the Mossad/Israel theory

Anyone who reads this please look into with Daryl Bradford Smith. And don't just look, listen to some of the interviews. The interviews are great. He interviews people we know like Ray McGovern and Christopher Bollyn. Bollyn is the reporter investigating an Israeli role in 9/11. At first the site and his topic appear ludicrous. But as you learn more and more about what exactly the radical aspect of Zionism is, it slowly becomes credible. Your first visit to the site is like the first time you were presented with the idea that 9/11 was planned.

People accuse him of anti-semitism, but such accusations are akin to calling 9/11 Truth activists tin-foil nuts. He is not anti-semitic. He is trying to look into the more radical elements of Zionism just like there are radical elements of Christianity and Islam. I personally don't believe our government alone was capable of carrying out 9/11, and Smith does well to reveal the Israeli fingerprints. (Larry Silverstein for one) Needless to say, the Mossad would have a strong motive in carrying out 9/11 because it turned most Americans against Muslims and led to the war in Afghanistan and Iraq (and Iran?). All of this benefits Israel, and we would be wise to thoroughly investigate this possibility.

A good interview to start with is the one he conducted on the fifth anniversary of 9/11. He's talking with Eric Hufschmid and Christopher Bollyn. All three are good people, long-time 9/11 investigators, and trying to get to the crux of the 9/11 conspiracy. I hope you take the time and listen to what Smith is trying to say. There's a brief song before the interview begins.


yeah, yeah, yeah

imawitness is a kook.

Ray McGovern is a spook. Always was, always will be.

OK. maybe that's unfair to Mr. McGovern. I'm not saying he can't be a good man just because he used to work for the CIA. I'm just saying he has offered no information that would overcome his obvious compromise.

I think this Israel angle is way overplayed. Yeah, Israelis may have been involved, just as US citizens may have been involved. My concern is the US citizens who were involved.

Hufschmid has made some arguments, and Bollyn has done some reporting.

On balance, the arguments against these two have been ad hominem - they are Holocaust deniers and what not.

Whatever. Neither of these writers are necessary for may argument. I am not a Holocaust denier. I need not prove that here.

Actually, what is your

Actually, what is your theory? I think we spend so much time debating facts that we don't really know what page each of us is on. If you could write out in length what you think happened, why, and by whom, I think that would be very constructive. In fact, everyone if you have the time right now, please explain what theory you have in your mind, flesh it out, and share it with everyone else.

yeah, yeah, yeah

I made my thoughts clear. At length, fleshed out, with you and everyone else.

If you want to reply to what I said, please do so.

I see the merit in your proposal

but I think it'd take a little long to lay it all out.

Essentially, I believe this is much less about nations (or religions) as one might initially think. Rather, there is a clique of international criminals at large. However, under the cover of the all-purpose "anti-semitism" umbrella, criminal elements could prosper especially well. To make myself clear here: I think it's not that zionism (much less judaism) breeds criminals, I think criminals simply benefit from hiding behind zionism and the special immunity from criticism that comes with it and thus love to be associated with it.

In specific terms, I think there was direct involvement from: Cheney, Rumsfeld, Myers, Silverstein, Mossad, among less known others.

This was neither a US nor Israel only operation, it was international.