9/11 Course at University of Rhode Island

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New URI course to focus on impact of 9/11 on literature

01:00 AM EST on Friday, November 24, 2006

By Jennifer D. Jordan
Journal Staff Writer

Prof. Alain-Philippe Durand knew he had hit a nerve when his French class
at the University of Rhode Island discussed a controversial novel about
9/11, Windows on the World, two years ago.

The book, written by Frederick Beigbeder, was then only available in
French. Durand hoped its provocative subject — an imagining of the
terror and violence that transpired in the North Tower just as the first
plane hit the World Trade Center — would spark lively debate in the
French conversation class.

But the professor said he was not prepared for the intensity of the
discussion or the complexity of the issues it revealed.

“The students were divided into two camps. One side said, ‘Who does
this guy think he is …. This Frenchman thinks he knows more about the
U.S. than we do,’ ” said Durand. “The other half of the class was
completely the opposite. They thought a novel on this should have been
written earlier, and that the only way to confront these issues is to talk
about them.”

A few months later, Durand edited a book, Novels of Contemporary Extreme,
with his colleague, Naomi Mandel, an associate professor of English who
specializes in literature of the Holocaust. Durand began to see a
connection between writings about the Holocaust and the profusion of
novels, documentaries, movies and nonfiction books about 9/11 that had
started to come out.

“Who has the right to tell the story?” Durand said. “Should it be
only those people who experienced it first hand? What do you do when all
those people are dead?”

These questions prompted Durand to create a new class at URI’s Kingston
campus. In January, an honors seminar for 20 students, conducted in
English, will explore the impact of 9/11 through literature and film.

“What I am really hoping is that by having some discussion, that will
help us come to terms with the event itself,” Durand said. “One of the
main questions will be is there, or should there be, such a thing as the
literature of 9/11 the way there is a literature of the Holocaust.”

The class will explore the terrorist attacks through various media
including comic books, photography, nonfiction books, the federal
government’s 9/11 Commission Report, novels, documentaries and feature

“There will be a section on testimonials of survivors put together by
New York Times journalists and a section on theories about violence by
intellectuals like Susan Sontag,” Durand said. “There will also be a
section on the conspiracy theories about 9/11 by this group of people,
educated people like professors and architects, who are arguing that
September 11 did not happen as it was presented but that it was
orchestrated by the U.S. government.”

Durand is already thinking about what form the discussion will take if
some students believe the conspiracy theory.

“Maybe by going through all the materials in the course, they will
change their mind,” he said. “But everyone will be free to say what
they want as long as they are respectful to the other students.”

The course will also analyze different approaches to retelling the events
of 9/11, comparing a French documentary about the New York firefighters
who responded to the World Trade Center to feature films, such as United
93. That movie starred unknown actors and was filmed with hand-held
cameras to capture the ragged, shocking nature of the hijacking of the
doomed plane. Durand also plans to show Oliver Stone’s World Trade
Center, a big-budget studio production starring Nicholas Cage, and an HBO
movie on the terrorists behind the attacks, called The Hamburg Cell.

“I want the students to discuss how different writers and filmmakers
have chosen to represent such an event and also to discuss the different
approaches,” Durand said.

Durand said that five years after the terrorist attacks, many people feel
ready to explore the issues raised by 9/11.

“In part, it’s a question of time,” he said. “On September 12,
people like [David] Letterman and [Jay] Leno didn’t have a show. They
didn’t see how they could go on the air and try to tell jokes after what
had happened.”

But within a few days, network television decided it was time to return to
some semblance of normalcy, and late-night comedians returned to the air.

New! European 9/11Citizens Jury

It is clear from the outset to all people who seek truth concerning 9/11 what that verdict should be.


It is clear from the outset to all people who seek truth concern

The headline can be read in both ways: "It is clear from the outset to all people who seek truth concerning 9/11 what that verdict should be."
From the Bushist perspective it can be read as supporting the 9/11 Commission Report. And to the 9/11 skeptics it can be the contrary view, that 9/11 was an inside job, a false flag operation. Clearly with either camp reading it as supporting their version it is going to attract some flack. So what is the real meaning?

The link explains all

Check it out.

Gingrich Lies To Assault Free Speech Again!

Not content with last week's brazen attack on the First Amendment during a speaking engagement in New Hampshire, Newt Gingrich has swung another right hook in the direction of freedom of speech, by exploiting non-existent statements and Neo-Con propaganda as a reason for shutting down websites and gagging political dissent in America. http://prisonplanet.com/articles/december2006/051206gingrichlies.htm

Burning BUSH

Yea... and we're not talking about the most rediculous thing I have heard in some time.... the Rumsfeld parting memo about pulling out of Iraq..... they are throwing Bush under the bus.... making it look like this was all his doing.

they intentionally lost the election... and now Rumsfeld is flip flopping making George look completely out of touch as well as the one pushing the buttons.

everyone is falling out.... one by one.... and they are going to leave BUSH holding the bag.

they are giving us alternative means to impeach..... to divert us away from 911.....it's the old bait and switch.

they want us to get BUSH... but divert from 911.... this is so freakin obvious it's stupid..... Rummy might as well have been jumping up and down pointing and blaming him?

and where is Rummy on this?.... where are the interviews and the MSM schmear?

