"Angel is next" is Webster Tarpley onto something?

Webster Tarpley believes this is a focol point of 9/11 truth that people should be talking about more.
For those who have read Synthetic terror know exactly what im speaking of.
On his last saturday radio show he explained it again but i still could not follow.
I find it a little confusing personally, why this is such an important clue?
Does the general public know that air force one is called "angel"?
Was the threat "angel is next" from the outside or is there evidence to say it was from the inside of the intelligence apparatus?

Webster explains that this is an important clue because he believe it was a threat against bush from within the invisible government, making him at that very moment decide to go along with the 9/11 plan or not. However i am not totally convinced of this and would like more information. From this report it sounds like Bush himself was the one referring to air force one as angel, but webster seems to be getting his information from a different report. Here is a cbs report on what i speak of....

The President's Story
The President Talks In Detail About His Sept. 11 Experience

'....There was word Camp David had been hit. A jet was thought to be targeting Mr. Bush’s ranch.

“I remember hearing that the State Department might have been hit, or that the White House had a fire in it," says Card. "So we were hearing lots of different information."

They also feared that Air Force One itself was a target. Cheney told the president there was a credible threat against the plane. Using the code name for Air Force One, Mr. Bush told an aide, “Angel is next.” The threat was passed to presidential pilot Col. Mark Tillman.

“It was serious before that but now it is - no longer is it a time to get the president home,” says Tillman. “We actually have to consider everything we say. Everything we do could be intercepted, and we have to make sure that no one knows what our position is.”......... '


I'm sorry, I don't know

I'm sorry, I don't know where else I can post this.

Read this psycho's desperate call to virtually villainize the 9/11 truth movement:

9/11 Truth Seakers
by Michael Lopez-Calderon
08 Dec 2006

Heroes of the 9/11 Conspiracy Movement

Conspiracy theories have been around for centuries, if not millennia, and offer explanatory models of complex events to large audiences of the misinformed, misguided, unsophisticated and under-educated.1 In the past, such theories gave us rather fascinating alternative explanations of reality that often proved entertaining and, with a few exceptions, harmless.2 This, however, is not the case in our present era. As with many such theories throughout the 20th century, the rise of 9/11 conspiracy theories, due to their implicit and often overt anti-Americanism, directly undermines our nation's war against terrorism by distorting the nature of our enemy and our own role in defending free nations.

The anti-American undercurrent of the subculture of conspiracy theory runs deep. During the Vietnam era, public confidence in government and mainstream media sharply declined, and many Americans turned to alternative explanatory models, including conspiracy theory, to explain the world around them. The charge that the attacks of September 11, 2001 were undertaken by the Bush Administration as an inside job poses a dangerous delusion that many Americans -- as well as citizens of other nations -- are beginning to entertain. Instead of being the work of al Qaeda terrorists, the conspiracy theory maintains that the World Trade Center Towers were brought down by a “controlled demolition” while the Pentagon was hit by a missile.

9/11 conspiracy theories are united in their near singular conviction that the attacks were self-inflicted by a venal U.S. administration. Implicit to this fantasy is the understanding that America itself is both hopelessly tainted by an irredeemable past and corrupted by a cabalistic power elite. In this respect, September 11 conspiracy theorists are virulently anti-American, most often found among the left-wing as well as among an eclectic mixture of extreme right-wingers.

Their claim that Al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden were not responsible for the 9/11 attacks, but rather that the Bush Administration used explosives and military high-tech weaponry to destroy the WTC and damage the Pentagon respectively, would be laughable were it not so dangerous. Our contemporary 9/11 conspiracy theorists cannot even bring themselves to acknowledge the role played by young, radicalized Muslim men in the attacks of September 11, 2001. Radical Jihadis are completely absolved of any responsibility for 9/11 and, in some cases, portrayed as fictional creations of globalization schemers, hell-bent on establishing a New World Order, according to conspiracists.

Among the initial 9-11 conspiracy arguments were those put forth by left-wing French author Thierry Meyssan, whose L'Effroyable imposture (9-11: The Big Lie) proposes an alternate theory about what actually hit the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. According to Thierry Meyssan, either a truck bomb or missile stuck the Pentagon. His ridiculous account is easily refuted by anyone not predisposed to a viscerally anti-American perspective.

