Ed Haas (Muckraker Report) Breaks New Prior Knowledge Story

Prior knowledge of 9/11 attacks overheard in Hebrew

by Ed Haas

December 1, 2006 -- In October 2000, approximately 11 months prior to September 11, 2001, a former Israeli Defense Force member and veteran of the Yom Kippur War (1973) was collecting English Ivy cuttings at the Gomel Chesed Cemetery located at McCellen and 245 Mount Olive Ave. in Newark, NJ. The Gomel Chesed Cemetery is a ‘Jewish’ cemetery.

While he was scouting the cemetery for ivy cuttings, he overheard what he believed to be a conversation spoken in Hebrew, which drew his attention. Curious, he walked toward the voices until he was close enough to accurately hear the conversation and confirm that it was indeed being spoken in Hebrew. He found himself along a heavily vegetated fence line that sat on top of an eight-foot high retaining wall, which concealed his presence from the men engaged in the conversation. The two men he saw and overheard were casually leaning against the retaining wall beneath him.

As he watched and listened, a third man arrived to the meeting in a Lincoln Town Car. He emerged from the rear seat of the car while the driver and another passenger remained in the car. The two men leaning against the wall, upon seeing the arrival of the third man, changed their relaxed posture into that of attentiveness, signifying respect and the importance or ranking of the person that had just arrived. It was clear that the two men were waiting and expecting the arrival of the third, indicating that the meeting was pre-arranged.

What the observer of these happenings heard beneath him after the normal niceties were exchanged between the three men alarmed him. The man who arrived in the Town Car said, “The Americans will learn what it is to live with terrorists after the planes hit the twins in September.” One of the men that had been leaning against the retaining wall expressed concerns regarding whether the upcoming presidential election (November 2000) between Bush / Cheney and Gore / Lieberman could impact the plans. The man that arrived in the Town Car pacified the doubts by saying, “Don’t worry, we have people in high places and no matter who gets elected, they will take care of everything.”

Is this Muckraker Report source that has requested that I not use his name in this article, credible? Initially, I had my doubts. However, after listening to his account of what he attempted to do with the information he had obtained in the Gomel Chesed Cemetery, coupled with the plethora of independent media accounts of a vivid Israeli connection to 9/11, I decided that I should avoid contempt prior to investigation, and check out this story...


Muckraker story sent in by E.J.

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I look forward to the

I look forward to the luminaries of the movement publicly discussing this powerful new evidence.

WOW I'm so suprised the first responses were anonymous

and unverified.

The ADL are a bunch of busy little beavers. That megaphone software works really well.

I do not like articles like this that distract people from

the ones who are really responsible for the crimes of September 11th.

Osama, the alleged 19 hijackers, and the dancing Israelies may or may not be involved. Whether they were or weren't, IMO they're all just scapegoats.

The truly guilty are the powerful individuals within the US government (and those who pulled their strings) that enabled and/or orchestrated the attacks.


"The truly guilty are the

"The truly guilty are the powerful individuals within the US government (and those who pulled their strings) that enabled and/or orchestrated the attacks."

Couldn't agree more. Now note that the "individuals within the US government" prominently feature neocons with extensive Israeli ties and extensive Israeli investment in and influence over them.


This idea that Israel wags the dog is ridiculous.

Could Mossad agents have been working on the operation? Sure. Doesn't mean they controlled it, and at least they were not killing their fellow citizens.

The WASPs did it.

Doesn't matter why it was

Doesn't matter why it was done (global dominion), or for whom (Zionist interests, etc), what DOES matter is WHO actually DID-IT. The physical string-pullers were The Cheney-Rumsfeld administration, and its Intelligence agencies. Period.

I agree with that

Cheney, Rumsfeld are WAPS, as are most people in the intelligence agencies.

Just saying.

You are right, I think, so I'll leave it at that. I just get so tired of hearing about the Zionists, and think it is often, not always of course, disinformation.

I'm tired of hearing about Islamofascists

So if you don't like "Zionists" maybe we should change that to Judeofascists? Would that be better?

