Forget Space Beams - Remember what we have achieved!!!

I am really disenchanted with the unscientific demeanor of many people here.

Calling themselves truther, but refuse to evaluate evidence. In my book (and of every scientist and honest thinker) that is called DECEIVING.

For example: Here are these Ondrovic exploding cars, heated metal, windows blown out, plastic not-even-singed and these guys have the inpertinence to ridicule and censor people who want to find the truth about what caused these phenomena.

Here is a cohesive argument and they IGNORE IT as if it was regarding a different subject.

Whats more, they insult everyone willing to talk about it ... and try to kill meaningful discourse with the same insane argument:

Newbies will be "turned off" by it, and Fox will win.


What does it matter? You have achieved zip, zilch, nada!! Bush Junta black-op spills the guts of iraqi women and children and control all types of energy of all americans TO THIS DAY, relentless.

Who the @#$%^&! do you think you are?
Something better than Killtown and CB_Brooklyn?
The protector of the non-existant grail or the innocent shildren or the mythical unspoiled American?

Do yourself a favour and analyze BORAT for us.

So effing what, if Shayler believes something or other?

When are *YOU* going to achieve ANYTHING in the real world? Did *YOU* go to jail?

How about getting yourself arrested for doing something lawful?

According to international law, signed and ratified by the USA, it is lawful to damage equipment used for conducting an illegal war.

Sometimes I think it would have been better if nobody had organised ANY conferences, Griffin was still writing his christian theology and ewing would still be a candidate for some german parliament.

WHO GIVES A SHIT about other human beings here?

Americans suck the live-blood out of the world .. the mostly undetected hypocrisy has reached astronomical realms and the manners are as dastardly gross as ever.

Has your hygienic version of 911-events prevented more acts of state-terror?

How *CAN* this "movement" be discredited at all? With lunatics who believe different theories from month to month and raise their bloodpressure not by the ignorance of your fellow US-american "citizens" or the callousness of the elite wunch of bankers, but by mustering all their verbal strength to attack the poor child CB_Brooklyn??

And, do we really want the 911-movement censors to appear on Fucks-news? They can then further demoralise the gullible with wishy-washy statements and show off their limited mental discipline and marginalize themselves by frightening the public with Ocullt messages.

IMO the only real option is thus:

Tell FUCKS-NEWS that it is not possible to explain something heretical to a brain-washed person in 5 soundbites. Therefore say: "Our money goes to mass murder. Here are 5 slogans that are concocted to provoke, and you Fucks-news can dismiss them all you want, but the issue needs a two-hour special, like watching loose change." over and out.

First of all, we need to

First of all, we need to stop demonizing and blaming Bush. It is very important not to conflate 9/11 and Bush. He is not the mastermind. I believe that at the very MOST, Bush knew that some kind of "Pearl Harbor" was coming. He did not know the specifics. You simply don't give a guy with such public speaking deficits damning information like that. The man couldn't lead a paintball squad let alone a conspiracy of this magnitude.

The real masterminds are lesser known people (Mossad?), but Cheney is without a shadow of a doubt involved.

"Here is a cohesive argument and they IGNORE IT"


No really, where is the supposed cohesive argument for space beams?

Show "The cohesive argument" by _u2r2h (not verified)

First of all, where is that piece of evidence?

Second, no matter what "superheated" the steel, the adjacent plastic would still be exposed to the heat, if not directly (pyroclastic flow going by) then indirectly, by sheer proximity.

Or do you also propose some thermal deflection force field to specifically protect the plastic?

PS: You're right, you didn't explicitly mention space beams, mea culpa. So, what do you make of those (uncorroborated?) anomalies?

Show "Positrons my friend... What" by u2r2h
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Look, I probably have more clues about microwaves than you do - I mean...positrons?? Positrons are the anti-matter complement to electrons, while microwaves are nothing but electromagnetic radiation, in case of the microwave oven at a frequency which water molecules resonate with.

And of course, at the corresponding frequency, you could also stimulate iron - which is what I already said somewhere else - but if we assumed this is what happened, the entire area encompassing the WTCs as well as the affected cars would have been exposed to this radiation, which would clearly have affected ALL iron contained therein. Obviously, this did not happen.

At least you have proven that Ignorance and gullibility often go together.

Plus everyones blood would

Plus everyones blood would disassociate (hemaglobin is hinged on Fe)...

Oh, more clues. How come

Oh, more clues.

How come your assertion that a frequency which water molecules resonate with. is false?

Let me find you the quote and save me the typing:

A microwave oven works by passing microwave radiation, usually at a frequency of 2450 MHz (a wavelength of 12.24 cm), through the food. Water, fat, and sugar molecules in the food absorb energy from the microwave beam in a process called dielectric heating. Many molecules (such as those of water) are electric dipoles, meaning that they have a positive charge at one end and a negative charge at the other, and therefore rotate as they try to align themselves with the alternating electric field induced by the microwave beam. This molecular movement creates heat as the rotating molecules hit other molecules and put them into motion. Microwave heating is most efficient on liquid water, and much less so on fats and sugars (which have less molecular dipole moment), and frozen water (where the molecules are not free to rotate). Microwave heating is sometimes incorrectly explained as a rotational resonance of water molecules, but this is incorrect: such resonance only occurs at much higher frequencies, in the tens of gigahertz. Moreover, large industrial/commercial microwave ovens operating in the 900 MHz range also heat water and food perfectly well.