Other 9/11 conspiracy theories, however, have not been so easily refuted. They have required thorough, scientifically solid refutations to prevent these dangerous, crackpot theories from achieving mainstream respectability.3 Yet these 9/11 conspiracy theories, almost all of which share the belief that the United States is a force for evil, not only persist, but flourish in the blogosphere and the Internet. Recently, a highly controversial (some say disreputable) poll of 1,010 Americans “found that 36 percent suspect the U.S. government promoted the attacks or intentionally sat on its hands. Sixteen percent believe explosives brought down the towers. Twelve percent believe a cruise missile hit the Pentagon.”4

One of the more cynical conspiracists is youthful filmmaker Dylan Avery, whose website Loose Change and Internet film, “Loose Change: 2nd Edition, an 82-minute film that can be downloaded or watched free online”5 have made him a hero among the 9/11 conspiracy movement. He is part of the mainstream of 9/11 conspiracy thinkers. The WTC ultimately was brought down by explosives that had been placed inside the Towers prior to the aircraft assault, the so-called “controlled demolition” argument, and the Pentagon was hit by a missile, not a jetliner, according to this current of conspiracy thinking. The claim that 9/11 was an inside job has eclipsed earlier 9/11 conspiracy theories that stressed the role of Israeli Mossad agents. These initial theories argued that Israeli agents had monitored the 9/11 terrorists and were aware of an impending attack but chose to keep the U.S. government in the dark because a broader U.S.-led war against both Arab-Muslim and secular-Arab nations (Iraq for example) was in Israel’s best interest.6

Many are perplexed by how and why these conspiracy theories have resonated with so many Americans. While psychological motives can be considered alongside an American penchant for conspiracy theory rooted in our religious history (the Puritans, the Millenarians, certain modern-day Evangelicals), the primary cause lies with the public’s disenchantment with the Iraq War. University of Florida Professor Mark Fenster, “an expert on conspiracy theory movements” cited this grievance as the motivation for many a conspiracy believer. Another culprit of course is the unregulated, often unaccountable Internet-blogosphere, where virtually unfettered free speech has produced a downside, namely, an opening for every conceivable crackpot writer. In the past, such writers and their theories often were relegated to coffeehouses, salons, and obscure, dilapidated radical bookstores commonly found in college towns or near major university campuses. They were a fringe relegated to relative obscurity. Today, thanks to the Internet’s incredible freedom as well as reach, no toiler is condemned to obscurity; on the contrary, with some catchy writing, he can reach audiences that may range in the millions.

Like Holocaust Denial literature and websites, many of the 9/11 conspiracy theorists have generated articles, books, documentary films and websites that have the appearance of scholarly research. They are a creative bunch, but ultimately confused, paranoid, and prone to simple explanatory modalities in which the thought of randomness frightens them. While visceral anti-Americanism motivates many of the 9/11 conspiracists, a few of the more prominent ones are driven by other motives. Take Dylan Avery, who in the August 2006 issue of Vanity Fair gave this rather revealing insight into the mindset of a conspiracist:

“I started researching 9/11 and I found an article on the World Trade Center—someone had posted a picture of the World Trade Center collapsing. And I was like, Wow, O.K. And then you find one article and that article links to 10 others, and before you know it you’re up until six in the morning. It’s crazy, the information takes over.

It wasn’t supposed to be true. And then I started realizing that, you know, we were lied to. … You have to be a skeptic. You can’t believe anything someone tells you just because they told you to. Especially your government, and especially your media—the two institutions that are put there to control you. And you’re going to tell me you’re going to take their word for everything? I don’t think so."

[When asked what might be the public’s reaction to his 9/11 film, Mr. Avery gave this incoherent, profanity-laden, juvenile response]:

“Second American revolution. I really think there’s going to be anger. There’s going to be a lot of anger. I think a lot of people are really pissed off and I think that the people that aren’t pissed off are going to be even more pissed off than the people that already are. Because when it becomes irrefutable public record [sic] that 9/11 was done by our government the shit is gonna hit the fan. People are going to get upset. You can’t stop it. People say, Aw, we need a peaceful revolution. We need to peacefully change things. Trust me, that’s a great idea—I’m all for it. But Americans are violent, especially when they’ve been lied to, especially over something like this. So much has been lost because of 9/11—I mean, families have been shattered. There’s so much pain. So many people have got—fucked. It’s the only way to put it.”7

One might be tempted to call this hysterical rant a veiled threat. One would be wrong. Mr. Avery’s views reflect those of the disempowered and confused, the restless youth; a film purporting to uncover a U.S. government conspiracy behind 9/11 serves as a pressure valve. Notice his belief in hidden forces, that the media is somehow serving an ulterior end, namely mind-control on behalf of a nefarious government. Also absent is any consideration that Al-Qaeda and the threat from radical Islam are real. But alas, we also learn from the Vanity Fair article that Dylan Avery ultimately is interested in a career in filmmaking. Anti-Americanism under the guise of a 9/11 conspiracy theory that claims the U.S. government carried out the attacks may be his ticket into the “cool crowd” in Hollywood.

