to be able to control the discourse. These people always want to control both sides of the coin, so that if 9/11 Truth is actually exposed, we will point fingers at Bush and Cheney and leave others alone.

Now, I have my suspicions about who may be working against us, but it is impossible to know. It is worth asking the question of why some books are published, why some people get on TV, and why this movement as a whole tends to discuss the “Loose Change” side of things, rather than the “Who Killed John O’Neill” side. Why don’t we ever talk about Rudolph Giuliani? Why have the connections between the Carlyle Group and the 9/11 Commissioners been omitted in mainstream 9/11 Truth publications? How is it that a movement based on facts and common sense has so many religious people leading the charge?

I’m not going to name names, because, you 9/11 Blogger people would rip my head off for even considering the notion. But I would seriously be very surprised if this movement was not heavily infiltrated by people who appear to be helping the cause. At the moment, these people actually may in fact be helping us. The facts and research gathered is mostly very accurate. However, this movement must not rely on those on top to lead us. We have to do this ourselves.

The people who I trust are people who I know are not working for the other side. I think Dylan Avery and the Loose Change crew are definitely on our side. I’ve never met them in person, but people I trust have. That is a lifestyle that cannot be faked. Loose Change came as an unexpected attack on the official story and in my opinion, created what we know today as the 9/11 Truth Movement. Now, I don’t think a missile hit the Pentagon, it may have been a smaller plane that fired a missile before impact, but that’s beside the point. Some accuse the Loose Change people as “dis-info” people because of information like that. We need more people like Dylan Avery, who took it upon themselves to spread the truth and create their own media empire.

If you really think that it is impossible for the public faces of our group to be secretly working against us, please entertain this notion. Certainly very evil people planned and carried out 9/11. So are these people not evil enough to infiltrate the 9/11 Truth Movement and make it appear as if they are working for us? The 9/11 attack was surely one of the most evil crimes and deceptions the world has ever faced, so I would be shocked if they didn’t place operatives in the Truth Movement to ultimately control both sides of the argument.

In light of this possibility, my website, will always remain under my control, since I know I can trust myself. I also trust people like Dylan Avery and Richard Andrew Grove. If you’ve listened to Grove’s podcast, 9/11 Synchronicity, and got as far as his 14th episode, you would understand where I’m coming from with this post. I would encourage you all to listen to all his episodes, and by the time you listen to the 14th, you will understand why there is a distinct possibility that those who we think are fighting for truth, are secretly working against us.

MORE on this topic


It would be foolish to doubt that the 9/11 Truth movement has been infiltrated. This is the biggest crime in the history of the USA and there has been no independent investigation. Whether you believe the official story or not, the whole concept of the Thruth Movement is destabilizing to the power structure. I hope that the people who are questioning the official story can keep focused on exposing lies and asking questions, rather than putting forward irrational theories or even arguing with people about these theories. They are obvious tactics to divide and conquer.

Indeed, I'm 95% certain I had an FBI or other police

intelligence agent sitting across from me at a meeting a few weeks ago. This is to be expected and we should just smile, be civil and continue with our lawful activities. We are the ones pursuing mass murderers, after all.

Always keep in mind that this is a true grassroots movement and that by reasonable estimates we now number in the tens of millions. This train will make it to the station.

The very fact that we are decentralized and have so many people and groups working from so many different points of view helps to keep the movement on the path of truth. We are constantly fact checking and self-critiquing. This process will vet all but the most subtle and careful disinfo agents until the very end and then it will be too late for them to do anything about it.

Just as the internet has helped us enormously, it is also being used in a concerted effort to cripple the movement. Just look at what is going on here right now. However, there are simply too many people who now KNOW the government myth is BOGUS for these reactive tactics to work in the long term. Additionally, and most importantly, this movement is grounded in the real world where people talk to their friends, relatives and neighbors and we all know that the real perps were not 19 arab muslims with boxcutters.

Look at the facts, not over your shoulders.

Work for the truth, not against each other.

Keep moving forward, not in circles.

Back to my signs and other projects.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only forward.

Be well.