If true, is this why Poppy Bush was breaking down in tears...

....on the news last night...(ostensibly, it was about recounting Jeb's loss in the '94 Florida govenor's race, or so the MSM reported)....


....maybe 41 is all worked up over his 1st son's dismal and horrendous failures and what it has been decided (by their International Banker controllers) awaits him....(I know it's not about 43's criminal, murderous policies and decisions....that would require real human morality).

As I see it, there isn't anything wrong with

teaching the truth in a classroom.

I have no problem with them using the movie fantasy about United 93 as long as it was made clear that the movie was a fantasy.
They would just have to remind the class that there wasn't any plane wreckage, the FAA & NSTB did not investigate the non-crash, that the cell phones in 2001 couldn't have possibly sent the signals that would connect to the ground to place the calls and the United 93 was originally reported to have landed safely according to an Associated Press report on 9/11/2001.
The County coroner in Pa. stated that he stopped being a coroner because there were no bodies nor plane wreckage.
The truth about what happened on 9/11 should be taught so that no government will be able to get away with it again.

There is no comparison between 9/11 Truth and Holocaust denial

I find it appalling that people connect 9/11 and the Holocaust in any way, such as this literature professor does. The Holocaust was a systematic extermination of millions of people. 9/11 was a terrorist act that killed about 3000. The horror of the former eclipses the shock of the latter. In neither case should we talk about something that is "unrepresentable" or "beyond our imagination."

Such a comparison only seems to buttress the rhetoric of those who would compare 9/11 Truth with Holocaust denial. There is no comparison of these two things. Holocaust denial is for ignorant bigots. 9/11 Truth deals with the facts about 9/11. If the two converge, such as in Eric Hufschmid or American Free Press, it is only a cruel accident of fate and nothing more.

There is no comparison between 9/11 Truth and Holocaust denial

There truly is a comparison between 9/11 truth and Holocaust denial. In both cases it concerns a great fraud orchestrated by the corrupt powers for political and economic gain. The strategy was the same, disinformation and fabrication of evidence. In both cases the scientific evidence proves beyond a shadow of doubt that the official version, the storyline is/was a complete fabrication. Whilst I am far from being a Nazi sympathizer I believe in truth and justice. There are forces in the world that exert their powers by blackmail, coercion, threats, murder and terrorism. Upon this basis the holocaust industry has survived for six decades, and those who have done extensive research and had the courage to publish their findings have been hounded by the forces of evil, and at this moment three of them languish in prisons for “thought” crimes. Good morning 1984. Following the tragic events of 9/11 the corrupt mouthpiece of the puppeteers said: “If you are not with us you are with the terrorists.” That statement was a threat to the American people and to the world. And their terrorism continues to this day.

Before voting ^ down, please consider


I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few. --Adolf Hitler

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Kennedy assassination denial??

What's that supposed to be?

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so what is our political motivation?

you really make the dumbest comments

9/11 is a social issue because we think it's wrong to lie to the American public and grab power from people in the name of private interests who want to control and dominate our lives. We want free lives, good ones, where assholes in power and at the head of corporations can't just have their way with.

They lie about everything, to uphold all of this, tremendous and terrible lies are told. As an activism movement we oppose this, because we are concerned and our government is doing nothing and no one has been held accounting.

Real people are being killed for no reason other than the whim of the perpetrators of 9/11. This is my society and I live here, and they put this shit on TV about terrorism all the time, and there is a large, growing and serious group of Americans who do not think 9/11 was pulled off by 19 idiots. And even if it was it would never justify the reaction taken, all the more evidence of how important it was to sensationalize the event and radicalize the anti-terror rhetoric. This is as bad as the crusades. But our society is tranced out, addicted to American idol, apathetic, acquiescing.

We who wake up, who think we know better than the lies the corperate interest would feed us to serve it's purpose know they don't have our interests in mind. We have every reason to doubt this story, as DRG says, the goverment has given us no reason to believe theirs. The United States government's story is absurd, and does not make sense and does not match with what happened that day. They have lied repeatedly and sought to suppress and ignore details that are against their official conspiracy. Due to the fact that to this day only a fictional account of events, 9/11 can only be an inside job. 3 Buildings collapses at a rate just as fast as any building collapses have ever happened, while exhibiting all signs of a controlled demolition. You think that's luck? If those buildings had just stood there would 9/11 even be 9/11 anymore? The whole place had to be destroyed, turned into a fucking wasteland of death and destruction. That is scripted. You think it's synchronicity that on 9/11 there were drills simulating these events? You think testimony like that of William Rodriguez hogwash? I'm not sure what you or so many people are thinking anymore. Perhaps the public no longer thinks?

You my friend are in denial to deny all of this and dismiss this movement as people who cannot understand reality and turn to fantastic explanations. No, we reject the fantastic explanations of this government. We reject their lies and pathetic fear mongering rhetoric. Go fight in Iraq and find out what anti-terrorism laws are really about. Go get the 'bad guys' for us and make us safer why don't ya.

The real world

The real world thinks it is immoral for you to deliberately lie about 9/11. What part of that confuses you?