Cockburn is not against you, but he wants to box. So pick up the gloves.

The sense I've gotten from this blog and others in the 9/11 Truth world (a.k.a. reality) is that Alex Cockburn at CounterPunch is against you for criticizing conspiracy theories. How dare he? How dare such an otherwise insightful opinionist reject the exposure of a lie that would strike a permanent lethal blow to the policies they have for so long criticized?

I've pondered these questions for sometime.

First I asked myself: "is Cockburn simply ignorant?" ---Not possible. CounterPunch gets it right every time (except once ;)

Second I wondered: "Maybe he's really a leftist gatekeeper?" ---Laughable. The pages of the Washington Post editorial section are reserved for those folks. Cockburn is keeping no gate.

Third I thought: "Perhaps Cockburn believes exposure of 9/11 Truth will make him, as a well-known Neocon critic, irrelevant?" ---Can't be the case. Look, we are going to miss these days - nowadays - as we walk and preach around our cities and towns feeling high and mighty --almost enlightened-- because we know that our society has accepted a grand lie. But Cockburn is simply not famous enough to care about his status.

Lastly I thought: "Perhaps he realizes this is important issue should NOT be brought to light by left-wing writers?"
I think I hit the nail on the head. Cockburn must be aware that 9/11 Truth should not be associated with any side of the polticial sprectrum. It is an issue that supercedes politics. It is about a crime. For every stone Cockburn has tossed at the Neocons, the giant boulder of 9/11 truth remains the endgame to their demise. And that's just the point. Cockburn is not ready to toss this boulder. He's not strong enough yet and in many ways, neither are we. And that's exactly why Cockburn wants to box. He wants to be able to pick up the boulder when the real fight begins: the Main Event, not between "Loony Leftists" and "Establishment Conservatives", but between the victims of the crime: the American People, and those responsible for enactment of the crime.

If this entire post bored you to tears, here's an interesting factoid. Cockburn's neice is a really beautiful actress named Olivia Wilde. I met her once at a party and she is extremely beautiful but a little nutty.

I certainly hope you are correct about Cockburn. (I was leaning

towards him being a left gatekeeper.)

Maybe he's just a dick?

Sometimes I think people toss around the label "gatekeeper" a little too freely. It's possible Cockburn simply can't see 9/11 Truth because of the circles he travels in. Peer pressure is the strangest thing. So many people react to 9/11 in ways that have nothing to do with evidence or argumentation; it's just the way they react to "those types of things".

I'm not defending Cockburn's article. Just saying that being a "gatekeeper" implies a conscious intent to deny something. Maybe he's acting unconsciously? Maybe he's just a dick?

What gets me, when examining progressives who avoid 9/11 like the plague, is that they often acknowledge the many, many deficiencies of the 9/11 Commission and its report, and they know it doesn't make sense that a red bandanna survives a plane crash in mint condition while the head it was allegedly on is incinerated, and yet they won't go that next step and demand a real investigation of 9/11. Why not?

The notion that gatekeepers don't exist

outside the confines of the Washington Post is absurd.

Cockburn doesn't deserve a defense

Simply put, he is a sack of shit with his own agenda. There is no excuse for 9/11 denial--you are either a moron, a coward, or complicit--there is no ther explanation for denying the obvious. Since we know Cockburn is not a moron, we can assume he is aeither cowardly (unlikely--why then print anything?) or complicit. He is complicit. He will be held to account--at this point anyone actively participating in the coverup is an accessory after the fact. In fact I just saw his column on 9/11 translated into French and published in Le Monde Diplomatique--this cover up is vast and broad. Our movement is more so. The Truth will out and the Cock will burn, period.


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Well said man, “the

Well said man, “the Gonorrhea Gatekeeper” is going to wish he went to the STD clinic sooner, instead of letting the infection get worse. I’m sure taking a pee is quite hard for him already, but it’s going to be like pissing lava if he continues to try and smear 9/11 Truth.

Cockburn is disinfo

Is anybody here so naive that they believe Operation Mockingbird truly 'went away'......True disinfo is 90-95% 'true'..... but they are 'truths' that are not really going to shake much of anything up..... in terms of the global elites, the CIA and such. The 5% that 'could' shake things up includes 9/11 Truth...... because it ANGERS people, Because it Motivates them to DO something, and because it speaks directly to the existence of the shadow government - and all that implies/entails. And the media-ruse of democracy in the U.S.....

Cockburn is a traitor (no other word suffices) to the Republic. And all of similar ilk are traitors as well. They would be headed for the guillotine just like 'let them eat cake' Barbara Bush.
"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free" (Goethe)..... a paraphrase from V: Cast aside the illusions. Only when you are finally hopeless can you truly be free.

is cockburn even American?

I thought he was Irish or British of some kind...


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