Breaking News - Egyptian Police Arrest American, and others, for Terror Plot

This story is just breaking on MSNBC and CNN - so there are no details yet - but it will be interesting to see exactly who this American is and what he was planning.

He will, of course, be portrayed as another John Walker or Jose Padilla - but - we should look carefully to see if there are any telltales signs that he has any 'connections.'

For example - Nick Berg - the American beheaded in Iraq - it was confirmed shared an email account with Zacarias Moussaoui. The FBI contends to this day that this was simply a bizarre coincidence and Berg had given the password to Moussaoui in a bus terminal where they had met and struck up a friendship.


Bizarre coincidences like this deserve to be treated with a certain level of incredulity from the public, and if this "American" arrested in Egypt has even the appearance of being "connected" to any "bizarre coincidence" we need to be prepared to confront it.

Sup John, how's that mini

Sup John, how's that mini doc on the disinfo jokers going? I’m looking forward to that badboy dude lol.

Its coming along

Although at the moment I am preparing for my event at Boston College with Robert Bowman.

I am still looking for some key video that would enhance the disinfo film:

Dr. Pepper at the Chicago gathering - speaking on infiltration.

Morgan Reynolds on FoxNews talking about cartoon planes. (I have the audio version - and i am currently using it with photos - but can't seem to find the video version)

Any video or audio on the Star Wars beams nonsense coming from Judy Wood or Fetzer.

Please note that MyTube and Google Video do not let you download their videos in a format i can use. I need Quicktime or Mpeg or AVI files.

I am also open to any additional materials that anyone might want to suggest. I was thinking of posting a blog requesting suggestions - but the subject of cointelpro has become a very sensitive subject around here and i could see the "suggestions" becoming heated.

Alright man, I can help out

Alright man, I can help out if you want. I'll try and see if I can get some of that video and send it to this address;

[dz (removed email address): don't post an email address unless you want it flooded, we have robots crawling the site like nobody's business - use the contact feature]

^ Don't know if that still works?


now that everyone on blogger knows my email address - yes.

but do not email videos. they are too big. just send me links to where i can download them.

also - if you have any good examples of disinfo you want to suggest - email those as well.

Shit man sorry about that, I

Shit man sorry about that, I just remembered you'd dropped it for me in a thread time ago and I just went and got it. Anyway I'd love to help out, this video sounds like a really great idea!

If you want


If you want it could be... "OUR"... e-mail address... you know.... If you wanted to share or something.....

I hear everybody's doing it....

just change the password to "Boosumbuddies"

Try this to download from

Try this to download from GoogTube and try this to convert the flv files. Good luck. Can't wait to see the video.


there's this one joker who keeps claiming he "saw the planes" but refuses to provide any specifics. maybe he should star in the disinfo docu.


i am

John, the Morgan Reynolds video is here


great to hear that you are exposing the fraud of the space beamers. the morgan reynolds video on fox news can be found here:

morgan will have to run to his handler and await new instructions once he gets exposed in a well made film



John, I'm just converting

John, I'm just converting Reynolds on Fox and Fetzer chatting bs about space beams etc, I'll mail you as soon as I've got them up on or megaupload etc....



Shared an email account?

"Nick Berg ... it was confirmed shared an email account with Zacarias Moussaoui"

Shared an email account? Now that is interesting, do you mean they exchanged emails or they had access to send and recieve mail from a unified account.

One sounds innocuous (shared email addresses while traveling) verses sinister (received communications from a third party).

Anyone have any more information on that bit?

Access to a unified account

It could be an innocent mistake. I know i give out my personal email passwords to complete strangers on buses all the time.

Here's the story as it ran at CNN:

"It turned out this guy was

"It turned out this guy was a terrorist and that he, you know, used my son's e-mail, amongst many other people's e-mail who he did the same thing to," Berg said.

Oh really, I wonder who else? 

Just laughing to myself

Just laughing to myself because if that is true.... I can't even imagine how that whole thing would go down..... I used to ride the bus quite a bit and I can remember where two strangers got on with a converstaion.... maybe three times out of 100.... and those lasted less than 10 min.

agreeing to share an e-mail address?..... I don't even know of any married couples who would share an email..... yet they still believe.

stole an email account.... more likely.... but what would be the goal of that?

the whole thing stinks.... but it all paid off for Nick Berg....didn't it?

AP News Item -

CAIRO, Egypt More than a dozen people have been arrested by authorities in Egypt for allegedly plotting terrorist attacks in Middle Eastern countries including Iraq.

The Interior Ministry says an American, eleven Europeans and several others from Arab countries were arrested.Authorities say the group is part of an Islamic militant terror cell that has adopted extremist ideas. The ministry says the group was living in Egypt under the guise of carrying out Arabic and Islamic studies.Along with the American, police have arrested two Belgians, nine people from France and several others from Egypt and other Arab countries including Tunisia and Syria.Police officials say the arrests were made about a week ago. All of those arrested are in jail pending further investigation.

Copyright 2006 Associated Press

Waiting for the Brits to

Waiting for the Brits to break down the walls with their tanks and bust them out

The Nick Berg beheading video looked fake to me. There was

no blood whatsoever when they allegedly chopped Berg's head off! That seems impossible! Blood should've been gushing out all over the place!


entertaining the idea that video may be faked is badthink... you may be straying close to doubleplusbadthink, (You know, where you badthink the videos of certain other things may have been faked.)


Because if you don't believe that the planes at the WTC were CGI then it must mean that no video ever was or ever will be "faked".

If you don't believe that a spacebeam took down the towers then you must believe that beam weapons aren't in development or ever will be.

Is that what you're trying to say?

Are you sure that box is small enough for you?




nicely put, YT

This is such an obvious shill tactic--give something a bad name (video faking) and it must of course be discounted in every case.

I seriously doubt not only Nick Berg's beheading ever took place, but also Daniel Pearl's. Both those guys are still alive, under the particular brand of deep cover called "presumed dead". Remember that from day 1 (9/11/01) we have been treated to a fantastic run of global-reality-based THEATRE. It was and is designed to appeal to people who are accustomed to forming their worldview and opinions through television and movies. The line between "good guys" and "bad guys" is so clearly drawn as to be as trite as any bad hollywood thriller.

Thanks to Ron Suskind, we know that at least one person inside the White House believes themself to be a creator of reality for the dumbed down masses. It's obviously not just one person with a touch of this megalomania, I'm sure a lot of people who are clinging to the official story do so because it makes them feel powerful to know something about the world profoundly at odds with what "the little people" believe.

To watch them not be able to let go, because it would mean having to accept that they are not the omnipotent puppet masters they fancied themselves to be is very satisfying. We're talking about a LOT of people here who basically made a deal with the devil, because they assumed that they were so much smarter than most other people, only to realize that they grossly overestimated their intelligence relative to "the masses".


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


I agree with most of that

I agree with most of that dude. I definitely think that Daniel Pearl's death is very fishy, there are some very weird links with the ISI etc, and Berg's beheading is also just strange and just seems like some kind of psy-op. But I can't see why those guys would be kept alive, especially Pearl.