PA 9/11 Visibility Out And About In Philly

I wish I could have been there with them, but unfortunately, I had something come up at the last minute, and I couldn't attend. Thanks to everyone who made it out, and thanks to Fred Weber for posting these pictures. - Jon



I want to thank Michael Galganski, Nick from Philly, Mark Peters and Nick Falcone for coming out today. We started out at the Constitution Center at 6th & Arch Sts. There was a Town Hall meeting with Senator John McCain. It was in conjunction with the Army-Navy game which was being held at Lincoln Financial Field at 2 PM. But we got skunked. They must have their own parking garage and an indoor entrance to it. We were wondering where everybody was because it was well past 11 AM and only one small group of about 30 people had come out. They came out in dribs and drabs from 1030 AM on but no big groups came out. Mark went inside to find out if the meeting was still going on. He came out and told us that Senator McCain had left a long ago and the Town Hall meeting was over. Of course, Senator McCain had to get to the Army-Navy game because they start the walk in around noon time and that takes awhile and then the game starts around 2 PM.

So undaunted, we headed out for The Gallery, running into Santa Claus making an early appearance at the Visitors Center at 6th & Market Sts. And not living in the city for a while has clouded my memory. The entrance to The Gallery is at 9th & Markets Sts not 11th & Market Sts as that is the Market East train station. So we set up shop at 9th St where the shoppers were. Much better. More people. We could spread out a bit and get the people in all directions. Later on, Nick C. got interviewed by a religious group that was there. They seem to have the same type of ideals as we do but theirs are with the bible. They say that there are lies and truths in the bible that they are trying to tell the people. They also quoted 9/11 truth and the governmental lies as well. So we lost Nick F to his job around noon. At 2 PM we lost Michael to his schooling. Nick C and I stayed until little after 2 PM when the flyers had run out. A successful outreach.

The following are some pictures I took.

Michael, Nick from Philly, Nick Falcone & Mark Peters

Nick C & Mark

Nick C & Mark

Nick C & Mark

Nick from Philly being interviewed by church group

Interview continues

Michael Galganski

Mark Peters

Santa Says Right On

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Anybody from PA 9/11 Visibility live near Shanksville?

I need someone to replicate this photo from this spot:

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Thanks! northwoods

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