Pearl Harbor = LIHOP

Yes, it's December 7th and FDR KNEW and just so no one in my area forgets I put up six signs like this one:

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We not only knew.... we imposed sanctions amongst other things that would force Japan to attack us.... we did what was needed to get them to attack.... then and only then did we allow it to happen.

then we offered them a condition of surrender which in it's wording and stipulations was an intentional slap in the face to a very proud people... they as a proud people refused..... and that led us to drop the bomb on them..... which was our intent all along.

Yeah, didn't we fire first?

That would technically make it MIHOP.

Any case, I gave this post a 10 for the sign idea!


Focus on the botched crash scene at Shanksville.

Got Nukes?

Sign needs to be bigger.. to make room to explain who FDR is and to also tell people that it is the Aniv. of Pearl Harbor and that FDR was the president when Pearl Harbor happened.... it should also include a map indicating where Pearl Harbor is located.... sholud explain as well that Hawaii is part of the United States

might also inform people that it was Pearl Harbor that got us into WWII.... and emphasize that forced this country into doing something about Hitler... and established the US as the real military superpower... cause we got the nukes

Is this sarcasm, JJJames?

Is this sarcasm, JJJames? 'Cuz it's REALLY stupid.

Really? So you understand it


So you understand it then?

I see your point, but then

I see your point, but then again ,it should hopefully wake up the curious.

how did you get the sign on the outside of that fence?


Yea.... and how do you shoot

Yea.... and how do you shoot webs out of your wrists?

The sign is on the inside of the fence

and I'm a purple dancing monk, not Spiderman.

Kind of late Wednesday I realized that Thursday was December 7th and decided to do a quick set of six signs to keep the commuters minds spinning about history and false flag events, etc.

On a related note, someone wrote "traitor" on one of my other 9/11 Truth signs so I guess I'm getting a fan club. LOL

We all know who the real patriots are.

Hopefully, bad weather will not mess with my next big freeway blogging binge. Stay tuned....

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.

No Mas on the photoshop


Do you have a picture of the

Do you have a picture of the "Traitor" tag?