Confirmation hearings blew it

As I see it, every person appointed for any position in the government should be asked the following question.

Do you believe that an airplane crashed into the Pentagon on September 11, 2001?

The Senate confirmed President George W. Bush's choice for Donald Rumsfeld's replacement as Secretary of Defense without asking that question.

I believe that they have confirmed just another soft spoken C.I.A. insider willing to play the game for a few more years. I believe that he is the only C.I.A. agent to have made it to the top. I wonder why ??? Was he recruited by this President's father ? What brought him out of retirement ? It can't be patriotism because he never brought up the subject either.

I am very disappointed, but not surprised, that none of the Senators that were on the Confirmation Committee dared ask that question. Especially the ones that have 2008 Presidential aspirations. I will be looking for someone to vote for who isn't afraid to speak the truth and ask the tough questions.

Maybe the new Democrat takeover of both houses of Congress isn't going to be as effective as we wanted it to be. We can still hope that when they open their first session that I will be proven wrong.

I heard that the new 110th Congress is going to legislate some of the recommendations that were suggested by the Official 9/11 Commission.

As I see it, doing that would be putting the cart before the horse. The 110th Congress has enough to do without creating more of a legislative mess like cleaning up 5 years of legislation passed on lies and bribery (lobbyists).

I think they should appoint a committee to re-open the investigation which could be funded in part by the insurance companies who were told to pay fraudulent claims before doing their own investigations and given new legislation that created a new line of business "Terrorism Risk Insurance".

Specifically, Mr. Silverstein and associates whose insurance claim and court documents submitted before the end of 2001 that happened to match what the 9/11 Commission reported a few years later, followed by faulty FEMA and NIST reports.


The Senate confirmed President George W. Bush's choice for Donald Rumsfeld's replacement as Secretary of Defense without asking that question.

Bunch of God Damn pussies!! Clear evidence they all are working for the fuckin' NWO!

“it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press cooperate.” George Seldes - "legendary investigative reporter"

"Bunch of God Damn pussies!!

"Bunch of God Damn pussies!! Clear evidence they all are working for the fuckin' NWO!"

Umm, chill out? Seriously though, not a bad observation, but is this terribly shocking, considering they haven't said a fucking word so far? (OK, maybe one or two, but obviously nothing substantial.) This is only, what, offense #576?

my original reply was

my original reply was ommitted from the board

there is a psyop against 911truth that is trying to promote all the eggs being in the "pentagon no plane" argument

this is a last ditch attempt by rothschild cabal


thats the true smoking gun

the true dramatic cry

Don't you just hate when that happens

I think 9/11 has more "smoking guns" than just one.

Building 7 proves that Larry Silverstein was in on it. His statement about "pulling" the building is sufficient evidence for me.
He didn't file a claim for Bldg 7 with the insurance company along the other 6 WTC buildings. The Port of Authority for NY & NJ owned the 6 WTC buildings and the ground under Bldg 7.
Why wasn't the "10 million dollar bunker" that had been installed years ago at taxpayer expense not used by Mayor of New York City when it was needed most?
Was Bldg 7 the command center for the WTC land clearing project ?

I have not been able to locate any of the insurance claims that have been paid. However, the court documents that I have been able to uncover indicate the old "hijacked airliners; crash into tower causing a fire from Jet fuel that was hot enough to make 2 - 110 story steel buildings collapse from the heat".
Of course that was years before the 911 Official Commission Report did their investigation that came to the same conclusion.
Of course there are billions of dollars involved with that one claim alone.
Do you think maybe those buildings which financial problems has been well known for years in addition to the multi-million dollar asbestos removal costs were cleared to make room for a new complex that could make money ?
The insurance companies did not argue. The government legislated a new product for the insurance companies to recoup their losses and earn more money in the future "Terrorism Risk Insurance" ?
Do you think that Larry Silverstein selected to insure the buildings for only about half of what the broker he hired recommended ? After winning the case for the award he filed a lawsuit which claimed damages for 2 separate "occurrences" and won. (sound of a cash register Brrinngggg $7.0 billion).

The Pentagon, in my opinion, was to help make a hole through the heavily reinforced rings to aid in the construction that had already been started. The crews saved a lot of time with that head start.
Face it, if you were a terrorist would you make a dramatic flight maneuver that went unnoticed by thousands of people who live & work near Washington and Arlington, Va just to hit the only side that was being renovated ? Why not just aim for the center where it would do more damage and leave actual plane wreckage.

United 93 is another mystery plane crash that left no wreckage nor bodies. It had been reported to have landed in a Cleveland Airport. BUT 3 years later when someone mentioned on the radio the existence of the story WCPO pulled it from the Internet.

I am sure that other people will not agree with me but isn't an open exchange of ideas the way to find the truth.

Mind you these are only my opinions supported by facts that I have discovered during my research.