Are NPT and Energy Weapons COINTELPRO disinfo?

From all the comments in the last COINTELPRO post, it seems like many people think that anyone who supports the no plane theory and energy weapons theories is labeled a disinfo agent that needs to be stopped, censored and destroyed at all costs.

I think this line of thinking is very dangerous and close minded. The truth is, I don’t know what happened to those buildings. I do know that it wasn’t a few jet fuel fires that made them explode into dust. I don’t know if thermite was used, if only conventional explosives were used, if there was some sort of black technology used, who knows eh? I’m not a scientist. I don’t know what hit those towers, if it was a plane, what kind of plane, who knows? All I can do is make my best guess from the information I’ve been exposed too. However, we cannot be so close minded with respect to all these “alternative theories”. Let everyone do their research and have it put up for others to read, discuss and then we can all draw our own opinions. I think this movement as a whole should be able to keep an open mind, since it took an open mind to accept that 9/11 wasn’t what it appeared to be.

But I certainly do not think that people like Killtown are COINTELPRO agents out there to disrupt and destroy our movement. People who believe in these theories want a new investigation just like the rest of us. These people should be allies, rather than enemies. There is no need to be so threatened by someone with a different opinion than you have. We are all fighting for the same thing. TRUTH. And I don’t think anyone really knows that the truth really is. We all have different opinions about 9/11, and that should be encouraged. I hope that people continue to look into every aspect and possibility because it can be very dangerous if we all follow down the same path with a close mind, thinking we have all the answers.

Ever since I watched the lecture by Jeff King, aka MIT Engineer, aka Plague Puppy, I found that presentation very effective in summarizing the argument for controlled demolition. I’ve had a lot of respect for Jeff King because it really appears like this is a very intelligent person who was able to describe the controlled demolition of the Twin Towers with remarkable clarity and rationality. Here is link for the lecture I’m referring to (the lecture starts about 1min into the video and it is also featured in 9/11 revisited)

This was one of the first lectures I watched after seeing Loose Change what seems like forever ago, but I guess it’s only been about a year. After loose change I was pretty convinced, but after seeing this, there was no doubt left in my mind that the buildings fell from controlled demolition.

Even to this day, I still feel like Jeff King is the best person we have in the movement to explain the collapse of the towers. He appeared on Webster Tarpley’s radio show in March 2006, and had another chance to give another great explanation for controlled demolition. I’m sure most of you haven’t heard this audio clip, but it’s another great explanation for controlled demolition. (I have edited the clip from the show to bring you all a 10min version of the controlled demolition explanation).

These two explanations (the video and audio) to me are the most concise and rational explanations for controlled demolition. At the time I heard this interview, I hadn’t heard much about the no plane theories at the Twin Towers or theories about energy weapons. I had taken a brief look at Nico’s work, and I didn’t think the evidence was very convincing. I was still open to the idea, since pretty much anything is possible once you know 9/11 was an inside job, but I had never heard any explanation that I thought was a convincing or rational. I didn’t think any of the “evidence” for the no plane theories was even comprehendible, let alone anything could even be considered a persuasive explanation. Fuzzy clips on UTube of planes losing their wings, or nose bits of a nose cone going through a building was pretty much all I was looking at and I considered this theory pretty crazy.

Then, later on in Tarpley’s show, he is asked to comment on the no plane theory and the energy weapon theory. So I would encourage everyone to listen to what Jeff King had to say about the subject, since, like his controlled demolition evaluation, his evaluation of the no plane theory and energy weapons theories is equally rational and concise. (clip is roughly 5min)

After hearing this explanation, I found it far more convincing than anything Nico or anyone else was trying to show with a bunch of weird U-Tube videos. I admit that Jeff King seems to be far more intelligent than me and especially far more knowledgeable in science and engineering. So if Jeff King considers it a possibility, who am I to say that it’s not? I can certainly understand why someone would believe in the no plane or energy weapons theories. I am personally undecided on what really happened. I can say that I haven’t come to a definite conclusion and that my mind is open to both possibilities. I certainly do take offence to the attacks on people who believe this happened. This movement cannot attack one another for holding, what I consider to be, a rational perspective. And that statement goes both ways. We are all fighting for the same thing here, and that’s a new investigation and publicity and recognition of all the anomies surrounding 9/11. If we stopped attacking each other for holding opposing views, we can unite to attack the real enemy who hold certainly holds the most irrational view that 9/11 was an attack by 19 hijackers.

