Season 5 DVD for "24" Uses WTC Icon

Season 5 of Fox's "24" was obviously inspired by 9/11 Truth. It featured a president who orders a false flag terror operation, which he believes is in the best interests of the country, interests that include securing Middle East oil.

The recent release of the DVD confirms the inspiration for Season 5 was (the truth about) 9/11. Witness the WTC icon featured on each DVD (please see attached scan).

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dead on simuvac, ive been a

dead on simuvac, ive been a fan of 24 for years and can tell you it was like a club over the head(at least to a 9/11 truth activist like myself) last season, especially the words/actions of the presidents assistant Walt Cummings and the way the SecDef wanted to cover the whole thing up because the "truth would damage the country more" or some bullshit. i laugh at the people who call 24 mindless pro-torture, pro-war on terror propaganda. sure, it may have that effect on some morons, but i give most people more credit than that. though to be honest, i dont see what your talking about here. is it the speacial features thing? im not sure i see what your saying here.

Guess the two grey vertical stripes


I'm referring to

I'm referring to the large black outline of a tower on the left side of the DVD image (attached). The words "Special Features" are written about where the plane impacted WTC1. Each disc has the same WTC-like icon on it.

I realize one could interpret that rectangular black icon as anything. I'm suggesting it is meant to look like a WTC tower because of the many allusions to false flag terror in Season 5. The producers are clearly aware of 9/11 Truth, whatever their specific take on it.

24 is only occasionally subversive

24 is normally pro-War on Terror propaganda. I won't quarrel with people who see it in those terms. Occasionally, however, it sneaks past the viewer a subversive element; but only occasionally.

One might consider Season 5 subversive, if only because it dared to suggest to Fox's NASCAR-loving audience that the POTUS could do something like authorize terror against his own citizens, whatever his motive. I'm sure most Fox viewers will rationalize President Logan's actions as some kind of neocon pragmatism; but if you believe in Jack Bauer, you have to believe that false flag terror is NEVER acceptable, whatever the motive.

I'm sure those who disagree with my interpretation will say Fox is simply tapping into the right-wing distrust of big government, and not implying any kind of solidarity with 9/11 Truth. That's fine. I still think Season 5 included a pretty subversive gesture, and it wouldn't surprise me if the cadre of Canucks who work on that show, especially Kiefer Sutherland, had something to do with it.

Notice also the number of times during Season 5 people accused of being "conspiracy theorists" turn out to be right.

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"especially the words/actions of the presidents assistant Walt

Cummings and the way the SecDef wanted to cover the whole thing up because the "truth would damage the country more" or some bullshit."

Right! According to such reasoning, always perpetrate a crime so severe that "revealing it would damage the country more", so this way you'll never be held accountable!

I agree that the storyline

I agree that the storyline is very similar to actual events.

However you should not dismiss the situational ethics propaganda in the show, it is very heavy and very alarming.

The plot turns, at critical moments, on the ability of the 'good guy' to go against the lawful protection of rights at critical moments in order to save the country. The problem with this portrayal is that the persons occupying the positions of power making these decisions of situational ethics in the show always have the best of intentions. In reality, if you give this sort of discretion to government officials, you HAVE no guarantee that their intentions are good, and no guarantee of how this discretion will be used.

What we have here is a very well writtin show, which I personally enjoy watching, with overt elusions to conspiracy and fals-flag attacks which mirror the reality of the war on terror, with an underpinning psychological message which reinforces two points:

1) Terrorirst are real, highly sophisticated and hide behind Constitutional protections

2) The government needs to be able to have unrestrained power in order to stop them.

I agree 100%. If one can

I agree 100%.

If one can separate fact from fiction, and of course many cannot, then one can enjoy 24 while still realizing its troubling qualities.

In the real world, torture does not work. Most people will say anything to avoid being tortured. 24 perpetuates the lie that (a) everyday there are "ticking time bomb" situations that require the use of torture to extract information, and (b) the right person is always tortured and the right information obtained.

Slavoj Zizek called the characters of 24 "the Himmlers of Hollywood" for the way they suggest one can torture for a living but still return home as a loving family man.

"While they continue to act on behalf of the legal power, their acts are no longer constrained by the law. It is here that we encounter the series' ideological lie: in spite of the CTU's ruthlessness, its agents, especially Bauer, are warm human beings - loving, caught in the emotional dilemmas of ordinary people."

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There is a possibility to

There is a possibility to what you're saying. I would suggest, however, that you make your point more eloquently and less like spamming. Perhaps you should expound on why you believe what you do?

This is very good news. Can

This is very good news. Can someone rank on a scale of 1 to 10 what Season 5's ability to challenge people's thinking regarding terror and false flags is?

I wish more people could see a re-run of the Lone Gunmen premier episode. That would get people thinking.

It's difficult to rank how

It's difficult to rank how effective Season 5 was at introducing false flag terrorism to the mainstream. I'm guessing most people who really enjoy 24 do so for somewhat paradoxical reasons: they suspect big government is full of nasty realities, but they also take comfort in believing an upright person like Jack Bauer actually exists and protects them from all sorts of nefarious things.

Season 5 of "24" seemed to be inspired by Crossing The Rubicon, if I had to choose just one 9/11 Truth book.

It's like V for Vendetta was obviously inspired by 9/11 Truth as well.

It was based on a graphic novel...

...that was written during the British Thatcher administration. There were some liberties taken with the movie to make it more relevant to the present, but obviously though the novel could not have been inspired specifically by 9/11 truth, its similarity is to be accounted for in that it was clearly inspired by the repeating patterns of "crisis, reaction, solution" employed by governments throughout history.

Oh, yes, I realize V for

Oh, yes, I realize V for Vendetta was an Alan Moore graphic novel based on Thatcherite England. The difference between the graphic novel and the movie is largely in the way the movie turns the graphic novel's anarchist abstractions into obvious parallels with contemporary America. So, in my earlier post, I was referring to the introduction of a false flag terror event in the movie, which is not in the graphic novel, and the obvious parallel with 9/11.

The filmmakers obviously wanted to remove the "nuclear winter" material from the film, because nuclear war doesn't speak to contemporary audiences the way generic "terrorism" does.

The film I linked to in my previous post, "9/11 Vendetta," is quite clever and worth a look.

I was a fan of the graphic novel many years before I saw the movie, and I still prefer the graphic novel, but I congratulate the filmmakers for trying to connect the novel with contemporary events.

I'd give it about a 6

It opens people up very well to the idea of war-profiteer conspiracies controlling and blackmailing a criminal President, and using government insiders to stage terrorist attacks for pretext. That is all in the plot of season 5 and it was very encouraging to see.

What I don't like about it is that it reinforces the situational ethics, the unrealistic sophistication and capabilities of the organic terrorist groups, and the "solutions" that we are being offered.

It also reinforces the "throw the rascal out" solution, because at the end President Logan is indicted and removed and that is the resolution.

Season 5 also further convinced me that the global financial cartel intends to use 9/11 truth, by blaming the Neo-Conservative bird-cage liner, to move forward with globalization in America.