San Francisco writer Cinnamon Stillwell opined on the psychological impetus behind conspiracists' thinking:

"The underlying factors likely have more to do with psychology. Indeed, it is often said that conspiracy theories are born out of a sense of powerlessness. In the wake of Sept. 11 and the emergence of the nihilistic threat of Islamic terrorism, feelings of impotence and vulnerability were all too natural. All Americans were affected by such fears. But instead of facing the daunting truth, the Sept. 11 conspiracy theorists chose the path of denial.

Immersed in a political belief system in which the United States (and Israel) is always the bad guy and never the victim, adherents refuse to give credence to any development that does not fit this narrative. So rather than blaming the perpetrators, they fall back on familiar demons. After all, an enemy one can grapple with is much more appealing than the unknown. Such beliefs offer the tantalizing possibility that there's an explanation for a reality that all too often seems incomprehensible." [Emphasis added]

The danger to America does not stem from a “Second American revolution” as Mr. Avery speculated, but in a growing public cynicism that may lead more Americans, particularly the young, to withdraw their allegiance to their country. When so-called scholars charge their government with complicity in an enormous crime that then leads to war overseas, the stage is set either for their dismissal as crackpots or an increasing erosion of public trust in the national leadership and institutions. In the latter, such cynicism ultimately leads to indifference, inaction, and a general decline in patriotism. During peacetime, this might be reflected in a reduction in civic participation and voter apathy. In wartime, this could be the difference between victory and defeat.


[1] Professor Michael Barkun argues that the essence of belief in conspiracy or what he terms conspiracy beliefs is an “attempt to delineate and explain evil … a worldview characterized by a sharp division between the realms of good and evil.” He goes on to specify in his work, A Culture of Conspiracy, that for the purposes of clarification, “conspiracy belief is the belief that an organization made up of individuals or groups is acting covertly to achieve some malevolent end… [a] conspiracist worldview implies a universe governed by design rather than randomness.” (All quotes from A Culture of Conspiracy, Berkeley: University of California Press, 2003, p. 3. Emphasis in the original.) These conspiracy theories have common themes that run throughout the ages: a belief that dark, sinister forces control the destiny of nations, peoples, and epochs; the suspicion that alliances forged between supernatural and/or extraterrestrial forces that include blood-drinking lizards from outer space, reptilian-human hybrids and normal human beings have occurred in every age; the conviction that the end time is at hand and that either it cannot be forestalled or it could be if the public were made aware of the grand conspiracy and conspirators. Proponents of conspiracy theories initially were theocratic in their collective outlook. Satan was at the control panel of just about every conspiracy up until about the period of the Enlightenment. Beginning around the 1700s, secular and quasi-religious-based conspiracy theories began to take root. Their primary targets were Free Masons, the Illuminati, emancipated European Jews, especially in the aftermath of the French Revolution and Napoleonic reforms, and of course, emerging industrial capitalists and financiers. Like the ancient conspiracy theorists, contemporary ones suspect that evil forces are at work, that nothing is ever random, and that elites conspire to suppress their insights and prevent the general public from realizing the truths they have to offer.

[2] The most obvious cases of conspiracy theories that have indeed generated great harm are the anti-Semitic ones, particularly those centered on the fraudulent work, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

[3] Perhaps the most famous of these refutations was produced in March 2005 by Popular Mechanics in a feature-length piece that later evolved into a book. Even the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) felt compelled to issue a Web "fact sheet" debunking the conspiracists’ claims. In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that I once lived adjacent to NIST’s main facility and research park in Gaithersburg, Maryland. I can only imagine the conspiracists’ spin: “Of course he’s writing a rebuttal of our theories. He’s a paid hack of NIST!”

[4] Michael Powell, “9/11 conspiracy theorists multiply: Many Americans suspect U.S. government involvement or complicity.”