I bet if we took a poll of random 9/11 Truthers, I bet half would think a missile hit the pentagon and half would think it was a plane. However, I think we can all agree that it wasn’t a Boeing 757 or AA77. But does it matter who thinks a missile hit the Pentagon and who thinks it was a mid sized plane? I personally think that it was a mid sized remote control plane that may have fired a missile or something on impact, combine with explosives inside the building itself (the hole in C-Ring?). But who knows eh? Maybe it was a missile? I certainly don’t know for sure. This is just what I consider the most likely possibility, but I definitely wouldn’t demonize and polarize someone for thinking a missile hit the Pentagon. I would just point them towards the evidence that shows that a mid-sized plane hit the Pentagon, and they could do the same. If they still think that a missile hit the Pentagon after looking at both sides, that’s fine. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. What is dangerous is if we proceed with a close mind and think that we know all the answers. I think it’s very strange that this movement in particular would have this problem. We all are fighting for the same thing. We’re on the same team. We’re a movement that has united because we all kept an open mind to things. We questioned authority, popular opinion, and didn’t believe we had all the answers to an event that most people consider an open and shut case.

I know that I would be proud and thankful to protest alongside anyone fighting for a new investigation. Even if it’s just someone who watched “9/11 Press for Truth” and wanted a new investigation to investigate evidence of foreknowledge and ISI connections. If we get a new investigation, and get scholars throughout the world to research every aspect of the events of 9/11, the truth will hopefully come out. We’re facing an uphill battle against one of the most sinister and sophisticated enemies this world has ever faced. If we’re going to stand a chance, we’re going to have to do this together. We’re going to have to stop fighting, unite, and get out there and make a difference. Get involved with your local 9/11 Truth Group. If there is no local group in your area, then start one yourself. Do something productive, anything but attack my teammates. I consider anyone willing to fight for 9/11 Truth my teammate, and we should all keep that in mind.

This is the kind of movement that I would like to be a part of. A movement of love, friendship, respect and action. I am trying to make my website, , representative of this vision. I will be working with Richard Andrew Grove and anyone else who wants to help, to add content to my website and create essentially an online media outlet to overthrow the current media system. This website attempts to create a central resource for all the movies, videos, information and research that the 9/11 Truth Movement has produced. I will attempt to use traditional media propaganda techniques against itself, by using public relations tactics of branding an edgy logo and presenting information in a well designed, eye pleasing, website. Posters can be easily printed, photocopied and plastered overtop of billboards and other advertisements. A new opening video has been added to the front page of my site to act as a commercial for the site to intrigue visitors into exploring the site. If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, I would encourage you all to have a look at my website, , and let me know if you would like to help out and contribute to what will hopefully be a central resource for the 9/11 Truth Movement. This movement needs to come together over a website to use as a central resource. At the moment, I’d have to say that is currently serving that function. I think this is a pressing issue we face, since it would be far more beneficial to support a site like mine, rather than one which tries to sell you things that are available for free and makes it difficult, especially for beginners, to find the strongest evidence the 9/11 truth movement has complied. Everything on my site is free, there are no adds, and I attempt to publish all material, not just related to 9/11, that needs to be exposed to the public. This is at least what I am trying to accomplish, and I could use all the help I can get.

Are NPT and Energy Weapons COINTELPRO disinfo?


This includes...

Jeff King of MIT (plaguepuppy)
Judy Wood (janedoe)
James Fetzer
Rick Seigel
Jimmy Walter
Nico Haupt (ewing2001)
Rosalee Grable (webfairy)
Morgan Reynolds and his merry gang of anonymous shills (who could be the above with pseudonyms)

I'm sure there are a few others.

The PROOF of damage to the 9/11 Truth movement is self evident, but make up your own mind.

It also probably includes

It also probably includes Shayler unfortunately, you don't go around telling newspapers about how "holograms hit the Towers", and then telling people at a 9/11 Truth meeting that "evolution is rubbish” and “that aliens genetically engineered humans". You just don't say f*cked up shit like that if you're concerned with helping make a movement credible and successful. You chat shit like that if you’re a nutjob, or if you never actually left the intelligence services and you’re a disinfo mole. That's what I think at least.

