More on the Pilot's Daughter

While looking into the “Burlingame’s Daughter” matter, I noticed this article.

It appears to introduce two new pieces of information:

“Her father, Charles Burlingame III, was the pilot of American Airlines 77 when terrorists took control of the plane and then crashed it into the Pentagon. An examination of his remains showed the 51-year-old former U.S. Navy captain struggled with the terrorists and was killed before the crash, according to published reports.”

[What examination of what remains?]

Wendy Burlingame was photographed during the burial ceremony hugging her son as they looked at her father's flag-draped casket”

[What son?]

see article here: 0/1165388732252490.xml&coll=3

A number of oddities in this story.

See also:




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What? they printed that?

An examination? And..they found that Burlingame struggled with the hijacker before Burlingame was killed? Lol..sorry to laugh but how did they figure that? The "plane" smashed into the building....but yet...did they find his arms wrapped around the guys throat?? unbelievable


amazing police work :)

(I apologize, to all readers, for the GIANT print-- not sure what happened there.)

and they have added another article


  see article:

"More than 70 firefighters responded to yesterday's four-alarm blaze. Ultimately, 20 fire companies responded to the Galaxy fire - four from Jersey City and 16 with NHRFR. "And they were all used," Welz said. "There were no idle hands."


The only tenants evacuated during the Galaxy fire were those on the same floor as the fire and those tenants living directly above the apartment, officials said.

"And if you went inside those apartments, you couldn't tell a fire took place," NHRFR Co-director Jeff Welz said. "No one had to be relocated."

   So to recap--one apartment 'involved' in the fire, 20 fire companies, 70 firefighters, no idle hands

   Also, it appears that this fire warden :

"As firefighters rushed into the 44-story building to put out the blaze, the building resident assigned as fire warden for the night found the boyfriend outside the apartment door, visibly shaken, and led him to safety. ",0,753217.story?coll=ny-region-apnewjersey

    Has now become this fire warden/manager: 

"Efforts at the Galaxy Towers blaze early yesterday were aided by the building's fire warden who was on duty. He not only knows the building and its residents but also many of the firefighters. The fire manager was Dan McEldowney, a firefighter with North Hudson Regional Fire & Rescue and the cousin of NHRFR Fire Chief Brion McEldowney. Dan McEldowney performed several invaluable functions, fire officials said, including directing firefighters to the stairwell and water hook-up closest to the blaze.

He also got on the building's public address system and told residents to stay put, fire officials said"



   AND THIS JUST IN>>> Debra Burlingame's Op-Ed in today's  WSJ


see WSJ article here:


"told residents to stay put"

That seems odd. No evacuation other than resident on that one floor?

Did they not evacuate everybody in the Cory Lidle crash apt?

Focus on the botched crash scene at Shanksville.

Why didn't the fire warden try to save the girl?

"The boyfriend made it out, then realized Burlingame wasn't behind him, but because the front door closed and locked behind him, he couldn't get back inside, he said. The boyfriend apparently did not call 911. The building resident assigned as fire warden for the night went to investigate a fire alarm around midnight, just as firefighters were arriving, and found the man outside the door, visibly shaken. The fire warden took him outside as firefighters rushed in to put out the blaze, reports said."

The girl was dying behind that door and he left to take the boyfriend outside???

Perhaps fire warden didn't know she was still in there

and ex-army boyfriend didn't tell the warden?

Focus on the botched crash scene at Shanksville.

The problem is there are three "warden" stories

so we have to choose the best (worst?) lie and work from there.

The timing makes no sense. It took the warden as long to get to the apartment as it took the fire companies to arrive?

'Disappeared' seems most likely given your connect-the-dots below and all of the assorted tales contained in (so far) six articles. She's off to join daddy. Boyfriend is just a helpful agent. He makes lots of ruckus in the apartment, sets it ablaze, walk out the door. Floor is cleared (no witnesses to "no body") fire put out blaze. She's gone.

 The 70 firemen "needed" are to help justify the new spending sought by the department (see article).

It takes a long time for a

It takes a long time for a human body to be consumed by fire...

It would be reasonable to assume they found a body in that apartment. 


(If she was never in the apartment)

" However, preliminary

" However, preliminary investigation reports indicate she died from smoke inhalation, he said, and "there is no indication at this point of additional trauma" to her body."

Because they have a body which was not burned.

The info about a toxicology test to be performed kinda makes it seem to me at least they may suspect she may have died before the fire... 

I hear you, but the "reports"

taken as a whole are inconsistent regarding key facts.

This cast doubt upon the entire story.

I was speculating as to possible motive (murder or disappearance).

Accident is a distant third.

Reports can be inaccurate or

Reports can be inaccurate or even false but its hard to fake an intact body.

For the disappearance to hold, someones body would have to be substituted, and the autopsy faked, etc. etc...

Not outside of the realm of possibility but a bit extreme when she could have just vacationed in Mexico and then have the boyfriend report she was kidnapped or something...