[5] Will Sullivan, “Viewing 9/11 From A Grassy Knoll” and “BYU takes on 9/11 conspiracy professor.”

[6] This is in keeping with 9/11 conspiracy codes like LIHOP, which means “let it happen on purpose.” Others who claim the U.S. was complicit in the 9/11 attacks as part of a broader neo-conservative conspiracy and/or pro-Israeli agenda include British writer Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed, whose book The War on Freedom: How and Why America Was Attacked, September 11, 2001 was well-received among the anti-American crowd and religious writer David Ray Griffin, whose The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions About the Bush Administration and 9/11 has sold more than 100,000 copies.

[7] Nancy Jo Sales, “Click Here For Conspiracy,” Vanity Fair, August 2006, p. 118. It never occurs to Mr. Avery that the ones responsible for the pain and shattered lives were the Al-Qaeda and Islamist enemies that attacked America on September 11, 2001. Such an acknowledgment would require confronting the reality of a committed existential foe, not some imaginary conspiracy which asks otherwise intelligent people to entertain the absurd idea that hundreds, perhaps thousands of pounds of explosives, wiring, and detonators were placed undetected in the World Trade Center with the intent to bring down the structures after their being struck by jetliners. It is beyond reason to believe that somewhere along the chain of command and operation, not a single soul experienced a change of heart or perhaps leaked information pertaining to the plot. Not one person has since 9/11 come forward and admitted he or she placed demolitions in the WTC. If the conspiracy were true, by now someone would have come forward or been discovered by forensic investigators, unless of course the investigations into what brought down the Towers are part of the conspiracy.

Another point: The operational execution and secrecy of the conspiratorial plotters required for an attack of this magnitude is beyond the realm of fiction. Such a conspiracy involving scores, perhaps hundreds of operatives has never been done without a single leak, defection, or early detection. In fact, the historical record of nearly every conspiracy, especially those carried out either by the State or by individuals working against the State has witnessed the uncovering of the plot, often by leaks, betrayal, change of heart among the plotters, and pure luck by those targeted for assassination and such. No actual conspiracy, from Guy Fawkes to Pearl Harbor (Japanese mini-sub was detected and sunk just shortly before the attack) to Watergate to even the 9/11 attacks has ever gone completely undetected or been so perfectly concealed that detection was impossible. It was the folly of men in the cases of Pearl Harbor and September 11, 2001 that allowed the attacks to occur. Had slightly more attention been given to reports of an enemy mini-sub being sunk by a US destroyer or of blips on the radar screen of an Army radar outpost just outside Pearl Harbor respectively, it is quite possible that USAAF and Naval aircraft could have intercepted the incoming first wave of Japanese aircraft that December morning. Had the FBI and CIA been allowed under the law to share intelligence, had more attention been given to reports of young Arab men taking flying lessons, it is possible that the 9/11 plotters could have been stopped. The point here is that a perfect conspiratorial operation is a near total impossibility. To believe that something as massive as a conspiracy to bring down enormous buildings, first by staging a passenger plane assault and then following that feat with a perfectly timed, controlled demolition of those same buildings, is to believe in the tooth fairy, trolls, and hobgoblins.

Try blogging it. Make an

Try blogging it. Make an account here.

You, too. Getting an

You, too. Getting an account, that is. Really, we don't bite...mostly.

I really don't give much

I really don't give much credence to the Angel is Next argument from Tarpley. You have to think about what was going on that day. If you recall, there were twenty-some suspicious/unaccounted-for planes at one point. This was just (warranted) over-concern on the part of ATCs. You can hardly imagine nor blame them for the paranoia going on in the FAA, military, and protective services.

What does this have to do with Air Force One. All one person in the Secret Service has to do is think, "Could the President's plane also be a target?" and tell someone "Angel could be next." Ever play the game when you were a kid where you whisper something into someone's ear and so on down the chain of people until the last person announces something entirely different than what was initially said? It is very likely this is what happened on 9/11. "Angel could be next" turns into "Angel is next" turns into "holy shit get him the hell out of here".

There was a LOT of paranoia and concern on that day. Everyone was thinking hijacking, biological, nuclear? and pulling out all the stops. It's very likely "Angel is next" was just a mistake in the chain of communication. Of course it doesn't help that, in damage-control-mode, the White House trumped up the threat to make people believe the President was a victim, and not the person who did not protect our country on that day despite countless warnings.

I honestly think Tarpley is making a mountain out of a molehill, but it doesn't hurt to think about it.