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i agree man... i don't know

i agree man... i don't know if he's still working for his old boss or not, definately a pretty good chance he is, but he shouldn't say crazy shit like that. that is retarded and harmful to the movement.

I don't think Jimmy Walter is a disinfo agent. He may be too

easily mislead by their junk-science though.

Have you seen this?

Jimmy Walter on Penn & Teller's Bullshit - 911 Conspiracy

And recently Walter has promoted the debunked "no planes/cartoon planes" at the wtc "theory".

Anyone promoting outlandish, debunked and divisive 9/11 theories (especially our self-appointed 9/11 truth "leaders") in front of large audiences, such as on television and radio, should be exposed for it and drummed out of the movement -period.

This is the precedent that should be set to send a clear message to anyone else who may be thinking about joining (or infiltrating) the movement for nefarious purposes, i.e., Jim Fetzer and Judy Wood's debunked SPACE BEAMS taking down the Twin Towers "theory".

All in my humble opinion of course.

now this link

i can use if i can get the original quicktime video.

last time i saw Jimmy he was presenting a film in NYC at St Marks church sponsored by ny911truth.

he showed some VERY strange film about the homosexual exploits of skull and bones members - based on the claims of one woman. it went on and on and on with the sexually explicit material - and with NO relevance whatsoever to 9/11.

as expected the audience slowly trickled away down to nothing.

keep in mind that this was a 9/11 billed event.

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Not true!

Show the documentation where I labeled the thermite theory cointelpro.

I have asked many many many questions regarding this subject - playing devils advocate on many questions - because i am working on a film and i am attempting to have some journalistic integrity on the issue.

Many people have interpreted this as being anti-controlled demolition, despite the fact that I am on the record in a full blown editorial (that I have not retracted) as being a supporter of the controlled demolition theory.

As for thermite, I believe Dr. Jones' work is bringing much needed attention to a very important issue - and as of yet he has not DISGRACED himself as OTHER so-called scientists have done with utterly absurdist theories about holograms, mini-nukes, death beams, and no planes.

This speaks volumes to me about Dr Jones - as a person. I am not completely sure i fully understand or agree with his work - but i have NEVER referred to his work as cointelpro.

as for the subject of APPROVED research - it is not arrogant to recognize that not all research should be treated equally. we cannot simply make all things equal here - because all theories are NOT equal.

Some theories go as far as to discredit this movement by purposely inserting lies and disinformation into a national dialogue that should be limited to DEMANDING ACOCUNTABILITY - not forwarding ridiculous junk science as a way of sabotaging our efforts.

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Look at the link folks

i was responding to a blog by CB Brooklyn claiming termite was used in the cleanup efforts at ground zero.

Now - is this disinformation or misinformation? are you an intentional liar - or not?

gee - its funny how the same small circle of junk science advocates are the same people who embrace EVERY insane theory while also launching these lying attacks.

speaks volumes,.

You did ask for it (and you got it)

John Albanese: "Show the documentation where I labeled the thermite theory cointelpro."

"is constantly speculating on outlandish theories like mini-nukes, energy beams, tvFakery and Thermite bringing us any closer to winning the hearts and minds of the american public - and finding the criminals responsible for 9/11?

it is my opinion that these lines of research are cointelpro disinformation, designed to discredit, disrupt and confuse the movement. that's my opinion.

Submitted by John Albanese on Tue, 10/24/2006 - 10:59am"

Your comment began as a smear on Judy Wood and baseless attacks on her evidence. You then proceeded to label thermite (and other) theories as cointelpro disinformation.

While we're at it, here is another video of the "steel to dust":

Better view?


the no-planers are ALWAYS at the center of every attempt to attack people's reputations and intentions.

Taking words out of context. Using lies. Using distortions. Always with the intention to divide the movement and undermine the credibility and trust of the public.

Its not just that guys like you always seem to come running to the aid of every crazy junk science theory - but your persistent in mischaracterizing, libeling, slandering and outright LYING about members here is a dead giveaway to your agenda.

There is no evidence that thermite was used in the cleanup efforts at ground zero. The suggestion of such a theory in the total absence of evidence is in actuality doing great damage to Dr. Jones' work. This line of research is not actually research at all. it is pushed into the public spotlight as a way of confusing the public and undermining the sincere attempts by legitimate members of this movement to discover the truth.