Let's clarify something about "Zionism". It is a totalitarian ideology. Not just that it is an aggressive and immoral ideology. Zionists are not just people who think Israel has a right to exist (which may be true but not necessarily in Palestine!) They are specifically people who do not intend to ever make peace with the Palestinians from whom the land was taken and continues to be taken. The fact that Zionism is more real than myth (the opposite of "al Qaeda") and that its dangerous nature is not acknowledged generally in the American press (again the polar opposite of radical Islamic movements) makes it a much more valid subject to bring up repeatedly. Finally, the clear signs pointing to Zionists masterminding 9/11 make any claims that such discussions are disinfo or in any way racially motivated not only absurd but quite detrimental to the eventual inevitable process of disclosure where people will learn who did what. This one is not going to be kept under wraps and the sooner that people who claim to want the best for Jewish people start acting like it and demanding accountability from leaders who betrayed not just America but also the innocent citizens of Israel, not to mention who have caused the outrageously criminal massacre of hundreds of thousands of Arab Muslims, the sooner we can all start the healing process. At this point the only purpose I can see to continue to deny Zionist complicity in 9/11 is to ensure that there will be more blood shed before this issue is put to rest and humanity moves on.


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So am I

Did you hear me say that? It is not accurate, and I agree that Al Qaeda is a myth and there is no real evidence that Arabs were involved in 9/11.

And I am not disputing that Zionism has strong fascist tendencies -- I think Lenni Brenner's argument about collaboration between Zionists and Nazis, in which both opposed assimilation, made sense. I don't know much about Israeli internal politics, but it seems more likely that Judeofascism exists, and Islamofascism is a total misnomer.

How about just calling it Jewish nationalism?

You say that Zionists never intend to make peace with Palestinians from whom they took land. Has our country made peace with the tribes from which it stole land? Yes, on our terms. Leonard Peltier is in prison for allegedly fighting back. Jabotinsky supposedly made a comparison to U.S. policy toward the Lakota. So did Hitler. Does that make us totalitarian? Free Tibet. Free the Lakota?

You explained yourself well, and I don't dispute your sincerity. I may have misread you. Maybe you are right. But I still think that focusing on Zionists lets the WASPs off the hook . I do not believe that the Israeli tail is wagging the dog, nor does it surprise me that Israel spies on the U.S..

ok sounds good

perhaps I overreacted or misinterpreted, thanks for clarifying. I think it's wrong to make too much of what wags what. the facts is country's are not different parts of a dog, so the analogy is limited. Whether the US controls Israel or vice versa is not the question. The question is whether the general public has a good understanding of what the people who run ALL countries, i.e. the global elite, stand for. Indeed, thank you for pointing out that we as Americans are just as guilty of a similar ethnic cleansing as is happening in Palestine. Other than the fact that Israel is the latest example, and is happening at a time when people are much more (potentially) empowered than they were in the age of empires, I think the comparison is apt and fair and should be made clear at every opportunity. Real Jew-hatred misses this point. Jews are not exceptional in this regard. It must, however, be noted that Israel holds a special place in the hearts of a significant and powerful segment of the elite, and in this I include both Jewish and Christian Zionists. Criticism of Israel should not be made on the grounds that it is a JEWISH state but on the grounds that it is a racist state and a religious state. I am tehrefore equally critical of so-called Islamofascist regimes and really wish my taxes did not go to support so many of them.

The issue here though is specifically 9/11, and we cannot ignore the role that Zionist influence played in the deliberate creation of a myth, a blood libel in fact, against muslims. This was not by accident but by design, and we need only compare the humility with which most muslims accepted that it was "their own" who commited the acts to the indignant denials that come from many Jewish people when any suggestion is made that in fact it was "their people" to see that the lies of the elite do have strong racist and religious undertones that must be understood by the public at large. It is therefore that we raise the issue of the media's apparent strong bias in favor of one side, and the responsibility of those with the means to set aside their personal biases in the interests of justice and the truth.


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Why does it have to be

Why does it have to be powerful individuals within the US government who orchestrated the attacks? Why couldn't it have been powerful individuals within a foreign government, like Israel's?

September 11 was not the first time Americans were mass-murdered. On June 8, 1967, the ship USS Liberty was attacked while sitting defenselessly in international waters. Thirty-nine American sailors were murdered in cold blood. The attack was pre-meditated; it was sustained; and it was coordinated with military precision-- just like 9/11.

