"Collateral Damage"

I watched 9/11 for the first time a week ago. Since then I have led at least 15 people
to the site. Rare for me, I don't feel "obligated" to giving them an opinion. It is almost
as if I realize there is no reason to.
I want people to experience the peace I experienced when I found out I wasn't a
traitor or nuts for some of the rational thoughts I had.
The Chaney committee memo regarding expediting the American peoples patriotism
I, at first, could equate only to the sinking of the Louisitania, to draw support for
our involvement in WWII on the European front. Pearl Harbor to ralley support for our involvement in
the Pacific or Churchill allowing Coventry to be bombed without evacuating the civilians so Hitler
wouldn't know his code was compromised. Those few times when governments deplored sacrificing
their citizenry but had no choice because of a bigger monster. When people were sacrificed for the
betterment of "all mankind" supposedly.
Then I realized that equation, analogy, was like the flying nun and Jeffrey Domar. These people,
parties be damned, believe they are better, our lives are meaningless, they thrive on their cowardly
manipulation of our lives.
They perpetrated this; not to get caught for what they already did, and to create a diversion for
what they intended to do and in fact are doing. Chaney's old company owns all the privatization
companys in Afgahnistan,
This crosses party lines, and if it doesn't the party,democrats, that denies knowledge should be
impeached for not protecting us from the other, elephant or ass.

Do you mean that at one time you ....

......actually thought they did it for a nobel cause ?

Wasn' t the Lusitania sunk

Wasn' t the Lusitania sunk in 1915?