WTC-7 Any Questions?

A nice little video comparison of a building which burned for some 15 hours and WTC7.

The video was made by Perry A. Thanks to Prison Planet for the catch.

Madrid Windsor

Didn't the Madrid Windsor building burn for over 24 hours?

BIG question

How do you compare a concrete core building (Madrid) with a non-concrete core building (WTC 7)? Do you think there is a fundamental difference in construction and performance in a fire, or not?

Please explain.

Then, since the Madrid tower fire has been all over the Internet for a couple of years and should already have been known to you serious 9/11 investigators, how do you explain that the really steel-framed upper 10 floors of the building completely and fully collapsed in the fire? Should the steel frame NOT have collapsed?

Let\'s hear your honest, investigative answers.

Any takers?

Consider the source

Ask yourselves why this story comes from the newly outed GeorgeWashington, financier and webmaster for James Fetzer and Scholars for 9/11 Truth.

"how do you explain that the

"how do you explain that the really steel-framed upper 10 floors of the building completely and fully collapsed in the fire?"

Well it didn't happen, so it isn't to be explained. Some of the floors collapsed. But it wasn't all top ten floors. The crane would have tipped or fallen if that were true.

Sure it happened. Please explain

The steel framing around the concrete core on the upper ten floors collapsed from fire only. There was no pre-existing damage.

How are you going to explain that?

\"The Damage

\"The Windsor Tower was completely gutted by the fire on 12 February 2005. A large portion of the floor slabs above the 17th Floor progressively collapsed during the fire when the unprotected steel perimeter columns on the upper levels buckled and collapsed (see Figure 1). It was believed that the massive transfer structure at the 17th Floor level resisted further collapse of the building.

\"The whole building was beyond repair and had to be demolished. The estimated property loss was €72m before the renovation.

\"Based on the footages of available media filming, Table 2 summarises the estimated time frame for the structural collapses of the Windsor Tower.\"


Wrong, in Madrid there was not a collapse, parts of the ten tops floors had been damaged badly and some parts of it fell apart. No collapse. Yets somehow your pushing some conspiracy of super fire bringing down WTC 1 2 7. How dare you look at the raging inferno of Madrid and see the results when we all saw the lack of fire and heard the firefighters explain how the fires were small and under control.

Are you a foreign agent operating subversively to undermine our national security as we pursue the criminals who murdered 3000 people on 911? Or are you one of those self hating Americans?

The strongest proof there is

that the WTC buildings were brought down with pre-planted explosives!! Simply: This is the strongest evidence that the "official conspiracy theory" is a deliberate LIE.

We don't have all the answers, and we don't need to provide them to the doubters. What we do have is the basis to demand a real investigation!!

Questions Answered!

Yeah, but wasn't the building built on sacred Indian burial grounds?
There were also multiple fuel tanks scattered throughout the building (after all, who doesn't stub their toe occasionally on a fuel tank on their way to the water cooler at the office?).
And finally it was not built like your typical office building. You see, the core columns were all designed to fail at the exact same time as soon as smoke was detected.
That explains building 7!!!

This entire country is built

This entire country is built on Indian Burial Grounds...IMO

Unrelated to 9/11 (directly,

Unrelated to 9/11 (directly, anyhow), but good point.

A fairly direct relation, perhaps

Where's Geronimo's skull?

point blank

"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

Digg it

Will someone please tell the

Will someone please tell the poster at the digg post above that "I want my country back!"

Bring it on, creeps!

Undeniable. At this point, if there is no investigation and punishment for these crimes, what will happen is that slowly the entire population will build such a bad attitude and disrespect for the government it will force a confrontation. It appears that most of the us, the general population, we'd have nothing to lose, while the government elite would have everything to lose, and they would. It practically feels fatalistic on their part.

We must keep watch for those

We must keep watch for those fomenting revolution as a result of these revelations as the criminals are getting brazen in barely covering their machinations AND it is approaching the change of aeons or orders. Are there any honest existing factons to support here? Remember, Germany got screwed in a devastating way after "The Great War", all planned, and then they were given Hitler to follow in releasing their follow right down into greater destruction.


"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty" --Wendell Philips

Nice vid....