The attack was carried out by Israel's defense forces. Powerful individuals within the US government had nothing to do with the attack-- although clearly powerful individuals within the US government orchestrated the coverup, with the compliance of a pro-Israel media. Those powerful individuals were more loyal to a foreign people than they were to America. One of the key individuals orchestrating that coverup was Admiral John S. McCain, Jr. A few months ago his son wrote the introduction to the Popular Mechanics book debunking 9/11 conspiracy theories. I guess treason runs in the family.

9/11 was analogous to the Liberty attack. It was carried out by a foreign power. Then, powerful individuals within America loyal to that foreign power orchestrated the coverup.

great find andrew, i didnt

great find andrew, i didnt know that about McCains dad.

The raison d'être of the attack

"The attack was carried out by Israel's defense forces. Powerful individuals within the US government had nothing to do with the attack"

Well, that depends on how you define "having nothing to do with the attack". President Johnson himself reportedly ordered the U.S. fighters sent from a nearby aircraft carrier to defend USS Liberty to be recalled:

"I want that goddamn ship going to the bottom. No help. Recall the wings"


The reason appears to have been an attempt to blame Egypt for sinking the vessel, which would have given the USA a pretext for invading the country. I don't think Israel would have attacked a U.S. ship without prior agreement with the highest level of U.S. government.

wait a second

Getting permission from a corrupt President who got into power as a result of a VERY suspicious assassination does nothing to exonerate Israel's military in the case of the USS Liberty. LBJ did not force them to attack. He may have betrayed our people but unless you're going to argue that it was in America's interest to have our ship attacked then we can only conclude that LBJ was a rat bastard traitor like so many others. Not a traitor to something called "America's interests", to something much more real--his fellow citizens, his oath of office, and basic humanity. The pattern here of Israel at best being such a willing co-conspirator with so many corrupt US leaders is a disturbing and much too hidden one however you look at it. Things are going to be changing and Israelis had better rein in their government as we rein in ours, because otherwise there can be no trust and no peace in the world.


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I'm not exonerating anyone.

I just pointed out that there were conspirators on both sides.

Some commentators one-sidedly blame Israel. I think it is important to understand *why* the attack occurred, and that it was also motivated by the imperialistic interests of some people in the then U.S. government.

I believe LBJ's role in the

I believe LBJ's role in the Liberty attack was similar to Cheney's role in 9/11. He played a passive role. He didn't plan it, or approve of it. He may not have even known it was going to happen. But when it did, it was understood what was expected of him. Johnson recalled the fighters that could have defended the Liberty, just as Cheney enforced the stand down that ensured the planes would reach their targets.

Real Truther points out that Johnson came to power due to a very suspicious assassination. I believe Cheney was put into the vice presidency by basically the same network that took out JFK. And of course, it is no coincidence that Bush was off reading My Pet Goat on that day, leaving Cheney the commander in chief.

andrewkornkven, please incorporate Mineta's story into

your theory about Cheney's role. Add to that the Presidential directive putting Cheney in charge of NORAD and all government exercises.

Cheney is THE most visable part of the shadow government.

Unfortunately, when all this starts coming out in public key players will die or disappear and this will prevent us from knowing the full story, but we will be able to expose enough of the game and end it once and for all.

Clearly, there were foreign subcontractors for some parts of the 9/11 operation, but CDI is more than capable of doing the explosives work AND they did get a fat paycheck for cleaning it up.

We need to focus on getting new and complete investigations and just let the chips fall where they will.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.

If I had an infinite supply

If I had an infinite supply of money, and I wanted to pull off a complex international covert operation , I would hire the best guys for the job..the Mossad.

Mobsters do it all the time. They hire the best guys for the hit and nobody gets caught.

c'mon, jdjeff, WHO has THAT kind of money?

So when idiots say that people should be able to accumulate ungodly amounts of money, remind them that that just makes the price on their heads more affordable to unscrupulous bastards. that should make them sleep well!


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What are you saying? It sounds like you are suggesting only the Jews have that kind of money. If so, maybe I was wrong.

I think jdjeff makes a valid point. I could see Mossad being involved in a transnational operation.

"It sounds like you are suggesting..

..only the Jews have that kind of money"

How so? I didn't perceive anything the like, myself.

Jews and money? Myths and misconceptions?

