Thank you 9/11 Blogger Team

Time has past,and i want to say thank you for a great web page.I've learned alot.
The truth is always on my mind.Which gives me an idea.
I think alot of people who have more knowledge of 9/11 are not just afraid to come foward,or to become more vocal
because of personal risk(Such as the true hero's of 9/11) the fireman.Iam sure it would result in the loss
of their jobs.Iam sure they would do it if only they knew they stood a chance of getting the truth out.
What about a 9/11 union? One with legal representation?Unified.For those who fear retaliation?
The Jesery girls,NYC fireman,Victims families,witnesses?Protected by the union?
Remembering there is power in numbers.United we stand.

Wonderful idea

I think that it is a great idea but who will pay the salaries and related expenses ?

Iam sure

For the most part most of us live paycheck to paycheck,
however there has to some of us with money?
Maybe even a few attorneys with just a little patriotism.

911 Caucus is the Answer

I believe your intentions are right but a union is not a good idea. They are costly and not as effectual as another idea: a 911 Caucus. We need to do this the American way, get our own politicians into DC. We almost had a couple in there this last election. Dr. Bob Bowman nearly won. He achieved this feat with paltry campaign funds. Bowman recieved 45% of the vote and his opponent outspent him by 30 times, add to it there were lots of allegations of voter fraud. Getting a politician in the House of Representitives is probably the cheapest and quickest way to begin an investigation. Bowman is going for the gusto in 2008, he's planning on running for president. You laugh, but this next presidential election will look alot like the Ross Perot election bid. This one will be up for grabs and we will have at least 3 canidates for sure: McCain - Hillary - Bloomberg. With the three of them pretty much representing the same interest, perhaps we could sneak in there and hijack the election because we'd probably need only 20 - 25 % of the vote. Support 911 canidates now and send the ones you like money, send it now and send it often. I think of it as a great investment for my future.


Whistleblower Protection

source: NYT: Justices Set Limits on Public Employees' Speech Rights

"We hold that when public employees make statements pursuant to their official duties, the employees are not speaking as citizens for First Amendment purposes, and the Constitution does not insulate their communications from employer discipline," Justice Anthony M. Kennedy wrote for the court.

So thanks to our SCOTUS they will not be protected as firemen, but only as private citizens. 


imgstacke - this is off topic, but you really need to continue with the issue of the tree in the Pentagon video. I have been banned again from MSNBC for talking about the new video...something is wrong here.

Can you contact D.C.911 truth and see of they can get some photos?

After reviewing the sat

After reviewing the sat photos taken immediately after 9/11, it appears the landscaping has been changed as seen in the current Google Earth images.

Even though the area in question is in shadow, it is reasonable to assume the landscaping was different throughout the parking lots.

I was very excited to find something amiss about the latest video of "nothing" hitting the pentagon, but it is more probable that there was a tree in that location rather than a tree being inserted into the video.  Also the video released by allowed me to get a better estimation of the distance from the front of the cars to the sidewalk, the lanscaping area was much wider as well.  Probably 5-6 feet.

If I ignored evidence contrary to my hypothesis I would be practicing Junk Science... It might get me a decent government job, but the Truth Movement has no place for that sort of thing...