The Smoking gun proof that building 7 was demolished is merely the video of the building falling down in the most methodical, perfectly symmetrical, sudden, and complete manner possible; a manner which cannot be attributed to any kind of random damage - not any kind of fire, nor any kind of external damage, no matter how severe. A skyscraoer can not randomly imlope in on itself perfectly; even the slightest bit of assymetry (a single column left intact off center) would make it fall assymetrically.

It confounds me, why anymore proof than that is necessary.

The video has been removed.

The video has been removed. Can someone post it again, at least the address so we can rip it.

Just a thought

Could there be any sort of organization or funding that could get this type of information commercially broadcast?

If the broadcaster refused to air it, if it were paid commercial time, couldn't that open up litigation for free speech infringement and government broadcast license discrimination?

Bless Jimmy Walters

Jimmy Walters has taken out ads in mainstream newspaper like the NYTs. He has donated millions of dollars to the Truth Movement out of his own pocket. We need to talk as much as possible on a grassroots basis because we will not get any help from the mainstream media. They are enacting a virtual blackout, with a tid-bit here and there just to make a thinned attempt at reporting both sides of a debate. Monsieur, you need to stand in front of your local news agency and protest and ask questions and deliver information. Send emails to everyone. Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk about 911 every oppurtunity you have. Ultimately, support 911 Truth canidates for public office, that means send them some money, as much as possible. I think of it as an investment in my family's future. I like Dr. Bob Bowman. He nearly won a congressional seat in Florida this last election. He got over 40% of the vote against an opponent who spent 30 times more than Bowman on campaign. Plus there was voter fraud likely involved. In a nutshell: GRASSROOTS!

Make tapes and go to your local community access tv

and get the tapes broadcast. We have a local guy here that has put on dozens of 9/11 Truth related videos on local access tv and I promote some of them with my signs.

Every bit helps and yes, Jimmy Walters has been a great help.

We are winning, y'all!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.

How/why were there small, scattered fires in WTC-7 anyway???

As the building was 350 feet from the nearest tower, arson is the only plausible answer!

BTW, don't forget Silverstein's infamous remarks:
“I remember getting a call from the, er, fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, We’ve had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it; and they made that decision to pull, and we watched the building collapse.”

I have wondered about this

I have wondered about this myself. Exactly how did the fires in WTC7 start?!!

How/why did they have knowlegde that WTC-7 was going to

"come down" ahead of time, as when they were telling people to get away from it.

When you have owned as many

When you have owned as many strip clubs as Larry Silverstein..... you pretty much know when something is "going down"

"Pull IT!"

Seriously, I ran into a guy who used the Popular Mechanics....

....justification that the firemen all testified that the "building (7) was coming down' as the reason for its collapse....

....what do you all say to counter that arguement?

(This is for a friend of mine, who needed a rebuttal and asked me to ask you fellow truthers....I'm hoping you have better ones than mine...).

My goodness, how did they know that?!

Because the only time steel-framed skyscrapers... yadda yadda...before or since...yadda yadda...was on 9/11. So how would they have known?

I'm sure this would get, "Well, because they could see it sagging and buckling and hear the bolts popping and beams creaking, just like in that Oliver Stone movie."

and the thermite had nothing

and the thermite had nothing to do with those noises

There was no thermite

in the Oliver Stone movie. Mwahahaha.

The most obvious smoking gun to me

has always been that all three buildings looked exactly like controlled demolitions. Ever since I saw all the news coverage 5 years ago when the commentators were all talking about the explosions and the way that all three buildings looked exactly like a controlled demolition - ON THAT DAY AS IT HAPPENED - I have never believed anything but a controlled demolition and cover up story. It's that simple. It honestly reminded me of OKC when all the commentators were talking about multiple explosions and the bomb squads disarming more bombs that were still planted. I was shocked that the entire mass media changed stories so quickly with OKC, but with 911 it was obvious that they would.

Did any non-WTC building catch on fire?

If not, that's pretty remarkable odds!


Focus on the botched crash scene at Shanksville.

Nothing to see here people

Steel Skyscraper's collapse from fire all the time, this is a perfectly normal thing, now go back to watching football and american idol

Hey now, I happen to like football...

and my Chargers are making a run for the Superbowl this year! I know, I know...9/11 truth is more important.

