Caller to Alex Jones issues a Calls to Action on January 1

Lucas, from Texas, calls in to the Alex Jones radio show on November 26 asking concerned Americans to watch for his statement at on January 1.

Download the 1MB audio file here:

(Hopefully he'll get his statement past the mods Cool)

aaron russo has the key to

aaron russo has the key to blow the 911hoax wide open....

he said that nichols rockefeller told him 11 months before 911 that there was going to be an event that would galvanize the u.s. into going to war in afghanistan and iraq..


this is an admission of foreknowledg of mass murder

The Plan

I have an idea to get the word out. I will share it with everyone in 1-1-07...This idea can really make a huge difference if a few dedicated people just put their minds to it. It will fundamentally change the way you think about promoting an idea. In times of mass media deception we need some tricks up our sleeves, and I will show you a few.


Just so you know

Not to be harsh, but your grandstanding (saying you WILL announce something) and your first blog post -- which was a bizarre reiteration of something posted here before -- mean your credibility is sorely in need of rehabilitation.

What gives, dude?

Loss of understanding

You said "was a bizarre reiteration of something posted here before " What the heck is that supposed to mean?

And for your information I have had a nice long conversation with DZ on the telephone and he understands where I am going with this.

I just recently joined this blog, in fact it is the first blog of any kind that I have ever joined, and I joined for a reason. This seemed to be the biggest collection of people who understand what is going on.

I just have an idea, that's all. I really am not too understanding of your hostility to someone who has been pumping the truth sinse 20 minutes after he found out.

If you don't like my idea, so be it, move on. But I am sure some smart people will understand what I am will talking about.

And I still wonder what you mean by "was a bizarre reiteration of something posted here before "
and if you could explain that would be ideal.

I don't know you and you don't know me so I was wondering what your accusations are?

And how my credibility could be at stake when I have only posted a couple things to this place and I don't seem to see anything wrong or contradictory in any of my what gives?


Okay, I apologize. I should have asked you about it first. I'm referring to your first blog, in which you describe pounding someone's nose to a pulp. Have you ever posted this story here or elsewhere before? I ask because it is strikingly similar to a post that was made here, probably in the comments, before the board switched to its new format.

Secondly, I would like to ask why you are planning to make your announcement when you are and why you are publicizing it ahead of time.

Thank You

No, that really happened, that was pretty much my life. I never have posted that story anywhere, it probably happens to many a boy who just gets sick and tired of being pushed around. You add the goodlooking girl to the mix and, bamo, you have the makins of a butt whoopin. I have actually never told many people that story, but it's fun to remember.

As for pre-arranging to make a statement, it's a means of getting people's attention rather than cast your hook into an endless sea of protestors and government dis info agents where only a small group of people actually see and it gets no attention.

I just have two ideas, two ideas that can make a real difference. It has to be a collective thing.

You will notice that disinfo agents usually are in teams of 2 or 3 collaborating back and forth to make you see a perception that's not really the reality.

Well...just wait and see


P.S. I hold no ill feelings toward you for your accusations because I understand how it is hard to trust anyone in this world now. I have even pondered the idea of a great man like Alex Jones being a disinfo agent, but that was just my own paranoia...It's natural when you realize that you have been lied to your whole life. I feel like everything I was ever taught by my parents and at school very well may be a lie or a truth skewed to serve a need. What a heavy thought, it is almost too much to grasp, but you do. You move on through the fog of disinfo gathering what you can to pull a clear picture.

Why the delay?

If you have a good idea, why not just tell? Then we all might try to prepare for whatever it is you want to suggest and get rolling on new year's eve already.

It also gives the

disinfo agents time to counter act it also. There is a method to the madness.

Also, I have to make sure that I have all the bases covered in writing. The idea is in my head and will take a good deal of text to relay.

Grandstanding, self-serving promotion, EGO

Just a few thoughts that come to mind. I hope your "idea" is big enough to overcome these labels you will be stuck with otherwise.

There are alot of smart people on this blog. Many of whom don't like being toyed with by a fake ass wannabe.

I guess we will have to wait and see...

Hey DZ...

Since Lucas claims he spent quality time with you on the phone (presumably regarding his "big idea"), can we assume that you vouch for this janook?

No wonder why the government is able to

tear into this movement and do damage. Seems to me when someone has an idea, people start trying to "SHOOT IT DOWN" before it even comes to light.

Like I said, I had an idea that would take some people, you can choose to listen and help, or you can walk...I REALLY DON'T GIVE A HOOT.

I sell nothing, I offer nothing except an idea that requires us to stick together.

I would suspect that at least one of you people are disinfo agents, that's cool to...Keep trying

I don't have time to sit here and argue with you people, I have IMPORTANT stuff to do. This will be my last blog until Jan 1st...

See you then!

What a joke.

What a joke.

come on guys, if someone has

come on guys, if someone has an idea and wants to get it polished somewhat before they release it, then play fair and give 'em a chance to do so and can the flames.

This idea, whether it appears or not, it'll sink or swim on its' own merits just like every other idea that comes our way. Let's keep our vitriol for those that deserve it. You know also, such abrasive comments might scare off folks who would otherwise have something valuable to say.