Microsoft Attacks 9/11 Truth Movement Support Structure

Attention! Microsoft has flagged our site as a 'phishing site', saying "do not provide financial information to this site" without contacting us first to resolve the issue or observing the fact we use a secure paypal transaction. They are attacking the support structure of a professional organization investigating 9/11. Our orders have gone to nil in the past few days. I was suspicious of why. I found out the site has been flagged and the end user is getting a warning on their IE7 and updated IE6 to not give any personal information to this site.. but this site has paypal buttons with a verified merchant account. I have spent countless hours on the phone trying to get it resolved. Microsoft has replied that they will remove the warning to end users but it may take up to 24 hours from today, 12/07/06. However, We have lost a good amount in revenue to support the research we are doing. This is a direct attack on the 9/11 Truth movement and who knows what sites are next. Please spread it everywhere that microsoft is trying to suppress 9/11 Investigation by attacking the support structure of organizations. All paypal buttons below are 100% secure through a verified merchant account. All proceeds go to further our research. Please feel free to contact us via email at for a phone number if you need to speak to us directly. If anyone can provide legal advice for the lost revenue in support of our research due to Microsoft negligence or intentional attack, please contact us. Until we get this issue resolved, We assure you that all our orders are secure through a paypal verified merchant account.


Click Here and reply to the warning that we are not a 'phisihing' site and that we use a secure paypal
account. Thank you for your support.

This is a phishing 'filter',

This is a phishing 'filter', so it is not 'targeting' your site it is just predicting that your site might be a phishing site.

If you do some searches in google groups you will see others are having this same issue with IE7. I tried your site on IE7 here and got no such warning.

Good luck getting it cleared up.

yep please do some research before posting such things

maybe read the phishing faq first

people , please, before shouting out 'attack on 911 truth' for every web glitch there is, please do a bit of research about it.
dont act like a , erh, yea, conspiracy nut.

there *are* software glitches that are not conspiracies and attacks on 911 truth (specially in Microsoft IE , LOL) . not saying attacks dont happen, but this is not one.

I spent countless hours on

I spent countless hours on the phone with people from all over the world.. (mainly India who are in the IE7 'support' team, all of which dont have a clue about the Microsoft Phishing Filter Team. I am still waiting for it to be cleared up. As you can see in the above post, whether it is from neglegence or intentional, im not surprised they have this warning posted on a site dedicated to research 9/11. Chaulk it up to all the other 'coincidences'. Im also not surprised they did not contact us first prior to flagging the site.

If this is a glitch in the IE7 browser.. i wonder how many other sites this happens and how it effects e-commerce. Again.. not surprised.

It appears to be repaired.

Please clear all cookies for before browsing and it should be repaired. Unfortunately it doesnt change the fact the site was flagged during some of the heaviest traffic we have seen since the site was created. We will be looking into this issue and perhaps Microsoft will place a direct phone number to contact a real live person should anyone in the future experience the same problems to enable them to get the issue resolved immediately.


Sloppiness or not on the

Sloppiness or not on the part of M$, I doubt that their all their EULAs and disclaimers can cover their lard asses on something like this.

They are effectively slandering the site. Sue 'em, JohnDoex.

Break your leash. Get Linux.

The true threat to liberty comes not from terrorists but from our political leaders whose natural inclination is to seize upon any excuse to diminish them.
~~ Walter Williams, Nightly Business Report, September 2001

To get Linux sure is a good idea

but just not so easily possible for everyone. Firefox on the other hand *is*. I really can't see a reason to use IE7.
I know, this doesnt solve the phishing problem, but needs to be said from time to time.