---From a decon @ my church: "I want to tell you something very serious..very serious, but I don't want you to say 'I told you so'. I want you to forgive me..You were right. I know the truth about 9/11.

Has anybody got some good

Has anybody got some good building 6 material to post up here?

reply to buildings collasping, etc.

why is not more of the information about what really happened on 9/11 more public and mainstream? I just don't understand!! It is frightening and incredibly obvious that there are cover-ups and untruths. Please, please, someone with power get some balls and get the truth out!! We need justice for our children's sake and future going forward and to heal our country, protect our country and bring peace to our planet. Please someone get the truth to the right people who can make a difference and let's move forward with positive change. Begging you, for the sake of our little son & all..... sincerely, cindi

It starts with YOU

Cindi, it starts with you... and me. Talk to your friends and family about this. Tell them the truth, from your heart--and they'll listen. We must not be afraid of what other people's reactions may be: whether they'll say we're nuts, just stare in disbelief, or shudder with fear. In time, after they digest the facts, they'll realize that something's terribly wrong and they've been lied to--and we all need to bind together and take back our country!!

Something will happen when enough of us know.

Show "Yeah. Because all of us" by Anonymous (not verified)

The Science Guys

So you and your clique of rich science background friends "believe" tin darts and lamp oil fell three massive structures, almost flat to the ground? The likes of which (in the minds of we ninny laymen) normally would stand for MANY hours if not days, as an inferno deteriorates the building by asymmetrical chunks and noticeably slower than gravity.

You and you clique of Science Guys... are probably laughable when we get down to the brass tacks of institutionalized group think. Hardly a first, even for Science. Burn your diplomas... they were a tragic waste of money.


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

thats a scary thought...

thats a scary thought...

I may have converted a pastor on Thanksgiving

This past Thanksgiving I asked my nephew if he had seen the peace signs I put up by the freeway earlier in the day and he replied that he had. His future father-in-law overhead and asked me why I had put them up. I explained that I am part of the 9/11 Truth movement and asked him if he was aware of it. This gentleman, a pastor, and I had a conversation about the basics of 9/11 Myth and truth and at the end of the evening I sent him home with a copy of David Ray Griffin's The New Pearl Harbor to read. I have not heard back from him yet, but expect to get a very positive response.

The best way to reach people is one on one. By carefully listening you can understand and respond to each individual person's particular issues and ease them through the tremendous shock most people experience when they realize the truth about 9/11.

Just like the pebble in the pond the ripples of truth eventually spread to every corner and soon well over 60% of Americans will know that their government has been covering up its 9/11 crimes and the perps will have nowhere to go.

Talk to your neighbors, talk to your friends, talk to strangers in line at the store.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.

Some other issues to consider as well..

Demolition theories are interesting and there is much evidence to support them, but they always seem to boil down to an argument of conflicting scientific analysis.

Some other good issues to focus on as well are the past examples of government sponsored terrorism, the insider trading which happened before 9/11, the numerous specific warnings the government received before the attacks, the blocked investigations before and after the attacks, Rumsfeld making an announcement of 2.3 Trillion Dollars mysteriously missing from the Pentagon on the day before the attacks, the phony war in Afghanistan, Bush giving a speech surrounded by women and children 25 minutes after knowing for sure that the nation was under attack and that he was a target, ect..

Please take a look at the following recently expanded website which speaks about many of these other issues..

This too...

-Sept, 2000-

Further, the process of transformation,
even if it brings revolutionary change, is
likely to be a long one, absent some
catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a
new Pearl Harbor...
pg. 51 Rebuilding Americas Defenses

-Sept, 2001-

Like his father, Bush tries to keep a daily diary of his thoughts and observations. That night, he dictated:
"The Pearl Harbor of the 21st century took place today."
"We think it's Osama bin Laden."
"We think there are other targets in the United States, but I have urged the country to go back to normal."
"We cannot allow a terrorist thug to hold us hostage. My hope is that this will provide an opportunity for us to rally the world against terrorism."
George W Bush

NY Post Article from 12-Sep-2001

Thanks to Chris Sarns...

Below is an article from the NY Post the day after 9/11 regarding the SEC located in WTC7.

SEC Carmen Lawrence says...