That's not the story.

I have reserved judgment on the "Angel is next" story to some extent, but what you describe here is not what Tarpley describes. According to him, it was NOT a matter of one Secret Service guy instigating a chain reaction of paranoia (or legitimate concern.) It was a phone call which referred to "Angel" and mentioned a whole string of additional code words, bridging multiple agencies, thus indicating that a web of rogue individuals had penetrated all the branches of US intelligence.

Bush loves Putin or Putin loves Bush

Angel is Next is the Cheney warning issued to the Bush team in Florida which instigated Bush's mad dash all over the country during the late morning and afternoon of 9/11; mind you that the panic flight took off well after he took his sweet ass time dilly-dallying with school children, reading a book, and still hanging around for 40 minutes afterwards, and gave a press confress. Angel is Next is the calling card for Air Force One when Bush and his plane are set as prime target number one during a specific threat, such as the nation be under attack, or other threats. The important issue is that Angel is Next is communicated code which is attatched to paper trail and a chain of command. There is protocol which has to be followed and accounted for. There is group of individuals and evidence which is easily accounted for, or will be with subpoena. This chain of command and paper trail will illustrate the drama which played out that infamous day. It will tell of all warnings which the United States recieved up until the morning of the attacks, and going back much further, very likely as far back as the first bombing of the WTC. Angel is Next is very likely the actual legal investigation's starting point. Vladimir Putin placed a phone call to our dear Leader Bush over breakfast, which likely had something to do with the nuclear war games going on - apparently, fully armed war games.

Angel is Next

Msut visit here for all war game activity:


(9:30 a.m.) September 11, 2001: Clarke Asks Cheney’s Bunker for Air Force One Fighter Escort and Shootdown Authorization; Neither Happen for Some Time
As President Bush begins a speech in Florida, counterterrorism “tsar” Richard Clarke orders all US embassies overseas closed and orders all military bases to an alert level named Combat Threatcon. Over the next few minutes, Clarke discusses with aides where Bush should go from Sarasota, Florida. He telephones PEOC, the command bunker containing Vice President Cheney and National Security Adviser Rice, and says, “Somebody has to tell the president he can’t come right back here [to Washington]. Cheney, Condi, somebody, Secret Service concurs. We do not want them saying where they are going when they take off. Second, when they take off, they should have fighter escort. Three, we need to authorize the Air Force to shoot down any aircraft—including a hijacked passenger flight—that looks like it is threatening to attack and cause large-scale death on the ground. Got it?” [Clarke, 2004, pp. 5-7] However, when Bush departs on Air Force One about half an hour later, there are no fighter escorts, and none appear for an hour or so. In addition, if Clarke requests authorization for a shootdown order at this time, it is apparently ignored; neither President Bush nor Vice President Cheney give shootdown authorization for at least another 30 minutes (see (Between 10:00-10:15 a.m.) September 11, 2001).
Entity Tags: Secret Service, Richard A. Clarke, George W. Bush, Richard ("Dick") Cheney, Condoleezza Rice

You might say an attempted

You might say an attempted corportate/military coupe has occured. Some might say a succesful military coupe. I know it is nothing more than a matter of time before whatever it was is put behind us. The sad part, just like a democracy, it will require public participation to move on at a quicker pace.

bush did not do 911---- the

bush did not do 911----

the cfr and mossad did 911

there is a fake 911truth movement that wants to blame bush and exonerate "israel"

a shakespearean drama like no other is unfolding

bush is innocent on 911

I agree in part. It is very

I agree in part. It is very important not to conflate 9/11 and Bush. I believe that at the very MOST, Bush knew that some kind of "Pearl Harbor" was coming. He did not know the specifics. You simply don't give a guy with such public speaking deficits damning information like that. The man couldn't lead a paintball squad let alone a conspiracy of this magnitude.