Of course there are

Of course there are cointelpro agents amongst the Truth Movement, and the better off we are because of them. They can be put to good use as they will have to play a part in building the movement. Their ultimate goal would be in a directing position once an investigation begins so as to point a finger here or there. I think people should realize that the 911 Truth Movement has the potential to benefit plenty of people regardless if they are after justice or not. In political circles, it could provide oppurtunities to re-shape the face of government agencies unlike anything ever seen before; and those changes are not neccasarily wholesome or patriotic. Also, the potential for globalist is amazing because if the UN could spearhead an international investigation coordinated with globalists moles within our government, it could serve as a major force to move the world towards a deeper trust in a global government. It is for this reason I am ultimately confident that we will have an investigation and find some people guilty, but not likely the real culprits. But we should proceed a step at a time and use the agents until we have reached a crescendo, and then we can clear the ranks of the obvious spies which will be the individuals not interested in fingering the true culprits - the oligarch which runs the worlds finacial institutions and their legions of mangers who mistakingly believe they are apart of the elite when in reality they still are closer to the bottom of the pyramid as opposed to the top..

different stripes of disinfo

A wonderful essay except that you couldn't resist anointing the Loose Change guys as "beyond suspicion". Or to be fair, you said you believe they are legit (but others you don't mention, well, who knows, right?)

How do we know that in fact Loose Change is not intended to shield Israel? It seems odd that they covered so much about 9/11 without a single mention of the Fox News report about the "tie-ins" or the dancing Israelis, or the fact that Silverstein is friends with Netanyahu.

It's almost heresy, I know, to say this about those guys, but hey, what's good for the goose is good for the gander. We cannot assume anyone is legit--we have to go with the evidence and the facts.

Anyway, can anyone summarize what Richard Andrew Grove's claims are? I hardly want to sit through 14 episodes of something to glean something that could just be posted here. And if it can't, why?


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Loose Change has been so effective in spreading truth, think

Avery & crew have gained well-deserved credibility that can only be taken away if they now do things that warrant it. (I don't see that happening.)

richard grove

here's richard's story... it was on the Meria Heller show, also known as "the transcript"

you mean that rambling convoluted tale?

I remember what a big deal people were making when that first came out and how it was so impossible to follow, and his style so bizarre that it didn''t impact the movement much. That is exactly why I asked if you could summarize his thesis, if he has one...

Honest I'm not trying to be a jerk here, I just think ideas carry more weight if they are capable of being repeated succinctly! :)


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Yes, it would be most helpful if Grove could make his points

directly & concisely. His long-winded, verbose style is very tedious to listen to, IMO. (Grove's info does seem legit, so far.)

an example?