It's devastating, they'll have to scrap many cases and start from scratch on others

I thought it was worth noting and remembering...

ENRON and others

We all know that Georgia and his friends were knee deep in ENRON..... guessing that wasn't the only case where they were under the microscope. When those SEC files were destroyed it let quite a few players off the hook.

another layer to the stinking ass onion

People always ask me "why they would do this?"

.... Oil... War.... Money.... Power...Etc..... I always bring up the SEC office which was destroyed as a result of the collapse of building 7.... I think it's as big if not bigger than the rest..... If these cases had made their way to court.... it would have revealed so much about the power structure of this country... the real and provable corruption and deceipt of our ruling elite.

When you look at ENRON.... it sickens you to the core.... they stole peoples lives everything they had worked for.....and laughed about it.... they recorded their conversations where they laughed about it so they could listen to them later and laugh again!!

This all came out... then Bush put these people in his advisory positions... in the White House!! these people were his buds and Georgie laughed as well as he made his money off this BS!

I am new the the Truth

I am new the the Truth movement. Everything I read here and elsewhere is enlightening. Very worth noting and remembering. Thanks.

Welcome BS701...

There is soooo much evidence it can be overwhelming at times.

Welcome to the truth and good luck researching and getting the word out.


Go slow, there's a lot to sort through. I emphasize alot! I advise you to begin your journey to Truth by first watching the Official 911 Commission's Family Steering Committee's documentary about their experience with the 911 Commission and the Bush Administration, and all that they have learned about the events leading up to 911. The documentary is called 911 Press for Truth. This is the Official 911 Commission's Family Steering Committee's story so rest assure you can rely on the information 100%.

visit their site -

watch their film now:

You will be radically impressed by the 911 victims' family stories. From here, you should follow your instincts and use you rational for sorting through the massive amount of evidence. Try to avoid alien conspiracies, but go there if you think it is important or wherever else you desire, afterall you are free to think for yourself. I like to avoid all conspiracies for the moment and have begun compiling a long list of serious questions which demand answers. At the top of my list are the war games exercises simulating 911 types of hijackings which were occuring on the morning of 911. Pretty soon you will realize that our government is not giving us the straight story about 911.

If your curiosity gets the better of you and you want to get into all the highly watched 911 videos, as most people do, then Loose Change is a must, as well as 911 Mysteries, Demolition part 1. Or you could even watch my film, it certainly isn't as good as the two I've already mentioned, though I have recieved plenty of great reviews.

Loose Change

911 Mysteries: Demolitions part 1

my film, Take Back 911

Welcome to the 911 Truth Movement, you are now officially a part of history. The rightous part. And when all is said and done, and I assure you the Truth will reach everyone by the time we are done, you can feel good by knowing you were smart enough figure out the truth quicker than most.


greenback, thanks for your kind, and informative welcome. I first became interested in 911 truth after watching a short segment of WTC 7 from the 911 mysteries movie on Youtube. Like many, I knew the building had come down, but had never paid much attention to it because, well it didn't seem that important on 911.

After that I began to explore. For me so far, the most powerful evidence is the Northwoods documents and the PNAC report. The PNAC provides motive, and Northwoods provides proof that this kind of attack has been planned by our own gov. before.

I will watch your film! Thanks again.

Show ""They all look like" by Sean (not verified)

"But rather than waste my

"But rather than waste my time by using reason to explain"

??? You sound retarded.Thanks for a free laugh!

911 KEY

About the 911 it seems like there is a gap –key – between the “accidents” and the
Flights. It seems like the real flights where “erased” or canceled and their position
Was taken by 2 air force – radar ghosts- “special planes” in the case of the WT and two missiles, one in Pentagon and one in Pittsburg, in pentagon the missile hit the building – the FBI data bank – but what was hit by the missile in Pittsburg? Probably a plane, a plane which was blasted on air and that’s why there was the effort of fixing the case.

We know for sure of the victims in the WTC but what is really going on with the flight lists?? . Are those victims for real? Or is it that ALL victims where not on 4 planes BUT on the one that was blasted in Pittsburg.

There was a piece of the plan that went wrong that piece that is missing is the answer to the whole case , The case has a hole , the one that manages to see that hole will be the one that will see what really happen .