Jews did not invent banks or even fractional reserve banking. Jews are also not the only people in the world who control the money supply and basically pick the winners and loser in the game of wealth accumulation and disproportionate distribution of power it enables. Period.

Even if the most powerful banking families have been Jewish they are first and foremost bankers, not Jews. Unless of course one is going to assert that all Jews are wealthy, which is obviously not the case. Painting the bank/money issue as an anti-Jew issue just deflects attention from the criminal bankers, whoever they happen to be.

Again, there is nothing inherently evil or bad about Jewish people. It's amazing that we even have to repeat that so that people don't assume that's what we mean when we criticize Zionists and bankers. It just so happens that those two groups are the source of a lot of current problems. Every Jew who can see clearly can see that it is not in their interest to support either Zionism or the current global capitalist banking system. If many Jews are lied to and made to believe that such criticism is aimed at them, I should feel concerned and saddened, not guilty. And I should make every effort to make all Jewish people understand that we will not tolerate injustice or hatred of ANY people based on their ethnic religious or racial heritage. What we demand is that all people of conscience cease to support all corruption and injustice, whether or not the people perpetrating it happen to share something in common with them. WE are appealing for unity with peace and justice. Our adversaries are gunning for the opposite, and many of their tactics are on display for all to see in forums like this.

Be wary of fear mongers as well as hate mongers, they tend to be the same.


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Hate is on the radio

Read this article if you want to be informed on hate in America:


I can't tell if you're

I can't tell if you're agreeing or disagreeing??? But I can tell you feel strongly about something. I didn't say the JEWS did it. That is like saying BUSH did it. I'm simply saying that WHOEVER wanted it done, most likely hired the best men for the job. And in my opinion, the Mossad were the best men for a 'job' of that magnitude. If you have any better ideas on who could have pulled it off, then I'm all ears. Certainly inept keystone coplike mental midget factions within our intelligence system do NOT posess such organizational skills. They hatch brilliant response to self-inflicted terrorism like confiscating lotion and returning our weapons to us before boarding an airplane....you know laptops, belts, ties, shoes, brief cases, and any other object useful for choking or splitting someones' head open.

I have my own theories on who pulled the strings. And I believe it is much more complex than we could ever imagine. I'm in this with both feet. I took the 'red pill' and there ain't no turning back.

To suggest I'm launching a 'hate' grenade in this forum is utterly ridiculous....if indeed that is what you are saying. But I can't tell.

Geez, I could talk about Lucky Luciano and Murder Incorporated all day long. I guarantee that at no point in that discussion will I ever be accused of being an Italian hater.

i was agreeing

sorry if that wasn't clear! I happen to think that Israeli spy ring may have been much more than spies, which may explain why Fox was allowed to run their segment in the first place--see, they were here spying on the real terrorists, not actually BEING the terrorists. But yeah, Mossad has blood on its hands. American blood. Naturally, we're pissed.


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of course israel was involved

keep making this taboo and you'll never accomplish anything. the only ones able to pull off a 9/11 also must have control of the media. it's the zionist whores, people, not the nwo, the illuminati, shape-shifting reptiles, or any of that other crap. the architects of 9/11 love to see you guys argue about space beams and thermate, or whether or not a global hawk with a missle hit the pentagon, because you can't definitively prove it. thank you john albanese for sticking to the facts. we need more people like you getting real info out there, not speculation. by the way, j.a. (if i may) you really need to contact ry dawson before you finish up that film.


I'm not avoiding it because it is taboo, I'm saying I don't believe it.





I'm not saying these people are not worth investigating

And Israeli sounds much better than "Zionist.," especially when it's not in all-caps.

A lot of these people are "reportedly" Israeli citizens. So they support an alliance between the U.S. and Israel. So? That alone is not enough. Treason is treason, whether its done for money, Israel, or whatever. A determination that U.S. and Israel have common interests is not inherently bad, nor does it mean Israel is in control. Is Dick Cheney a dual citizen? George Bush? Donald Rumsfeld? General Myers? No.

What does Abrams have in common with Cheney? George H.W. Bush. Was Abrams a hit man in Nicaragua for Israel? I don't think so.

The way I see it, all this Zionist neocon talk obscures the fact that U.S. foreign policy has very broad elite support.

us foreign policy may have very broad elite support.... but

did the 9/11 operation? i think not. I think pretty much anyone not involved was or will be shocked to learn the truth.