Your actions are transparent.

Out of context lying

Check out that link.

My response was to the UTTERLY ridiculous blog that was claiming termite was being used in teh cleanup efforts.

You are a liar.

I was not attacking Jones' work.

I'm sorry to upset you . I

I'm sorry to upset you . I was as surprised as you to see that comment .

I suggest charitably that you were not expressing yourself clearly.

Could Not Agree More

This reminds me of the recent differences in Scholars for Truth. I could not agree with you more.

The really important, indeed ONLY necessary thing is surely that we reject the official explanation for what happened on the 11th September - and demand a new, and independent inquiry. Let us leave the question of HOW and WHAT happened on that horrendous day to that!

It is a great shame that truthers start fighting each other. Indeed, I wrote to Jim at Scholars for Truth and wrote precisely that. Jim, to his great credit, replied to agree with me, and told me that they were working to overcome their differences.

Let us put aside disunity, and concentrate on our common goal!

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It's called credibility,

It's called credibility, we've already got enough convincing, valid and credible material to work with we don't need new "theories". And when you look at these new "theories" their wild, kooked out, stereotypical conspiracy theory "blurry image" bullshit. And it's exactly that which the scumfuckers behind 9/11 would love to have us embrace, and would love to have the public see us as advocates of. They don't speak for me or for 99% of the movement, and in my opinion their either extremely brainless idiots, or their disinfo shills. Either way they’re not good for the effort that actually wants to win and I totally agree with kicking them off the truth train.

Our gov't readily admits that they are in the business of paying

disinfo agents & artists to spread b.s. all over the web! This has gotten so outrageous that it seems every-other post on some blogs is some blatant crap to disrupt everything. (Our tax dollars at work.)

After this is all over, we need a law that the gov't can't pay to have propaganda planted all over the msm & web!

killtown has one job: sabotage everything

the shills have like killtown have a fun time attempting to destroy the legitimate 911 questions with their nonsense. killtown also likes to post under the name cbbrooklyn and then puts up a bunch of hit pieces on steven jones.

why won't killtown admit that he is cbbrooklyn?

Do you have have proof?

Proof that killtown is cb_brooklyn?

Of course not

MatchCase = provocateur

I'm not CB. Why would I need two accounts here?

Match is just trying to character assassinate me.

Exhibit A - I find it notable that:

1) You set up a site named and promote it heavily with the apparent intention of drawing traffic away from, and

2) Continue to push divisive issues in your posts here.

While honest and credible inquiry into anything is always a good idea, it is NOT a good idea to push poorly supported and marginal "theories" regarding any serious subject if one wishes to establish and maintain credibility with the general public.

Yes, the perps in and out of government are engaged in multiple levels of disinfo and disruption, but will fail as we Truthers have truth and physics on our side.

Back to my sign shop.....

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


i agree this is a divisive subject, but the site itself seems to not delve into this silly nonsense. Lets just give Adam the benefit of the doubt, and encourage him to focus his energies on more constructive blogs.

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betta check ya self? that

betta check ya self? that was easy ->

Great post!

I wish all "truthers" could be as open-minded as you are.


Btw, 911blogger has banned me from posting blogs here

I've tried to post a couple blogs in the past days and none have been posted.

911blogger censors.

how dare they censor a fed!

killtown, if they censor you under your original name, just try posting it under you cbbrooklyn name...or better yet, stop disrupting the 911 message boards and ask your DIA bosses to reassign you

MatchCase = provocateur

But what is new?

911blogger is showing its true colors

when it gives me minus points for letting everybody know that they censor and gives attack comments about me positive points.

in the words of Eric

in the words of Eric Cartman, the President of our South Park 9/11 Truth Movement, "I hate check minus!"

for the last time - cb_brooklyn is *NOT* killtown

I don't know what's wrong with you paranoia-minded people.


But I'll tell you this... my blogs do not get posted either!


Now ask yourself this: IF I were a shill, do you think I'd let myself be censored? Don't you think I'd "see to it" that my blogs get posted? Who's doing the censoring? It's the mods of 911Blogger.

peace and love people

first and foremost, i bring you some inspirational words from Richard Dreyfuss:

In The Middle of the Night When the Towers Fall by Richard Dreyfuss:

well... not really the response i was going for with this blog... but whatever. i was kinda hoping that people would realize that it doesn't matter who thinks planes hit and who didn't. that we should be comfortable with someone holding a different opinion. This post was designed to united these two perspectives to focus efforts on more constructive things. why is this truth movement so threatened by this point of view? does it really matter? is it really so damaging to admit that it's a possibility that some people believe, but that most 9/11 truthers do not?

