Barret's WKRS Interview Available for Download

Kevin Barrett's interview on WKRS the other night is available for download here:

(December 5 podcast.)

Listening now...

Thanks Reprehensor

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Kevin Barret

Kevin is an engaging speaker and a stimulating one. I think he gave a very good appearance here.


Kevin seems to me like a sincere and honest guy, who has the courage to speak about what he believes in and is not afraid of what other poeple might think of him. I think he deserves our respect.

Great Interview Kevin 10/10

I can only say that I admire you... and very much like the way you stick to the facts despite all the diversion tactics...

I greatly appreciated the way you dealt with "Troy" and all his aliases :)

PS. Watch-out for the "Space Beam" strawmen and the best of luck to ya...

now now,

Just because Barrett's voiced that Israel ought not exist and ought to be dismantled; the Zionists try to smear him. He's right about Israel, and right about 9/11. Keep it up Kevin!

Your logic is twisted to me:

Your logic is twisted to me: why are you against the one that you think is being used?Why are you not trying to find another way to make sure these "users" don't get their way other that to attack the ones that you think are being used?I think you're handing the victory over without a fight and I think you have a very small opinion of how much the American people can think for themselves.
Anyway, it's not been over exposed that he is a muslim on tv.I mean, I didn't know for a long time. I think that muslims are amongst the first ones who should speak out about this. From day one it's been all about hating,killing muslims and now this appears to be a planned,controlled event with exactly that purpose. They needed a new enemy to replace The Soviet Union and they wanted muslims to join Al-Quaida that they themselves have control over.Thats one of the reasons for the "You're with us or against us" speak and the fact that Osama is still on the loose.They need an excuse to invade oil rich muslim countries and to put up permanent military bases to guard the area from Russia and China,which are two energy hungering,political enemies.
We are entering an age of global warfare, where the poorest countries fight over water while the richest fight over oil,often at the same battlegrounds.Most of those areas are populated by muslims.
What is your own opinion on muslims,anyway?

i'll answer for him. he

i'll answer for him. he hates and fears all muslims. its been beaten into his head that he should be afraid and people like him are naturally ignorant and racist by nature. poor manipulated Anonymous coward, he just cant think for himself, he needs others to do it for him.

I agree

If he doesn't denounce SPACE BEAMER's Uncle Fetzer, Judy Wodd, and Morgan "CARTOON PLANE" Reynolds, he's working for the bad guys!

Kudos with a caveat

Kudos to Kevin Barrett. He's got a lot of guts and represents the 9/11 truth movement eloquently. However, when he refers to the neocons as neoclowns, he dimishes his respecitbility. Leave the name calling to the other side.

I'm not all the way through

I'm not all the way through it, but the joker who's called 2x now with the fake hillbilly accent asking about space beams and holograms, is a fine example of govt shills exploiting the poison pills and straw men which govt shills earlier tried to contaminate the movement with.

We laughed them off as they tried to sow their seeds, we'll laugh them off again as they try to reap their toxic harvest.

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Great job, Kevin!

I had never heard a lengthy presentation by Kevin Barrett before this and I think he did a superlative job!

Put him on a debate team with Dr. Steven Jones and Dr. Griffin and they will defeat any and all comers.

Thanks Reprehensor for posting this.

And as Kevin says, if we all just keep doing our grassroots thing we will win this.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.

Hmmm !!!

I think all of the debunkers that come here. Should go do a search of what an id10t is !!!!