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Basicly, it goes like this,

Basicly, it goes like this,
In the year 2000 his software company is hired by Marsh/Mclennon to write a program that allows for paperless transactions between Marsh/McLennon
and AIG insurance.
Marsh/McLennen is the biggest insurance broker and AIG is the biggest insurance company
The goal of the project is to make transactions between these two firms paperless and unreadable by anyone not on the sytems mainframe using this new software. This involved actually building a mainframe in the towers in the offices of Marsh.
The completion date set for this project was Sept 2001.
At this point there are some facts that should be pointed out to give some context...
#1 The first plane to hit the towers was Flight 11 and it hit EXACTLY where the Marsh offices were located.
#2 Paul Bremer (aka Mr. "well, we got him") was a CEO in Marsh/Mclennon before being picked as Director of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance in Iraq. He went on to anounce the capture of Saddam.
#3 After quitting the FBI disgusted with the constant roadblocks into his investigations of Osama Bin Laden
by the Bush administration, John O'Neill takes a job as head of security in the World Trade Center. This job was offered to him by Jerome Hauer of Kroll.
Think about that...the man whon knew the most about Osama is offered a job in a building that is demolished by his arch-nemisis...( comic book stuff imho)
Keep these things in mind as they are important to tying this all together.
Now back to Groves story...
He realizes his company is overbilling Marsh to the tune of millions of dollars. He reports this to his superviser and it is ignored. He then reports this to the Marsh superviser and is in turn fired.
Realizing there is either shady accounting going on, or him and his fellow employees are being robbed out of millions in commisions, he decides to tell his team
everything he knows and confront the supervisers with the entire team.
He calls people on the team and learns of a meeting called by the Marsh supervisor and makes arrangements to crash the meeting and confront management with what he knows of the overbilling.
The date of this meeting was Sept 11th 2001. And instead of the superviser showing up for the meeting he called, he decides to attend the meeting from the safety of his Manhattan apartment, over a videophone.
It is during this meeting, Marsh offices are destroyed by Flight 11.
Grove sat beneath the tower, stuck in traffic as the plane hit the building.
Now, on the morning of Sept 11th, massive amounts of insider trading took place between Marsh and AIG.
Only problem is, there is no paper trace of the transaction as it is all done on the new system that Groves software company built. No paper, destroy the mainframes and the transaction becomes untrackable.
During the recovery, hard drives are recovered and sent to germany to have the lost data recovered by a company named Convar.
Convar goes public, and tell it has evidence on 40 hard drives of insider trading. Some even going on as the buildings were burning.
The following year, Convar is purchased (along with the hard drives and evidence of insider trading) by none other than Kroll.
The year following that, Kroll is in turn purchased (along with the hard drives and evidence of insider trading) by none other than.....Marsh/McLennen.
So now the very people accused of insider trading
(i.e. robbing people blind) own the only evidence known to exhist that incriminates it.
Think about who these companys are, how these companys interact with each other and who the people are in the companys.
Who is AIG?.....Maurice Greenberg...aka Greenberg/Bush family crime syndicate.
Who is Kroll?....Basicly a CIA front that specializes in "security"
Who is Marsh?...Maurice Greenbergs son Jeffrey Greenberg.
It has long been my opinion that it is no coincidence
Flight 11 hit the Marsh offices. I think, though its only speculation, this was done to ensure the mainframes
and digital data regarding the insider trading were destroyed.
And Im pretty sure no inexperienced pilot could pick out specific floors and offices to ram his plane into.
So either, Marsh was very fortunate to have its offices destroyed on the same day it was doing millions worth of illegal trading, or it blew up its own offices and people involved with building the computer system designed to hide the evidence millions of dolars in illegal trading.
I know which way I'm leaning....

great summary man... well

great summary man... well put

for some reason, 911 truth doesn't talk about this too often, we like to talk about thermite that left its finger print on some molten iron that was sent to 1 professor from a memorial site sent in by some woman.

though the scientific arguements for controlled demolition is important, what is more convincing? I personally think that the above story is far more interesting and contains facts that cannot be debunked. those companies bought each other, the plane did slam into all the floors occupied by marsh. look at wikipedia's page. the floors in red were the ones impacted from AA11 or whatever. and it seemed to exactly impact the floors occupied by marsh

anyways, ever since i heard this story and watched Who Killed John Oneill, i've listened to Grove's 9/11 synchronicity pod cast and talked to him about a lot of interesting things

So, you have no problem with

So, you have no problem with the inconsistencies and the speculation, but apparently you cannot find an excuse for them not including 5 - 10 minor, potentially self-damaging facts out of 1000s? Lose the tunnel vision, buddy...

"True enlightenment is attained when one can, at will, see through the illusion of reality." - Me, intoxicated

I count myself out...

Of the "disinfo/agent/cointelpro" circle... C'mon... I'm Jon Gold. I have more enemies on the internet than anyone. Or, maybe it's made to look that way... ooooooooooh...

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

As to your question...

We would be absolute FOOLS to think otherwise.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

It's not that important

The whole of the movement is greater than the sum of its parts.

I do agree...

It is obvious they exist. It is not always obvious who they are. Once you start getting into the accusation game, it encompasses you. You start thinking everyone is disinfo, and you expend energies on things you shouldn't. Therefore, it's best to "accept" that they're here, and continue with your efforts. Incidentally, it's a lot easier to give advice than it is to follow it.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

I agree, except it seems

I agree, except it seems clear to me that Reynolds is disinfo.

you only have to extend one

you only have to extend one degree of separation to identify most of the obvious ones as Reynolds being the origin...  It is also interesting to note who the common enemies for them are.  Who do they attack, who did the infiltrate, what research is being diluted? They serve a function, to discredit, disrupt, delay, distract and deceive.

They have expended a great deal of resources to attack Prof. Jones.  His research must be their greatest threat.  Hell even Bush himself visited with the leaders of Morom Church after they imprisoned one of their enemies. Jones was put on leave less then a week afterwards.

