JFK and 9/11: Does America Even Care?

Speaking from a Canadian outsider's perspective, and reflecting on the assassination of JFK and the various anomalies with the official explanation for that crime, I have come to think that perhaps, even if the 9/11 community can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the official story for the collapses of the three buildings defies the laws of physics, America simply will not care.

Back, and to the left

Everyone remembers this scene from JFK. The one where Kevin Costner is pointing out that Oswald was behind JFK in the Texas School Book Depository, yet JFKs head snapped back and to the left when it was shot, indicating that the shot came from the front and from the right, or in other words, from the grassy knoll area. Now, I have been to Dallas and I have stood on the grassy knoll, and when I was there, all questions about whether or not Oswald could have plausibly done it alone were removed. It became obvious that at least that shot, the back and to the left shot, could definitely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, not have come from Oswald in the Book Depository.

Now, this physical evidence is much easier to grasp than the complex physics of building collapses like the ones the 9/11 truth community has to deal with. If America can grasp the physics of Back and to the left, and not care enough to demand the truth about who killed Kennedy, what chance do we have to inspire America into standing up for the truth about 9/11? Please do not take this as defeatism. I want more than anything for America to wake up and realize the truth. About 9/11, the corporate and militaristic worlds that planned it and financed it, and have profited from it. I ask this question in the hope of inspiring a true debate about the nature of this apathy in America, and what the 9/11 truth community can do to overcome it. Why doesn't America care? Is it that Americans are culturally apathetic, and other nations would not be? Are Americans conditioned to not care? Are Americans too busy with work to have time to care? Do they care and there is something I, as an outsider, have missed? Let's talk about the root causes of this apparent reality, and what we can do about it.

That Article really touched

That Article really touched me man, you have stumbled on something that has really been on the tip of my tongue for so long. I have so many friends and people who I wouldn't think are openminded, and when I mention JFK and 9/11 they go "oh yeah that's definitly a conspiracy man, look who benefits" and all types of responses similar to that, but it seems like they have the opinion of "oh it's definitly a conspiracy but its not like we could do anything about it" this is why we are still at the stage of waking people up, people feel like we have to make a move right now but we are still in somewhat of a kindergarten stage with a lot of the American Public. Like I always say to people, "if you're an american...you can let the JFK assassination go becuase you say 'oh its a political assassination, it happens oh well', but when your government will kill 3,000 of it's own people...that's when its become too late to keep a blind eye", we can't deal with this anymore, theres no more time for bliss and ignorance, our government really is willing to kill us in mass numbers, and that is too scary for people to face which is why they go to such far lengnths to debunk what is in reality basic science and physics, I mean watch the movie "Thank you for smoking", the tobacco lobbyist himself says "Our nicotine scientist could disprove gravity, he's a genius"....those are the kind of people the government have, they can disprove reality. Which is what they have done on 9/11 to pacify us and most times even themselves. I hope we can not only expose this lie, but keep the outcome positive and nonviolent.

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Very well said.

I think you really hit the nail on the head.I really don't know why people just don't seem to care.It blows my mind.

This connection too has been a focus of mine...

...the JFK/9/11 parallels are astounding and I've commented on that before...although, to me, the physical evidence details are the least interesting...the big picture of the "who", and especially, the "why" behind both these events are, to me, more important....

Cui Bono: Military-Industrial Complex, Big Oil, International Bankers, Israel

Yes, 9/11 was different in that they went after us, citizens, as opposed to a coup de tat, good point....it was "bigger" in terms of loss of life...they are escalating these black psyops...so, if we don't learn as a people about this tactic of False-Flag Terrorism, what's next? Nuking an American City? All too plausible, frighteningly enough...(This is why I believe, once people are familiar with the basic evidence for government complicity in 9/11, Alex Jone's "Terrorstorm" is the most important 9/11 film so far...it exposes the "why" behind these crimes to justify imperialism).

We can endlessly debate "how", but we reach the point of diminishing returns, as we are on the outside looking in and will never "know" everything. Plus, endless arguments about physical evidence details only serves to delay and distract from the universal understanding and outcry over who illegally and immorally profits from these crimes. And the perpetrators know this and keep us focused on the "how" through disinfo.

The perpetrators can't keep this knowledge from coming out, but they can delay it so long that in the minds of the public "it won't matter anymore". That is what they did with JFK, and I see them trying it here. If they can delay common knowledge that 9/11 was an inside job long enought that the public is apathetic when they do find out, they win....everyone will have made their money on 9/11 and be dead. It's a race between our exposing it and their suppressing it, folks.

And then you've got an ever-more controlled mass media that trumpets (endlessly repeats a simplistic version of what the elites want you talking about) or suppresses (it might come out once) whatever they don't. People are busy and so want their news "bumper-sticker" quick and fast. They are conditioned that our press is independent and a "fourth estate", not seeing the ever-growing concentration in ownership, the media company being just a part of a multinational conglomerates, and incestuous nature of company boards. Add the CIA's admitted infiltration of all media (Operation Mockingbird) and you've got almost all the components you need for public inactivity.

But, for now, we still have the Internet to inform and organize, if we choose to exploit it. Add local grassroots groups providing a physical location for people to meet and share and know they are not alone in their awareness, and we can turn this around.

The 'information" stage of 9/11 Truth is ending, the "organizing/activism" stage must begin.

Sorry for being nitpicky

but it's "coup d'etat".

Anway, this is a VERY important topic, if not even the most important. What exactly makes people shrug these things off, I can only speculate. Certainly, there is a lot of conditioning going on, starting from pre-school, making people submissive and worst of all believe they really were powerless, which, as history showed time and time again, we're clearly not, once we get our act together.

What it might need is some kind of spiritual empowerment, a widespread awareness of the power we, the people, truly hold in our collective hands. And then, we must be willing to use it. There are many who believe we're totally dependent on the government, and that if we abolished it, anarchy would follow. Others believe that even if there was mutiny against the PTB, they'd soon be usurped by the same old, same old, making the exercise essentially futile. Then there are those who might not approve of backhanded machiavellian dealings, but are too comfy to stand up to them as long as they do not negatively affect them in tangible ways.

In other words, there are many, many alibis one can put forward not to take responsibility. Actually, I think that's the key issue right there: responsibility. A lot of people dread it - the one freedom they cherish the most is freedom from responsibility.

So, as Ruppert put it, it's either "evolve or perish", grow up or fail. In order to successfully market this, it might need some nicer wraps. After all, growing up comes with benefits, too.

There's so much more to say, but I'll leave it at that for now. We should really, really focus on this.

Two words: mind control.

Two words: mind control. Whether it's the fluoride, pesticides, chemtrails and all the other ingestible crap, the pathological sex and violence dished out in mass media, the state-controlled religion, etc., Americans are under probably (aside from maybe the U.S.S.R.) the biggest brainwashing/mind control assault ever in the history of Earth. By the end of the day and as the decades wear on, it's all so desensitizing as to fry the personality to a point where it is extremely impaired as far as responses go. And if that all weren't enough, you get the occasional "spike event" when our enemies reap the benefits of our impairment, say, a Waco, a Columbine, etc., when the whole game is pushed a step further. America will care as much as it can, but keep getting the word out because the facts as we may be familiar with them are not nearly as widespread as they could be and many have an hour or less per day to spend learning about it. In the meantime, those in the know ought to consider taking some organized action on a legislative level to put pressure on representatives to hold new hearings, etc., and escalating the campaign to reopen 9/11 and interrogate the suspected criminals.