Kevin Barrett Interviews Les Jamieson

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The topic of discussion is the environmental impact of 9/11.

Good show

Good host, good guest, good calls and great music.


ditch Fetzer

Kind of interesting that the

Kind of interesting that the Pentagon video got 200reponsed while this very interesting post almost nothing.
Kevin and Les are dealing with many important subjects, for instance about legal strategies how to open the whole case etc.

It seems to me that they are framing the debate by periferial issues like Pentagon while the important offensive material like discussed in this Kevin show gets little attention..

Read up on Garrison or Prouty, that's very old tactics how to deal with the opposition.

I was sort of hoping there would be some discussion

about that legal strategy thingie... definitely more interesting than the Pentagon mindfuckfest. Maybe no one listened to the show.

Maybe people need time to absorb...

...this legal strategy approach before we figure out how to procede....certainly Lawyer Will (?) from Missouri has an intriguing idea about pursuing an illegal controlled deomolition prosecution regarding WTC7....

Also, any lawsuits instigated by the poisoned First Responders and citizens of lower Manhattan would hold great promise for opening the door of 9/11 Truth....we must do all we can to help publicize their plight and administration malfeasance and callous disregard directed toward those heroes. Massive public outrage & outcry over this will ensure legal remedy is sought.

Futher discussions of legal strategies should be more fully discussed and developed on this site. Let's not let this potentially powerful strategy go unexamined.

Webster Tarpley and Meria Heller also had an interesting discussion on where the Truth movement goes from here on his Saturday radio show. (Webster being less optimistic about the chances for success in the legal system than Meria).

You mean...

You've figured out why they release videos that don't show anything every couple of months?

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

A legal strategy is worthless

when there is no genuine court to take it to.

I disagree....

....even if we get stonewalled, it is bound to attract negative attention to the government (Truthers can insure that) and its 9/11 fabrications, and increase both our ranks and the determination of the already-believers....

Fair point.

I haven't seen past cases employed in that vein yet, though.

Well they can't keep stovepiping cases to Alvin Hellerstein

I mean, not to upset people, but the judge getting all 9/11 related cases (for SOME reason) is, in fact, a Zionist, which in this context means an ardent supporter of the state of Israel.

Why send all the cases to ONE judge? And why THIS judge? And does the ongoing travesty of justice taking place under his watch make him anything other than an accessory?


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Which authority does the stovepiping?

They are the critical component, then, and an effort should be made to circumvent them.

If its the Southern Federal

If its the Southern Federal Court of NY (what ever it is officially called) then you have some interesting questions about who sets the court docket for that jurisdiction.

BTW, Patrick "Stall" Fitzgerald is from there... And so was Chertoff.


You CANNOT beat these guys at their own game. Anyone who's been in court up against a big corporation and a corrupt judge will agree with me....It's a DEAD END!
The guys that pulled off 911 will stop at nothing and will use brute force if necessary, so I'm afraid anything short of a revolution will not add up to a hill of beans in the final equation.
Regardless, everyone who reads this should get ready for anything.

Well, firstly it's important

Well, firstly it's important to set a historical record. Not unlike Jim Garisson, Jim was marginalized and silenced but thanks to his book in 1988 and later Stone's movie and consequently declassified material we now know with 99% who did the Kennedy bros.

Now, the future for humanity is not very bright, energy crises, overpopulation etc. So, the risk of some mass revolt in the future is quite likely, and the 9/11 could be one of the triggers if not The Trigger..

Actually, the Bush father mentioned it in some early 90s interview that if the public learns the true history what they did to the US and world they will drag and hang them in the streets. So lets take this is as an invitation there is no problem to storm the Bush and Rockefella compounds and resolve the issue. In order to do that you need to outnumber their goons.. Which is not likely now but could be possible in the near future after peak oil, depreciated u$d, high inflation, no jobs and collapsing economy..

and justice?

But was justice served? NO
We need justice not another 40 years of intellectual back and forth and conspiracy theories , etc.
We need justice and we need it now...enough is enough.
The groundwork is already laid out, granted we need more people to wake up, but i believe that threshold has been met and now it's time to boogie.

I don't think he/she is

I don't think he/she is saying all is lost, but that mass revolt is inevitable...