What makes me think it was and act of violence is the report that they had an on and off again relationship for 3 years.  It was His apartment, and he was just sitting there outside the door.  A man in shock from doing a heinous crime might just sit there after the frantic and desperate attempt to cover his crime, hoping the fire would comsume the evidence...  His behavior, or lack thereof, is what is most suspicious, to me at least. 

the autopsy faked,

like they did with her dad:

"Her father, Charles Burlingame III, was the pilot of American Airlines 77 when terrorists took control of the plane and then crashed it into the Pentagon. An examination of his remains showed the 51-year-old former U.S. Navy captain struggled with the terrorists and was killed before the crash, according to published reports. "

I missed that last part (edit?)

Under one scenario, the entire "boyfriend" tale and back-story has been fabricated to set up a disappearance

 His "suspicious" behavior would also be included in this scenario.

 I would expect we will hear much more on the "boyfriend-as-suspect" .

Again, it is the lack of any believable set of facts (there are a few to choose from) that causes me to question the entire story.

Who? How? Why? The bumbling murderer/arsonist boyfriend scenario seems a bit of a stretch (but no doubt they'll give it a try)

And what do you make of "her son" that she was "hugging" at her father's funeral. Where is he? Why no mention in other reports?

Curiouser and curiouser.

But for the disappearance

But for the disappearance idea to hold you need:

The father to be alive, the daughter to be alive, the boyfriend to be in on it, a body-double corpse smuggled/stashed into the apartment, the medical examiner would be in on it, and a reason to lay down an intricate plan?

If the father is alive and demanded to be reunited with the daughter, the perps could have done two less difficult things, #1 kill him, #2 out of country kidnapping/etc.

Plus that does not explain the boyfriend's behavior, is he going to go to jail for the above scenario?   If so why the elaborate cover story?

His behavior seems like a man who has suffered paralyzing shame...  Murdering the daughter of a national hero (as per the Official Theory) would be traumatizing, to say the least... 

necessary pieces

I agree that he and she would need to be alive (kind of hard to reunite if there not).

The boyfriend would be an operative providing cover.

No body need exist at all, just another lying coroner (and those seem to be plentiful if  9/11 is any indication).

The reasons include creating a cover for her disappearance, generating press retellings of the 77 fairy tale and money for the fire department.

We must first establish, as best we can, the basic facts of the event.

Do you find one of the factually inconsistent news reports to be more believable than the others? If so, which one?


One thing is common in the

One thing is common in the news items, the boyfried, and his strange behavior.  All would be consistent because of the single primary source, the Fire Warden's eyewitness account.

So to expand on the needed compnents for this scenario to be possible, the fire warden would have to be in on it, as well as whom ever selected that resident to be on watch, on that particular night.  This would be needed for the "boyfriend's behavior" eyewitness account to be false. 

About the son?  He has my

About the son?  He has my sympathies...

I used to think her dad was in on it, but now I think

he was chosen and that's why they tried to stiff him an Arlington burial even though AA 77 passenger Charles Droz, who was same age, had no problem getting an Arlington burial.

I also wonder if that's why the perps stuck Chic with an openly gay co-pilot as a way of further sticking it to him (no pun intended).


Focus on the botched crash scene at Shanksville.


he expired on 9/11? you lost me.

Chic was chosen to be offed

He knew to much and they said he was the pilot and made everybody think his plane crashed in his former offices to send a message to Navy Ops IMO.


Focus on the botched crash scene at Shanksville.

And the daughter?

1) wasn't in on it and then , five years later, learns the truth and threatens to talk, so they "terminate with extreme prejudice"?

Problem with that scenario is the curious daughter wouldn't take five years to it sort out. Also, if her father was already "terminated" she would (literally) scream bloody murder as soon as she pieced things together. There would be no reason to "threaten" to talk, she would just talk.

2) she never knew or questioned anything (a bit hard to believe- she would be among the most motivated investigators from the start). The sick f**ks just offed her five plus years later as part of a wider plan to generate press retellings of the 77 fairy tale.(see your list).

Highly unlikely as "they" would almost certainly select a more 'low-key' way to terminate. As I mentioned to imgstacke, the stories don't add-up. Like 9/11, we must first determine what happened. Given the glaring inconsistencies in the press reports, we should not take any "statements of fact" presented at face value.

Like 9/11, this case seems to involve a staged and spectacular incident full of inconsistencies, certain lies and missing people. As is the case with 9/11, there is uncertainty regarding exactly who perished, the events which occurred and the location/condition/existence/identification of the "body".

The story, as presented, makes for good cover if one was trying to disappear. One witness (boyfriend), one (new) apartment, evacuated floor (no civilian witnesses) and it all goes down between midnight and 3 AM (few, if any, witnesses outside as street was closed and residents were told to stay in their apartments). 20 fire companies and 70 firemen for one fire which was contained to a single apartment is not believable. Somebody was up to something.

I agree that it appears Navy Ops was an intended target at pentagon (terminations and warnings to others).

