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If you can't join them, BEAT Them!! about a week and a half ago i was banned on digg.com and then a few days later i saw someone from BuzzFlash.net crawl my whole site and strangely enough i was banned there too. LOL digg.com is for nerds worrying about playstations and when the next star wars sequel is coming out so they can wear their jedi costumes. Buzzflash.net is for "progressives" that want to bash bush but don't dare bring up govt complicity about 9/11.
Anyways, i decided we need a interactive site like digg for the truth movement, somewhere we don't have to worry about censorship of the truth. So i started RatTazer.com and invite all to help me get it started. after a simple registration one can vote (tazer) stories they think are the best and also submit stories they think need to get out to the rest of the community. this is not to replace great sites like 911blogger but to assist them. I encourage people to link this site's stories to RatTazer and help build their traffic. My site is not for a visitor to come to read or watch videos but only to find the best of the best news stories of the day and be directed directly to the other site to "consume" that sites news.

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"Hippy tinfoil nonsence scholars infiltrate subtle gatekeeper toasted car cartoons", accuses obvious conspiracy shill movement .

Energy directed butter agent activism evidence movement. Truth-disinfo demoltion thermite-troll.

God bless ye merry ladies and gentlemen.
Alex Goodman, Amy Dunn & Fintan Jones

Can I have an Amen?

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-3? It's a joke silly.


It's a joke silly.

Jeez , lighten up people...