And that is just one COINTELPRO operation...

 They can be helpful in identifying what they fear the most.


the point i was trying to

the point i was trying to get across, is that people who you identify as "dis-info" ie. the no planers/energy weapons people, are not the ones i'm refering too. i'm talking about the people who are bang on with the current trends of the 9/11 movement. reynolds and wood certainly do not represent the heads of the movement, they don't have a whole lot of influence, they don't appear on TV often or have popular books out. The people i'm talking about are the ones that are hard to identify. those who appear to be on our side. And i agree that they are in fact working for us at the moment. where we have to be careful is that these people do not end up part of the new investigation so that they can protect those truely responsible.

exactly... ticking time bombs like Uncle Fetzer

Baiscally 9/11 Truth is a bus that has to make it from Point A (coverup) to Point B (full disclosure and justice.) Not everyone who was on the bus from the beginning, or who gets on along the way, wants the bus to get to point B. Inside the bus all holy hell is breaking loose, disinfo agents are dealt with, and hopefully the bus is driven safely to Point B instead of off a cliff. Different riders have different strategies for ensuring that we either get there or not. Again, the definition of a real truther is someone who is determined to do what it takes to see that the bus gets to its destination, regardless of whether or not they like any of the other passengers. As the bus fills up, the honest and well-informed will hopefully begin to greatly outnumber those who would stop us.

Oh yeah, the ride is free but it's not easy, and could be dangerous. And if we drop below a certain speed, we may well blow up. So keep crankin'out those DVDs! Loose Change, sure. 9/11 Mysteries, right on. Painful Deceptions? Sure! Let's also hope for more and even better ones to continue to be made. As it becomes clear where we're headed, it will be harder to fake being totally on board. Not sayin', you know, just sayin'.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


You are so very right!

This is all such a sham!! The government's story must be true! I'm so glad you've come to enlighten me. You've given us our opinion and therefore you must be right. So, let's stop thinking. After all, you promised to think for me.

Repeat after me... Anyone questioning the Official Government Conspiracy Story is evil. Don't listen to them!

Wait (he shakes his head), now what was it you were saying?

Reynolds is very suspicious, IMO

Here's an ex-Bush economist who suddenly becomes a leading truther & expert on cartoon planes @ WTC & space beams. Plus, he relentlessly challenges Dr. Steven Jones on physics, even though he has zero experience & training, while Jones is a renowned expert in the field.

Steven Jones is a proven

Steven Jones is a proven fraud 




Nothing c/b further from the truth!


which personality? killtown or cbbrooklyn? same thing...

cbbrooklyn morphs into his other personality, killtown, later in these posts.

cbbrooklyn, posting on other boards, with killtown links

killtown is reviled over at the loosechange boards, so now he is in exile over at 911blogger posting under two names: killtown and cbbrooklyn.

I am not killtown

but have linked to his site due to his excellent work


wonderful work from the New York group

If Jones is an "expert," maybe we need to stand clear of those!

If Jones is an "expert," why does he calculate such wrong answers?

Plus, he relentlessly challenges Dr. Steven Jones on physics, even though he has zero experience & training, while Jones is a renowned expert in the field.

Oh... I get it. You are right, he's a renowned expert alright.
Click on "Heavy Watergate - The War Against Cold Fusion" when you get to that page.

COINTELPRO is easy to detect.

Anyone who discourages others from looking at evidence is a disinfo agent.

Anyone who uses ad hominems instead of scientific reasoning is a disinfo agent

Spoken by a true disinfo agent!

You would know!

What if he is?

I think CB Brooklyn is right and assume he is sincere, as I assume all who post here are sincere. Assuming otherwise is unproductive. What is important is the substance of the blogs and comments.

But what if CB Brooklyn is sincere and he is trying to spread disinfo? It wouldn't matter -- he would still be right. Can anyone honestly dispute that ad hominems are good and scientific reasoning is bad?

I suggest...

You don't waste time with this thread by arguing about who's disinfo and who isn't.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."


Well it is kind of your own fault, if you build a movement based on speculation and a complete lack of a common narrative, of course you are going to fall into Stalinist backstabbing. It is the nature of the beast.