LOOK OUT KILLTOWN'S BEHIND YOU WITH A KNIFE! he's a secret agent going to cut your head off, along with the rest of the truth movement ! hahahah... i don't know about you guys, but i know his reseach and all the research on the killtown page, contributed to the content in loose change, and that movie has more for this movement that everyone's efforts combine. anyways, these attacks kinda piss me off. these people arn't agents. if you're going to try to identify COINTELPRO, you're going to have be a little smarter to know that it's not that easy. you really these agents would be so easily identifable by appearing to create some "no plane/energy weapon" thing? trust me, if COINTELPRO has influtrated, you're not gonna be able to spot them. it's a little more complicated than NPT = COINETELPRO, Thermite = Word of God. I think the first response comment in this blog says it all. i'm trying to say, it's a little more complex than YES, YES, YES in red letters. that maybe there's COINTELPRO on both sides of the coin, who are encouraging this debate and polorizing the movement? If Fetzer starts beliving in energy weapons, are we gonna kick him out of the group he started? I'm sure if fetzer went on TV, he would never mention this, and he would focus on WTC 7 and the hard evidence. There's no harm in him researching it for himself or wanting to publish alternative findings on his site.

the other thing also... i think even the NPT people admit that it is not the strongest evidence. Even if this movement was to unite and stop argueing over who belives what, we can all agree that WTC 7 is the smoking gun. We all agree on what is our best evidence. So what's really the harm? everyone acts like NPT people just got sprayed by a skunk and are holding a bomb and everyone has to back away as quickly as possible.

So, the correct answer to my question, or at least what i think the correct answer is: NPT and Energy Weapons are NOT COINTELPRO. They are people who hold a different opinion. COINTELPRO may have influtrated all aspects of 9/11 truth, including NPT people and the rest of the movement, but this is not the big secret to identifiying them. Very few other movements could detect them, movements with far more organization and structure, so i really don't think we stand a chance. we espeically wont stand a chance if we think we've already identified them as simply the NPT people.

Even though these theories have been the topic of my last few posts, this is certainly not what my website is about. If you havn't seen my site recently, i still invite you all to have a look. The site is first and foremost a place for beginners to learn about 9/11 by looking at the best and most effective evidence first. But, other information is available for those who want to look into the issue more. One of my orgional goals of the site was to have all the loose change sources, so there's no harm in having the Cleveland air port mystery tucked away in there. definately not strong evidence, definately not something everyone believes, but interesting none the less. There's no harm in incorporating the shock wave at the pentagon, or the death of hunter s. thompson, or dare i say it...... the only people looking at this stuff will have already learned all the basics of 9/11 and just want to look more. let's stop fighting, stop sensoring, and get working together, neither of us being threatended by someone elses opinion.

Does it really matter?

Here's some food for thought.

Does it really matter if someone is an organized disruptor or just natural born one? A disruptor is a disruptor.

Does it really matter is someone is intentionally spreading disinformation - or is just unintentionally spreading misinformation? It does damage to the cause either way.

Does it really matter if 9/11 was the result of LIHOP or MIHOP? They are guilty of mass murder either way.

So - as magnanimous as your blog attempts to be - you seem to be missing the essential issue. Not all things are equal.

Truth is not a big-tent come-one come-all circus where clowns get to direct traffic and chimps get to write dissertations. A truth movement is not all inclusive. It concerns itself with the truth - and the truth ONLY. Disinformation and/or misinformation is not welcome here. its nothing personal - as much as some wish to make it so.

Test #2

I'd asked before for people to post evidence that I'm a "disinfo agent" and all that was posted was I believe in NPT, so I "must be" and agent of disinfo.

Well do another test. Please post the best evidence you have that I'm disinfo and be sure to sign your post so you won't accused of being a coward for posting anonymously.

Killtown, I have a new found

Killtown, I have a new found respect for you which has caused me to rethink some issues, some specific to you.

My "Where's The Tree?" posts have given me a new perspective.