And then, naturally, even the elites will demand to know WHOSE FUCKING BRILLIANT IDEA WAS THIS? When enough people know the truth, there will no longer be any fear associated with speaking it and then with demanding accountability and justice. That is when we will learn whose fucking idea it was, and who went along with it, and who could have prevented it before it happened, and who helped cover it up after it did.

These are varying levels of complicity, and methinks we'll find more, not fewer Zionists as you go up the chain of responsibility.

Can you honestly imagine a team of Americans working to rig the towers for demolition on top of other Americans? Isn't it, well, curious that around 200 Israelis were arrested and deported for "espionage" after 9/11? Including experts in explosive ordinance?

Let's face it--BushCo sold us out to a global mafia of a particular type. And it was not al Qaeda. So BushCo, and in there I include America's Mayor, are now reaping the benefits that come from selling out your fellow countrymen to an external enemy--they get to lord it over us as any puppet regime does. Just as the Pharisees did by selling out their people to the Romans. Cui bono indeed! Et tu, Bushé?


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"Can you honestly imagine a

"Can you honestly imagine a team of Americans working to rig the towers for demolition on top of other Americans? "

Yes, of course. I would not be taking your controlled demolition arguments seriously otherwise - I would have blocked it out.

OK, I agree that one possibility is that a foreign power was involved and that it is being covered up, and I also agree that Israel would be one likely candidate. But I also think that a WASP transnational mafia could be involved. Call it the G*, Bilderberger, the Illuminati, i don't care. I think their roots are in Nazism, not Zionism.

As to Americans that might do something like that, one possibility is Christo-fascists - God-Bless-America's-Kingdom-of-God-on-Earth dominionists, Rocky Mountain High, would be prime candidates for such an operation.

agreed. and if 5 dancing Freemasons or Christo-fascists...

had been arrested that day, BELIEVE me I would not be wasting time pointing the finger at Israel.


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DZ I love the new collapse negative comment function

you can get rid of the ADL trolls so much easier now

People miss the point

Radical Islam is used by the global elites to stir up the crisis(problem), while the public recoils in horror(reaction), and then big brother and the millitary industrial complex can come in(solution)

I realized awhile ago it makes perfect sense to use "al qaeda"...a bunch of all too eager frat boys controlled by Pakistani ISI, doing the bidding for a wide swath of global interests.

Yeah, I agree with this.

I also think it is used to keep Middle Eastern nations from industrial development. This is reportedly an Israeii tactic as well, though I know less about that and find it harder to understand how that benefits Israel.

industrial development=military strength


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military industry plus they

military industry plus they don't want competiton.

BBC "The War Party"

This BBC documentary is quite explicit about the neocons and their allegiance to Zionist Israel. Interviews Frum, Perle, Lideen, others.
43 Mins:

The Israel Lobby and U.S.

The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy
By John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt
Working Paper Number:RWP06-011
Submitted: 03/13/2006


In this paper, John J. Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago's Department of Political Science and Stephen M.Walt of Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government contend that the centerpiece of U.S. Middle East policy is its intimate relationship with Israel. The authors argue that although often justified as reflecting shared strategic interests or compelling moral imperatives, the U.S. commitment to Israel is due primarily to the activities of the “Israel Lobby." This paper goes on to describe the various activities that pro-Israel groups have undertaken in order to shift U.S. foreign policy in a pro-Israel direction.

To view responses to this paper from Harvard University faculty members, click here


these 2 were bashed pretty

these 2 were bashed pretty bad in the MSM, when they got airtime at all. it was pretty interesting to watch how the corporate media treated them with such obvious disgust. the only place they even got sort of a fair shake was C-Span.

Well that just strengthens

Well that just strengthens the argument, IMHO.  The same tactics are used against the 9/11 Truth Movement. 

no doubt about it it does.

no doubt about it it does. thats why i found it interesting to see how they were treated by the MSM. same with Jimmy Carter and his latest book. the media has been roasting him for the most part.

OK, I read Mersheimer and Walt

It sounds reasonable, the Israeli lobby is undeniably very strong, and pointing that out is not alleging a "Jewish Conspiracy" as the idiot Dershowitz says. I still disagree that Israel drove the Iraq War. It's a symbiotic relationship. There's also the Christian Zionist factor. I don't even need to read Dershowitze, as I know what he'll say and Norman Finklestein has destroyed Dershowtiz's credibility.