Alternative, in a movement where Star Wars Death Beams are considered topics worthy of debate, who knows you could be infiltrated and you would have no way of knowing. There is no way of telling the loons from the legitimate seekers of truth. Where is the line between fantasy and reality? If I wanted to, I could start a website tomorrow claiming that I heard Dick Cheney order Bill Gates to pull of 9/11in order to destroy the overabundance of linux servers in WTC7, and you guys would go crazy over it. I would be lauded as a hero and be booking appearances on Alex Jones' and Jim Fetzer's radio show.

Alernatively, you could all just be crazy.

there's no evidence for that of course.

If I wanted to, I could start a website tomorrow claiming that I heard Dick Cheney order Bill Gates to pull of 9/11in order to destroy the overabundance of linux servers in WTC7, and you guys would go crazy over it.


There's no evidence for the above.


OTOH, there's much scientific evidence for directed energy weapons at the WTC. Are you saying the average American isn't smart enough to comprehend it? 

Oh Really

Does the name Lauro Chavez ring a bell? You guys were fawning over him even though his story was transparently fake. He appeared on Alex Jones' show 3 times in one week. Jim Fetzer and Bob Bowman were citing him as an expert. Then the debunkers showed what a fraud he was and he disappeared from sight.


a lot of people on this site were highly skeptical of Mr. Chavez from the beginning - in fact there was much crying and moaning over how terrible 911blogger is because of the skepticism with which his story was greeted here. Get your facts straight. ;)

That is the point

That is kind of the point, any idiot can make some claim, half the movement will grab on to it, and the other half will start attacking the first half. Someone else will come along and the halves will switch. There is no objective measurement of reality. No common goals or standards.

bah, you're a trashbot

Your doomshilling is too completely transparent and tiresome to bother with. Goodbye.


What, pray tell is "doomshilling"?

But, doesn't it seem odd...

That Steve "Los Alamos" Jones got a free ride to the front of the line, uncontested. Doesn't anyone else here find that strange? It's especially strange once you realize his work is utter nonsense!

does it ring a bell? No, it doesn't.

I just google searched him.

I am not one of the "you guys" who supported him. I remember stories from him, but didn't care to research it since he was promoting the hijacked airplanes crap.


I base my own 9/11 conclusions on the Laws of Physics. There was a high-energy weapon at the WTC and no big boeing crashes at the four sites on 9/11.

"I base my own 9/11

"I base my own 9/11 conclusions on the Laws of Physics"

Great, CB. Youre on the right track. Next thing i would recoomend you to do is to do a beginners course in physics.
I know, its not as much fun as spinning funky space theories, but it might help.

look in a mirror, em7,

and repeat those words to yourself

the line

"Where is the line between fantasy and reality?"

 It starts and ends with your own sense of common sense and reason.

Say what?

"There is no way of telling the loons from the legitimate seekers of truth. "

There is something call the mind. Reasoning, logic, evidence, all that stuff we learned in school.

Let's do a test

Seems like there are a lot of truthers who are quick to use the "D" word (disinfo) without a lot of evidence to back it up.

So let's do a test.  Many feel I'm a disinfo agent, so let's just see how many of you who think I am can post some descent evidence that I am one.


NPT = Disinformation Those

NPT = Disinformation

Those that promote NPT promote Disinformation. 

So what you are saying

is that I'm promoting theories I know are not true, i.e. I'm "lying"?

Spacebeams didn't blow up the projects

tell the truth nigga - it was u nigga

I was hoping to have mature responses

not juvenile ones.

[Edit] And I'm not sure why you mentioned space beams at WTC in regards to trying to prove I'm a disinfo agent. I've never come out to say whether I agree with this theory are not.

I'm sorry

but not suprised that you can't differentiate between artistic and 'juvenile'. But let's move on.

If you want to share your feelings about spacebeams, feel free.

You're a supporter of Wood and Reynolds, right?


"supporter of Wood and Reynolds"

I'm not sure what you mean by "supporter", but I do agree with a lot of their research.

And as I said, I haven't made up my mind about their Star Wars Beam theory.

And how are these questions related to me being a shill or not?

