911 & Bigger Questions Which Need Answers

911 was a day of magical coincidences. Aside from for the first time in the 100 plus year history of steel buildings that we have the collapse of not one steel building, but the collapse of three of them, and all on the same day, and one of the buildings was never hit by a plane, but we also have a full array of magical coincidences. The most important group of these magical events are the suspiciously coincidental 911 War Games and Terror Drills which were ongoing or directly related to the events of the infamous day.

Amalgam Virgo : Air defense against rogue state/terror cruise missiles and hijackings
Vigilant Guardian: Another on going air defense exercise against hijacking planes
Northern Guardian: Major air defense drills
Vigiliant Warrior: Major NORAD exercises
Northern Vigilance: NORAD deploys major portion of US air defense and fighters to Alaska and Northern Canada
Amalgam Warrior: Large live-fly air defense and air intercepts and tracking surveillance
Global Guardian: Nuclear warfighting exercises "Amageddon" (armed!)
Crown Vigiliance: Air combat command exercise
Apollo Guardian: Large scale live-fly air defense and air intercept, tracking and surveillance
National Reconnaisance Office (NRO): Crashing planes into buildings (WTF!)
AWACS: AWACS flying over Washington DC and Florida
Fort Meyer, Virginia: Firemen (Pentagon), "aircraft crash refresher course" for firefighters
TRIPOD II, Manhatten: Readied response to major emergency already in place 9/10/01, biochemical attack
Timely Alert II: Emergency response to bomb attacks

Some of these drills effectually disabled air defense systems, while others introduced fake radar blips on the screens of military personnel, while others deployed military aircraft in the guise of hijacked commercial airliners. Overall it looks to be a massive shell game being played out against the nation and against most all of the military personnel involved, save for the few directors who would be in on the game. This thoroughly explains why false-flag planners would not need thousands of conspirators in carrying out the murderous acts. As far as covering up these acts, the number of people involved certainly grows, but a number which can easily be managed with overt stand-down orders, threats, bribery, and blackmail.

Also, something else very important to focus on would be the threat against Air Force One which Cheney passed on to the Bush team in Florida which resulted in Bush flying all over the country on 911, and at some points of the mad air-dash across the nation, lacking any fighter protection. Along with that, the Bush team travelling to Florida with anti-aircraft missile systems is highly questionable. Finally, what particularly spikes my interest is the phone call Bush recieved from Putin on the morning of 911. I would love to know what was discussed.

The day of justice is coming fellow Truthers. Very soon the wind will be at our back. Till then, we should increase focus, stay strong, step up on spreading the word, and know in our hearts that not only will the truth set us free, but it is definitively on our side. There are more of us than them, alot more of us.


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Focus on the botched crash scene at Shanksville.