Ok, I was wrong

and learnt something. Did you learn anything about positrons?

Besides, if the effect relies on dipoles, as we now know, there's no way it would affect iron. So, back to the drawing board! Here's another fantasy to follow up on: The WTC was destroyed by Godzilla without thermoptic camo, but all existing footage was altered. Good one, eh?




Show "where is the...." by CB_Brooklyn

That's not work worthy of a PhD

A bunch of photos with unsubstantiated accompanying narrative?

First of all, did any of you ever think about the energy needed to deliver the devastation witnessed? Instead of relying on chemical energy (i.e. explosives), the strongest source available to man (apart from fission/uncontrolled fusion), you propose space-based beam weapons? Are you aware of the power attained by modern, mobile laser systems and their efficiency? Do you know that the Star Wars program fell short about 20 powers of what would have been needed?

What you propose would be extraordinarily large satellites, assembled in space for a lacking means of delivery in one piece, which no stargazer or hobby astronomist has ever noticed. Very convincing. Do they have Romulan cloaking devices, too?

Show "if you have a better hypothesis.... write it out for us!" by CB_Brooklyn

Of course there is a better hypothesis

and it doesn't even need to be spelled out, as the formidable Gordon Ross did already.

Yes, the DoD spent a lot of funds on this stuff, but there is no evidence to suggest it brought them very far. I'm open for contradicting evidence. Shoes without feet inside them??

The shoe store was attacked by space beams!!

Show "Could a High Energy Device have done this?" by CB_Brooklyn

Judy Wood's "paper"

doesn't even offer a single calculation, as such it doesn't even begin to account for anything. Even by your very own logic, that means it can't be valid.


Does your foot hurt now?

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Show "Your comment" by Proud member of the 9/11 inquiry movement (not verified)

Above, you were caught with your pants down

so why, instead of trying to salvage your credibility, do you simply bring this up again? Wait, let me guess first:

You're a disinfo clown.

You know your credibility cannot be salvaged, and you don't care, as long as you can keep on poisoning the well. There's some more that SDI has in peto. Coming up next: Railguns destroyed the WTC! No, Neutron rays destroyed the WTC! No, Godzilla in thermoptic camouflage destroyed the WTC!

Get lost, POS

Show "911blogger administration team" by CB_Brooklyn

Do you expect us to just let you spread BS

designed to discredit our efforts? And then, when you're called on it, you cry for dz to protect you? And if you're thrown out, you cry "Censorship! Violation of free speech!" ??


Show "911blogger administration team" by CB_Brooklyn
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Show "How dare you design my censorship to credit" by Proud member of the 9/11 inquiry movement (not verified)

stop whining to dz

You are a fucking piece of shit DISINFO SPAMMER.

You and your sickening cohorts should be banned from this site.


Tough Shit YT

Good luck getting rid of us YT.

The truth outs. And you can't get away from it by simple name-calling and plugging one's ears against what one doesn't want to hear.

You're a nasty illogical enforcer of the status quo mentality.

It's a way to get your jollies. Join a crowd. Get self-righteous about your point of view. And then attack people in the name of the "truth."

It's an old story.

You're a perp supporter. You do the work of the perps for them, in shutting up discussion and name-calling and smearing those who ask questions.

Yeah, I suppose we will need some luck

But we will get rid of you.

You think I'm doing this for jollies?

You've got another thing coming, Peggy.

I don't take well to threats

What a thug!

Too bad you can't get me off this blog.

Or shut me up.

You guys are mind controlled.

Interesting "Lord of the Flies" mentality.

Also, mentally challenged:
I'm automatically an agent because I want an open investigation and don't want to muzzle in-your-face info that happens to be unpopular!

Anything you don't like is obviously "the spooks"

You guys are funny.

I don't take well to disinfo scumbags

You sound upset.

We recognize elements within

We recognize elements within the movement who consistently spread Fear Uncertainty and Doubt.

We will be ever vigilant in making sure everyone recognizes you and your kind for what you are...

This is not the 60's, and your updated tactics are ineffective...


I have one question:

Do you do this out of conviction or just for the money, like cheap whores?

Its part of the elitist

Its part of the elitist mindset. They see us, the masses, as inferior, as such it is their moral duty to steer us in what ever direction they chose. They get a kick out of it as it fills the hole in their life, to subvert a populace that they themselves find disgusting.

They are sociopaths... short their mental disorder is being exploited... They are pawns...

I wish you lots of Fahrvegnügen!!

Societal co-operation increases when anonymity is reduced, a reputation can be lost or gained.

Amazing how often Big Money is still anonymous and hence causes big damage to the common good.

Solution: Amounts over 10k$ must be public


please publish who gives which points... like a list of tiny usernames (red=negative, blue=positive) listed next to the points.

This will decrease the anti-social urges...

Re: Metal-cooking rays.
  • What's wrong with positron-beams?
  • Anyone measure XRAYS on that tuesday morning?
  • What if the generators had been INSIDE the towers and the "leaks" broiled the cars?


Bremsstrahlung is the electromagnetic radiation (the red photon) emitted by a charged particle (the blue electron) when it is scattered or deflected in the electric field of an atom or molecule (the yellow blob).

At least it has a cool name.

I wish you lots of Fahrvegnügen

The mowers WERE TASERED in the dusk ??

(sorry I couldn't help it)

I tried to read this

but it seems incoherent. Am I missing something?

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