Cleanup of 9/11 Dust to Continue, EPA Says

Cleanup of 9/11 Dust to Continue, EPA Says, Despite Widespread Criticism

Published: December 7, 2006

More than five years after contaminated dust from the World Trade Center seeped into apartments and offices throughout Lower Manhattan, the federal Environmental Protection Agency announced plans yesterday to start a final indoor cleanup program next month, despite widespread criticism that the program is seriously flawed.

Agency officials said residents and owners of commercial buildings below Canal Street would have 60 days to sign up for the voluntary program, which will test for asbestos, lead, vitreous fibers and harmful soot that may have come from the collapse of the trade center.

If any one of the contaminants is found, the space will be professionally cleaned at no cost to the resident or owner.

The new program is almost identical to one that was rejected in November 2005 as inadequate by the agency’s advisory panel of experts as well as by community groups, labor unions and the city’s Congressional delegation. The City Council passed a resolution condemning that program, calling it “technically and scientifically flawed.”....

"If any one of the

"If any one of the contaminants is found, the space will be professionally cleaned at no cost to the resident or owner."

Sounds so "nice", so "reasonable", so "accommodating". Too bad the human beings who are struggling for their next breath and their lives are not able to choose to to have the government tend nicely, reasonably and accomodatingly to their professional medical care to effect their clean bill of health.

It would have been nice if this article would have elaborated on what exactly is objectionable about this nice sounding plan. though I do not doubt this is some meaningly, public relations public relations ploy deisgned to polish their image without really taking measningful action.

Blessings from Dachsie in Austin.

Conclusively linked to the trade center collapse?

I find this perplexing:

" In early 2005, the agency considered creating a far broader program that would have used statistically based mapping to learn the extent of the contamination, following it outside Manhattan if needed. Under that program, if any dust could be conclusively linked to the trade center collapse, entire buildings, not individual apartments or offices, were to be vacuumed and wiped down to prevent recontamination from spaces that had not been cleaned.

The agency abandoned that program late last year when it could not devise a reliable way to identify trade center dust. It substituted a pared down program that would only test individual apartments in Lower Manhattan and clean only those where contamination was found. However, when community residents objected to the program as insufficient, the agency agreed to continue looking for a method of identifying dust from the twin towers.

Yesterday, Alan J. Steinberg, regional administrator for the agency, said that effort had taken most of the last year but had failed to come up with a viable method."

It sounds like they're trying to stall the process long enough for the principal witnesses to die. I mean, whatever the cost, wouldn't the humane and patriotic thing to do be the cleanup of every suspect building in Lower Manhattan?

Here's a way to "conclusively link" the dust to the WTC collapse: look for the dust with traces of thermate.

Does anyone know what the results of the nun's autopsy....


I haven't heard anything since she so tragically died.

As if the dust stopped at Canal Street

My apartment is between 15th & 16th street and the dust smog was up to through the second floor that evening.

As it floats around, do they call it "smog"?

I think referring to the highly toxic material as "dust", "soot", or anything of the sort is highly asinine and typical.

If they can't come up with a better word, they need to create a new word. Although they would probably just spin that into something like "fairy powder".

The only comfort is knowing that Christine Todd Whitman is going to burn in everlasting Hellish agony for what she's done, as will the others. (if there's any minimal justice in the world)

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