When I say supporter

I mean someone who 'agrees' with their 'research' so much that they'll join in on Team Spacebeam's character assasination campaign on their primary target: Steven Jones. Do you agree with putting out papers filled with ad-hominen attacks on other researchers? Do you feel that does a service or a disservice to the movement?

If they do what you claim, then no

Now, got any descent evidence I'm disinfo?

Where is your evidence of what you are saying?

I have reviewed the Reynolds/Wood paper which was a peer review of Jones' research. Jones' paper was peer reviewed, but it didn't pass. On the other side of that argument is the utter hit piece that Jones has on his own site, attacking the character of Dr. Reynolds. I am speaking of what Jones calls a peer-reviewed high-quality journal.

Putting something like that on his website and calling it a high-quality peer-reviewed journal discredits the st911 website as well as his own "Journal."

You can identify them when

You can identify them when they meet the following criteria

1) They push the speculative theories, which are usually baseless: Pods, CGI fakery, Space Beams, No plane at the Pentagon, No Shanksville crash, No Hijackers

2) They accuse all legitimate researchers of being agents

3) They disrupt message boards with distractionary rhetoric

I ask to identify me as a shill

and post evidence that I am one as apparantley a lot of truthlings are starting to think.

A new life for Killtown?

Hey Killtown,

Even the Loose Change guys are waking up to you. Your usefulness has run its course. Perhaps you will get redeployed in the the leftist circles, and will go post endlessly on Infoshop & Indymedia about how the IMF and World Bank are run by CGI hologram Jews who use a cloaking device mounted to a drone missile guided by a space beam pod which projects their based money system.

Other than your peanut gallery of about 20 computer nerds who don't know any better, do you really think anyone can't see your game?


maybe killtown will go "retire" like wing-tv, to be replaced by the next lame distraction. people like him come and go. once it becomes obvious he is no longer effective, he will move on to his next project. and considering the amount of garbage he has spewed, it will take a "draco-grey alien alliance knocked down the towers" theory to one-up himself.

is this guy the best they can throw at us?

I guess the government really is incompetant

Killtown, couldn't our tax dollars be better spent paying you to monitor neo-nazis instead of 911 truth seekers? You are a classic example of government waste and pork-barrel spending run amok.

I'm sorry

who are you again?

I'm sorry

who are you again?

I'm sorry

who are you again?

a cost-saving idea.

hey killtown, what is the weather like at fort meade right now?

instead of "phased redeployment" in iraq, maybe the domestic agencies need to reshuffle their troops as well. killtown can be replaced by a sunni trainee at 10 cents on the dollar.

Does Killtown dream of Electric Sheep?

Killtown, do you and CB_Brooklyn, Andrew Lose Watson, Webfairy, and Nico all work at the same desk? Or is this part of the new "intelligence sharing" the feds implemented after 9-11? Do your bosses ever catch you guys slacking on the job playing a multi-player version of Warcraft instead of screwing up 911 message boards? At the very least you should reinvent yourself and change your name. It worked for Cher.

How do you know they all work

at the same desk?

Ok, you know the point system here is a joke

if he got a plus point for that comment.

911blogger has been infiltrated.

killtown saves us from the truth

if killtown hadn't spent the entire year harassing val mcclatchy with his absurd claims of faked photos, where would 911 truth be? we would be completely lost, and probably attacked by al-qaeda again. he has been a leader in the issues that matter most.

the question is, does killtown think of this stuff on his own or does he need strategy sessions with his bosses?

Absurd claim?

MOST people in the truth movement think it's fake or the plume originated at a different location.

Can you post your website/blog so I can scrutinize all of your work?

But those ameteurs

But those amateurs are no match for Jones and his nano-fairy dust. After all, he's a professional disinfo OP. Why send amateurs to do the work of a professional?

I don't

I don't think you're a disinfo agent. But your lack of care sometimes leads you to promote ideas that don't have much to back them up. I suppose people think that's why you are one.

Such as?

And still think no 757 at Shanks is the "daftest" to prove?

My test proves so far that most truthlings

who shout "disinfo!" are all hat and no cattle.

I also notice that most truthlings who do shout "disinfo" with the flimsiest evidence are the biggest attackers against other truthers who raise suspicious against their 9/11 truth heros.


