Challenge the Harvard Gatekeepers!

Here is a link to the listserv for the Harvard Initiative for Peace and Justice:

Search the archives for 9/11 related posts and you'll see that the issue was raised a few years ago and was shunned by the professional gatekeepers involved in the list.

The list (and the group) is most definitely classic COINTELPRO. The purpose is of course to establish a left-gatekeeping presence at one of the world's premier universities whose students go on to get involved in government and big business (following the money, naturally.) The effect is to define the boundaries of acceptable anti-establishmentarianism (must be a word, right?) for the children of the elite during their formative years. Remember that this is also the place where Prof. Ernest May, senior adviser to the 9/11 Commission, has been duping 12 freshmen for the last several months in his seminar on 9/11 and terrorism.

Anyone can join the HIPJ listserv--I encourage everyone to join every now and then (who knows you might be kicked off or moderated) and challenge them on 9/11. They seem to have deleted the main back and forth that occured around the end of last year, but I will dig it up from my own files and post it here soon I hope.

For those who want to understand and counteract the whole Chomsky/ZNet/Counterpunch/Amy Goodman gatekeeping and cover up campaign, you'll want to see their promoters in action pretending to be "the resistance" when their role is by now devastatingly clear.

Real Truther is doing his best to get the word out and maintain visibility on and around campus, but he needs your help to send a message to the gatekeepers that they can't control the debate anymore.

A ten and a one... yay!

5.5 from 2 votes usually means that one person gave you a ten because your post was good and the other gave you a one because... your post was good but they don't like it! Just a little update here--today I left some materials outside a classroom and little by little (not all at once) they vanished. The truth is seeping through the student body. Whispers are becoming conversations, conversations will lead to online discussions--pretty soon the student paper will have to weigh in or lose all credibility. Watch it closely now, things are happening!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force