wtc7 - the i d i o t case: Why does Mr. Silverstein explain a NONSENSE ?

what about this perspective to one of the events on sept 11th 2001:

How, if things went not exactly the way they were planned ? I'm allways a bit irritated by the collapse of WTC 7 - there is such an obvious problem for the official version to explain the collapse of buildg.7 . The problem is so h u g e because this is one of the most smoking guns in the whole 9-11-planecrash-binLaden-Story. How could this recently built tower collapse ? It's more than obvious that fires can not be the cause, which childish pretext can be used in case of tower 1 and 2, as there was kerosen in the planes.

The problem is so huge that Larry Silverstein had to invent the story of the FDNY calling him - so that (as he wants to tell us) he himself suggested to "pull it". (he goes on : "...and then we watched the building collapse" ) Eventhough now he's led to misinterprete his own phrases, saying that he meant the People to "pull". What a Nonsense, what a "dangerous" game for him and friend Giuliani and other 'networkers'...
this is a kind of grave accident in the whole official version. What had really been planned as a reason/coverup-reason for the collapse of WTC 7 ?? Was there a third plane "missing", or should the fires inside the building r a g e much more than they actually did ? (How - b t w - do the officials explain these fires - from fallen debris ?? nonsense..)

This top of the iceberg, the way the demolition of WTC 7 happened, seems to me rather an a c c i d e n t in the whole scenario. At least it prooves that Silverstein himself is a very very important piece of the wargame. "Allowing" that the WTC 7 (b t w - he had built it himself..) was brought down by decision, he logically allows that a. this really was a contr. demolition, b. - as a C.D. had to be engineerd/prepared weeks ago, he must have known about this "project", c. that there must have been a crew of workers to bring on the devices/explosives; d. logically these must be the same "firm" as in the Silverstein-leased WTC 1 and 2. -
There i s a huge problem. The WTC 7-case doesn't fit in the intelligent agenda of 9-11, this case is too strange, to "idiot"..

But maybe it's me, the idiot ?

While speculation is fun it is not a good use of time or energy

That said, many of us believe that WTC 7 was supposed to come down inside of the dust cloud of the last tower collapse and not be seen. Stuff happens and it didn't, so instead we have this obvious smoking gun.

Just say thank you and truth on!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.