Calling you "disinfo" is flattering because if you are NOT "disinfo" you would have to be considered "profoundly retarded" to believe the crap that you claim to believe.

So - we are giving you the benefit of the doubt.

but - there is a catch 22 to this. if you ARE "disinfo" you really need to think seriously about what the scope and effectiveness of your job is. Surely if you work as a "disinfo" agent you are educated - perhaps employed in a midlevel intelligence capacity - which would imply that you SHOULD be smart enough to realize that you are the 21st century equivalent of the Red Coats - standing like a jackass in the woods while the revolution roars around you - standing out like a sore thumb and a sitting duck.

This just invigorates the movement. It essentially pisses people off and gives leverage to an already growing and angry constituency.

Surely you know your history. Surely if you are "disinfo" you know you are doomed to fail. You know that the TRUTH cannot indefinitely be forestalled. Instead a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions is taking shape. You are attempting to hold back teh ocean with a broom. And, if you are "disinfo" you will have to live forever with the knowledge that you particpated willingly "following orders" to violate the constitution, violate the publics trust, betraying your community and ultimately complicit in a coverup of the worst domestic case of heartless and souless mass murder in USA history.

So - i hope for your sake that you are just retarded. God may forgive you.

hey man... i definately

hey man... i definately don't think you're dis info. your site has a whole ton of research that must have took a lot of hard work to put together. i use your site all the time if i'm looking for information....

now... as far as the NPT and energy weapons, i can say, that I don't know. I could guess one way or the other, and i have my opinions, but the truth is, i don't know. No one can really know what all went on that day, all we can do it put together evidence from what we have. and that's what you've done killtown.

if some of the information and evidence we collect turns out to be wrong, that's ok. we need to investigate all aspects and then make the best decisions from the available evidence.

so if someone thinks that planes didn't hit the towers or an energy weapon was used, that doesn't make them dis info, that's just the conclusion they drew from the available evidence. i'm sick of people thinking that they know all the answers and anyone with a different opinion is called a crazy disinfo agent.

only a few infiltrators

There are actually very few active and conscious agents. Most of those acting to the detriment of the truth are just too stupid, brainwashed and/or ego-driven to know better. Several are playing limited-hangout games but believe they have noble intentions in doing so.

Those very few active/conscious agents apparently include:

- Michael Ruppert
- Jim Hoffman
- Michael Rivero
- Peter Lance
- Col. Donn du Grand-Prix
- Dr. Steven Jones
- Alexander Floum, Esq.

NOTE: Some of these agents do belong to an anti-Bush faction, but that agenda is outweighed by their respective anti-truth agendae vis-a-vis.

Show "grammar" by Anonymous (not verified)

Steven Jones IS one of the biggest frauds of our time.

He created "different" cold fusion experiments, to distract the media from the real work. Just like his themate bullsh*t distracts some from what REALLY happened!


Watch Google Video:

Steven Jones is PURE cointelpro. 



Also research Edwin Gray. See here too

that post was a PURE joke

funny- killtown needed to call in the reinforcements (cbbrooklyn) because he couldn't take his whooping like a man.

yeah, don't trust dr. jones with his expertise in physics, scientific analysis, and major contributions to controlled demolition research! instead, trust some anonymous fed who writes sloppy hit pieces about him!


Do you believe 9/11 was an inside job?

If so, where can we see your research?

Why did I get minus points for that comment???

I just asked the guy a question!

This points system is a joke and the people behind it.

contributions?? what contributions?

Jones has supplied no contributions

The JREF forum has posted proof that

The JREF forum has posted proof that it was impossible that nano-thermate, much less thermate, could have brought down the WTC.

is cbbrooklyn the alter-ego of killtown? are they the same?

wait a minute. killtown is getting flustered, so suddenly, cb_brooklyn comes on the board. they both post the same absurd theories and hit pieces on steven jones, which picking fights on the message boards. who is to say they aren't the same individual, with two idiotic screen name?

Speaking of COINTELPRO

Whoever does the points system around here...

man, that was a stupid

man, that was a stupid comment, Killtown. I think you can do better than that. That would be pretty smart cointelpro , voting those oh so valuable posts you made down, eyhh??.
Come on!
Once again we see ego raising above sense. Just boring and stupid. As i said, i think youve proven in the past that you're capable of smarter things than that.