That said, I think there are many pieces implicating the Mossad. Accusing the CFR is a stretch though without some evidence.

cheney directed the

cheney directed the 911hoax----he has been director of the cfr twice

thats his link to the kissinger/mossad crowd

now bush knew al quaeda was controlled opposition fake terror

but he did not know they were going to be in on a false flag terror attack on nyc


bush was betrayed by cheney but he was up to his eyeballs in obligations to all the guilty parties-----he went along after "choking on a pretzel"

but now he is cleaning house----out is all the rumsfields---and in is baker

now he's going to put em in check

get ready for a full on "blame bush 911hoax:" big moment on tv

this is wrong---alex jones is wrong

basically 911 was a 95% attack on america by mossad working with silverstein and cheney

if any of you want the smoking gun of mossad involvement in the 911attacks...

in oct 2001 ---2 mossad agents were caught red handed with bomb materials attempting to blow up the mexican national parliament building---

this is the ultimate smoking gun of mossad involvement in the 911 shock and awe attacks-------alex jones NEVER says this cause he's their prime agent
everything is disintegrating now...

let the good come through

I cannot disagree with

I cannot disagree with anything you've said. If you ask me who has a greater motivation for carrying out 9/11 - the Mossad or the military-industrial complex - I'd say Mossad. I don't think any CIA operator would actually go through with wiring the WTC with thermite and explosives, but a foreign intelligence service certainly could. And the Mossad has been caught doing such false-flag operations before.


It all comes down to Bush

Bush was the president and had to sign off on the renegade 911 military plans. Think of Kennedy, thank god for Kennedy for not signing off on the Operation Northwoods Plan. 911 was a major operation and would not have moved forward as it did without such top end approval. By the way, Bush is not alone in bearing the guilt.

interesting view. My No1

interesting view.

My No1 Question:

WHO DID 911?

at least has a suggested perp now.

So you reckon it was CFR PLUS MOSSAD VIA CHENEY.

I beg to differ.

I think it clearly was ....

While I have the utmost respect for Mr. Tarpley's work....

....his theory regarding "Angel is next" has never convinced me.

If you remember that day, the American public,, in it's state of shock and confusion, desperately wanted to hear from it's president, who was MIA for much of the day. His not returning to Washington was being interpreted by some as cowardice as he zig-zagged around the Midwest. There was a huge outcry by an American public that wanted to be reassured (naturally) by their President, and he was no where to be found for hours.

My opinion then and now was that the "Angel is Next" story was concocted by Rove to justify Bush's not returning immediately to Washington in the eyes of the public and dissapate any talk of his "running away" behavior....

That said, there very well might be much more to what has Webster hypothesized regarding this episode and it should be thoroughly looked at, and I am glad to see a discussion of it here....

Show "9/11 Truthling Cult" by ZagatRated (not verified)

Why the fuck does Tarpley

put this  ^ scumbag's quote on the back of his book?


are you talking about Nico?

are you talking about Nico?

i've always wondered that too, he still puts the quotes on his newest editions.


Mr. No Planes himself.



Does anyone have video of

Does anyone have video of the White House press conference on the 11th, or Rice on Fox News the next day? I'd like to see it.


Do we have any documentation of what the Presidents itinery for 9/11/01 was supposed to be if the attacks had not happened?


Buffet has been taking hits for the past few years because he had made an enormous bet against the US dollar. Investment shows left and right were laughing at him. Asking themselves why he had taken this stance and buying all the silver he could get his hands on. Investing in foreign currencies and business.

He did this while so many others were buying into the dollar. He appears to be doing all right. Parlaying all that profit into the Bill Gates charities.

I know that some investors bet right along with him but I can guarantee that there are many who took the opposite stance.

I can guess that all these major players all know each other. They all roll in the same circles.

They are all profiting from this event. Profitting beyond your wildest dreams. Some making more than others. Depending of how they bet.

They know that there is going to major fluxuation. They know how to profit from these fluxuations. Now all they really need to know is when the event is going to happen... then they BET!

But before the event they all pull back. They sell when it is high.... and wait to buy when it goes south. A put option was either someone finding out that wasn't supposed to know.... or them overstreching their plan.... a bit of extra greed.

The reason that they fear investigating those put options was that those people who made those bets were people who were slipped some info.... and that info would be very easily tracked to where the info came from.

I want you to understand that we are pawns to these people. Insignificant feeders... and we might just be part of their little game. They were starting to think that we'd never catch them. So the game got bigger and so did the event. The bigger the event.... the bigger the prize.

These people do think this way. They see us as game pieces.... and While they think they are "Helping us by hurting us" and "The end well worth the sacrafice." They are playing with our lives.

They know very well how to profit from these times.... but did they really know how we would react to the events of 9/11?

Games are more fun when you don't know how the game will end. Taking the game up a notch.

We play and watch sports.... for football the Superbowl or the National Championship are the biggest and best. The pinacle of that game.

Where's their big game?

So should I write this screenplay.... or a how to on how to profit from an event like 9/11