I still think all this all-powerful Zionist talk lets the WASPs off the hook. The Albanian-American lobby was stronger than the Serbian-American lobby. Is that why Clinton attacked Serbia? No (and I don't buy the humanitarian intervention crap either.)

I don't see that at all.

I don't see that at all. The criminals in the government are not diminished in anyway. The question is, did the criminal elements in our government work alone.

The paper does serve a purpose, it clearly illustrate the power and influence that a foreign nation has over our government's day to day processes.  No one denies their facts, they only disagree with the conclusions.  (Knee-Jerk reactionaries don't count).

great episode of NOW this week on PBS:

Norman Lear on Minding our Media
Public opinion polls unanimously show that trust in mainstream media—the institution most responsible for keeping us informed and aware—is at an all-time low. How did we get here, and more importantly, how can we repair the damage?

This week, NOW poses those questions to legendary television producer and People for the American Way founder Norman Lear.

"If a cat is up a tree, or if someone is slaughtered at the Boy Scout den, that (coverage) will be wall-to-wall, every day, every night, and will always drive out the kind of informative programming that people are desperate to get and should have, in order to have a robust democracy," Lear told NOW.

We also talk to Martin Kaplan, associate dean of USC's Annenberg School of Communication. Is mainstream media serving public or corporate interests? Issues and answers from people who've spent their lives minding the media. This week on NOW.
» NOW on the controversey behind media consolidation: Clearing the Air

The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectual

HAARETZ: "The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, most of them Jewish, who are pushing President Bush to change the course of history."


Those people had an idea to sell when September 11 came, and they sold it. Oh boy, did they sell it. So this is not a war that the masses demanded. This is a war of an elite. Friedman laughs: I could give you the names of 25 people (all of whom are at this moment within a five-block radius of this office) who, if you had exiled them to a desert island a year and a half ago, the Iraq war would not have happened.

Senator Findley Speaks about how Israel Lobby Started this War:

If you say that the Neocons did 9/11, then look at the list of Neocons and tell me how many of them are Jewish Zionists:

The list is there for all to see!

People shy off this topic because they think that it is taboo. Just look and see how much evidence there is that 9/11 was a Mossad operation, in cooperation with the highest levels of US complicity (by Israeli American dual citizens)...

3000 Dead

You know something...i have been mad about 9/11 before but I just thought about something. 3,000 people died..that is the equivalent of more than 8 years of Murder at a high rate in Philadelphia! The gov't murdered 8 years worth of people! WOW.....8 years worth of murders. That just made me sad...b4 i was angry but now i feel sad :0(

Compare that to the death

Compare that to the death toll in Iraq,or what about the Hiroshima Bomb?

All roads lead to Israel.

All roads lead to Israel. The neo-con house sure seems to be filled with JEWS. OH I CAN"T SAY NIGGER AND I CAN"T SAY JEWS! I'm sorry was your I'm specially protected shield up because you were extrodinarialy greedy,stupid, lazy, deceitful, crazy, or just plain selfishly stupid? Or was your I'm a clever JEw with high up friends shield up my ass, so that I couldn't enjoy being a human being like your Hyram ass friends like fuck you Rumsfield and DOV ZAKHAIEm...sorry if I spelled it wrong (not) but from the last 20 times I bought shit at Vons they mispronounced my name 20 times. ISRAELIS can kiss my ass. I think the world would be better if we gave them 30 days notice.


Can someone hit the snooze alarm? I think it's broken.

if I were a Zionist, I might write something like that

Because really, who wants to be perceived to be on the same side as someone like that?

Who knows if snooze alarm is legit. The point is that voices like that should be ignored or we will end up with two equally disturbing factions killing each other off. Hmmmmm that sure sounds familiar...


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

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in fact that's my new Middle

in fact that's my new Middle East Peace Plan...The United States of America grows some balls and occupies Israel. I sees the err of it's ways. It sees Iraqis and Iranis as intelligent human beings who deserve to live there lives unfettered by militaristic bullshit. In fact ever person born here in this gravitationally powered toilet bowl of the Sun deserves to be Free of Chimpanzees like the Bush Family. In fact all descendnts of Bush should be summarily lind up and questioned. Perhaps they shoud be waterboarded. wouldn't that be a sight. A 400 lb BarbaraBush being rottiseried about a board, the final weight when it all sank in would be 500...Barbara's fat ass weight oh fuck when will I not have to explain to idiots and when will I not have to drink to forget?

