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The Center for Media and Democracy has an online vote to help them identify the worst spinners and propagandists of 2006.

9/11 Truth movement smearing does not appear in their shortlist, but you can add it at the end.

So please go to the voting page and add an entry for 9/11 Truth. The Deadline for entries is today at 5:00 p.m. CST on Friday, December 1, 2006.

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Here is my sample entry:

"Add your own nominee. Who or what did we miss in the list above? Please use this section to nominate the person, company, think tank, PR firm, or organization that you feel deserves a Falsies Award as the most shameless shill and twister of truth for 2006. "

9/11 Truth demonization

16. Why do you feel that your nominee deserves a Falsies Award?

The 911 Truth movement ( has been demonized and twisted so many times in the media, it's sickening. 911 Truth bashing has become a national pass time in the print and TV media, even though 84% of people reject the official story (

17. Please use this space to enter enter URLs or other links to news stories or other supporting evidence about your nominee.

Alexander Cockburn Vicious

Alexander Cockburn

Vicious smearing of 9/11 truth efforts.

Cockburn's slander:

(Some) actual evidence: