Santa, Christmas, Iraq and other lies

A long article in Ashland Daily Tidings.

Where has America been? More importantly, where has Christian America been? The U.S. began its aggression in the Middle East in 1953. Surely, the church is aware of the history of U.S. aggression against Muslim nations over the past 53 years?

"The people's voice will speak the truth and the government will hear," Forbes announced.

But the church never questioned the government to this degree when Bush sent a half-million troops to Saudi Arabia in 1990. Nor did the church stand against Carter and Reagan's support of Saddam Hussein from 1980 — 88. The church was also silent during the U.S. control of Iran for 26 years. And when September 11, 2001 became the foundation upon which America would launch a variety of illicit and illegal attacks and covert operations around the globe without respect to law, morality or human rights, the church sat in its pew and applauded.

Even to this very day, the church has yet to call for an independent investigation into the numerous anomalous events pertaining to the attacks of 9/11 and follow-up on the courageous push by the 4 widows from New Jersey, whose efforts made possible the 9/11 Commission, which even they have declared was a fraud. It was the Jersey Girls that pushed for truth.

Not the church.

Not congress.

Not judges.

Not governors.

Not state leaders.

Not even the national media.