No planes/space

No planes/space beams/attacks on Jones.

These appear to be the common threads with the disinfo crowd. Admittedly there may be few useful idiots who don't know any better.

It's alarming that Fetzer actually founded s911truth and rejected no planes before pimping space beams and turn-coating Jones. Fascinating preemption there.

Thankfully, most truthers aren't taking the bait. Except for a few clowns like CB Brook and Killy, who actually promotes this stuff?

Who is promoting Jones' fairy dust?

Or is it "super-duper" fairy dust?

Or maybe Jones will say it was his nano-bots.


killtown is cbbrooklyn. they are the same person. he is being quiet now because the unfortunate fact just got out.

Jones is promoting fairy dust.

But, the question is, who is the mastermind?

Jones' job orders are to destroy the truth movement, which means to sway folks away from looking at the facts. Anyone who looks at the facts knows that Jones' fairy dust couldn't have destroyed the WTC.

Your lies and slander are futile and disgusting


Jones has NEVER said it was JUST thermite / thermate that demolished the towers, so stop LIEING.

He fully understands and clearly stipulates that some form of explosives are required to cut the vertical support beams and has mentioned shaped charges (i.e. RDX etc).

Please explain the below images.


Total fakes

dude, get some real pics
(these are a joke)

you really are clueless

you really are clueless

just pointing out

the obvious fakes, my blind(ed) friend.

So your saying he "faked" this?......

additional assistance

see the white "column" (third from the left) which runs through the "h" in the word "the" (camera planet)

notice that the "flames" are underneath the column. nice try.

the second pic is from a video which combines CGI with studio footage. In this frame, notice the "cheeto" (lower left center) and the photoshopped orange blob.

more hard science from Jonestown.

hey Danse, your Dunce cap is

hey Danse, your Dunce cap is too tight!

The points system hear is obvious to censor

I've got minus points for merely asking neutral questions and giving neutral answers.

It's obvious that the 911blogger heirarchy hates me and is effectively trying to censor me.

Do you support websites that censor?

Don't you wonder why the air is colored orange?

This is Jone crying for help. He wants to get caught posting his fraudulent photos.

In response to Killtown: Yep, it is the objective of this troll farm to censor anything logical or truthful. Obviously this site is essentially dead.

Serious researchers now go here.

hahahah... u got a negative

hahahah... u got a negative 6 for that one.. .hahaha...

anyways man, don't let these people get you down. keep doing your research rather than argueing with close minded people. the whole point of the post was not to argue with one another, but to get these aternative opinions out there. so don't worry that your posts get blocked and given negative ratings, i read those posts first anyways. the whole point is, i don't know who's an agent, who is disinfo, i don't know why those buildings fell down. i don't know if a plane hit, maybe a plane hit, maybe it didn't. but the point is, i'm not talking about COINTELPRO people who have a website or a blog up, i was talking about the very people who are leading the charge and controlling the discourse of our discussions. i'm basically trying to get people to do their own research, draw their own conclusions, and then take action! we don't need to wait for the scholars or alex jones... we can do this ourselves. since we really don't know what happened or who is working against us, we all just need to get out there and demand a new investiation

Mainstream media is rife with COINTELPRO

Shows like O'Reilly, Hannity & Colmes, Glenn Beck, etc., are clearly gov't/CIA propaganda, and those spewing it are clearly agents or assets.

Thanks for the Saturday morning entertainment!

Better than cartoons.


Now back to my signs.......

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.

Saturdasy morning cartoons

here's one:



Infiltration agents hold powerful psychological sway

We can see the kind of psychological sway infiltration agents hold over 9/11 truthlings by their kneejerk censorious actions when told they are being duped.

As a favor to the brainwashed, here's an amended list explaining which institutions your mind-masters are working in the interest of:

-- Michael Ruppert (CIA, Royal Dutch Shell)
-- Jim Hoffman (NSA, NASA)
-- Michael Rivero (NASA)
-- Peter Lance (FBI)
-- Col. Donn de Grand-Pre (NORAD)
-- Dr. Steven E. Jones (Los Alamos)