Hi-Rise fires are not

Hi-Rise fires are not typical, its not the fire that is the problem but the potential problem the fire could spread through out the building (higher floors).

It would be criminal not to over deploy fire fighters to a high rise building fire, especially one not limited to a lower floor (basement-3rd/4th).

The fire department evacuated the floors on and immediately above the fire, not just the one floor.

On an side note, this incident did make me aware of something that I hadn't realized before.  I was trying to find my old copy of the NFPA 101 Life Safety book and decided to see if there were any versions available on the internet.  Nada on that outside of the minutes and such for the current code.  That's when I see that the ETC (and subsequent NIST report) has generated a whole new field withing Fire Safety and Fire Protection industries. 

Last Resort Options:

source:  page 8

 Since the concept of providing such a last resort option was introduced to the NFPA codes process in 2003, this field
has matured greatly. Three technologies have developed and demonstrated their ability to be accepted in the
marketplace with tens of thousands of installations worldwide, to satisfy testing laboratory requirements and to gain
certification by recognized testing laboratories and authorities.
Additionally, the three technologies have taken the lead
in the development of consensus product standards. This concept of last resort escape is now reintroduced in this
proposal, which has been rewritten to address comments from the prior cycle and acknowledge the developments since

Fire Protection Engineering firms are NOT going to speak up about the realities of 9/11, it would not fit with their bottom line.

money, money, money

lots of hands in the cookie jar.

 (more edits?- I guess you saw the absurdity of the fire warden bs)

regarding the evacuation it was one floor and one apartment:

"The only tenants evacuated during the Galaxy fire were those on the same floor as the fire and those tenants living directly above the apartment, officials said. "

I am quite familiar with the requirements of the Life Safety Code. This entire story is full of gaping holes.

You an I then agree that it

You an I then agree that it wasn't a mere accident... and I'll just leave it at that...

Wow, another huge coincidence! The Pilot's sister (dead girl's

aunt), has a big Op-Ed supporting the "official story" in today's Wall Street Journal! Amazing!

I'm thinking maybe the deceased daughter was going to use the timing of her aunt's article to "spill some truth" against the "official story" so they decided to "whack" her.

Very, very suspicious death of 9/11 pilot's daughter!

Also, "An examination of his remains showed the 51-year-old former U.S. Navy captain struggled with the terrorists and was killed before the crash"

How could the Charles Burlingame's purported "remains" possibly have have reavealed those details???
He was in the cockpit of a plane that supposedly smashed through walls of the Pentagon @ 530 mph, exploded, & burned??? They ascertained that he struggled with the terrorists & was dead before the plane crashed???

Doubletree video / Wendy Burlingame death timeline

Nov 2, 2006 - I "predicted" Doubletree video might be released before elections to 'shock & awe' voters

Nov ?, 2006 - Wendy, daughter of reported Flight 77 pilot Charles Burlingame, moves in Galaxy apt with her former fiance who is ex-army

Nov 8, 2006 - Judicial Watch annouces video release delayed by FBI until Dec 22.

Nov 9, 2006 - video was supposed to be released by. Date is "11/9"

Dec 2, 2006 - 20 days before new deadline, video is released quietly Sat. morning by CNN, few news networks pickup story.

-No plane seen in video as FOIA request stated.

-Video released "about a month" after delay notice and when Wendy moves in Galaxy apt.

Dec 5, 2006 - Wendy killed in "suspicious" apt fire. boyfriend says he "accidentally" locked her in after he escaped out front door.

Dec 6, 2006 - Wendy's aunt and Charles' sister has her article published in WSJ which mentions Flight 77

Dec 22 - video supposed to be released by

To date - Judicial Watch strangely never mentions the release of this video "they fought to get released" on their website


Did I miss anything?


Focus on the botched crash scene at Shanksville.

about JW, I noticed that

about JW, I noticed that too...  Perhaps the government released the video to them first and they refused to publish it after they lost so much credibility with that last video.

Why did no one hear boyfriend hell for her?

One question that comes to mind, if the door "accidentally" shut and locked itself after the ex-Army boyfriend exited the apt before making sure his FORMER FIANCE got out first, why didn't any witnesses hear her boyfriend kicking the door and screaming at the top of his lungs:


Here's the floor plans at the Galaxy Condos. I don't see any extremely long hallways where "Firefighters found Burlingame's body in a hallway between the kitchen and a bedroom":

Anybody know how many rooms she had? Someone want to call Galaxy and ask?


Focus on the botched crash scene at Shanksville.

Maybe they thought the fire would cause the building

to collapse. Why does this story have so many OBVIOUS faults
in it? So obvious that it seems made up...perhaps to be as a cover story to hide a possible murder.
But just how stupid do they think people are when a plane had slammed into a reinforced building, and they can determine out of the wreckage, Burlingame had struggled with the hijackers?
That totally stands out as such a ridiculous evaluation.
Put it this way, if the examination can be as so precise to piece together from the carnage such a thorough conclusion, then the ommisions in the official 9/11 report contradict the official story even more.