I'm legit. And so are you.

I'm legit. And so are you. If you believe the Israeli Government has puppeteer hands up Bushes ass then you are intelligent. If you are a squeemish puppy then eat your dog chow and snooze!

9/11 Wasnt An Inside Job...But An Inside/Outside Job

Of course Arabs were involved. This extreme form of sterile "it was all the CIA man, I tell ya!"
theories involving 9/11 makes no sense. People that say there's "No proof Arabs were involved" are either smoking crack, or willfully misinformed.

I believe the true mastermind of 9/11 are most likely of the Brzezinski/Rockefeller CFR intellectual types, who trickled down the plan or idea to Pakistani ISI who controlled the al Qaeda portion of it. Of course "al Qaeda" was involved. Theyre the idiot Marinus Vanderlubs all too eager to dance for their puppet masters.

I don't give a crap how the towers fell, or how big the hole in the pentagon is, or what the hell Atta liked to eat.
Follow the money trail. It first leads to Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, from there it leads to the US, and especially Europe.

9/11 didnt just happen in a bubble. It wasnt planned by Bush with CIA and Mossad using fake planes and all this other insane garbage that's on par with "no planes/speace beams". It wasnt merely "Osama in a cave with box cutter men". It wasnt "allowed" to happen". Two years of research has lead me conclude that
the neocons are nothing more than temporaty pitbulls, meant to be taken down by the globalists.
Crashing and burning, just like radical Islam which is used by the elites to create the chaos.


But I sure do hope that you mean Bush Sr.! Forget his decoy of a son, and the decoy that will replace him.

I Agree With An Earlier Point

The true masters of the world, perhaps even the real 9/11 masterminds, most likely would be the white European elites. Some Arabs, some Jews...but really the European intellectual crowd. The Brzezinskis and Rockefeller types.

9/11 seems more occultic in nature than anything "Jewish". This is what European elites have traditionally been obsessed with.

However, IF there was any explosives in the towers...it most likely would have to be Israeli connected folks.
Like say, a temporary "moving" company or something.

Remember who the first "victim" of 9/11 was.

Remember that Mossad was living within feet of all the hijackers.

Remember the dancing 5.

When I say people focus too much on the towers, it's because in a crime case it's all about following the money trai.

Esotericly, to me 9/11 was a giant occult death ritual. Economicly, a LOT of people had a hand in the pie, even if they didnt know when/where it was going to happen.

pockybot: Your take on

pockybot: Your take on things rings true to me. Yet the mention of 9/11 being a huge death ritual seems to have a strong significance about it. When one tosses in their training missions at the Bohemian Grove, with sacrifices and fires, it makes more sense. Then I'm ready to call them sicko/psychos. Just a bunch of losers who think they're winners because they appear on TV. Their past is slowly being revealed, and it turns the stomach into knots.
The investigations continue, onward & upward.

German Intelligence Report

Have any of you even actually read the leaked German report? It is very succint and makes it quite clear who was really behind the attacks:


The Neocons are disproportionately Jewish. What we need now are brave whistleblowers who will stand up with proof and admit that they were phoned by the Israeli Embassy on the morning of 9/11 and told not to go into work.


A copy of that memo was shown to Von Beulow, and he couldn't authenticate it, but he believes that it is about 90% accurate.

Go to the 3:30 mark.


Haas might be being too hasty in some of his characterizations, the level of involvement may not be as intense, the controllers may still be non-governmental.

For instance, how does Haas know that his source wasn't overhearing a conversation between individuals involved with the drug trade, with liasons in the US government, speaking Hebrew?

Edgy mercs having some shop talk with with their middle-man. The middle-man may not even know he is a middle-man.

Once the sub-contracting starts...

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beauty itself

is seeing that the shills are resorting to cut and pasting the word fag a million times out of sheer frustration with their impending doom.


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This is the dumbest thing yet on 911 Blogger.

2nd dumbest

And writing "fag" a million times is second the dumbest thing I've seen here.