Richard Dreyfus on Real Time w/ Bill Maher

I complied an 8 minute audio clip of Richard Dreyfus from HBO's show, Real Time With Bill Maher. So i cut and pasted a few of his little rants about the basic question of 'What is Civics?'

I will title this: In the Middle of the Night When the Towers Fall

The title is a quote from the audio file. He talks a lot about civics, media, descent, democracy and the loss of liberty that will come from the next terrorist attack.

Dreyfus' comments were both a warning

and a call to action. Protecting ourselves from future gov't abuses in the face of false flag (or even "legitmate") threats means staying vigilant against the destruction of our rights.

Dreyfuss Rules!!

Thank you for posting this !
This was VERY inspiring to listen to and it reinforces the teachings of Michael Badnarik on the Constitution and Civics aswell. I'm forwarding this along!

glad you liked it... that's

glad you liked it... that's probably the only thing i've seen on TV recently that actually spoke some truth.