Dis/Mis-Information as I know see it is putting forth information that has been shown to have a very low probability of being true, even more so when there are other competing theories/hypothesis/whatever that better explain an event.  Its the act of continuing to put forth that idea when it is repeatedly shown to be either a flawed concept or clear evidence disproves it outright.

I really hope you see my point that I am fumbling with here.

Let me put it this way, If I had blindly rejected the sat photo of the doubletree on the grounds that there was a shadow over the parkinglot without looking at it with the purpose of TRYING to disprove my hypothesis I would be working against the truth.  It doesn't take a wire transfer of funds to be an agent of disinformation.



I didn't quite understand (maybe cause it's getting late).

Could you rephrase?

TV Fakery is a hypothesis

TV Fakery is a hypothesis for the NPT, that is pretty much undisputed.

I personally have seen video of the second plane strike of the WTC to be edited, anyone with a few programs can churn out one. Its not that hard.

The finding these videos on the internet does not prove anything other than the video itself does not agree with other videos of the same event.

And it certainly does not show that video broadcast on 9/11 or soon after has been edited. All you have is some video from some person/website. With no clear chain of custody it isn't worth much at all.

The thing that makes it destructive to the truth is the NPT. It depends on TV Fakery to be viable.

Every promoter of NPT refuses to acknowledge the evidence plane debris, photos, videos, damage at the impact holes, empirical evidence (F4 vs Concrete Wall@500mph), Computer models, eyewitnesses, etc.

I personally read an early draft of paper that was submitted in support of NPT but the authors refused to address the above points.

So indirectly, by supporting a unprovable and highly improbable idea that the live video of the second plane strike is the product of some sophisticated computer program, and ignoring all the evidence against that hypothesis, you are working against the truth. And in so doing you are a defacto agent for disinformation.

And think about it, if they could fake a plane crashing into the towers, don't you think they could fake a blurry low fps video showing a 757 hitting the pentagon? 

OK, besides my NPT beliefs

which of my other beliefs makes you think I'm an agent?

Here's my website where you can see what all my beliefs are:

Now could you please post the URL to your website so we can all scrutinize your beliefs?

Do you know 'de facto' means?

It might help if you did.

You don't you list all your 9/11 beliefs

so we can all scrutinize them too instead of just being a provocateur and helping to divide the movement?

I don't have "9/11 beliefs"

If I needed to believe in something I'd join a religion.

I don't have a website, I

I don't have a website, I think the internet has enough really good sites with sound information / research / valid questions. There are a lot of bad ones as well...

I have no problems at all about what I have read, and I think the interview with the First Responder concerning WTC6 is very interesting to say the least.

If you want to know my beliefs/theories/etc inorder to nail down my position, no problem but until I do put up a site I think it would be better to ask about a specific topic.

But when it comes to the NPT/Mini-Nukes/Space Beams stuff, well I think they are all disinformation. And their ultimate purpose is not to lead the movement astray, but to discourage others from adopting our position. These guys play the old F.U.D. game, Fear , Uncertainty and Doubt. They know no one who has looked into this believes the government's version of 9/11, so they have to paint us as crazies. They are losing and they only way of getting out of this is to stall long enough for people to go back to sleep and for all the confiscated evidence to magically disappear or get accidentally destroyed.

My eyes are set squarely on the current and active activities of the COINTELPRO. I don't know if you are paid, but I am sure the same people are whispering in your ear and lending you support.

 If you are legitimately out in front of the movement, you are going to be a target for them, and you sir are out in front.

Well let's turn this around

Let's say YOU'RE "out in front" as a 9/11 researcher/activist and someone starts making UNFOUNDED claims that you are a disinfo agent. How would YOU go about to combat that unfounded claim knowing you're no disinfo agent?

Focus on the botched crash scene at Shanksville.



"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Show "Excellent Blog Post !!!" by CB_Brooklyn

CB, you've left one of your smear attempts unattended!

Right here. I know it's completely unlike you to spam a page with smear attempts and then just run off when your bullshit is refuted - I'm sure it's merely an oversight. Don't bother thanking me for reminding you, just run along and answer some of those of questions now. Wouldn't want anyone to get the impression that you're completely full of shit!

YT, take one tablet.

YT, take one tablet. Remember?

I'm not responsible for your medication

or your dosage.