Let's Get On To CNN or Fox

After my blog post yesterday, I was asked by one commentator to link to the video I described. I thought that it was well known in the 911 Truth Movement.
However, I am more than happy to do so. The web page is http://911chronology.com/ and the video (in several formats) can be found at http://911chronology.com/index.php?page=video
I repeat. What is important here is the existance, or claimed existance, of video footage that the anchor could see but that we could not. If it shows what he claimed, then about ten minutes before the North Tower went the same way as the South already had done, ALL the top floors of the tower had collapsed. I may have made a mistake, and the chanel may have been Fox, however regardless of who is speaking CNN/or Fox did not, therefore, believe that the North Tower would last much longer.
This video was not shown to the public, and as far as I am aware I have never seen it. Yet listen to what the LIVE footage says. I would start listening at about 1000, and the anchor makes the claim at 10:21 saying "I think Rick is not as clear as WE are that the upper floors of Tower One of the World Trade Centre have collapsed completely". This is even claimed earlier:
At 1004 the Police Department report that the top 15 stories of WTC 1 are glowing red, and could collapse anytime (from the helicopter), at 1008 the helicopter warns that they think the tower won't last much longer, and immediately after we hear the anchor reporting (clearly seeing this footage) THAT these stories collapse. It is clear that the TV station are watching this footage if you listen between 10:18 and 10:21, and it is clear we are talking about the North Tower because the South Tower has been history for almost half an hour.
I took the trouble of downloading the highest quality video, which took me over 12 hours, but the quality was worth it. If you listen furthermore in stereo, you can pick out the different channels being viewed simultaneously on this video.

i know exactly what part

i know exactly what part you're talking about from this movie. Great compilation of film footage, the guy who put that together is really nice and answers all his e-mails regularly.

My interpertation of that reporters comments are he was watching the full blown collapse iof the2 nd happening, but since the dust cloud from the first tower was still so enormous from his vantage point his initial reaction that only a certain amount of floors had collapsed. I might be totally wrong on this but from a lot of the 2nd collapse video footage you watch it doesnt appear from the outside that any of the upper floors fell at any time before the main collapse initiation

Doesn't work

Yepp, I thought about that one too.

Problem is it doesn't work. The whole point of the "timeline" is to allow us to see where and more importantly WHEN things were said, so that we can see connections we otherwise could not...

Now for your point to work, the commentator would also have to be wrong about the tower that HAD collapsed. He specifically tells us, that the partial collapse is the North Tower.

Furthermore, the South Tower has now been history so long that I cannot think that - at twenty past ten - he is the only one who has not heard that the South Tower has totally collapsed. Didn't the sudio tell him?

I AM aware that when the South Tower collapsed CNN did report it as you suggest, all the while other news agencies saw what really happened. That certainly was due to their vantage point being obscured by smoke. We hear this on the 911 Eye Witness film (just google it, you should get to it straight away). The point is though, that here, this error occurs immediately after the South Tower's collapse.

So all in all, these later comments - there are more than one and the latest is only ten minutes before the last collapse - are as significantly important as that famous guy from FEMA who said that they were in New York on Monday night (I believe they afterward tried to suggest that he had just got his dates mixed up, but as we all know, from what he said that simply don't work).